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I am going through a 10 Rep 10 Set phase with the weights. GVT all the way baby! Yesterday was squats, knee felt ok. Then Barbell Rows. Today Chest, Biceps. The first sets are fine, but sets 9 & 10 are KILLERS! Strangely sets 7 & 8 always seem as easy as set one.

We have a snake outside our house. It's quick and unpredictable. I might catch it and eat it.

I had a DOUBLE YOLKER! When I get double yolker I feel like it's the universe telling me it's ok to have two egg yolks for breakfast.

Last night I did my CPR/AED exam. So if any trainees experience heart failure I can administer the proper care...........over the t'internet.


Great program! Although I couldn't do it justice 100% due to having to skip most of the bouncy stuff, I still really enjoyed it. Coming in to this program off the back of multiple IRONs I wasn't sure that much could be achieved - I was wrong. T-Shirt is tough, and definitely smashes all of the relevant T-Shirty muscles. I will 100% do this again, and will probably redo the dumbbell exercises from Monday up to Xmas.

Moving forwards - I need to repair the knee. Looking to book surgery for Jan, then recover with a view to getting stuck into IRON in March. This year I have done IRON, then Chisel, then IRON, then Beach Blast, and finally T-Shirt. No wonder my knee is fucked.

Great training with you guys, hope you enjoyed the program and wish you all a rocking festive period!

Op Along

So I need surgery. Saw the specialist last week and he said that
a) A Platelet Rich Plasma injection would not work on my meniscus. (the tear is in a zone that received very little blood supply so it's healing capacity is greatly reduced). :((
b) A cortisone injection would cover up the issue and make it worse over time.
c) The only solution is to have surgery to repair the tear, and maybe trim the meniscus.

Great. So this means some time on crutches, and then upto 3 months without any serious high impact exercise. He also said that squats, lunges, etc would be no go until I have healed 100%. Skipping and running are out of the window for now, so I need to find some alternative avenues for cardio. I am thinking that rowing may be the way forward.........or a stationary bike.

The good news is that all my attention will be focussed on my upper body for the foreseeable future! Anyway - gotta suck it up till Jan 2020 then get this thing sorted. Nothing is keeping me from the squat rack!

Ironically I have just bought some new f%^&g jump ropes!

Hardest Part Today...

was NOT falling off the bench during the reclining shoulder flys! I think I need to work on my bench mounting and dismounting technique!

Torn Meniscus

Got the MRI results back and I actually have two tears in my meniscus. Not great! So, off to see a specialist to see what options are available and get it fixed. Still charging on with the program, and am thankful that there is a large focus on upper body work. Laying off the high impact jumpy shit for now.

Mini-star jumps - never done anything for me at all. Don't get em. Anyone else feel the same?

Anyway - enjoying week 2, looking forward to Super Heavy Day :))

Tricep Jelly

What an interesting first week. I think I dialled in the weight just right on both the light, heavy, and super heavy days as my triceps are screaming. It feels GOOD to pick up the weights again after Beach Blast. Still have a right v left bicep imbalance, and it's proving to be a real pain to iron out. Will keep trying.

Knee - rescheduled MRI for next week. Pain still there but manageable. I tried the rope this week, and was ok. GOOD. Let's hope it stays that way.

Looking forward to what week 2 brings.

Rock on Team!
(I was trying to find an image that perfectly conveys how my triceps feel but failed. Then I saw this! No relevancy, just liked it.)


Super heavy workout today - I WORKED IT! Shaking at the end :)

1. Who are you, where are you, what do you do?
Scott, or Burnsie. I live in Hong Kong, with my long suffering wife, and twin boys. I run my own business in the day, I am a Kenzai Trainer at night, and I taxi my kids around at weekends. No rest for the wicked.

2. Why T-Shirt? What are you looking to achieve in 28 days?
I wanted a program that would allow me to mitigate against the Christmas Chubble and let me lift heavy things. In 28 days, I want to drop some body fat, and dig out the T-shirt muscles. Simples.

3. Do you have a favourite T-Shirt, one that has stayed with you for years? If so - PHOTO!!
Not been with me for years, but my son bought this one in the photo for me. Symptom of being on a high protein diet quite often!

Off To The Races

Day one of T-shirt in the bag. Had to skip skipping and any leg related bouncy exercises. Planning to get an MRI on the knee next week and see what is up with it. Doc says that it is probably tendon related, and may need an injection. Let’s see.

The pike press ups were tough! Had to really concentrate to keep my body bent, and at times my form resembled a messed up press for improvement here. However, so far this is a way more gentle start than Beach Blast! Only 3 sets of Scoops AND a rest in between sets = luxury!


No easing in on this one is there? I have a feeling that this Beach Blast is going to be harder than Chisel. Never thought I would be doing a program which would be a Chizz beater. Anyway, today's workout is done, but it was too hot. I am going to try and get it out of the way first thing tomorrow when it is cooler.

My initial plan was to get the Blast workout done in the morning, and then get on the weights in the evening. Might have to rethink this as I have a feeling I will be too knackered. Let's see!

Another One In the Bag 

I love Iron, it's a great program. Mercury was a great team to train with, and it was enjoyable watching everyone go through the Iron journey.

I will be continuing with the weight lifting using a mix of maintenance and other stuff, then next up for me is Beach Ready + T-Shirt right after it. Looking forward to something fresh and new!


I have done this program a number of times and I ALWAYS forget how tough it is at the end. Those Combos really do the trick right?

So hot in Hong Kong still. I have come to the decision that the next time I do Iron in summer it will be in a GYM, not on my roof.

Picture of Ward holding a banana!

Hot hot hot

So we have moved from one extreme to the other now in Hong Kong. After a week of rain we are now having some really hot weather. SO hot! I have to completely cover the bench with a towel so I don't burn myself, AND wear gloves so the bar doesn't burn my hands.

Think I need to install a sprinkler system!!

Wash Out

Last week was a total nightmare in Hong Kong. It rained ALL WEEK. My squat rack is on the roof, outside, which means I couldn't do any workouts. I got legs done Monday, but then the weather totally screwed up my plans.

Fortunately this week looks a lot better. Normal service can now resume!!


So back from vacation and the diet was tricky as predicted. I was not really a good boy, but had an excellent time. The National Stadium in Singapore is phenomenal, and me and the fam watched Manchester United vs Inter Milan, then Juventus vs Spurs. The Juve game was phenomenal, with a cheeky last minute goal from Kane.

My one boy got to see his hero play - Ronaldo, and my other lad got to see his heros play - Rashford, Lingard, Mata, etc. They loved it. the atmosphere at the Man U game was unreal. The whole stadium was a sea of red, with mexican waves doing multiple rounds. Great!

I volunteered (wife told me) to take all the kids to Universal Studios the following day - OMG it was RAMMED. We queued on average for 120 mins for each ride. So we spent most of the day lining up, with an odd smattering of exhilaration! I am not sure if this counts as cardio, but I was knackered. Oh yes - my one lad won a bloody HUGE banana. Fun getting that on the plane!

I did manage to exercise, but the hotel gyms were crappy. Still, I made what I could out of them.

Luckily, wifey and I had a night to ourselves that evening so we went to Spago. AMAZING food. Like, savour every single mouthful good. If you are in Singapore I highly recommend, and the view is amazing.

Football Frenzy

Off to Singapore for a small trip. We are taking the lads to watch the International Champions Cup, a pre-season friendly for Inter Milan, Man United, Juventus, and Spurs. My one lad rebelled against the family tradition of supporting Wolves, and became a Man United fan. On one hand this annoys me, on the other I have total respect for him on forging his own way.

So there will be lots of football watching going on, there may be some beer involved, and I will be taking the kids to Universal Studios, which ensure I hit my daily step goal!

Workouts are going well, weight is going up. I really need to work on the diet a bit more to look less flabby - gotta address this post vacation.

End of Week 8





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