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Kenzai Iron | Day 85 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 85
Program progress:

Oh yeah, this is the real deal now. SIX sets of deep squats to kick off with - nice.

Feel totally hammered after today, and have a feeling that walking will be tough for a few days.

Thank god we have 30 seconds rest now, feels like a lot at first but by the latter sets even that flies by.

Dig in!


Tried to find a window where the rain had stopped for the workout, and just as I thought it had eased off it started pelting it down. Decided to just get it done and get wet. Major downside of having your workout space on the roof!

Wore some DIY gloves for extra grip in the wet and cut the tip of the finger off so I could still use the app on my phone. They worked well.

Hard doing chest press with rain in your eyes.



Holy shit my shoulders hurt today. By the end of the workout they were on fire, and still hurt during the ab stuff.

Missed one chest day last week and my plan to make it up on Sunday was scuppered by rain. The HK weather at the moment doesn't know what it's doing. One hour it's raining, the next I am worrying about my baldy head getting burned.

I had a bit of a "deload" week last week, where I went for high reps and fairly light weight, same this week. Next week it will be time to start adding on some more plates, conservatively.

My shoulders still hurt.


My lads had a football tournament yesterday and I promised them a Shake Shack if they won. They came second, losing on penalties in the final, BUT I still treated them to a Shake Shack because they played hard and were unlucky not to win. My initial intention was to watch them eat their burgers whilst obstaning myself - so I was very glad to see that indulgence lesson pop up!! I did not need to resist, and dove right into a Shack Shack special.

They burger was great, but the fries were too much so left most of them.

Hope you all enjoyed your indulgence too!!


Yep, these workouts are getting much longer now. I had to cut today's into two parts due to some work commitments and having to play Uber driver to my lads. It is just one wave of constant "sore" at the moment. I think Wednesday will be tough, as I will have the DOMS from Monday and Tuesday to contend with.

Deadlifts felt GOOD! But then the back workout on top - cor blimey! I felt like I had a good session and I was only 50% through.

Muscle building time!


Tough week last week as I was on a biz trip that kept me very busy. Luckily I had a good gym in the hotel and managed to do most of the workouts. Need to do a little catching up tomorrow, but should be ok. Diet took a wobble do to client entertainment, and also missed some snacks here and there.

Should be at homebase until the end of the program, so nothing ahead to derail me!

Hope you are all training hard!

Sore and tired.

I must be doing something right because I am sore in all the right places! Strange that you quickly forget how sore you are on Iron.
Pecs, legs, and arse cheeks....sorry glutes! Today I tried the wide grip pull down with some lighter weight and went for 10 sets - GVT style! Felt good, but it's interesting how quickly a "light" weight feels very bloody heavy. Also implemented some tempo work of 4-0-2, so 4 second negatives, zero pause, and then a two second eccentric.
= Back blasted!

Arse Cheeks

I could crack nuts with them!! All those squats, lunges, and leg work have given me a booty the Kardashians would be proud of, AND they are SOLID! Arse cheeks of steel I have! Embarrassing moment today when my wife caught me admiring my own bum in the lift.......

Slight shame that I have a belly of blancmange, but I am working on that one ;-)

CNY Vacation

I have been a naughty boy in terms of updating my own blog as I have been on vacation. For the last week I have been in Cebu with my family and inlaws. Fortunately the hotel has a decent gym with space to skip, some good dumbbells, and a Smith machine (not ideal but functional). Some days, when we have been on trips, I have missed the workout so I have had to double up and get two done in one session. I am currently up to date with biceps today. :))
On the activity front, we went snorkeling, swimming through the sardine run, and turtles. Amazing! We also went canyoning, which was great fun, hard work, and in parts terrifying!

All in all a great break! The diet has suffered, so on returning to homebase I will be eating like a monk for the duration of the program.
Hope you are all doing well!


So I have been pushing hard and making sure that I am upping the weights used each week. I started conservatively and have been progressively getting more aggressive with the exercises - but I am still not sore. No DOMS in sight - except my calves. This is interesting because on every exercise I am using more weight than on my last IRON, and I am making sure that my form is good.

Anyway, I am not necessarily associating muscle growth with DOMS, it's just an observation, and is kind of welcome as I can crack on with the leg exercises without any dread or trepidation.

Feel good so far, no real change in the mirror but that is ok at this stage.

*picture is of a random rabbit and has no relevance whatsoever.

Meh-Day Meh-Day!

Today was a turn up and punch the clock day. Wasn't feeling it. Got it done all the same.

The new diet also caught me out as I ran out of my normal lunch vegetables. I cobbled together something from the remains of the veggie drawer - added a bit of fresh chili, and the result was decent. You would have thought that this wouldn't happen to me by now!

Anyway, regular visits to the supermarket are the new norm.

Looking forward to next week.........!

Beer Fridge

The Burnsie Beer fridge has now been transformed into a Kenzai wonderland of eggs and fizzy water. There is still an alcoholic ginger beer in there, but I am saving that for the missus.

Diet lockdown begins and training is going well.

Intro Blog

1) Who are you? Where are you? What are you?
I am Scott, or Burnsie, or Baldy Burnsie to some. I live in Hong Kong with my wife and two boys. They are twins, and keep me on my toes. When I am not wearing my "Kenzai Hat" I run my own business in HK.

2) Why Iron? What do you want to achieve at the end of the program?
This is my fourth Iron. I bloody love it! My last Iron program finished in December, but I did not end it in style as we had to move house. I donated my 'Hillbilly Squat Rack" to someone, and ordered a shiny new one, but it took weeks to arrive. So, this time round I am going to put the new rack to good use, and tear this program up like a monster!

3) When training, what do you struggle with most?
Not drinking wine and beer. Not dining out with family and friends. Oh and beer.

4 When training, what do you find incredibly easy?
Finding time to exercise. I find a slot, make it sacred, and get in the groove!

Pic is of my beer fridge and was taken just before Christmas. The fridge is now empty, and it will stay empty until Day 90!!

IRON - again......

Bloody hell I am podgy! Beer, check. Wine, check. Chocolate, check. Pork pie - yes please guvnor!

Let's just say that I have had a rather indulgent time over Christmas. Time to lock it down and get training hard. New house is moved into, almost all boxes have been unpacked - a Burnsie household record. The roof-top gym (thanks Santa) has been used in anger - now its time to use it every day for 90 days - very excited!!

I am aiming to hit some new PBs on the weights all round, and go nice and heavy. Bring it!

Looking forward to meeting with my team and getting genki!

Can we have a Viking name? I love Vikings.

What A Beauty!

So it finally arrived - my shiny new Squat Rack! To my surprise it also came with some nice new colourful plates too! 2X 25kgs, 2x20s, 2x15s, 2x10s and 2x5s. Getting all those on to the roof took some serious work I can tell you!

It has a chin up bar, pulleys for back/ triceps, biceps, etc. I got some mats too, so I don't ruin the floor doing Deadlifts. Thanks Santa Clause!

Not a bad view for the workouts either.

I have signed up for Iron (my fourth). It would be rude not to use this rack to it's full potential, so Chisel 2 and Bells 2 will be done post Iron in March.

Bring it on!!

End of Week 8



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