Saurabh D.

Saurabh D.

Kenzai Chisel | Day 35 (Member)
Kenzai Chisel
Day 35
Program progress:

Yes , that is what week 4 has been .

Very fulfilling but physically draining .
Have grunted and yelled through many of the training days this week .

Had a long weekend so was able to pace the last 3 days exercise well .
The 80%+ humidity in Hongkong just made some of the exercises very challenging ( double hang time , the Cossack , and tyre run , in particular .

Fun week - waiting to see what next week brings .


All in all , a good week .
Pushed myself to the limit yesterday by maxing the skip jump and doing all 3 challenges .
Was fully charged up .... what can I say 😇

Feel like kicking myself now when I see we have 3 sets of cycle workouts .

Week 4 begins ;Burpees , here I come !

Have a great week

Week 3

It’s been a fulfilling week .
Maintaining my exercise and food as per plan .
Been sleeping well and energized through the day .

Have been keeping a few celery sticks for afternoon snack in the refrigerator.
Chilled celery sticks are a great perk up - their crunchy texture and the chewing motion associated with it gives the jaws a good workout and wakes me up !

Looking for a strong finish in week 3

Have a great weekend !

Day 11 check in

Traveling out of town and the diet is quite out of whack with a few glasses of wine added in over the last few days .

Have not been able to catch my full sleep for 2 days but long hours on the road helps me catch quick power naps to take me through the day .

Have been able to keep the the exercise rhythm , though .

Week 2 : 33% Kompliant . But feeling good about keeping up with the exercises

Ready for it

Hi ,

My name is Saurabh and i live in Hongkong .
Just finished KB1 last month and have been in autopilot ( read Rudderless ) for the past 6 weeks .

Glad to be back on the program and have done an absolutely terrible job the 1st week 🥴.
Missed half the workouts , had a glass of wine or two , some heavy duty Asian food and been snacking on the sly on cookies .

Saving grace has been an almost Kompliant diet for 4 weeks between the programs .

Ready and raring to go into cycle workouts with Chisel .
It’s going to be exhausting but amazingly rewarding .

With that thought , I get into my snooze mode .
Tomorrow is going to be a great Chisel day !

Yes , I did it ! 

Finished KB 1 strong . Delayed by a day as I had to catch up on a missing workout and just did not want to do a half assed one .
Was traveling so could not write my blog .

What can I say ...
it’s just been a phenomenal 90 days which has been life changing .
My view of “being healthy” has been replaced by “staying fit”.

The family has been hugely supportive .
Living in Hongkong , eating out on weekends has been normal for us .
Since my wife and I birth joined KB1 , the kids have been phenomenal and not once in the last 90 days have they asked if we will be eating outside .

I have not just seen physical changes to my fitness level , but also better focus , clearer head , overall higher energy levels and a huge boost in self confidence .

In fact I have taken a picture of my flexed arm to remind me what the baseline has to be .
Making right choices of food - maybe not always but when the option is there , by just making a slight effort . Will not get it 100% right , but even if I can make a conscious decision and make a better choice 50% if the times , it is a huge shift .
Making friends with the skipping rope , the apple and boiled eggs . Now a staple whether I am at home or traveling .
Skipping clears up my head and eating crunchy celery and apply invigorates my mind when I feel tired .

After being on a “normal” diet and no exercise for 2 days , I ‘cheated’ and went back to my Kompliant diet and did the day 8 workout .

I am a changed person no doubt .

A big thanks to Kim and Ed who have supported and rooted for us right through and have pushed us just that bit more when it mattered .

Team hydra has been amazing and must thank everyone there to have been such great team mates .

Hope to see some of team hydra members in the next programs .


still here

Hi ,

I have not been able to post updates for a while .
It’s been a hectic few days traveling around .

Must admit that I have not been able to post updates .
Will give myself a 1/10 for updates , an 8/10 for workout schedules ( missed one work out last week but made it by doing 2xX on Sunday ) , and a 6/10 for diet . Missed my workout today but will make it up tomorrow morning and will stretch day 90 workout to day 91 .
Have had 3 unKompliant days in the last 10 days .

Not feeling too guilty because i am giving my fullest to the cycle workouts and the skipping .

Skipping has changed my outlook of a cardio workout and I can see the difference it makes now .
This , compares to the beginning of the program where skipping was the most feared part of the routine .
Now , it clears my head and after 18 minutes I sweat and pant , but I feel refreshed .
It’s the dopamine high of skipping that makes me feel indomitable and incomplete the days I don’t do it .

Food - just being conscious of the choices and keeping a check / balance book mentally on non Kompliant days .

Looking forward to finish strong in 2 days .
Shall be signing up for the membership and hope to see some of you there .

Maybe kettlebell or Sculpt .

What next 🤔 ?

Question if the week is what do you plan to do after the program ..

The program has changed my perspective of what it takes to stay fit .
It’s hard but not difficult .

Before KB1 , it was tedious stuff like pulling weights , endless time on the treadmill ( I can’t run on the road due to a meniscus operation ) or swiming in summer months .

KB has made me comfortable with doing the exercises wherever I am , whenever I can .
Eating healthy has a new meaning and making right choices is easier now .
Have made 4 new friends for life . My jump rope , the band , and 2 round objects - the egg and King Apple .
Maintaining fitness has become a habit and after day 90 , it will be ME .

I will take a break and maintain the KB routine on my own .

Then I will go for the next Kenzai program.

On my 50th birthday , I want to do a handstand !

Hey Kim ,
Read your post and saw the video you posted .
This is exactly what I did 2nd half of last week .
Having crossed the 2/3 rd mark , was just starting to slack off . Missed a workout it on Wednesday ..... yes , was already tired by Tuesday with the extra reps and v sits .

In fact sneaked an indulgence meal also on Friday before the official indulgence notification was posted - complete with a glass of wine and dessert .
Friends visiting from out of town - just could not resist this time .
Thought I will confess Sunday morning and voila ! Received the hall pass for an indulgence meal - so what if I encashed it a day earlier .

Made peace with myself by putting on my Kenzai ‘mental armor’ , and did my carry over

lifestyle change

What are some of the lifestyle changes ?

Some of the mindset changes that have happened in 2 months :

1. Staying fit has taken a new meaning and priority .

2. Exercise makes the day complete .
- Cannot imagine not doing a workout set every
day . Hope this mindset continues after day 90 .
- it’s easy to do . Don’t need to go out to a gym and
use equipment to remain fit .

3. Learned how to make correct food choices .
- it’s not so difficult to eat healthy if one is mindful
- a healthy meal is not necessarily boring . Some
interesting healthy choices also for non Kenzai family members .

It’s been a very fulfilling 2 months ...very pleased with the results until now .

Playing hookey

Been on the road again !
Have to admit I have not been Kompliant this week and have missed 1.5 days of workout this week .

Feel like kicking myself because the workouts have been so invigorating and am seeing great changes in my body shape , muscle tone and definition , mood , energy level - etc .
Can actually feel and see a hollow spot below the plexus - been almost 20 years since I noticed that !
Still unable to get the required amount of good sleep . Hope that is better next week .

Food wise - gave in twice to Ostrich steak and Kingklip for dinner while in Cape Town .
I justified it by convincing myself that I am at least keeping it high Protein and high fiber game or fish .
The boiled eggs are still in my handbag bag and will serve me well for dinner on the flight back home 😇.

Wanting to get back into the rhythm and routine next week back home

the delinquent me

Missed 2 workouts in a row last week and another one on Monday .
Not feeling good at all - Felt completely exhausted and let the body take a break .

Been a busy and hectic week . Started last week by splitting the workout between morning and evening . Getting home late from work , workout then dinner .
Meant sleeping close to midnight and up at 6 .
Body was falling short of sleep and shouted for help .

Back In the groove again .

Did my workout yesterday under cherry blossom trees in the resting area of Kunming airport .
Crisp , spring air and a fresh open environment - was lovely !
Went through it smoothly and felt really great to be back .

Why should I quit something that I am enjoying , It’s good for me , makes me a better person , makes my family proud and makes me look good.

Other than this , it allows me to challenge myself all the time ... try to hit the upper limit of reps , use higher resistance bands , sometimes adding an extra set of i was not satisfied with the 1st set etc.

I can see changes in how I manage time and an increased sense of self discipline .

Read the lesson today on belly fat and now inunderstand why the midriff is taking so long to go away .
Halfway through now and with another 45 days to go , so will all the extra fat .

Fighting to stay Kompliant .
In Dhaka for a short visit this week.

Carried my Kompliant survival kit for the flight and got some strange looks from airport security : boiled eggs , apples , raw cucumber and carrots for the flight 🤔🤔🤔🤔



Just thought to share my experiences of managing Kenzai with business travel .

Had an interesting few days in Indonesia - 4 days , 3 cities so had to plan some of my meals in advance .

With the current diet plan , dinner is a challenge from hotel room service .
This time around , I managed to drop into a 7 Eleven and a streetside fruit shop to get some supplies .

This was dinner 2 nights in a row , as I reached the hotel only at 9:00 pm , out in an hour work before Europe closes and just about manage to finish workout before 11 .
I bought some extra veggies and will be having it for lunch now on the flight back home .

It’s part Raw food diet , part Kenzai .
I thought it’s interesting how the mind adapts well when we put a challenge to it but with a finite timeline.

The same goes for the exercises that are getting tougher .
I feel that by the 2nd half of the week , the exercises are getting less clunky as muscles uses memory to do the reps .

What a start to this 3 month adventure !

So much has happened in this 1 month , thought I will put it all down .

* jump rope : starting off with single digit jumps before getting all entangled with the rope ...... to now jumping a few hundred at 1 go until the arm feels like it’s going to tear off
* crunches : the last sets and reps on the otter and the metronome . Can now feel my midriff has become flatter .
* the burn : bought the pull up bar and gave a try to the negative pull ups . Boy - were they tough for me !
The forearm muscles were making a weird tearing sound as I tried to do the pull ups . Felt like a rooster 🐔 after a while , as the Lats got a new workout .
Result : I could not extend my arms completely for 2 days ! Was funny 😄
* the indulgence meal : deliberated for a long time and then my wife and I decided to go for our favorite - fish in a bag . Loved it absolutely , but overdid it with the caramel lava pudding in the end .
Felt bloated for a day after that . Not a good feeling when the body feels lethargic .
* should attribute it to the sugar or the fatigue ? Still wondering 🤔
* workout times : I changed it to evening workouts last week to avoid getting late to work . Realized it just messes up the whole family schedule for the evening .
Getting back to morning workouts now .
* current diet : just when I had started enjoying the dinner , we now have a surprise .
Eggs and Fruits first and then veggies for a snack ???
Still trying to get my head around that one !!

- Have lost 5 kgs in the past 4 weeks .
- Don’t miss salt in my food as much now .
- Am able to curb the desire for sweets .
- enjoy the Taste of individual vegetables
- Do a daily workout
- Am able to make a meal for myself : ( could not go beyond eggs or a pasta before this .)

Who would have thought all this was possible , just a few months ago !

Love the feeling of extra energy and the bounce in my walk .

I can only imagine what it will be like at the end of 90 days .