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Sara S.

Kenzai Run | Day 48 (Member)
Kenzai Run
Day 48
Program progress:

In bed with a bad cold after spending the long weekend in Singapore watching my two sons sweating it out on the soccer pitch (with Elissa who is my Kenzai inspiration)! So furious that I couldn’t start yesterday! But nothing keeps me away from a good workout, once the cold is better I will got at it hard!!


I had to push the day 90 workout one day ahead but loving the last workout that really showed how strong my body has become. I am so happy to be done. I have not been 100% compliant but I feel that after having done KB2 straight after KB1 I have a strong and amazing body (and a need for a new wardrobe, having lost around 10kg)!
Kenzai has really worked for me and having done 180 days practically in a row, I realize this is how long it takes for a fundamental change of the mindset. I have changed my approach to eating and working out but at the same time I feel this is a program that I can live with.
Bring on Chisel!!


The heat or rather humidity has hit HK! It always comes as a surprise and even though I should be used to it, I’m always amazed at how much I sweat.
Grinding through the last days. Really making it count now. On par with the diet as well, have dinner out tonight and tomorrow but will make good Kenzai choices!
Ps Do note that the T-shirt was light blue when I started the workout. Only the bottom part is still dry after done with workout 😅🔥💪

2 weeks to go

I'm definitely feeling ready to be on day 90 now, the workouts are very long and take so much time. I feel great doing them but there is a small hesitation right now for me to hit the gym, but I will put my head down and grind through.
Only 14 days to go and then done!! Come on team Yew!!

All good

Sorry peeps for not being the most supportive group member. I am hammering away with the diet (95%) and the workouts I am shifting around bit to fit my tennis schedules. Played a match yesterday (won all 4 matches , yeah!!) in almost 30C-degree with blasting sun so lost a lot of water and ran around like crazy so that was my Sunday free workout. Have to keep up with these last days, not long to go, I can see the finish line and I'm feeling great. The scale is definitely reacting to my clean eating and workouts, past my goal weight so have set a new weight goal. I know, we aren't suppose to have weight goals, but it feels so good when the clothes are loose and the scale is showing lower figures and I feel AWESOME!!
Promise to post a weekly picture tomorrow or Friday!!

This round of KB2 I have received not 1 but 2 emails saying that I need to blog or post pictures, yikes, compared to in KB1, I never received one single email!
I'm very busy with my tennis since it is the end of the season and we have some important matches coming up so my focus has been on tennis. On the days, it either rains (which has happened a lot lately in HK) or I don't play tennis I am in the gym hitting the workouts hard, even adding some exercises to the series.
Diet is 95% on target, feeling good!


Keeping clean on the diet except for one evening when I had an Annual General Meeting with my Swedish Women's organisation, tried to pick healthy choices ie vegetables and greens but not the easiest. It doesn't bother me any longer when I know I can't eat the exact diet since I know the next day I am 100% back on the diet and feeling great. I am noticing that restaurant food or non-diet food does not really agree with my stomach (as told in lesson about indulgence). I crave clean food with a lot of vegetables after a dinner out.
Was treated to a nice lunch for my birthday Thursday which also threw me out but it was so worthy i, always nice to be spoiled by your close friends. Received a very tasty cake afterwards, had a tiny slice but oh did I enjoy it!
I feel like the best present I have given myself this year, is Kenzai. So far down almost 8kg and I feel great and get a lot of nice comments from friends and family who have noticed my hard working but also my result!!
Feeling very happy and ready for another spin around the sun!
PS. Workouts are on track, playing tennis a lot and rotating around the workouts so I keep injury free.

Mmmm lunch

I have put my head down and I am just focusing on the diets and kinda on the workouts. The diet is 100% but with me feeling a bit under the weather I have taken a few days off from the workouts. I still have my tennis so I’m not being too lazy.
I love the lunches, there is so much food and I feel like I fuel up my body for the rest of the day since the egg white and apple dinner really is not that exciting.
This is my lunch today! 😋

Falling behind

Checking in quickly, have been hitting the workouts and the diets clean this week. Crazy weekend with kids birthday parties and tennis tournament for my hubby and me. BUT I am still here just not getting the time to sit down to read or write blog posts. Will try to be better on the blog!! Go Yew team!!


Back home in HK and back to strict diet and the workouts. Love traveling but always love coming home and back into the everyday routines! Was prepared to feel more exhausted during the workout today but I guess managing the food correctly in India and not drinking any alcohol made me not loose too much momentum!

Now for those who have egg white, apple and yoghurt for dinner, here is a yummy recipe to spice up that meal. It's all credit to Harriett from my KB1 program, we even named it "Harrietts eggs" after her.
Whip the egg white really really hard, grate the apple (add some cinnamon if you like that spice) and gently turn down the apple into the egg white. Pop the mix onto a baking tray a bake in oven until brownish. Eat immediately with some yoghurt. Tastes like a treat!! Enjoy!

Off the grid

Half way into our week holiday in India and first time access to a good WiFi. Tried my best to stay on diet, even though with my dinner being a banana, apple and yoghurt it clearly has failed on that meal! This trip is a once in a lifetime experience so I am enjoying the yummy food but always trying to make good choices.
I’ve missed all the workouts since Saturday but done A LOT of walking. Still not going to stress about missing the workouts since I haven’t missed a single one and played tennis as well leading up to our trip!
Will try to get some workouts in the following days since we have more free time!

Friday, yeah!!

So happy it is Friday today! It has been an intense week with me getting the K-work outs in but also playing 2hrs of intense tennis every day of this week. I can feel my body is aching for a slower weekend but I’m also so impressed that keeping the diet very strict I have so much more energy and my body has coped with it well.
One more week to go then we have Chinese New Year shhchool break and we are heading to India so it won’t be as intense.
Enjoy the weekend peeps!!

Bye bye carbs

So now it came, no more carbs for dinner. It always takes a few days for me to get used to it but once I get used it it’s not that bad. I so look forward to the fruit for the evening snack though!!
This is my dinner tonight.


Getting back into the rhythm of working out and the routine of eating clean feels so good!!
My body is aching nicely today after 2 sessions of 2 hours each tennis and then managed to get my Kenzai workout in between. So satisfying to feel the body working and sweating.
I have an old coach who used to say “Sweat is fat crying”. Love that!
Let’s sweat more!! 😊

Still not used to writing the blog posts as this is my second program with Kenzai but here we go:
Who am I? I'm an expat Swede living in Hong Kong at the moment, before that NYC, Stockholm, London and Frankfurt. I have a very active family, my husband and 2 sons (aged 8 and 11) are very very active so in order to keep up with them I found that Kenzai helps me along the way. I was introduced to Kenzai by a friend in last september and jumped right in and haven't regretted it once.
I love to play tennis and do spend a lot of time on the tennis courts. I finished KB1 in december and found that not only did I feel great doing Kenzai but it also made me a much better tennis player, this being the reason I am back for more.
My goal for 2019 is to be able maintain the clean eating and making workout a natural routine in my everyday life. As my sons get more and more fit, I am determined to keep up with them so they have an athletic mom who they can play tennis with, hike the beautiful HK trails with and most importantly, a mom who is healthy!

Just finished "Becoming" by M Obama, did find it very interesting. Now moving onto "Factfulness" by fellow Swede, H Rosling, which is suppose to be amazing. One of my other goal this year is to read a book a week and use social media less. Who is with me?? I need many book recommendations, hit me!!