Sara S.

Sara S.

Kenzai Run | Day 48 (Member)


  • Apr 8th, 2019 at 4:27PM


I had to push the day 90 workout one day ahead but loving the last workout that really showed how strong my body has become. I am so happy to be done. I have not been 100% compliant but I feel that after having done KB2 straight after KB1 I have a strong and amazing body (and a need for a new wardrobe, having lost around 10kg)!
Kenzai has really worked for me and having done 180 days practically in a row, I realize this is how long it takes for a fundamental change of the mindset. I have changed my approach to eating and working out but at the same time I feel this is a program that I can live with.
Bring on Chisel!!

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Michaela R.Michaela R.Kenzai Member
5 months ago

Well done, and fantastic results, especially balancing it all with your tennis.
See you in Chisel.

    Nate Belle IsleNate Belle IsleKenzai Kettlebell 2 | Day 27 (Member)
    Trainer5 months ago

    6 months of training back to back is hardcore, and borderline crazy! haha. But seriously, that's awesome and your hard work really shows. Great job! Enjoy Chiselling! It's really fun. Congrats and COMPLETE!

      Sara PittmanSara PittmanKenzai Blast: Beach Ready | Day 6 (Member)
      Assistant Trainer5 months ago

      Love this and if anyone deserves a new wardrobe it’s a K trainee ! You worked hard for that killer bod and it needs all the accoutrements it wants!
      Enjoy Chisel, it’s fab ! Great to have had you with us Sara and I look forward to following your progress.

        Ward WillisWard WillisKenzai Member
        Head Trainer5 months ago

        Isn't that final cycle fun. Kinda different than that Day 90 KB1 workouts! Way to smash it and the course, Sara! How are you going to celebrate? Woot.

          Jordan BentzJordan BentzKenzai Member
          Creative Director5 months ago

          Strong work, strong work... Great result!!!

            Elissa ImranElissa ImranReboot | Day 20 (Member)
            Trainer5 months ago

            Looking amazing! No wonder your tennis game is aces!
            See you on Chisel (and on the soccer sidelines)!

              Jack D.Jack D.Kenzai Member
              4 months ago

              Amazing work huge results congratulations!

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