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Kenzai Iron | Day 14 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 14
Program progress:
Day One - Done

The Chizz. I HATE it!

But it is necessary.

To me The Chizz is like a wicked step brother. You know he is going to be a complete c**t to you. You know he will not give you an inch. You know that he will make your life hell. You will feel small. Inadequate. Meagre.

But on the other side. Now that is a different story.

I am going to NAIL this. I see you, you Chisely program of pain. I will dance your dance. I will endure your DHT madness. And I will see you at the end with a triumphant smile on my face you tart! You will not break me, but you may make me.

Let's. Do. This.

PS: The lady in the photo is not me, nor is that my tracksuit.....the headband might be mine.

It Doesn't Get Old 

I can't actually remember how many times I have done Iron now, four, five maybe? Anyway, I love it. I am bigger, stronger, wider. The legs of my shorts are much tighter, and the waist band is looser, the arms in all my shirts are tight - as it should be!! This time around I didn't really get any injuries and managed to push my boundaries on the weight that I lifted.

Next up is Chisel, to shed some body fat, and then I will be back on IRON!

It's been great training with this team, you have been a great bunch! It is also great to see so many people doing Iron for the second time round - it truly is a fantastic program.

See you at the bar!


Nothing To Report

Just slogging it out at the moment. I have a craving for hot buttery toast, mmmm!

I have shoulder niggle on the right side which is giving me bother. Feels just like the one I had on the left side last year. Hope it doesn't develop into something more serious.

Other than that we are all good! Still tired though. Still getting sore too.


I have been reading people's blogs and have neglected to put one up myself! This week has been a slog. I have felt tired everyday, and some mornings it's been a test of will power to put the training boots on. Not sure whether this is due to the training, or if I am coming down with something - training hopefully!

Even though I am feeling tired, I have been pushing hard and (if the tracker is accurate) burning about 900 calories each workout. Although the figure is more like 600-650 for smaller muscles groups like biceps and triceps.

Oh yes - my skipping really suffers for a few days after leg day!


Dropped a weight bench on my foot the other day, so have had to skip skipping for a while. Initially I thought I had broken a bone, but it is just badly bruised. Idiot. It hurt so much I didn't even swear, just fell to the ground grabbing my shoe! Glad it wasn't leg day.

I find that I have renewed vigour for the program now, and I am raring to go for the workouts. That valley, wall, whatever - it's behind me. Usually at this time in a program I begin thinking about what program to do next! Haha - yep, Kenzai addict here. At the moment I am thinking:-

Kettlebells 2. Never done this program and everyone raves about it. It would be a change from Iron, and could be refreshing, but still allow me to maintain muscle mass.

Chisel. The Chisel + Iron combo is a real winner. I always find on Iron that there is more body fat around than I would like, and Chisel will definitely help burn that off.

Iron. Yeah, I could potentially do Iron again for the gazillionth time. I have some numbers I want to hit on the bar and slow steady progress is the way to achieve them. I have some muscle imbalance that I would also like to address on my left arms, and legs. Odd, as I am left handed!


Oh yeah, this is the real deal now. SIX sets of deep squats to kick off with - nice.

Feel totally hammered after today, and have a feeling that walking will be tough for a few days.

Thank god we have 30 seconds rest now, feels like a lot at first but by the latter sets even that flies by.

Dig in!


Tried to find a window where the rain had stopped for the workout, and just as I thought it had eased off it started pelting it down. Decided to just get it done and get wet. Major downside of having your workout space on the roof!

Wore some DIY gloves for extra grip in the wet and cut the tip of the finger off so I could still use the app on my phone. They worked well.

Hard doing chest press with rain in your eyes.



Holy shit my shoulders hurt today. By the end of the workout they were on fire, and still hurt during the ab stuff.

Missed one chest day last week and my plan to make it up on Sunday was scuppered by rain. The HK weather at the moment doesn't know what it's doing. One hour it's raining, the next I am worrying about my baldy head getting burned.

I had a bit of a "deload" week last week, where I went for high reps and fairly light weight, same this week. Next week it will be time to start adding on some more plates, conservatively.

My shoulders still hurt.


My lads had a football tournament yesterday and I promised them a Shake Shack if they won. They came second, losing on penalties in the final, BUT I still treated them to a Shake Shack because they played hard and were unlucky not to win. My initial intention was to watch them eat their burgers whilst obstaning myself - so I was very glad to see that indulgence lesson pop up!! I did not need to resist, and dove right into a Shack Shack special.

They burger was great, but the fries were too much so left most of them.

Hope you all enjoyed your indulgence too!!


Yep, these workouts are getting much longer now. I had to cut today's into two parts due to some work commitments and having to play Uber driver to my lads. It is just one wave of constant "sore" at the moment. I think Wednesday will be tough, as I will have the DOMS from Monday and Tuesday to contend with.

Deadlifts felt GOOD! But then the back workout on top - cor blimey! I felt like I had a good session and I was only 50% through.

Muscle building time!


Tough week last week as I was on a biz trip that kept me very busy. Luckily I had a good gym in the hotel and managed to do most of the workouts. Need to do a little catching up tomorrow, but should be ok. Diet took a wobble do to client entertainment, and also missed some snacks here and there.

Should be at homebase until the end of the program, so nothing ahead to derail me!

Hope you are all training hard!

Sore and tired.

I must be doing something right because I am sore in all the right places! Strange that you quickly forget how sore you are on Iron.
Pecs, legs, and arse cheeks....sorry glutes! Today I tried the wide grip pull down with some lighter weight and went for 10 sets - GVT style! Felt good, but it's interesting how quickly a "light" weight feels very bloody heavy. Also implemented some tempo work of 4-0-2, so 4 second negatives, zero pause, and then a two second eccentric.
= Back blasted!

Arse Cheeks

I could crack nuts with them!! All those squats, lunges, and leg work have given me a booty the Kardashians would be proud of, AND they are SOLID! Arse cheeks of steel I have! Embarrassing moment today when my wife caught me admiring my own bum in the lift.......

Slight shame that I have a belly of blancmange, but I am working on that one ;-)

CNY Vacation

I have been a naughty boy in terms of updating my own blog as I have been on vacation. For the last week I have been in Cebu with my family and inlaws. Fortunately the hotel has a decent gym with space to skip, some good dumbbells, and a Smith machine (not ideal but functional). Some days, when we have been on trips, I have missed the workout so I have had to double up and get two done in one session. I am currently up to date with biceps today. :))
On the activity front, we went snorkeling, swimming through the sardine run, and turtles. Amazing! We also went canyoning, which was great fun, hard work, and in parts terrifying!

All in all a great break! The diet has suffered, so on returning to homebase I will be eating like a monk for the duration of the program.
Hope you are all doing well!


So I have been pushing hard and making sure that I am upping the weights used each week. I started conservatively and have been progressively getting more aggressive with the exercises - but I am still not sore. No DOMS in sight - except my calves. This is interesting because on every exercise I am using more weight than on my last IRON, and I am making sure that my form is good.

Anyway, I am not necessarily associating muscle growth with DOMS, it's just an observation, and is kind of welcome as I can crack on with the leg exercises without any dread or trepidation.

Feel good so far, no real change in the mirror but that is ok at this stage.

*picture is of a random rabbit and has no relevance whatsoever.

End of Week 8



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