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Beautiful Weather

Amazing weather in Hong Kong at the moment! Clear skies, warm, slight breeze! That's me on the beach relaxing. Shame, from this angle you can't really see my bulging quads or biceps.

Last week was solid, although picked up an annoying lurgy from one of my boys! Lovely little spreaders of germs children aren't they? No big deal, and I only had one day of feeling dreadful, so only lost one day of exercise.

On a funny note I did my very own gym fail last week. I quite enjoy watching gym fails with my kids on youtube, and am constantly amazed at the ridiculous things people do. Well - I decided that I could help myself crank out some final reps doing pull ups by looping my resistance band around the handles of my dip bar. Stand on the band, and there you go - extra help! Of course, mid-rep, the band rolled off my shoes and twanged into my arse cheeks with some power. I felt a bit of tit and it hurt.

Hope you all have a great week team!

Holy Chimichangas

Yep, it's been a while since I did any deadlifts and oh boy they do the trick! Feeling sore in SO many areas today. Mondays are fine, but as the week progresses "the sore" from different body parts starts to accumulate. Hitting two body parts each day - forgot how this felt!

I am really REALLY glad I didn't go too heavy on these for now.

Sailing through this indulgence, I took mine (and more) whilst I was in Malaysia.

Charge on team only 50% left!


So, just back from our trip to Malaysia and I am afraid to admit I was not a very good boy on the diet & blogging front. Exercise was good, and the hotel gym was reasonable. My two lads would often accompany me, they liked to see who can go as fast as possible on the treadmills! Strictly speaking they were not allowed in, but the gym was always empty. The had fun! Photo of the fam all on treadmills. I tried to get in the shot but almost fell off the machine.

However somebody was using it because the idiot would never put their weights back - why do people do that? Also they would leave their sweat drenched towel on the bench - gross & inconsiderate.

The hotel room had a sweaty butt crack smell, which greeted you every time you opened the door. Not pleasant.

Anyway - back on track now. Aiming for diet and workout perfection!

Quick Trip

Off to Kuala Lumpur for a quick week long trip. Work, pleasure, and disruption. Jump rope - check. Resistance bands (in case the gym sucks ass) - check. Protein powder - check. Last time I went away when I was on Iron the gym at the hotel was rubbish. First time I visited there was a guy exercising without his shirt - posing in the mirror. Now if he looked like Arnie - fine, I am not one to argue. BUT he didn't. He looked like he was waiting for the wind to snap him in two. TWAT.

Hope to avoid gym weirdos. Hope to avoid delicious food. Hope to avoid cold beer after consuming lots of food laced with chilli. Hope to find a gym with a squat rack! Or just dumbbells.

Talking of dumbbells - Kanye West in the Oval office. WTF?

Blog Warning!

I got the 7 days no blog reminder today - damn it!. Nothing to report to be honest, I am still training hard and ticking off all the workouts, diet is good, and I am feeling sweet. I have a couple of observations over the last few weeks :-

1. The benefits of Chisel can only truly be appreciated when you throw yourself into another activity. I say this because I am breezing through the workouts without getting gassed out. Sure, I feel tired and my muscles are getting fatigued - BUT my recovery is amazing. Chisel - awesome program.

2. I am pissing like a Donkey. No idea why.

3. I have a really itchy back and I can't f**&ing reach it! So I bought a back scratcher.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am going to stick to the plan and not drink - unless my wife buys me a fine single malt, then I may have to have a tipple.

Cooking On Gas!

Things are going well. On Saturday my wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, we drank some champagne and shared a dessert that we were not prepared for. The food itself was Japanese and pretty healthy, although a little too salty.

When I say "some" champagne I mean a bottle. It's Ed's fault, he told me I HAD to do it. Anyway, to make things fair, I will put this down as my indulgence that is coming up this week. (thanks for the heads up Matt!).

Other than the anniversary celebration, my diet has been bang on.

On the workout front I have been doing 10 mins skipping in the morning, followed by 8MA when time allows. Then the main strength training in the late afternoon / early evening. This set up is working well for me right now.

I do not have the same leg soreness that I did last week after yesterdays workout, even though I increased the weight my 2.5kg each side. So, this week is an all round increase of 2.5kg, which I will repeat again next week, and see how it goes. I think my form is solid, and have been making sure I take it low and slow on the legs.

I cannot buy enough F&^%ing chicken at the moment. I have fridge full of chicken. It's a chicken fridge. Don't even mention eggs.........

Photo of naughty dessert given to us at meal. Have a great week team!


Got a shiny new addition to the Hillbilly Squat rack late last night. Previously I was using these old bits of wood knocked together. Now I can do declines, inclines without balancing it on a lump of wood, and may avoid splinters in the back. Yeeehaaa!

Did 8MA this morning, with 10 mins skipping. Did the workout late afternoon. Feeling good!

Diet bang on.

Anniversary (10th year no less!) coming up this weekend. Will be going for Japanese (as we always do) and I will have a glass of champagne - no more.

Hope you are all tracking well!

Best Way To Cure DOMs

In my infinite wisdom I decided to cover my legs in this Chinese boxer oil last night with a view to soothing my aching legs. Holy shit I think I used too much. At one point I didn't know if I was going to burst into tears or flames with a bit of self immolation! Jesus it was hot. Fortunately I washed my hands before any toilet trips!!!

Anyway. I now know that the best thing for DOMs is movement, protein, rest, and hydration.

Went lighter on today's squats figuring that some light reps would aid recovery. I seem to have my entire team's protein grams in my diet too, which I kind of like at the moment.

Right - going to try and walk down the hill. Wish me luck

IRON TIME! (again)

Got into Iron just in time for LEG MONTH! Good timing right?

Compared to my diet on Chisel I now have LOADS more protein to munch on. RESULT! The grams might even stretch to a small steak, which will be a nice treat.

Went mental on the booze and food last night as a post program indulgence. Now I am back to monk mode, and will crack out my first work out later today. Not looking forward to constant doms and the leg wobbles though!

What team am I in?

Great Program, Great team! 

Phew - that final workout was actually easier than it looked and i was trying to really jump as high as I could for those final burpees. I am 5kg down, and 4% body fat down, just what the lesson a few days ago mentioned. Am I ripped - no. But i made a dent in the body fat with the help of Chisel and took it in the right direction. Now I am bouncing right into IRON and will continue making progress on the body fat front. My goal is to get down to 16%.

Thanks to Patrick for guiding us through this tough program and thanks to my team mates for the blog encouragement, comments, etc. Hope to see you on another program real soon!

Keep on chiselin' Cheers to you all - I am going to have beer before Monday comes around!!!

Ok - THAT Was Big!

Worst typhoon I have ever experienced in Hong Kong yesterday for sure. My free cardio was spent attacking the tree you can see in the photo. Crashed into our back yard! I was 30 seconds from being underneath it!

After clearing as much of the tree as I could, we then went down the hill to help our neighbours clear the roads.

What a day!

Also managed to slice into my knee with my machete! Just a scratch really.


50 grams of carbs I have for lunch. That is the equivalent of licking a piece of pasta. Smelling a slice of bread. Just taking a glance at some grain!

I know I still have some chubble to chop before the abs come out, but 50g?!! Thankfully If I workout at daybreak, I can then have my egg + egg white for breakfast combined with my post workout snack of 2 egg whites + milk. This gives me a MEGA EGG in the morning of 4 egg whites + 1 whole egg. I look forward to it.

Right now a mantra keeps coming into my head.


Focus Burnsie - focus!

Keepin' on!

I swear the photo in today's lesson was of doughnuts! I don't even like doughnuts, yet this is all I saw. Sunday I did the cardio (skipping + football) along with the superman. I was short on time, so this seemed the fastest option. My performance resembled a floundering fish more than a superhero though!

Still do not regret my decision to skip the indulgence, although weekends are always tough. Avoiding ice cold beer, or crisp Sauv Blanc is a constant battle. I have not caved yet, and won't until the final day.

Today I will try and get some more skipping in early evening, and some 8MA. I noticed today that the Iron group I want to jump into has started - program envy already!

Have a great week Chizzlers


Anyone who has kids knows that as soon as a new term starts, so does the spreading of new germs. Well one of our little mites brought back a delightful present to our house. Nothing that nefarious, just a cold. But it has spread through the house, and I have it. First 24 hours are blocked nose, sore throat, following 24 hours is running nose and hacking cough, with zero energy. Wednesday was a wash out (my poor triceps and back are feeling neglected), Thursday I managed two cycles, and today I also only managed two cycles. On the upside I am thinking that 2 cycles is better than doing nothing at all, AND I am feeling 100% better. I just need to get rid of this hacking cough. (honestly coughing for 10 seconds between exercises is suboptimal).

I still feel that I have a long way to go. As you can see in my wk3 photo my body is still a bit spongy and I want to change that before bouncing right into Iron. So I am going to fit in 20 mins skipping each day when I can - that can only help right?

Had my cortisone injection yesterday - didn't hurt a bit. The doc also injected me with some anesthetic (without telling me) and then got me to do some tests straight after the injection. The results were immediate!!! Turns out that the pain was preventing me from using my shoulder muscles at their optimum. Exercising without pain is like getting into a new car!!!!

Mother In Law in town - that means I need to look out for tasty, but very oily and fattening food. Have remained resolute on diet up to now. This. Will. Not. Change!


No indulgence for me. I make this decision for the following reasons.

1. I am in the groove. I don't want an indulgence to destabilize me. This is a short program, and I can wait a few weeks. There is no desperate craving for one yet.
2. (Over) Indulging is what got me here in the first place.
3. I am still not where I need to be in terms of Body Fat %. So will add in extra skipping. No point adding all that hard work if I am going to blow it on an indeulgence.
4. My goto indulgence would be beer or wine. If I drink, then I will DRINK. Just a glass would not scratch the itch, it would create one. You don't miss what you don't miss right?

Anyhoo - cold beer waiting for me at the finish line - until then I am grinding it out.

I do, however, look forward to hearing about others' indulgences so I can enjoy vicariously - so PLEASE share!

End of Week 8





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