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Leg Blasters!

Love the leg blasters! Love to embrace the pain! Just say NO to 'or' - always select AND!

Stay Strong Skibooters, STAY STRONG!


So excited to be getting ready to hit the slopes - And I so need the exercise! I have really slipped since this summer. We leave on December 18th so this course is timed perfectly!

Looking forward to training with all of you!

And I love my teammates and especially my trainer, Kim, who has been incredible at making sure I got the most out of the program and had an in depth understanding of all the skilful moves.

Unfortunately, I cannot get into the yoga aspect of the program and have decided to call it a day with Reach.

Thank you for all the encouragement and kind words! I am sure that I will see all of you again as we make our way through the other programs Kenzai has to offer.

Goodbye & Stay Strong!

Rough weekend for training this week as I got caught up with days full of family (read kid) stuff. Lots of sports and other errands.

The Sun Salutation is getting better, but I still struggle to get my legs up and underneath my hands. Still [rpgress is being made!

Sun Salutation

I love the idea of the Sun Salutation - And by that I mean the idea of me being able to do it gracefully. I did not achieve grace tonight, unfortunately. Pretty much everything coming out of the Downward Dog is pretty gruesome looking. Well - That is why we take the class!

On another note, the pigeon. I really struggle with that one. Any thoughts Kim?

Seiza anyone?

I am completely unable to do this movement. Not even using a cushion. Any helpful hints, please?

Week 1 Done

I don't have the answer to my big question yet, but I did get to change that first photo. I am not photogenic at the best of times, but that one was truly terrible.

As for week one...I am really liking the program. I am definitely seeing additional flexibility (off an exceptionally low bar) and I am waking up without super tight achy legs and limping around until the blood gets going. Most notably I am noticing recovery time has dropped significantly. I did a big hike this morning and have had very little residual soreness. So all in all a good first week.

Jumping In

I have been looking forward to this program ever since I finished Reboot. I feel that my lack of flexibility is really holding me back from making further gains in Kenzai. Thus far I love it! The morning stretches are really making a huge difference in my day already. I am enjoying the Skilful Movements, though I often find myself struggling with proper orientation of my body being clumsy and generally rigid. I trust this will sort itself out with time and practice.

Graduation Post! 

Reboot went by in an absolute flash! I am definitely feeling a bit fitter, but most importantly reboot has gotten back on the right track in terms of thinking about what I need to do to maintain general good health and has put me in the right headspace to achieve my ultimate goal for the year: to get into better 'shape' (ie not pear shaped). I am thinking correctly about my diet and my fitness levels are such that I am able to actually be effective in terms of exercising and building tone and strength. I had fallen out of good habits and reboot has gotten me back into good habits, but crucially it has done so in a manner that allows me to process those habits intellectually thus ingraining them more deeply.

Thank you Kenzai and Team Laurel for getting me through!


Without taking too much away from my graduation post material, I was just thinking today as I was hiking how much easier all physical activity seems now that I have rebooted. I've also noted a bit more definition. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised any more, but man the Kenzai team does stick the landing every time!

V Sits

This is becoming something of a tradition with me, posting about V sits, but it never fails to amaze me how much I hate them!

So add Reboot to the list of programs in which I have been annoyed by them!

Perfect Timing

As I find is usually the case, the Day 13 Lesson "The Privilege of Fitness" came at the perfect time in the program. I was just coming off a pretty tough week where my job and my day to day life got in the way of achieving my fitness goals. I had just come off two days straight of missed workouts (though I got my cardio in both days) and one day of a pretty big diet slip. I was asking myself if it was worth it or if I was able to do it at all when I woke up on Saturday. After doing my workout I sat down and read the lesson and it did wonders for my resolve. I am right back, baby, and ready to finish strong!

Challenge #1

Even when we are lost in the clouds like today I love getting out on Hong Kong's extensive network of hiking trails. And especially on my Free Cardio days - Two birds...One stone!


The Big Dipper

I was finishing up the workout with my drawbridges and there above me was the Big Dipper in all its splendour. So that was nice. #kenzaimornings

My first JFDI morning.

So I had my first ‘less motivated’ morning today. I woke up with my head full of excuses and rationalizations: ‘why don’t I walk the dog instead of skip for my cardio?’ ‘why don’t I sleep in and do my workout later?’ But because I am an experienced Kenzai trainee 😜I know exactly where that nonsense leads - and it isn’t down the path of finishing my workout at a more reasonable hour. So I sucked it up, rolled out of bed and JFDI and by the second set of skips I was so glad that I had. I am certain that I would not be feeling this good had I caved to the warm laziness of my bed.

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