Sara S.

Sara S.

Kenzai Run | Day 48 (Member)

All good

  • Mar 20th, 2019 at 8:49PM

Sorry peeps for not being the most supportive group member. I am hammering away with the diet (95%) and the workouts I am shifting around bit to fit my tennis schedules. Played a match yesterday (won all 4 matches , yeah!!) in almost 30C-degree with blasting sun so lost a lot of water and ran around like crazy so that was my Sunday free workout. Have to keep up with these last days, not long to go, I can see the finish line and I'm feeling great. The scale is definitely reacting to my clean eating and workouts, past my goal weight so have set a new weight goal. I know, we aren't suppose to have weight goals, but it feels so good when the clothes are loose and the scale is showing lower figures and I feel AWESOME!!
Promise to post a weekly picture tomorrow or Friday!!

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Jordan BentzJordan BentzKenzai Member
Creative Director5 months ago

Looking good, feeling good - great to hear! Sounds like it's helping your tennis game a tiny bit as well :)

    Nate Belle IsleNate Belle IsleKenzai Kettlebell 2 | Day 27 (Member)
    Trainer5 months ago

    Great job Sara! You are killing it!

    And congrats on your tennis matches. That's awesome!

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