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Kenzai Iron | Day 14 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 14
Program progress:
HK Weather

How many storms can one place have in a month? I am getting pretty tired of rain, thunder, and power cuts. We have had weeks of thunder storms and torrential rain now. When you exercise outside, very close to a large metal cage - this is NOT ideal. However, I have been timing my workout to coincide with breaks in the storms - so far 11/11. Fingers crossed this shit clears up and the sun comes out!

This week we have also had lots of action on the political side in Hong Kong, with the Extradition Bill protest. Power to the people! Shocking to see the drama unfold, but expected. I imagine we have not seen the last of this.....

Still luxuriating in carb overload, but thankful for the extra energy boost they give. I have not had carbs at dinner time for a loooooooong time!


Glad the diet is here! Lots of carbs compared to Chisel - luxury!

Sugar, booze, and treat free from now on!


Just jumped off Chizz, dropped 5kg. Now I want to add that back, but make sure it's muscle - not fat.

After jumping around for 6 weeks, I am really looking forward to pumping some Iron. Specifically I would like to :-
- work on some L/R muscle imbalances I have, and bring my left side up to right side levels. (biceps, triceps, delts)
- work on my pull up game
- break through a few PBs on the weight front and increase my working weight on all exercises.
- experiment with some different lifting techniques
- really concentrate on uncovering some abs.

My scales have gone nuts, so I don't know what BF% I am, but will try and get a DEXA scan in the first few weeks so I have an accurate reading.

Upcoming perils. 1) Burnsie holiday booked. It will be action packed (it always is with twin boys). I WILL work out (it's the only peace and quiet I get). But, I will stray off the diet for a few days.
2) Small sojourn to watch some pre-season friendlies in SG (football). Again, exercise will NOT be a problem, diet will.

In order to mitigate against above perils I will be adding in extra work, so always 20 mins skipping, and extra daily cardio where time permits.

That. Is. The. Plan.

Another Chizz ! 

What a great program! Just long enough, and tough enough. It never fails to humble you and run you ragged.

Thanks to a great team who were excellent bloggers, and training partners. This program is tough enough, so when you have a team that is on fire it make a HUGE difference.

I feel lighter (dropped 6kg), and bouncier. Ready to face IRON for the umpteenth time, which starts tomorrow.

My goal is to add another 10lbs of muscle over the next 12 weeks and continue to drop body fat.

Oh and HELLO BACON!!! Don't have this very often, so a quick indulge before tomorrow :)))


Could not workout this morning as the weather in Hong Kong has been atrocious. Luckily it stopped this afternoon, so just squeezed today's exercises out. One Legged Burpees - jesus. By the third cycle I felt and looked like Dumbo. Not pretty, but they got done.

I have been pondering what program to do next. I really fancied Blast, just to keep the fat burn going but I am going to do Iron. (for the 5th, or 6th time haha). Blast doesn't start until mid June, and I have an upcoming vacation at the end of June, plus my lovely wife told me that I am not allowed to be on a strict program whilst away. So, Iron it is and I will run it fast and loose whilst away.

Sounds like there will be a lot of people jumping on to Blast next - it looks GREAT!

Chizz Face

That is all.

Over Indulged

So I saved my indulgence for the Citi Soccer 7s at the weekend. My wife managed to blag tickets that included free beer, and free food. I didn't go too crazy on the bad food options, but I DID have quite a bit of free beer.

My boys and I got to watch our favourite team play, mainly players from the under 21 squad. It was fantastic. My lads spent quite a bit of time watching the team warm up, and got chatting with the players afterwards. Later, once all the games were played the "Team Mum" came over and gave the boys some football shirts, flags, badges, and other souvenirs. They were chuffed to bits.

So, I blew through some "Wall demotivation" and I am ready to smash these next 2 weeks. Although 3 words worry me from my last Chisel.......One Legged Burpees.

That is all.


Down to 50g of carbs for lunch, which makes my usual wholewheat pasta thing very tough. Gonna switch it up tomorrow.
The 3 Cycles have arrived - oh goodie gum drops!

Off on a biz trip, but have the gym sorted and should be able to keep on track with the diet, it's only a short one thank goodness.

Hope you are all tracking well and enjoying the extra, heart pumping cycle!!

Kitchen Gadgets

Nothing major to report from me, all going well. Diet on point, and I have been testing out a new food prep gadget. The Instant Pot. There does seem to be a bit of a "culty" following around these things, but I must say - it's bloody useful!
Basically I have been throwing in 10 chicken breasts, one to one and a half cups of water, with some chilli powder and letting the thing cook. It takes 15 mins to cook 10 breasts from frozen! So on a weekend, you can fire and forget basically.
Right now my Kenzai prep superweapons are:-

Instant Pot - protein prepper extraordinaire!
Multi Layer Steamer - Kenzai would be a pain in the arse without it
Food Saver Vacuum - also useful for keeping avocados at the perfect ripeness for MUCH longer

With these, I can prep like a demon!

Do you folks have any favourites?

Viking Boat Micro Blog

Roped the kids in for a bit of competition. I had
no idea 3 mins was SOOOOO long! Shaking at the end.

I Am Entertained!

GOT + Avengers End Game! The last few days has been an entertainment extravaganza. No spoilers here though. My kids sat down with lots of pop corn and sweets, but I resisted the temptations and just sat there enjoying the movie and wondering when I would get a chance to pee. Over 3 hours long that film is!! At my age that is at least 3 wees!

Workouts going well. Diet is SOLID, although I did miss a fruit snack during the Avengers film :( - Avoided Shake Shack - bonus.

Tickety boo.

HOWEVER - I have noticed, when on program, I always start looking at delicious food and recipes. TORTURE! Homemade Tempura is the latest. Apparently the batter is far less glutinous than regular batter due to the fact that it is a 50/50% mix with corn flour. DON'T mention crispy fish tacos........or Shepherds Pie. Or fried chicken. Or a fried fish sandwich. Or cheese.

I think I might be having some mild food cravings......

OK. Brain fart over - crack on Burns.


Everytime I start training, my dog gets fatter!

Today marked the last of the easy workouts, everything gets harder from here. I remember from my last Chisel, that up until now it all felt "pleasant". Then it gets hellish!

Child Labour

They say many hands make light work, so I put my two young lads to work cleaning the "office" yesterday. My workout space had gotten quite out of shape from the last Iron, and weights were strewn everywhere, the floor was dirty, miscellaneous barbells were just waiting to trip me up.It was a mess. You have to have a nice clean area to exercise, it makes getting these Chisel workouts easier to smash.

The boys had great fun with the pressure washer, and as an added bonus they did not take anyone's eye out!

With some extra mats I fashioned a dedicated DHT space! Gotta be kind to those toes.

Gif (I think I finally cracked this gif shit) of my Hangtime form. I had some really good floaty moments today, so I reckon I can improve beyond what I captured on vid.

Day 4 Locked In

Yesterday swapped the band stuff for weights. It makes sense really, I only have one band left after the rest snapped and I have LOTS of weights now after many Iron programs. Felt good, but had to go down in weight pretty fast to accommodate the paltry 10 second rest times! I don't remember the rest times being that short!!! In some parts of Iron you have 45 seconds in between sets - LUXURY!

I am looking forward to the diets hitting as I feel slightly lost at sea right now. No processed stuff, no booze, obviously but I do enjoy a structure.

Seems like this Chisel is going to be ON FIRE looking at the groups! This should make the nightmare looming on the horizon much more tolerable! :)

Intro Blog

Who are you?
I am Scott, Kenzai trainer, and Kenzai Iron addict!

Where in the world are you?
I am British, but have been in Hong Kong for almost 20 years.

Why did you sign up for Chisel?
I am on an Iron + Chisel mission until I look like Arnold Swazzi pants (6% there). I just finished Iron, and now comes the less fun part, chiseling away the lard.

What do you want to achieve by the end of the program?
Mmmm. Great question Burnsie. I would like to get to sub 16% body fat, retain some muscle, do it with a smile on my face and keep injury free.

When was the last time you tried a new activity - what was it?
Oh God. The kids were on Easter break, and we had the usual parental conundrum of how to keep them off the iPads, away from Fortnite, and occupied. SO, we went to an escape room. A place where they lock you into a room and you have to solve puzzles to get out. Talk about obscure clues!! We needed lots of help to get out. Anyway, I had never done anything like this before, it experience!

End of Week 8



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