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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly... 

This was a very difficult Program for me in several, let's review...

The Good -
1) First and foremost I found the Lessons to be invaluable, insightful and provided a sh!tload of good content and education. Who ever wrote them...thank you...I will be re-reading this entire program.

2) The Pace - knowing that most if not all people were not familiar with IRON and/or dumbbells/free weights the pace of the exercises, the thoughtfulness, the structure and the path we were all lead down was extraordinary. Myself being one that had NEVER lifted a free weight in any kind of consistency or forethought I found the pace of the Program to be well thought out and a smooth runway to introduce anybody to this kind of workout.

3) Variety - in a dovetail to #2 above...the variety of exercises I found to be excellent. Free weights to me have always been about the Bench Press, the (basic) Squat and the Curl. Other than the beastly moves on TV or the Olympics, IRON was a foreign workout entity to I NEVER would want to I do. ...and I will be adding IRON exercises into my daily workouts now and then.

The Bad -
1) My travel schedule is always getting in the way. That said, I always have managed to stay in between the white lines. Sometimes it's a two-lane road, sometimes a 4-lane road...but I have always managed to stay ON THE ROAD (pun intended). But this time around it was un-manageable...why? because hotel gyms do not have IRON...period! Not the way this program I believe is intended.
2) Diet - my apologies to Chen and the K-Leaders for being a slacker on the diet. As a K-veteran am I well aware of the significance of this swing and miss.
3) Blogging - I was a no-show too often. In my K-past I have occasionally been flagged by the Blog police but during this past 90-day stretch I was particularly non-Kompliant often being called out. For this I apologize to the Team. I'll see you all again I am sure and will get back to my old self. Too many distractions kept me from the Blogs but truth be told...I just could not stand any more whining.

The UGLY -
1) Due mostly to my travel schedule which frankly was slightly more intense than is usual I had so very few sessions where I could actually use a bar...and that was VERY defeating for me...and it put me in a whiny and sh!tty mood. I prefer to follow along to the letter and for me, at this time, it was impossible. Too many bands and body weight exercises for what was supposed to be slinging iron-sh!t. I will do this again and plan ahead.

2) Due to #1 just above not being able to follow along properly made me VERY frustrated which then knocked me off two words - no discipline. That said I did keep moving, keep exercising but it honestly IMHO did not resemble what this program is supposed to be.

Summary - another "good" is that I definitely feel stronger. ...and that I now have a more clear and confident understanding of the IRON-room at the gym...I like that! Another "bad" is that I also feel "bigger" … and bigger is not something I am interested in. I had been looking sooooooooo forward to IRON I am not satisfied with my performance and I will do this again. I'm thinking that when I do this again, cuz I will, I MUST be very disciplined and strict. Now having been though IRON one time I have some ideas on how to better navigate the pitfalls I fell into this time around. Coach Scott, I'll be back!

To ALL my IRON-mates...thank you for your patience. Thany you for putting up with my whining. ...but most of all...thank you for your comments of encouragement and for sticking with me matters.

Merry Christmas everyone...see you in 2020. I have some different goals in 2020 and I'm anxious to get started.

Still here...

After being on the road for 4 weeks I did finally make it to home...FOR ONE DAY! Arriving home on Saturday afternoon (Nov 23) the lovely Eileen and I hit the road on Monday to begin our Thanksgiving week. We are starting the week in CT and will spend the weekend in NC...driving home on Sunday Dec 1st. What that means IRON-wise is another week of no gym...body exercises and rubber bands instead...ugh. At the end of IRON I will look back at my calendar and see just how many days I was on the will be high...things have been unusually busy.

My gym time/exercise time has been limited lately and my food choices have been a C --- following the spirit of the diet but I am not getting all the grams and hitting all the food groups each day.

That said I am making "some" gainz and certainly learning to appreciate the IRON!

It's Thanksgiving. We all have our favorite holiday…mine is Thanksgiving. Some of my most favorite memories were made on Thanksgiving, the most vivid being those made at my Grandparent’s house where they hosted our entire family and many of their friends…often 40-50 people. The smells, the food, the fun, the laughs and of course…regardless of weather, the family touch football game. Thanksgivings are different now as many families, like mine, are spread out all over but the spirit of the holiday remains.

Tomorrow as many of us revel in what is Thanksgiving I will raise my glass in a soft and to myself kinda way and give “thanks and appreciation” to Kenzai and all my K-friends and family I have met along the way. I do think about you and what Kenzai is to me every day and my health, my heart and my overall fitness is better because of you...Thank You.

Workout Fail

Another City. Another Hotel Gym. Frankly it is getting old. This has been a long time away...even for me. There is a part of me now and then that is getting a bit tired of this schedule.

Flew into Denver yesterday and attended a customer reception. After being very Kompliant at the reception … not so much at the customer after-party. It wasn't a late night but it was an early morning...I did not get up to work out thinking I would do it tonight. Well, I just got back from the gym and here is how it went.

All 4 dreadmills were, elliptical it is. Did 20 min. No bar of course (hotel gym) so no overhead walking lunge. So, with 20lb Dbellz in each hand started to do lunges but started to aggravate an old achilles I did deep squats. Then the next exercise was … you guessed it, squats...hmmmm --- just did those. Next up, oh, more lunges...nope. East/West jump...was just too frustrated at this point because these hotel gyms are starting to get the best of me. I left.


PS - after walking around the City my achilles discomfort has traveled up into my calf. Thinking what it might be that I did to irritate my foot/achilles/calf I can only think maybe it was the hours and hours of trampolining with my Grand-littles last week and weekend. If so, well worth the smiles and fun!

Daily DOMS

Squeaky clean week 9 picture after morning workout and shower...yup, another city, another hotel gym. Woke up early, workout, shower, breakfast and email all before my 8am departure to the airport. I'm on the back half of a 4 week trip...1 week in TX --- check. a second week in FLA --- check. Now a week in AZ and next week in CO before I make it back home. This trip has included too many dinner meetings for my liking.

Overall my workouts have been steady...missed a few here and there but I am happy that Kenzai is front and center on my calendar. Diet has been A+ for breakfast and through the day...dinner is always a toss up. I am making good choices but not to plan.

IRON is kicking my ass. DOMS is daily for the most part. Love the learning (lessons). I am honestly feeling stronger and have been using 25lb - 35 lb Dbellz for some exercises which is unheard of in my history of lifting IRON. I'm pushing when and where I can. I battled a slight cold but beat it quickly...thank you Kenzai. ...sleeping like a champ.

I'm hearing I might need to go to IA after rest for the weary.

Where's Waldo?

Last Week - Texas
This Week - Florida
Next Week - Arizona
...then the following week - Colorado

I have been in alotta Bars but I have not been lifting alotta bars. I'm all about Dumbellz due to the hotel gym conundrum. I do appreciate the DB substitute pics on the App...that has been a big help. Diet has been spotty, dinners with customers have been a real challenge and there is no real end in sight until mid December.

I am eating right when I can. I am exercising most every day, but not every day. I am not going to throw in the towel although I have considered it...but that's not an option. Continuing with IRON regardless...and then keeping it real through the holidays crossing over into the New Year is VERY important. I have BIG plans for 2020.

A Bright Idea!

Thank you Kenzai Kommunity! Have been a little outa touch this, workouts, kustomers and company. This is the secret sauce to why Kenzai works and the Kwality of the Kommunity matters! Thanks for the comments and for checking in on me. After my rant and whine a week ago and also from reading your words of wisdom I thought about my dilemma and suddenly an idea came to me...switch up your morning coffee/work routine! Sounds simple enough...

So for those who suggested get to the gym at 0:dark:30 --- great idea except I am already there at 0:dark:15! I'm often the guy turning the lights on in the Men's Locker Room! Others suggested a "small" home gym but although the lovely Eileen is quite lovely I know she does not want any more exercise gear and whatever hanging around amongst the bikes, the kayak, golf clubs, K-Bellz, hockey equipment, push-up bars, pull up bar...and on and get the idea. Anyway, to the point...

Today I wake up (5:20am), go to the gym (arrive at 5:45am --- gym opens at 6am), steam & shower (now it's 7:30am) and then walk next door to the coffee shop, grab a medium roast Joe Brew and head home... at my desk by 8am. The problem was the gym is crowded at 6am...too crowded as you may have read recently.

Answer: well, it goes like this...up at 5:30am, dress in gym clothes and head off to the coffee shop, arrive at 6am (when it opens)...sit down, have a cup of coffee and log into email, get some work done (answer emails from APJ and EMEA) 7am head over to gym (2 minute walk)...everyone is GONE! Workout from 7-8am or so, sh!t, showah, shave, steam and be home by 9am. I'm at my desk an hour later but I have already done an hours worth of International work! Wah-lah! This new plan worked AWESOME!

Two additional comments...(1) My body HURTZ! I'm suffering from NOMS - "Never-ending Onset of Muscle Soreness" … and (2) my massage therapist noticed and commented on how much stronger and firm my shoulders and arms were feeling...OK, I'll take it.

On my way to Austin TX > Tampa FL > Orlando FL > West Palm Beach FL then home to Beantown on Nov 7. A lot less distractions for me when I'm on the road so I am looking forward to getting down with mo'IRON!

As my good friend Peter Cetera once said..."only the beginning"

I'm gunna like this new morning routine.

This Really Sucks...

Yes, I am frustrated...very frustrated. I am not getting what I want out of IRON! It's not the Program. It's not the Coach!! It's not the Lessons...I love those! It's certainly NOT the Kommunity. It's the GD gym problems, the timing, the crowd...I can't figure it out!

I went tonight, mid evening to avoid the after work crowd...the place was jammed! I am really struggling with the timing and it just is not working! I'm wondering if you gotta just have your own home setup for this to work and for me that is no way an option. Pair this issue with the fact that traveling means hotel gyms and they do not have the equipment either...and I am traveling for the next 5 weeks! So why even bother?

I know we have full body options but I can't just default to that...if I do then what's the point of IRON? I'm just being a grumpy ole man cuz I want to stick to the Program but it has been oh so difficult. ...and not being able to do the exercises as prescribed leaves me frustrated which then leads to more bad behavior (think diet)...ugh!

Tonight I ran for 20 minutes on the dreadmill (even my regular jump rope space was being used) --- (where did all the people come from!) and then I reached back into my KBells memory bank and banged out a pretty strong Bellz routine.

I'm waking up early tomorrow morning and will go at it again.
I have thought about throwing in the towel but I won't. I will keep grinding it out and make the best of it.


Been on the road for what feels like weeks. Oh wait, it has been weeks. But...leaving North Carolina on Monday for home and will be there for a whole 7 days...that means 7 squeaky clean K-days...although in general I've been pretty good lately. I will however be on the road for the entire month of November. Beginning October 29th I will be in Boston, MA > Austin, TX > Tampa, FL > Orlando, FL > West Palm Beach, FL > Nashville, TN > Phoenix, AZ > Tucson, AZ > Denver, CO > Cedar Rapids, IA … then … Thanksgiving in Hamden, CT... and then home...I'm already exhausted.

Currently in Raleigh, NC doing the Grandfather thing. Yesterday my daughter-in-law says, "hey Pop-Pop, wanna go to the CycleBar with me tomorrow morning?" I said, "do you mean the Cyclebah?" … and she said, "yeah! 8:30am or 9:30am class?" ...8:30am OF COURSE...seriously...let's get this pahty stahted! Anyway, I have nevah done a spin class and have been thinking about it for winter bike training so I was anxious to give it a try. The CycleBah staff even set me up with a locker and a cool welcome message! (kinda weird really...this Generation, oh whatevah)

Finished 3rd in Powahpoints! No, there were more than 3 people in the class...nice try wise guy! Anyway, figured I'd do the cardio session/Cyclebah today (Saturday) and do the strength tomorrow. This morning's CycleBah session was followed up by 2 hours in the park climbing, chasing, running, and seesawing (aka Squats with kids) with the Grand-littles Max and Jax(son).

The other pic below is the gym at the Hyatt Hotel Boston Logan Airport … a pretty good gym really. Boston Hahbah and the Shitty of Boston in the favorite Shitty of all!

Love that dirty water...

Let's IRON-on!

PS...the other pic is of my street after the recent storm...Storm season is upon us. And then the picture after that is Farm Neck Golf Club (#3)...same island, same weekend, different day!

On the Road again...

The (work) travel season is ramping up --- just like the weather storms are starting to roll up the East Coast of the US. Was in NYC and North Carolina last week. It was a quick trip capped off with my going to the New England Patriots/NY G-Men football game on Thursday night. Patriots emerged the victor, no surprise, although the first half of the game was close. The Storm last week resulted in forcing the Ferry Boats to be cancelled and therefore I was stranded for a day...could not get home...ugh. More Storms predicted this week as I go back to North Carolina.

IRON is good. I'll give myself a B for last week. 5 of 7 workouts, diet was good (not great), love the lessons...enjoying the Program. I can see that my body is making some subtle changes and I can feel a difference as well. That said I still need to ratchet down a bit tighter on all fronts. Frankly, so far, the workouts have been on the easier side of the spectrum...maybe due to the focus on the legs...that's my wheelhouse. Shoulders, back and arms...not so much so I am expecting things to get more difficult for sure --- and looking forward to it!

Bring it on Brother Scott...BRING. IT. ON.

What day is it?
R9xizdptcsvvhproazej's LEG DAY!

Having been a soccer player and a hockey player and in the last 15 years returned to regular biking my legs have always been pretty strong...but whoa...these leg days are serious business! I am enjoying adding a bit more foundation to the foundation.

It's also the beginning of Week 5...where does the time go? I have been doing most of the workouts either at home (at night) or in a hotel gym (morning and night) and mostly using barbell substitutes --- either Dbellz or Kbellz. For cardio warm-up I either run in place, dreadmill, elliptical or flights of stairs so I've been having to make (too) many modifications. ...and excluding one or too deviations on the alcohol front I have been good on the diet. But, I'm disappointed that I have not been able to get into a routine so I am going to double down during these next 4 weeks...and then another four.

Speaking of diet seems to BARELY change...and not just week-to-week but program-to-program. Is that a good thing? Does it mean I'm showing little progress? Not sure and curious. For example, my diet this week is exactly the same in all facets of the diet except I'm down 20g of protein for dinner...seems odd to me?

Enjoyed a fun-filled gold weekend with my son Joey and his friends. It's an annual weekend event for Joe, 6 years now, and we play 2 rounds of golf and play cards (cribbage) --- combine the results and crown a winner. This weekend's effort came down to a tie-breaker...and I lost! But I really won cuz I spent another weekend spending quality time with one of our kids...lot's of fun, tom-foolery and friendship!

8 weeks to go! This is getting serious now.

Pic #1 - The Foursome
Pic #2 - The Weekend Host, Joey
Pic #3 - The Losers
Pic #4 - The Swing and the Sky


DOMS … or as I often call it … COMS (Continuous Onset of Muscle Soreness) is setting in and I suspect it is here to stay for a while...meaning, another 65 days or so. Overall I am feeling good, very good. I am seeing a difference but more importantly I am feeling the difference. That difference being the typical list of suspects (at least for me) --- better sleep, more energy, less grumpy, feeling confident and strong!

Even though I'm using mostly D-Bellz I'm liking the weights. Per Captain Scott I did increase the weight overall by 5 lbs...either on each side of the bar or in my hands with the Dbellz (going from 15 to 20lbs).

Diet has been on point so far this week...that feels good too. I will be facing some headwinds this weekend however. My son and two of his friends are visiting for the weekend to play a little golf and overall Tom Foolery. They are his longtime high school best friends...both now raising their own does the time go. Then next week I'm off to NC for a few days and then will be going to the NE Patriots v NY Football Giants game. After getting a swift kick in the ass from some good Kenzai Komrades I'll keep it tight and clean.

Finally, I am starting to add a few extra Kexercises here and there to add to the daily calorie dump. Today it was extra cardio.

Over and out Denim.

PS - still struggling a bit getting back into the jump rope routine...1200 jumps in 10 minutes, 5 misses...grrrrrrrrrr…..

Random thoughts...

I made it to my home court gym a few times this past week and when @ home I may have found a good time to hit the weights and not the waits! Got the chance to use the IRON … wow, this is hard sh!t.

That said, why don't people re-rack the weights when they are done? I found myself having to re-rack a few 35lb plates. Cleaning up after someone else was a workout in itself.

Have been using the bar only these first few weeks...time to graduate to actually adding weight!

Week one and three were very good weeks, Week 2...not so much.

Sleep has been fantastic!

Diet has been improving although a few beerz have snuck into the menu during the weekends.

NoBS reset to zero (damn!)

Workouts have been good overall. Been using Kbellz and Dbellz when free weights not available.

The Lessons have been fantastic...

This past weekend included A LOT of exercise but not the Kenzai style. 2 rounds of golf, lots of yard work, walking, some body weight stuff and some light running.

While walking the golf course on Saturday I noticed my body was sore in all the right places...this Program is good!

Entering Week 4 I am feeling pretty good and liking this IRON-thing. Week 4 needs to be better than Week 3...and it will be!

Picture - my ride home...

Happy Birthday to Me...

Yesterday I celebrated the 30th Anniversary of my 29th Birthday. In my day-to-day walk through this world I do not spend too much time looking back. I have few regrets. Sure, there are the few things that I might change but as an entire body of work I am very fortunate and have little to complain about -- no one listens anyway, not really. But on my Birthday I do catch myself looking back -- it seems that on my birthday I do spend an unfair amount of time reflecting on the previous year…the good, the bad and yes, even the ugly. And then I again look ahead with unbridled passion and enthusiasm about the next year ahead…making plans, making promises, setting goals.

I am a very (repeat 10 times…) lucky young man. I have 4 pretty grounded and responsible children. All are married seemingly in a happy relationship. Them and their spouse are employed happily doing what they have chosen to do and making a contribution to the life experience of their together existence and to the well being of those around them. They all have a home albeit sometimes too far away. They are all smiling. And I have 4 beautiful Grandchildren with whom I can play, teach, guide, hug and love. At the ages of 4-3-3 and 2 it’s like having 4 puppies. I have some of the best friends one could ask for…I golf with them, ride bikes, travel and share life --- some I have known only 10 years…a few I have known my entire life. And I have the lovely Eileen.

But perhaps most important is that I have my health --- and without my health frankly none of the above can happen. And I have my health, for the most part, because of Kenzai. Eight years ago my health was going in the wrong direction. I had been an All-American High School Athlete. I played D2 college soccer, played hockey, basketball, baseball when I was younger and softball later on. I also drank too much, made dreadful food choices and thought very little – if at all -- about nutrition.

When I turned 50 I looked hard into the mirror and was horrified with what was in front on me and who was looking back at me. It was then, September 25th 2010 that I made the commitment to make a change. In October of that year I was introduced to PCP by a co-worker Andy C and in January of 2011 I began my Kenzai journey.

PCP saved my life…I will always believe that. In 2013, 14 and 15 I slacked off and returned to some old, bad habits but the ideas of Kenzai never left me…what I had read and learned just stayed with me. Finally, I hit another point of no return and since then I have had Kenzai front and center. Yes I am not as consistent as I could be, or, should be…but Kenzai is the foundation of my fitness and nutrition. And every year it becomes more and more of my everyday existence. I’m a lifer and I cannot wait to see what this next year brings (I have some ideas!!).

Thank you to Andy C. Thank you to Patrick and Chen and to all the Trainers. Thank you to my daughter Taylor! Thank you to all my family. Thank you Kenzai Kommunity! ...let the journey continue...I can't wait to see what's in store!


I have been off the grid. Off the grid of work, life and most definitely Kenzai. I will spare you all the details but I will say that a part of it has been the frustration I have been feeling over this IRON Program. I do not like to do anything half-assed. Start something and I must finish it, somehow, someway. But I'm struggling with what I already knew...going to the gym and using free weights is difficult. Difficult because I have few options. There are few gyms where I live. There is a YMCA, one hotel gym, one free weight lunkhead space and a CrossFit. The time I have to workout is really only the morning --- that is the time I can count on to be "free" --- but the gym is too crowded. The area where I do rubber-band workouts is WIDE OPEN and available cuz most everybody is in the dance studio or in the WAIT room. I travel quite a bit and hotel gyms are not well suited for IRON. I am simply finding it difficult to get a routine going. I want to use free weights and a bah but to date I've been using Dbellz. In these first 15 days I have actually been to the gym and able to use the weight room ONCE! (keep in mind when I say use the wait room I mean to use it efficiently)...Arrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhh!

Last week this frustration lead to me straying off the exercise, poor food choices and booze. None of it to excess, just too wobbly for my liking.

So it's time to re-group and's that simple. In the words of my good friend Rowdy Ronda Rousey, "everything you are going through and everything you have gone through will be worth the struggles and frustrations."

ELMO - (Enough Let's Move On)...

So this came up on my FB feed this morning. It was an advertisement for Life Insurance. I can do all of these except one (maybe 2...a 1/4 mile swim is tough)...thank you Kenzai

🏃 Run a 9 minute mile?
🚴‍ Ride 14 miles an hour?
💪 Benchpress your bodyweight?
🚴‍ Ride 50+ miles a week?
🏊‍ Swim 1/4 mile nonstop?
👏 20 burpees in a row?
💪 Deadlift 1.5X your bodyweight?
💪 15 consecutive pull-ups?
💦 Exercise 2.5 hours a week?

Then the ad asked, "Can you do at least ONE of the above? Take advantage of your health equity." ...only ONE, seriously?

Kenzai is changing lives!

May 31st, 2016





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