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Kenzai Iron | Day 14 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 14
Program progress:
Meh-Day Meh-Day!

Today was a turn up and punch the clock day. Wasn't feeling it. Got it done all the same.

The new diet also caught me out as I ran out of my normal lunch vegetables. I cobbled together something from the remains of the veggie drawer - added a bit of fresh chili, and the result was decent. You would have thought that this wouldn't happen to me by now!

Anyway, regular visits to the supermarket are the new norm.

Looking forward to next week.........!

Beer Fridge

The Burnsie Beer fridge has now been transformed into a Kenzai wonderland of eggs and fizzy water. There is still an alcoholic ginger beer in there, but I am saving that for the missus.

Diet lockdown begins and training is going well.

Intro Blog

1) Who are you? Where are you? What are you?
I am Scott, or Burnsie, or Baldy Burnsie to some. I live in Hong Kong with my wife and two boys. They are twins, and keep me on my toes. When I am not wearing my "Kenzai Hat" I run my own business in HK.

2) Why Iron? What do you want to achieve at the end of the program?
This is my fourth Iron. I bloody love it! My last Iron program finished in December, but I did not end it in style as we had to move house. I donated my 'Hillbilly Squat Rack" to someone, and ordered a shiny new one, but it took weeks to arrive. So, this time round I am going to put the new rack to good use, and tear this program up like a monster!

3) When training, what do you struggle with most?
Not drinking wine and beer. Not dining out with family and friends. Oh and beer.

4 When training, what do you find incredibly easy?
Finding time to exercise. I find a slot, make it sacred, and get in the groove!

Pic is of my beer fridge and was taken just before Christmas. The fridge is now empty, and it will stay empty until Day 90!!

IRON - again......

Bloody hell I am podgy! Beer, check. Wine, check. Chocolate, check. Pork pie - yes please guvnor!

Let's just say that I have had a rather indulgent time over Christmas. Time to lock it down and get training hard. New house is moved into, almost all boxes have been unpacked - a Burnsie household record. The roof-top gym (thanks Santa) has been used in anger - now its time to use it every day for 90 days - very excited!!

I am aiming to hit some new PBs on the weights all round, and go nice and heavy. Bring it!

Looking forward to meeting with my team and getting genki!

Can we have a Viking name? I love Vikings.

What A Beauty!

So it finally arrived - my shiny new Squat Rack! To my surprise it also came with some nice new colourful plates too! 2X 25kgs, 2x20s, 2x15s, 2x10s and 2x5s. Getting all those on to the roof took some serious work I can tell you!

It has a chin up bar, pulleys for back/ triceps, biceps, etc. I got some mats too, so I don't ruin the floor doing Deadlifts. Thanks Santa Clause!

Not a bad view for the workouts either.

I have signed up for Iron (my fourth). It would be rude not to use this rack to it's full potential, so Chisel 2 and Bells 2 will be done post Iron in March.

Bring it on!!

Derailed By the Move 

Not really considering this a "graduation" post as I have not being participating in the program for the last 2 weeks. Moving house really derailed me. I donated the Hillbilly Squat rack to the person who was moving in to our old house. My new rack and equipment was ordered, and was supposed to arrive a few days after we moved into the new place BUT it got held by by Chinese customs!!! It still has not arrived. This on top of having to pack/unpack, get the new place squared away etc, meant that I had little motivation or equipment to keep plugging on.

It's not a huge deal for me though. This was my third Iron, and I did a LOT of programs in 2018. I feel in ok shape, but I am very keen to keep on with the Iron workouts as soon as my shiny new squat rack arrives. As soon as I click on "Create Post" I am going to sign up for a program kicking off in January 2019 so I keep on track with my personal fitness.

Thanks to Matt B for guiding us through this fantastic program, you are a great trainer mate. A HUGE shout out to Ed for his enthusiasm and motivating us through the Iron valley - it was great being on program with you. And of course thanks to my team mates, you have been a great group and I apologise for falling off the blogging wagon at the end.
Happy Christmas and see you all in 2019! Photos of my new rig will follow, when it arrives and i have carried it up three flights of stairs, and then constructed it!


The move has started. Our current place is full of empty boxes waiting to be filled, and I am trying to get various things fixed in the new place before we move in. My Hillbilly squat rack is not coming with me, but will be left for the guy who is moving in.

I have a new rack arriving from China, but no idea when it is going to be delivered. It is coming with a chin up bar, dip station, and bumper plates! Excited! I think the chances of it arriving before the end of the program are slim but I have my fingers crossed.

Yesterday I skipped legs, I was just too busy and everything seemed to hit on Monday. I was slammed with my lad's assembly, then work, then deliveries to the new place, then the kids had a football match and I had to pick them up. Damn. So, I am going to do legs today, and squeeze what I can in before everything disappears and we turn up at the new place.

My workouts may take the form of lifting boxes soon.

Anyone else?

Is it just me or did anyone else think that yesterday's Leg session was a killer? Those mini squats - I had forgotten all about the pain they bring. Felt it today!

Tracking well and thoroughly enjoyed the indulgence at the was a two day indulgence right?

Starting to think about what program to kick off 2019 with. Whatever it is, it is going to have some kind of "fat loss" element to it. So far I am trying to decide between Bellz 2, Chisel (again), or KB3. I would also like to follow these programs with Iron again. Maybe Bellz 2 + Chisel, then Iron? Or KB3 + Iron. We will see.

MIND also looks intriguing though.

I have been a bad team mate over the last week or too - I am sorry. Busy with work and house hunting - hate house hunting. This week I will be better.


We need to move house and do so as soon as possible. Our landlord informed us that his son and newly pregnant wife would like to move into the one we are in. Big deal? Not really, the worst case scenario is I will be on a "band" workout for a couple of days until I can get the Hillbilly Squat rack set up. What is interesting is whilst looking at other properties, I have noticed how my criteria of a good place differ wildly from my wife's.

She goes for "oohh double sinks, that's a tick" or "oooh walk in wardrobe!" that I will be allowed less than 5% of!

Mine are 1) does the dog have enough space outside 2) are the kids going to be ok 3) but really my number one is WHERE WILL THE GYM GO!? Normally this is on the roof - a place reserved for washing machines and sweaty Burnsies. My current roof is decked out with high strength, stainless steel anchor hooks at multiple heights and in various locations - perfect for resistance band exercises.

So, the search for a new roof begins!


Scanning the workout this morning, it didn't look too bad. That was because I didn't see the amount of sets involved! So pleased with that extra 10 seconds rest we were gifted. The leg lunges felt pretty good too - it's amazing how light you feel without a barbell on your back!

All running tickety boo at the moment, although I still have some belly fat that just will not shift. Chen has been very generous with the grams for me so far, but the lunchtime carbs are slowly dwindling. Right now breakfast (as always) is the meal I enjoy most - he has even given me 80g of protein in the mornings. A Kenzai first for me!

Beautiful Weather

Amazing weather in Hong Kong at the moment! Clear skies, warm, slight breeze! That's me on the beach relaxing. Shame, from this angle you can't really see my bulging quads or biceps.

Last week was solid, although picked up an annoying lurgy from one of my boys! Lovely little spreaders of germs children aren't they? No big deal, and I only had one day of feeling dreadful, so only lost one day of exercise.

On a funny note I did my very own gym fail last week. I quite enjoy watching gym fails with my kids on youtube, and am constantly amazed at the ridiculous things people do. Well - I decided that I could help myself crank out some final reps doing pull ups by looping my resistance band around the handles of my dip bar. Stand on the band, and there you go - extra help! Of course, mid-rep, the band rolled off my shoes and twanged into my arse cheeks with some power. I felt a bit of tit and it hurt.

Hope you all have a great week team!

Holy Chimichangas

Yep, it's been a while since I did any deadlifts and oh boy they do the trick! Feeling sore in SO many areas today. Mondays are fine, but as the week progresses "the sore" from different body parts starts to accumulate. Hitting two body parts each day - forgot how this felt!

I am really REALLY glad I didn't go too heavy on these for now.

Sailing through this indulgence, I took mine (and more) whilst I was in Malaysia.

Charge on team only 50% left!


So, just back from our trip to Malaysia and I am afraid to admit I was not a very good boy on the diet & blogging front. Exercise was good, and the hotel gym was reasonable. My two lads would often accompany me, they liked to see who can go as fast as possible on the treadmills! Strictly speaking they were not allowed in, but the gym was always empty. The had fun! Photo of the fam all on treadmills. I tried to get in the shot but almost fell off the machine.

However somebody was using it because the idiot would never put their weights back - why do people do that? Also they would leave their sweat drenched towel on the bench - gross & inconsiderate.

The hotel room had a sweaty butt crack smell, which greeted you every time you opened the door. Not pleasant.

Anyway - back on track now. Aiming for diet and workout perfection!

Quick Trip

Off to Kuala Lumpur for a quick week long trip. Work, pleasure, and disruption. Jump rope - check. Resistance bands (in case the gym sucks ass) - check. Protein powder - check. Last time I went away when I was on Iron the gym at the hotel was rubbish. First time I visited there was a guy exercising without his shirt - posing in the mirror. Now if he looked like Arnie - fine, I am not one to argue. BUT he didn't. He looked like he was waiting for the wind to snap him in two. TWAT.

Hope to avoid gym weirdos. Hope to avoid delicious food. Hope to avoid cold beer after consuming lots of food laced with chilli. Hope to find a gym with a squat rack! Or just dumbbells.

Talking of dumbbells - Kanye West in the Oval office. WTF?

Blog Warning!

I got the 7 days no blog reminder today - damn it!. Nothing to report to be honest, I am still training hard and ticking off all the workouts, diet is good, and I am feeling sweet. I have a couple of observations over the last few weeks :-

1. The benefits of Chisel can only truly be appreciated when you throw yourself into another activity. I say this because I am breezing through the workouts without getting gassed out. Sure, I feel tired and my muscles are getting fatigued - BUT my recovery is amazing. Chisel - awesome program.

2. I am pissing like a Donkey. No idea why.

3. I have a really itchy back and I can't f**&ing reach it! So I bought a back scratcher.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am going to stick to the plan and not drink - unless my wife buys me a fine single malt, then I may have to have a tipple.

End of Week 8



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