Scott D.

Scott D.


Day 90 was spent travelling to Xinjiang’s Heavenly Lake (Tianchin) home to some amazing peaks. We took a 14km home into the snow capped range, and saw Dengguan Peak, snow less and sun facing. We broke off the path and did route one clambering up the face of the mountain for the final 150m. Absolutely knackering, but we made it. Was glad of the Kenzai strength and fitness at this moment.


We’re on the road again. This time exploring the Silk Road. Harokorum Highway, Kashgar and Tashkorghan in China’s Xinjiang Province, near the border of Afghanistan. I had my second experience of skipping at altitude (very tiring) and the work out part was tough. The food is amazing, so grams have gone a bit sideways for this past few days. But all good - don’t doing what i can.

Tough workouts

The morning routine is getting quite intense. Keeps the blood pumping throughout the whole workout. But I’m getting it done with little soreness in the following days - which I suppose is good.

I’m pleased the 20-min jump rope part is becoming relatively easy and hope the ‘waxing’ part of this KB2 program helps me shape up.

It’s Friday!

Missed the workout this morning, so set a workout date with my wife for this evening. Date night Kenzai style. I’m so glad she’s understanding and supportive :)

Looking forward to a nice winter weekend ahead.

routine is back

After a spell overseas I have re-acclimatised to home and got a decent early rise this morning for the workout. The evening work out really doesn’t do it for me, however jet lag and little sleep can be brutal for motivation for an early start.
With all the travel, cold weather and sickness this has been the hardest Kenzai by far (my third) and certainly not my best. I’m learning a lot about myself, behaviours (good and bad), and motivation, and am generally trying to keep myself focused on using the program to establish routines and change that can continue long after the program finishes. I have a way to go, take each day as it comes.

skiing! Best workout

Just finished a short trip to Chamonix catching some snow whilst the good times roll in the Alps. It was a great trip and I was very glad of the training pre-piste, certainly helped me keep muscle stamina over the trip. Now onto london for a few days - workouts in the Park. Despite the good times, I’m looking forward to getting back into the routine next week.

bit chilly

Have you seen Rocky 4? Well. if Balboa can trudge snow whilst carrying lumber, we can jump rope in 9-degrees... just do it!!!
(Disclaimer: easier said than done) 😎

breakfast of champions

Here we go. Kenzai breakfasts are back on the menu.

hello again

Hello KB2 team mates,

It’s good to be back, and focused on the Kenzai goals. The first week was a nice entry back into the Kenzai lifestyle and I enjoyed the opportunity to ‘ease in’ fully. I spent the week working on the meal planning (thinking), enjoying a few drinks and getting the fitness gear dusted off. Ready to go.

It’s nice and chilly here at the moment, which is a pleasant change, although getting the motivation to beat the cold and just do it in the morning is the hard part.

Have a great 90 days all. See you on the blogs.


and here we are

Great. I'm so happy that this is the end of the 90-day program and the beginning of the future as a more lean, motivated and fit person.

The ride through the past 90-days has been jammed with highs and lows, obstacles, challenges and creative solutions.

Thanks to the team and trainers for the motivating comments and inspiring posts. I couldn't have made it without the help.

It's been a pleasure and till we meet again...

Farewell Kenzai.

back in action

I have returned from my vacation and what a blast it was.

Here's a pic of me doing the Kenzai workout at Muscle Beach in LA - which was fun!

LA was a breeze for Kenzai. Loads of great food and plenty of time to workout.

Then we hit the road in the RV and things got tough. All restaurants on highways in the States are totally off limits. I used my indulgence and had a sinful burger from Carl's Jr, other than that, we stuck to home cooked meals in the RV with produce bought from Whole Foods - so that was fine.

I skipped a few workouts whilst on the road, since I was the sole driver pulling a few 14 hour drive days which were brutal and tiring. But, other than that I was focused on staying true to the program with fresh food, daily exercise and so on - adding some big hikes in places like Yosemite and Sequoia National Park - epic.

For most of the trip we had zero cellular or wifi connection due to our remote locations (a blessing in disguise), so I had to do the workouts from memory and have missed some of the stepping up of exercise you guys have done over the last couple of weeks. So, the last few days are gonna be tough - but will do my best to finish on peak form alongside you all.

Over the passed few weeks I also missed the blogging and pic uploads - and got a slap on the wrist from the trainers for that. But, it was really great to be offline for a few weeks, and in hindsight the timing of my vacation and the Kenzai program was a poor call on my part.

Anyhow, it's good to be back home and checking in on the Kenzai app to see what I've missed.

working it out

So, things certainly have got interesting this week hey?! Loads of sets, loads of reps, loads of aches and gains!

I had to take a few days off skipping since I felt a twang in my calf - but all good today. Definitely feeling firmer all over and kinda like the burn of the failure sets. Reminds me of my weight lifting youth, when I'd push myself to the limit as fast as I could. Times were different, as was my body, back then.

One more workout to go then it's off to LA, mecca to raw vegans and home of Muscle Beach. Can I rock the elastic bands amongst the muscle heads down at Venice Beach? Time will tell... ha. I'll take pics for your enjoyment.

And apparently surf's up 🏄

Can't wait.

well, that was hard

Hello all,

I finally returned from vacation/biz trip and am back online. I did so well in the Uk and Geneva, stayed absolutely on track, but the final leg to Bangkok and whilst in Bangkok, there were hiccups.

I definitely recommend that if you are planning a long haul, squeeze the work out in before and pack food. I wasn't able to do this between Geneva and Bangkok (via Dubai) so both the meals and exercise went out of whack for a day. Missed a day, dammit.

I then missed another workout on my friends wedding day - really as a result of wishful thinking and poor planning. I'd bagged an indulgence so cut myself some slack and had a few drinks that night, which felt great!

Anyhow, as a result of the hiccups, I was kicking myself for a few days but have got back on track upon returning to Hk this week, despite the nasty weather that continues to hinder all of us HK Kenzai people. Could it get any worse?

The carbs disappearing (almost) entirely from the diet is brutal. But, I'm not gonna moan about it and will just suck it up. Next week I leave for LA for three weeks. That's gonna test my metal to the max. But, I've come this far and am gonna do my best to stick it to the end. I could use another indulgence day though, come on Kenzai....

Mental note for future, don't sign up for Kenzai when you have a bunch of summer holiday plans. Schoolboy error.

I hope you guys are all doing great and will be checking out your blogs over the weekend.

Happy Fri-yay.


my new gang

So I've been travelling for a while, so please excuse the lack of blogs and comments.

The good news is that I've managed to stay on plan with both the workouts and diet - which was no easy task.

I've abstained a lot and packed my own food every day instead of worrying about trying to find food on the go, at cafes, restaurants etc. Instead of hotels, I booked apartments so I can prepare exactly what I want.

In replacements of nice evening meals in scenic spots, I've done my workouts at scenic spots instead, which has been super fun.

Here's a pic of one of my workout spots in Geneva University, in the shadows of great scholars of yester year. My new 'gang' :)

I'm quite pleased with my resolve, it certainly hasn't been easy. I've also saved my indulgence of a wedding in Bangkok this weekend. Bring it on. I'm almost there.

I hope you're all doing great and rocking your Kensai's. I will be back to commenting next week once I'm back from the trip. Till then...

One Week Abs

So, I managed 5-days of the 8-minute ab work out this week and will continue to do it. I add the abs workout after the Kenzai stretches and then have another little stretch after doing the ab workout. I don't really see this as trying to be an over achiever, but my abs / gut is the area of my body that needs shaping up the most so the extra ab work out makes sense for me. Plus it's kinda fun hanging with the gang once a day, and the rapid progress and improvement in form is quite motivating. It's much easier to notice the gain through the ab workout than from other elements of the Kenzai workout program. Give it a try.

Everything else is fine, I've been staying on course with the diet, give or take a few missed snack meals. I, like many people on our program, have abstained from several social events, dinners and lunches. The workout routine has been a bit hit and miss since the weather has been rainy and I don't want to jump rope in the rain unless I really have to. So, sometimes it's morning and other times it's evening. But I haven't missed one yet. Although I did replace rest day skips with a boxing class... I figured that's on plan!

This week comes the true test. 10-days of travel. UK, home of the fry up. Switzerland, home of the fondue. Thailand, for a wedding and pad Thais. I'm not concerned about the workouts, but it's gonna take a load of planning and resolve to make sure I don't fall into the great big pie hole. It's reassuring to see that I'm not alone in these fears and that many others in our program have overcome and conquered in similar situations, which gives me confidence that I can too. I just need to plan ahead and make sure I pack a food bag, each day, for all the daytime snacks and meals. It's like being back at school. Perhaps I'll buy a snoopy lunch box and superman backpack, and do it like I did back in the good old days.

I'm looking forward to passing the half way point this week and am beginning to see the signs of a healthier me, so bring it on!




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