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Trucking On

I have been a little lax on the blogs. Truth be told that there is nothing interesting to report - I am just getting on with it. Knocking the workouts down every day, eating tight(ish), and still squeezing in 30 mins of skipping.

30 mins of skipping is probably my limit, as I get really bored after 25.

As Day 90 gets closer I have started thinking about what is after IRON. The first step is easy, I am signing up for Chisel, which should help blast off some more BF and get me close to 15% or under. After that I fancy another 90 day challenge. I hope that IRON 2 drops this year, as I would be very interested in that. If it doesn't I might do KB3 again, but it would be my third time and less of a challenge. Also there is the family to consider - not being able to go out for lunches and dinners at the weekends isn't fun for them.....

Let's see.


I am glad to get to the 60 day mark as I know the next 30 days will fly past quickly (hopefully). I would jump for joy, but I have just finished today's workout and I am knackered. Still sore from yesterday too..

There is still fluff to bust, mainly around the belly area but also in other spots, so I am going to commit to 30 mins of skipping a day, for the next 30 days.

Join me if you are in need of further fluff busting with #30for30.

Final push to the end folks!

Got My Mojo Back

Last week was tough as I had a number of crappy workouts, it felt like I was just turning up and punching the clock 50% of the time. However this week I have more pep in my step and I am looking forward to striking at the 60 day mark. Soon there will only be 30 days left, and I know they will fly past.

Adding more weight all round, and it feels good. I installed another addition to my prison style squat rack by adding a cable system - looking forward to trying that out on back and tricep day.

Hope you are all faring well Boners!

Training Buddy

My little buddy joined in with me for today's workout. He will be able to squat and bench more than me soon!

Over Half Way!

So, halfway in and the second indulgence is in the bag. At the beginning of the program I weighed 86.5kg, and BF 24% - not good.
Now I am 80.5kg, and BF is at 20% - better, but I need it to be at 14-16%. This might be achievable by the end of the program, but just to make sure I am adding in a few 30 min sessions of skipping a week. Trying to achieve the Holy Grail of dropping fat and adding muscle is a tough one.

Despite losing 6kg since the start of the program, I am bigger all over. Arms, legs, width of my shoulders, etc. All good stuff.

Today was the first day when I didn't feel positive towards doing the workout. I just felt tired, and dreaded the thought of doing legs AGAIN this week. I still dragged myself to the weights and got it done though. I am also getting little bit tired of being sore ALL THE TIME! Initially the soreness was a nice reminder that I had a great workout - now it is literally a pain in the arse! Last time I did Iron the valley didn't hit me hard. Maybe this time round it will be different?

Quick and Dirty?

I was always late with my homework when younger! Here is my quick and dirty meal, although it is not in fact "dirty" at all as there is no oil involved in the cooking whatsoever. I like this for week lunches as it's quick, it can all be cooked in the steamer, and it's super easy to batch cook. I give you steamed chicken, steamed broc, and steamed rice. Simple. Fast. Nutritious. I add tumeric and cayenne pepper on the chicken to give it some colour and flavour.

The club that my two lads play football for had a "Coaches vs Dads" match at the weekend. We lost 2-3. Here is my flying crane tackle! All the leg work must be working as the other week I was taking some shots at goal, and another dad was keeper. He went to save my shot and ended up in A&E with a suspected hand fracture.


CNY Carnage

Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone.

Had a great time away with the wife's fam, but staying tight on the diet was impossible. I would give myself an A for exercise - didn't miss a day. Had a few days where I had to resort to the bodyweight workout, but made the gym everyday when in the hotel.

Diet - probably a D. Chinese families like to feed you, and they do not take no for an answer. As a result I feel like I have taken a few steps back, so will be ramping up the skipping to 30 mins, and will be aiming for perfection from here on out.

In a strange way I think I will miss leg month....

Knee Niggle

Had to go light on the legs today. Somehow I have hurt my left knee - nothing serious I hope, but it does not feel right. Ironically this was brought on not by Iron, but just having a kick about with my lads. Anyway, go through the workout, all ok so far.
Will monitor and be sensible for this week.

A major challenge is afoot as I am off to Malaysia with the fam for Chinese New Year. There will be feasts on the table, amazing food, and chilli! I am going to have to be extra vigilant not to go off track on the diet front as there will be temptations a plenty!

Wish me luck!

Limbo Body

Indulgence - nice. I am making the most of it.

At the moment I feel like I have Limbo Body. Limbo body is when someone looks at you and can't work out if you were once in shape and let shit slip, or were once REALLY out of shape and are trying to do something about it.

I want limbo body to end.

Squat Rack Complete!

It is not the most beautiful piece of craftsmanship but it is quite sturdy. Looking forward to trying it out later for Leg Day!

Let's hope it doesn't collapse.....

Now i just need to make an incline bench and I am all set.


Ok, so it is literally a bit rough around the edges, but it is bloody solid. Squat rack is in progress.

Need to steal the wife's yoga mate to make the bench a little more comfortable - shhhhhhh don't tell her!

Leg Month Begins

I really was not looking forward to going out in the cold today and cranking out the first leg workout of many. But, I did it and the cold gave me extra inspiration to get the workout done as quickly as bloody possible. I can really feel those front squats working the abs as well as the quads - focussing on good breathing really helps.

The squat rack is not ready yet. There have been set backs. I can tell you that trying to saw through 4 inches of wood twenty four times to make twelve mitres is a really good workout. I might suggest this as a new program to Patrick - Kenzai Saw. Also I have an amazing hole boring, tri-fluted auger bit for my drill that I am using to put in holes for the safety bars. Drill bit is great, but my drill itself is shit. Need better tools.

Workouts 15/15, diet is perfecto. No booze (although I was sorely tempted that the weekend), and no cheats what-so-ever. I have dropped 2.3kg since the start and am down 2% body fat.

Anyway - once I have a decent drill, I am hoping to get the rack finished by next weekend. Wish me luck!


So in my infinite wisdom (or stupidity) I am building my very own squat rack, which is why the outside of our house looks like a timber yard. Currently I am balancing my bar on the two sides of the roof in the corner - a recipe for disaster.

Initially I was going to use 7' posts of 4x4, but could not find any in Hong Kong that were priced reasonably. But, 2x4 is readily available and quite cheap, so I am making my own pseudo 4x4 by sticking two planks for 2x4 together. What......could.....possibly........go.......wrong?

What this space for more totally shite DIY updates.

SO far workouts are 7/7, diet cleaned up and ready to rock.

Iron - Done Right

This is my first blog of 2018 and I am looking forward to giving Iron a second go. This time round I will be keeping things super strict on the diet front, and plan to go heavier. Last time around my diet was not on point and it showed in the results.

The plan for 2018 is as follows:-

Iron Jan to March

KB2 - April to June

Iron 2 or Kettlebells 2 and then see what else is available after this. I would also like to squeeze in Chisel if available.

It's going to be a busy year on the fitness front! Go Team Bones! I was going to write Go Boners, but for obvious reasons, that didn't seem to be a good idea.


Well that last workout was very enjoyable, even with heavier than usual weights. Iron has been a great program and despite a few set backs here and there, I have thoroughly enjoyed it - yes, even leg month! I would give myself a B+ for exercise, but a dismal D for diet - i went off track far too many times over the 3 months and it shows in my final photo.

My plan now is to do the maintenance workouts up to Christmas, and then resume them in January until Iron starts again in Jan 2018, I am going to do it again. I feel like I have a really solid foundation to build on, and will hopefully be able to go much heavier without injury. Then, maybe Bellz 2 while I wait for Iron 2 to go live!

Today my jump rope broke - talk about impeccable timing!! Also I got a double yolker for breakfast! Great way to end the program.

Thanks to my team mates, it has been great reading your blogs whether it was racist neighbour, working out in a work shirt, chin up elfs, Crams sardonic whit, Rohit's runs, and Manjit's totally different kind of runs!!! Which leads me to the WARDMAN! Thank for leading us through the program bud.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a healthy 2018. Hope to see you on other programs in the future, until then I am off to the pub with Mouth Breather and Mr Helpful.

End of Week 8





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