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D13 - Grumpy AF!

Weekend is here. Grumpy I can't have a beer.

1) Did the Cycle B workout this morning before the day began and the rain started. Result.
2) Watched kids go mental at a Rock Climbing gym - they were pretty good.
3) Watched the whole fam eat great Korean BBQ, and sat there just drinking black coffee. Did not cave to the BBQ chicken, satay, booze, or wine. Result.
4) Ate my salad in Rock Climbing place. Tasted good. Result.

Still f***ing grumpy though. This is where the initial honeymoon period ends and we enter the dog days of the program. Gotta hang tough and to quote Ward "Yo Kenzaichizzleswizzlersmingamijigang failure over quitting!"

Full Day of football tomorrow - watching kids and playing - free cardio squared away.

PS: Double Hang Times - crikey!

Day 12 - First Swap

Did the strength based exercises today instead of the B Cycle and hit the weights. I had a friend come round to do some training, and I don't think he would have enjoyed the Cycle HIIT stuff, plus he may have interrupted the "flow".

Brazil game tonight. No beers, wine, whiskey in sight. No chips, or dips, or any of that bad stuff. Just two bottles of sparkling water, and fruit. Not really sure how I feel about that at the moment.

Have being getting tired early evening and sleeping well, so that is a good sign the training effect is kicking in. Also I am pissing like a donkey, which could mean that the weight loss is starting........either that or I am drinking way too much sparkling water.

Anyhoo - Cycle B will be done tomorrow, and I have my eye on the 100 press up challenge. YEAH!


Today I realised I have been doing Full Burpees all along. Because I am an idiot with the attention span of a...hang on, who is playing football tonight? Forgot what I was writing. Anyway, I was doing full burpees from Day 1.

Think I have to make a concerted effort to read through the workouts before doing them.

Not a fan of scissor claps.

My little lad Callum has really wanted to join in with me all week, but I have been putting him off. I obviously don't want to discourage him from exercising, but he asks constant questions. Not a problem normally, but when he asks you the same thing three times while you are in the middle of arse splitting wall sits, it gets in the way of the "flow"! When I was on Iron it was fine. I would just tell him to lift a small dumbbell and count to 20, but I have found that I lose my patience and temper when out of breath and sweating like camel's armpits.

"Daddy why is your face so red?"
"Daddy your legs are shaking"
"I finished way before you Daddy!"
(yeah but your form was shit and I was feeling the burn ok!!!! -honest)"Yes well done son!"

Anyway - today I let him join in. Little bugger barely broke out in a sweat!!! If only I could have the energy of a child again!
Me: "Did you find that tough? I told you it was tough didn't I?"
Callum: "Nah. It was fun"


Diet is "perfecto", but no sign of the tyre around my waist diminishing. Let's see what wonders next week's diet brings.

10 for 10

Today was weight day. Used weights instead of bands for all exercises except the Turbines. Felt good to dust them off and throw them around again. Instead of the towel for the sLunge Jump twist I used my little 10lb Kettlebell - that got me warmed up for sure!!

Boiled 36 eggs. Should be enough for a good week or so...better warn the wife that the egg intake is ramping up.

So far in the World Cup the opposite of everything I have predicted has happened. Does this mean that Portugal will lose to Morocco this evening???

Day 9 In The Bag

Weekend was good. Just skipped for 30 mins for Free Cardio - boring, but effective.

Shout out to Robin for the fluimucil recommendation. Have gone from coughing like I smoked 40 B&H to only 2 - progress.

Workouts are getting more familiar now, but I know as I write this that 3 cycles are on the horizon. It's just a matter of time isn't it?

Very glad the diet has hit - the structure is needed and so far I have been spot on, apart from one egg white missed today whilst in physio. Gonna keep it clean - not only to get results, but as one of the intro lessons said - if we don't keep to the diet, we are just jumping around like idiots and getting sweaty for no reason.

Burnsie is now on official lock down and in monk mode.

Oh yeah - watched the England game without ANY wife to spoil it for me. Close one, but good result all the same. Come on lads!

Day 6 Locked In

So, dinner was good last night. No carbs, and plenty of healthy fish. BUT I had a beer and a glass of champagne. No big deal really. Tomorrow is Father's Day, and I will be having a beer but as of Monday it's GAME TIME! No slips, no cheats - 100% on plan.

Workout today was good, but those last set of leg shears followed by speed skipping - wobbly!

In other news, I downloaded the Spain v Portugal game early this morning so me and my boys could watch it today. I avoided all newspapers, didn't check my phone, made sure I did not know the score. Wife wakes up says
"Morning! How about Spain and Portugal! 3-3 draw


5 Alive

Day 5 locked in. Had enforced breaks between some exercises for a good old cough. Medicine time!

Think that the Hang Times went a lot better today. I found it much easier if you keep your legs together at the top of the move - not sure if this is cheating or not? But it gave a better feeling of floating. Will keep trying both ways.

Diet has dropped already. Not sure what everyone else's diet looks like, but mine is surprisingly generous. I was expecting apple and egg whites from the get go. Maybe this is the solid "feed" week and week 3 will be gruesome?

Tomorrow is the Resistance Band vs Weights conundrum.

(Photo of me resting after hang time)

Day 4 Done

Thought my bloody head was going explode today. Proper heart pumping stuff this.
Yesterday I had to skip the skipping as it was chucking it down with rain, did the band work inside and got a good sweat on.
I have been trying to shake of a chest infection for a few weeks now, and despite the wife's nagging, I have not seen a doc. My view is that it's better for the body to sort itself out rather than resort to antibiotics if possible. However, trying to breath through a river of sludge in my chest is making things hard - especially with these HIIT Chizz actions!

Anyway -minor bumps in the road are the wife's birthday (going to drive to avoid temptation) and Father's Day - I will be having a couple of beers. After that it's CHIZZ LOCKDOWN BABY!

Gonna pop round the blogs and see what's cookin'

Intro Blog!

Trainer on Kenzai, and run my own business in Hong Kong. Lucky to have the support of a great wife (who is also on Kenzai) and two great twin boys who are football mad. (They are off to train at the Real Madrid summer camp in July and parents are not allowed - shucks!) When I am not working or training, I mainly spend my time as a taxi driver to my sons. ;-)

Chizz Goals: I gotta chop the chubble - plain and simple. After the Chizz I plan to spring right into Bellz 2 - yum!

Barriers: Well, my wife has a big birthday coming up - 40th - so we will be having a glass of champers on Friday, then Fathers Day, I am going to have a couple of beers. After that - it's plain sailing. No excuses.

Injury wise I have a shoulder and brachial issue on my left arm. (Thanks Iron), but it's 95% good after some decent physio.

Wrestling Entrance Tune: Ain't No Rest For The Wicked, by Cage The Elephant.

Hang Time

Total fail. I felt more like a geriatric Rabbit. Out of the 2x10 reps I reckon I only did 25% of them properly. Something to work on there for sure.

Day 2 done in The Battle Of The Jiggle.


Bouncy. That is what today felt like. Not in a happy, enjoyable way. More in a beer belly, man tit jiggling way. Mmmm, lot's of work to be done Burnsie you fat tart!
My first impressions of chisel are, "Oh f**k!" No easing us in gently here eh!

Since finishing Iron at the end of April I have done my level best to cover myself in a thick layer of MAN FAT. Beer, Wine, Cheese, Bacon, Sausages, even.....dare I say it...PIES!

So - I enjoyed myself. Got it out of my system. Binge over. Time to Chisel - although in my case I need a few large sticks of dynamite.

Looks like we have a good solid team and lots of familiar faces. I think we are going to need a strong team spirit on this one folks! Lets rock it.

The Chizz

Signed up for the Chisel in June in an attempt to rediscover my abs. Would have gone for May, but the wife reminded me we would be on vacation and she did not want me to make her suffer. So, Iron maintenance for a month, first workout today and then it's time to bust off the fat.

IRON Done (Again) 

My second time round is complete! I actually enjoyed the program more this time around down to the fact that I had the form nailed, had a solid strength foundation, and could go heavier much earlier on in the 90 days.

My results are solid. I feel a heck of a lot stronger, muscles all around are larger, and weight on all exercises heavier. I think that I have increased the weight I am lifting by at least 50%.

Started at 86.5kg, and I am now down to 80kg.
Body Fat, started at 24%, now down to 18%.
Muscle Mass started at 72% now up to 77%

Chest Press 60kg plus bar
Squats 70kg plus bar
Deadlifts 100kg plus bar

I have picked up a few injuries that I have been working through, but some rest should take care of these. Next up for me is Chisel, which I aim to start in June. After The Chizz, I might do IRON again, unless IRON 2 appears!!

In the meantime I will be getting stuck into the IRON maintenance workouts. Copper, and Team Bone have been great fun to train with, so thanks for your support, comments, and whit. See you around the Kenzaisphere, and I wish you luck with whatever program you will be doing next.

Derailed By The Sevens

Friends in town, plus The Sevens = asking for trouble. At least we only went for one day and not the whole weekend.

Let's just say that a pie MAY have been consumed, along with a beer........I am a very bad boy.

Ho hum - will push it to the max next week.

Less Than Two Weeks Left

All ok here. Had a few diet slips here and there, but still working hard. The next two weeks will be challenging as we have a friend coming to stay for a few days from UK, there will be wine involved potentially. Then The Rugby Sevens next weekend - could get messy....

End of Week 8





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