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Kenzai Iron | Day 85 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 85
Program progress:
Ok - THAT Was Big!

Worst typhoon I have ever experienced in Hong Kong yesterday for sure. My free cardio was spent attacking the tree you can see in the photo. Crashed into our back yard! I was 30 seconds from being underneath it!

After clearing as much of the tree as I could, we then went down the hill to help our neighbours clear the roads.

What a day!

Also managed to slice into my knee with my machete! Just a scratch really.


50 grams of carbs I have for lunch. That is the equivalent of licking a piece of pasta. Smelling a slice of bread. Just taking a glance at some grain!

I know I still have some chubble to chop before the abs come out, but 50g?!! Thankfully If I workout at daybreak, I can then have my egg + egg white for breakfast combined with my post workout snack of 2 egg whites + milk. This gives me a MEGA EGG in the morning of 4 egg whites + 1 whole egg. I look forward to it.

Right now a mantra keeps coming into my head.


Focus Burnsie - focus!

Keepin' on!

I swear the photo in today's lesson was of doughnuts! I don't even like doughnuts, yet this is all I saw. Sunday I did the cardio (skipping + football) along with the superman. I was short on time, so this seemed the fastest option. My performance resembled a floundering fish more than a superhero though!

Still do not regret my decision to skip the indulgence, although weekends are always tough. Avoiding ice cold beer, or crisp Sauv Blanc is a constant battle. I have not caved yet, and won't until the final day.

Today I will try and get some more skipping in early evening, and some 8MA. I noticed today that the Iron group I want to jump into has started - program envy already!

Have a great week Chizzlers


Anyone who has kids knows that as soon as a new term starts, so does the spreading of new germs. Well one of our little mites brought back a delightful present to our house. Nothing that nefarious, just a cold. But it has spread through the house, and I have it. First 24 hours are blocked nose, sore throat, following 24 hours is running nose and hacking cough, with zero energy. Wednesday was a wash out (my poor triceps and back are feeling neglected), Thursday I managed two cycles, and today I also only managed two cycles. On the upside I am thinking that 2 cycles is better than doing nothing at all, AND I am feeling 100% better. I just need to get rid of this hacking cough. (honestly coughing for 10 seconds between exercises is suboptimal).

I still feel that I have a long way to go. As you can see in my wk3 photo my body is still a bit spongy and I want to change that before bouncing right into Iron. So I am going to fit in 20 mins skipping each day when I can - that can only help right?

Had my cortisone injection yesterday - didn't hurt a bit. The doc also injected me with some anesthetic (without telling me) and then got me to do some tests straight after the injection. The results were immediate!!! Turns out that the pain was preventing me from using my shoulder muscles at their optimum. Exercising without pain is like getting into a new car!!!!

Mother In Law in town - that means I need to look out for tasty, but very oily and fattening food. Have remained resolute on diet up to now. This. Will. Not. Change!


No indulgence for me. I make this decision for the following reasons.

1. I am in the groove. I don't want an indulgence to destabilize me. This is a short program, and I can wait a few weeks. There is no desperate craving for one yet.
2. (Over) Indulging is what got me here in the first place.
3. I am still not where I need to be in terms of Body Fat %. So will add in extra skipping. No point adding all that hard work if I am going to blow it on an indeulgence.
4. My goto indulgence would be beer or wine. If I drink, then I will DRINK. Just a glass would not scratch the itch, it would create one. You don't miss what you don't miss right?

Anyhoo - cold beer waiting for me at the finish line - until then I am grinding it out.

I do, however, look forward to hearing about others' indulgences so I can enjoy vicariously - so PLEASE share!

Extra Bouncy

These 3 cycles are tough cookies, but manageable.....just. As per the lesson, I am done for by the time the last exercise of the final cycle is complete.

Last week was ok, but the rain dictated when I could exercise. I only missed one day, the back and triceps strength day, which I never did catch up on. Wifey is away in Singapore, which means that I am on Kid duty, making time short.

Diet has been bang on, although this week has seen my carbs reduce to tiny amounts. My usual lunch of pasta + veggies + protein is now laughable, as there is really no point having such a small amount of penne!! Will have to switch to a different ingredient for carbs during these lean weeks, like cous cous or something.

All ok here. Have noticed some weight loss and toning up around the mid section, but nothing dramatic yet. Hope these next few weeks will make a dent on the wobble.


To get the workout done before the day starts! Today I managed to get it done in only light rain, and the way this week has gone with the weather, I reckon it would be my only chance!

I still owe the strength training Back & Triceps. Yesterday I managed the DHT workout, and it was my intention to get the strength training done in the afternoon. Unfortunately rain did not allow this. So now my choices are to find a window this week and double up, or crank it out Sunday.

Have a look at this picture below. This was taken near where I used to live. It's not an aqueduct - it's a bridge....for cars. This will give you an idea of how much rain we have had!!!

Rain Stops Play

The weather has been atrocious today - the only window I had for the workout was this morning but I had to go see the doc. I could do some of the workout inside, but prefer to crank it out tomorrow on the roof, then do the strength stuff in the afternoon. Hope the rain clears up by then.

MRI was good news (I think). I have Bursitis and a minor tear. Cortisone injection booked for next week, and I am told it takes 3-4 weeks to kick in. So this will be just in time for IRON again in September :)) Yippee for no surgery!! Also have some rotator cuff exercises to do - must be a good boy and actually do them...........

Need to keep working hard as I still have a lot of fat to chisel off!

(Bursitis is inflammation and swelling of a bursa. A bursa is a fluid-filled sac which forms under the skin, usually over the joints, and acts as a cushion between the tendons and bones.)

I owe an end of week photo - will get one up tomorrow. Promise!


Good week last week, and stayed on point with the diet. I notice that this week the carb crunch has started.... Feeling tired and sore despite getting some decent sleep.

Watched a really interesting documentary called "The Magic Pill" on Netflix. It starts with the question "Why are humans the only species on the planet that deal with obesity? How come other species do not have to manage their weight?" Worth a watch if you have time.

Things gonna start getting harder after this week. Last chance to enjoy the two cycles! Also, I visit the doc tomorrow to get the results of the MRI. So far no real pain, apart from Crab Walks and Shoulder press. Let's see what the doc says.

Hope you are all chiseling well!

Chizz D9 - Diet lockdown

All going good so far. Had a few diet wibbles last week, but and determined to keep it super strict from now on in. So far, so good!

I have found that getting the bouncy workouts done first thing in the morning is the way forward, and that the resistance band stuff can be done at any time. Recently though, the rain has been dictating when I am able to get the workouts done. Let's hope the weather is better this week.

Shoulder ok for now, which is a big relief. MRI due on 23rd, so will find out more about a week after that.

Still feeling quite ok after the 2 cycles, but I know what is coming up next - so am saying nothing !!

Chizz D1 & D2 Done

Back at the Chizz after dropping out of the last attempt with a shoulder injury. Had to quit in the last week - ARRGGHHH!
Still have the shoulder issue, but seeking treatment, have an imminent MRI, and possibly looking at cortisone injections. Great.....

1. What's the toughest physical challenge you've ever faced?
This is going to sound really lame, but for someone who actively hates long distance running - it was my final run and completing Kenzai 10k. I used to be a sprinter when I was younger, and would look at 400m as being long distance! I wish I could write it was completing the Marathon De Sable, but alas no........

2. What aspect of your personality makes the world a better place?
I am a good active listener. I much prefer to listen to others and ask questions about themselves rather than talking about myself. People love talking about themselves, so they often find me good company :0)

Right. Long road ahead. I am going to pop around the blogs and say hi.

Good luck Specters!


Frustrating to write this but I am having to call quits on the Chizz for now. My shoulder injury is causing me a lot of pain, and I have not been able to do a large amount of the exercises. DHTs - no, Burpees - no, Dips - no, press ups - no. Anything that entails the use of my left arm is out. This all started on my last Iron program, and I have been trying to work through it hoping it would get better - it got a lot worse.

So, I want to finish strong, and I think its best for me to redo this one once I have healed up rather than limp over the finish line. Best of luck for the final days Chizzlers. See you out there after some physio.


Good news is that now there is no temptation to drink beer or celebrate during the World Cup final.

I did slip on diet whilst watching the game with a few beers. They were for settling the nerves honest guvnor! So the beer, plus the late night/early morning, meant that today's workout was lacklustre. Back on track tomorrow, with a strong performance!

D29 - Bouncing Along

All good here. Had a hectic few days so have been off the blogs for a bit. Nothing to report really apart from my obvious jubilation over the England v Sweden match - corker!

Much prefer Cycle A over Cycle B. I think it boils down to the Burpees vs DHTs. I can crank out Burpees all day long, but the DHTs really take the wind out of me. Must try breathing properly, as I have the tendency to hold my breath when my legs are in the air.

Hope you are all cracking on with it. Not long left now!!

D25 - Clicked

Today all clicked together. First cycle went in a flash and felt easy, the second cycle also felt good. By the third cycle I was feeling it, but finished will some left in the tank. First time on the 3 cycles a day that I felt I had more left. Hope this is a good sign.

I did have to skip the press ups though as I am having issues with my left arm. Pain. So need to get that checked out next week. Think it's tendonitis, but that is just what google says.

Hope tomorrow clicks too, although with the DHTs I doubt it.

Although we are only just over half way, I am thinking that Iron + Chisel (with the occasional Bellz program thrown in) is the way forward. The next Iron doesn't start for ages, so it might have to be Bellz 2 next.

Sweden. Mmmmm. Watching it at home, so no booze temptations. Gut feeling is we will lose, as they look difficult to score against. Good news is if we do lose then my Chisel program will be rock solid :)

End of Week 8



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