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Scott H.

Kenzai Iron | Day 39 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 39
Program progress:

The (work) travel season is ramping up --- just like the weather storms are starting to roll up the East Coast of the US. Was in NYC and North Carolina last week. It was a quick trip capped off with my going to the New England Patriots/NY G-Men football game on Thursday night. Patriots emerged the victor, no surprise, although the first half of the game was close. The Storm last week resulted in forcing the Ferry Boats to be cancelled and therefore I was stranded for a day...could not get home...ugh. More Storms predicted this week as I go back to North Carolina.

IRON is good. I'll give myself a B for last week. 5 of 7 workouts, diet was good (not great), love the lessons...enjoying the Program. I can see that my body is making some subtle changes and I can feel a difference as well. That said I still need to ratchet down a bit tighter on all fronts. Frankly, so far, the workouts have been on the easier side of the spectrum...maybe due to the focus on the legs...that's my wheelhouse. Shoulders, back and arms...not so much so I am expecting things to get more difficult for sure --- and looking forward to it!

Bring it on Brother Scott...BRING. IT. ON.

What day is it?
R9xizdptcsvvhproazej's LEG DAY!

Having been a soccer player and a hockey player and in the last 15 years returned to regular biking my legs have always been pretty strong...but whoa...these leg days are serious business! I am enjoying adding a bit more foundation to the foundation.

It's also the beginning of Week 5...where does the time go? I have been doing most of the workouts either at home (at night) or in a hotel gym (morning and night) and mostly using barbell substitutes --- either Dbellz or Kbellz. For cardio warm-up I either run in place, dreadmill, elliptical or flights of stairs so I've been having to make (too) many modifications. ...and excluding one or too deviations on the alcohol front I have been good on the diet. But, I'm disappointed that I have not been able to get into a routine so I am going to double down during these next 4 weeks...and then another four.

Speaking of diet seems to BARELY change...and not just week-to-week but program-to-program. Is that a good thing? Does it mean I'm showing little progress? Not sure and curious. For example, my diet this week is exactly the same in all facets of the diet except I'm down 20g of protein for dinner...seems odd to me?

Enjoyed a fun-filled gold weekend with my son Joey and his friends. It's an annual weekend event for Joe, 6 years now, and we play 2 rounds of golf and play cards (cribbage) --- combine the results and crown a winner. This weekend's effort came down to a tie-breaker...and I lost! But I really won cuz I spent another weekend spending quality time with one of our kids...lot's of fun, tom-foolery and friendship!

8 weeks to go! This is getting serious now.

Pic #1 - The Foursome
Pic #2 - The Weekend Host, Joey
Pic #3 - The Losers
Pic #4 - The Swing and the Sky


DOMS … or as I often call it … COMS (Continuous Onset of Muscle Soreness) is setting in and I suspect it is here to stay for a while...meaning, another 65 days or so. Overall I am feeling good, very good. I am seeing a difference but more importantly I am feeling the difference. That difference being the typical list of suspects (at least for me) --- better sleep, more energy, less grumpy, feeling confident and strong!

Even though I'm using mostly D-Bellz I'm liking the weights. Per Captain Scott I did increase the weight overall by 5 lbs...either on each side of the bar or in my hands with the Dbellz (going from 15 to 20lbs).

Diet has been on point so far this week...that feels good too. I will be facing some headwinds this weekend however. My son and two of his friends are visiting for the weekend to play a little golf and overall Tom Foolery. They are his longtime high school best friends...both now raising their own does the time go. Then next week I'm off to NC for a few days and then will be going to the NE Patriots v NY Football Giants game. After getting a swift kick in the ass from some good Kenzai Komrades I'll keep it tight and clean.

Finally, I am starting to add a few extra Kexercises here and there to add to the daily calorie dump. Today it was extra cardio.

Over and out Denim.

PS - still struggling a bit getting back into the jump rope routine...1200 jumps in 10 minutes, 5 misses...grrrrrrrrrr…..


I made it to my home court gym a few times this past week and when @ home I may have found a good time to hit the weights and not the waits! Got the chance to use the IRON … wow, this is hard sh!t.

That said, why don't people re-rack the weights when they are done? I found myself having to re-rack a few 35lb plates. Cleaning up after someone else was a workout in itself.

Have been using the bar only these first few weeks...time to graduate to actually adding weight!

Week one and three were very good weeks, Week 2...not so much.

Sleep has been fantastic!

Diet has been improving although a few beerz have snuck into the menu during the weekends.

NoBS reset to zero (damn!)

Workouts have been good overall. Been using Kbellz and Dbellz when free weights not available.

The Lessons have been fantastic...

This past weekend included A LOT of exercise but not the Kenzai style. 2 rounds of golf, lots of yard work, walking, some body weight stuff and some light running.

While walking the golf course on Saturday I noticed my body was sore in all the right places...this Program is good!

Entering Week 4 I am feeling pretty good and liking this IRON-thing. Week 4 needs to be better than Week 3...and it will be!

Picture - my ride home...


Yesterday I celebrated the 30th Anniversary of my 29th Birthday. In my day-to-day walk through this world I do not spend too much time looking back. I have few regrets. Sure, there are the few things that I might change but as an entire body of work I am very fortunate and have little to complain about -- no one listens anyway, not really. But on my Birthday I do catch myself looking back -- it seems that on my birthday I do spend an unfair amount of time reflecting on the previous year…the good, the bad and yes, even the ugly. And then I again look ahead with unbridled passion and enthusiasm about the next year ahead…making plans, making promises, setting goals.

I am a very (repeat 10 times…) lucky young man. I have 4 pretty grounded and responsible children. All are married seemingly in a happy relationship. Them and their spouse are employed happily doing what they have chosen to do and making a contribution to the life experience of their together existence and to the well being of those around them. They all have a home albeit sometimes too far away. They are all smiling. And I have 4 beautiful Grandchildren with whom I can play, teach, guide, hug and love. At the ages of 4-3-3 and 2 it’s like having 4 puppies. I have some of the best friends one could ask for…I golf with them, ride bikes, travel and share life --- some I have known only 10 years…a few I have known my entire life. And I have the lovely Eileen.

But perhaps most important is that I have my health --- and without my health frankly none of the above can happen. And I have my health, for the most part, because of Kenzai. Eight years ago my health was going in the wrong direction. I had been an All-American High School Athlete. I played D2 college soccer, played hockey, basketball, baseball when I was younger and softball later on. I also drank too much, made dreadful food choices and thought very little – if at all -- about nutrition.

When I turned 50 I looked hard into the mirror and was horrified with what was in front on me and who was looking back at me. It was then, September 25th 2010 that I made the commitment to make a change. In October of that year I was introduced to PCP by a co-worker Andy C and in January of 2011 I began my Kenzai journey.

PCP saved my life…I will always believe that. In 2013, 14 and 15 I slacked off and returned to some old, bad habits but the ideas of Kenzai never left me…what I had read and learned just stayed with me. Finally, I hit another point of no return and since then I have had Kenzai front and center. Yes I am not as consistent as I could be, or, should be…but Kenzai is the foundation of my fitness and nutrition. And every year it becomes more and more of my everyday existence. I’m a lifer and I cannot wait to see what this next year brings (I have some ideas!!).

Thank you to Andy C. Thank you to Patrick and Chen and to all the Trainers. Thank you to my daughter Taylor! Thank you to all my family. Thank you Kenzai Kommunity! ...let the journey continue...I can't wait to see what's in store!


I have been off the grid. Off the grid of work, life and most definitely Kenzai. I will spare you all the details but I will say that a part of it has been the frustration I have been feeling over this IRON Program. I do not like to do anything half-assed. Start something and I must finish it, somehow, someway. But I'm struggling with what I already knew...going to the gym and using free weights is difficult. Difficult because I have few options. There are few gyms where I live. There is a YMCA, one hotel gym, one free weight lunkhead space and a CrossFit. The time I have to workout is really only the morning --- that is the time I can count on to be "free" --- but the gym is too crowded. The area where I do rubber-band workouts is WIDE OPEN and available cuz most everybody is in the dance studio or in the WAIT room. I travel quite a bit and hotel gyms are not well suited for IRON. I am simply finding it difficult to get a routine going. I want to use free weights and a bah but to date I've been using Dbellz. In these first 15 days I have actually been to the gym and able to use the weight room ONCE! (keep in mind when I say use the wait room I mean to use it efficiently)...Arrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhh!

Last week this frustration lead to me straying off the exercise, poor food choices and booze. None of it to excess, just too wobbly for my liking.

So it's time to re-group and's that simple. In the words of my good friend Rowdy Ronda Rousey, "everything you are going through and everything you have gone through will be worth the struggles and frustrations."

ELMO - (Enough Let's Move On)...

So this came up on my FB feed this morning. It was an advertisement for Life Insurance. I can do all of these except one (maybe 2...a 1/4 mile swim is tough)...thank you Kenzai

🏃 Run a 9 minute mile?
🚴‍ Ride 14 miles an hour?
💪 Benchpress your bodyweight?
🚴‍ Ride 50+ miles a week?
🏊‍ Swim 1/4 mile nonstop?
👏 20 burpees in a row?
💪 Deadlift 1.5X your bodyweight?
💪 15 consecutive pull-ups?
💦 Exercise 2.5 hours a week?

Then the ad asked, "Can you do at least ONE of the above? Take advantage of your health equity." ...only ONE, seriously?

Kenzai is changing lives!

Unexpected Headwinds

At the beginning of each Program I look out over the calendar and identify those days where I know there will be diet/exercise headwinds. I am usually very good at looking ahead and planning to go through, under or around them. This session is full of obstacles...not to mention a few holidays. Most often these headwinds present themselves as diet speedbumps. This session will include...

- Several golf tournaments
- a weekend with my son and his annual golf outing with good food and better wine & whiskey
- my birthday week
- the lovely Eileen's birthday month!
- my Mother's birthday celebration (her first birthday without my Dad...ugh)
- New England Patriots vs Cleveland Browns (with several friends...)
- 2 Team meetings (one starts on Wednesday this week at Lake George NY)
- Scheduled travel to Iowa, Texas, Florida (2 trips), Colorado, Arizona and North Carolina
- A visit to NC to visit Grand-littles (combined with some work in NC)
- A visit to Arizona to visit the other 2 grand-littles (combined with some work in AZ)
- several TBD Celtics Basketball games
- Oh, and Thanksgiving

That's all I can think of at the moment in terms of what I know to be already scheduled. There will be a few unexpected headwinds I am sure.

One headwinds that has already taken me by surprise and I need to figure out is my home court gym. As a Rubber-band warrior I never noticed how busy the free weight area was. I have always worked out in a totally separate room. Walking into the "weight" room I was surprised at how busy it the early morning things are today I went into the gym at 5:30pm (after work)...even worse! So bad I had to leave...came back home and did the body-weight session. I'll go tomorrow morning --- early --- and we'll see what's going on. Bottom line having never used the weight room I need to figure out when will be the optimum time for me and my schedule.

Oh, and then there is the fact that my Achilles Tendonitis has flared up (picture)…(RICE)

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” -- John Wooden


Hola Team Denim! Anyone in the group named Levi? That would be awkward! ...whatever Scott, get on with it!

My name is Scott and my Home Base is Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts in the hahbah town of Oak Bluffs. The lovely Eileen and I are empty nesters and have been for quite some time. We have 4 children, 3 boys (Brad, Joey and Dylan) and our youngest...a girl...Taylor --- all grown and gone, married and building their own lives. ...and we have 4 grandchildren. Brad lives in Morrison CO; Joey lives in the Bronx NY; Dylan lives in Raleigh NC and Taylor lives in Tucson AZ.

I chose IRON for several reasons --- (1) It's a Kenzai program I have not yet done even 1 time. (2) and the reason I have not done it is because I have never done nor did I ever have any interest in free weights. Now I am curious --- and under the supervision of Coach Burnsie (psyched!!) and the support of the Kommunity his will be an (*&%)*^&)^ kick-[gr]ass good time. and (3) I want to get strong[er]. I will be 59 in a couple of weeks and my perspective of a stronger body overall is now less about being in shape and more about long term health.

How do I relax? What I do to relax are many of the things we are not allowed to do while on a what you want and drink wine (with friends). Seriously, I spend an unfair amount of time with family and friends talking, laughing, playing cards, chess, heads up, etc while drinking wine and eating REALLY good food that is bad for you. That's another reason Kenzai is so important and why I am so grateful to have been introduced to Kenzai, then PCP, 9 years ago. There are some other activites however that do allow me to shread, biking, hiking and being outside working in the yahd! I like paddling around in my kayak too.

This week I have been on the road and therefore I have not yet experienced the gym-bro feeling "pumping" the IRON (it's been a dumbbell week and today the bodyweight workout). Tomorrow I hit the REAL gym...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!


When did jumping rope become so damn difficult! My mind remembers but my body does not! It took me 10 minutes to do just 1000 skips, lotsa slips and frustration tho...just happy to be getting back in da'saddle!

I'm told these first workouts are the calm before the [IRON] storm. Keep'em coming I say...I need some time to brush off the cobwebs.

I'm back on the road today so workout #2 was in the hotel gym. Late night workout today so had the gym to myself --- so I practiced my grunting --- I suspect I'll need it later on in the Program so might as well get in some practice...ya know, work on the emotion and the tone!

Workout #3 and #4 will also be in a hotel (not the same one however) so I'm sure I will be needing to improvise here and there. Regardless, I'll be showing up fo'sure!

Customer golf tomorrow. NO! I will not let the customer win (just to be clear)!

It's Day 1...

It feels good to be back. After 6 weeks of no exercise, no lessons, no diet restrictions and too much wine (but was it oh so good) and lots of porch sitting with good friends plus a whole lotta fun with family and the grand-littles...I'm ready for 90 days of IRON! My body needs it. My mind needs it.

I have never lifted weights before, not seriously I am looking very forward to this Program and have been for some time. IRON has been on my to-do list for quite a while. It's nice to see some familiar faces and also looking forward to making a few new friends along this journey. 90 days is no joke so let's keep the Kommunity hummin'

Day 1 done. Hitting the road tomorrow. A few vacation pics below.

Kenzai state-of-mind...

As IRON approaches on the calendar and I start to re-establish that Kenzai state-of-mind...last week's update...

Week of August 11...
- Sunday: 18 holes Golf
- Monday: 25 miles on the Bike
- Tuesday: Member/Guest Golf Tournament...12 holes played (3-over), rained out!
- Wednesday: Customer Golf in CT (18 holes) + Workout at Hotel gym...home away from home
- Thursday: Travel Day
- Friday: 22 miles on bike plus @ home workout
- Saturday: 18 holes golf + my brother's surprise 60th birthday workout, no bike ride, but some really good wine!

Sunday and Monday of this week were exercise washouts...kettlebellz in action earlier today...3 cycles/Day 22 of daBellzONE!

Picture above: not every night is a picturesque sunset at Lambert's Cove...


The GOOD news...Kenzia Iron begins in 29 days.
The NOT-SO-GOOD news...when IRON begins the "unofficial end-of-summah" also begins. I call it the "shoulder season"

...and so the countdown begins. 29 days to Day 1 of IRON --- I'm pretty psyched honestly. I have NEVAH, not once, lifted, picked up, pulled, pushed or dropped a barbell. I have however wrapped a resistance band around one to anchor my shoulder/chest flys!

I've been enjoying my summah-break focused mostly on biking for exercise. Over the next 4 weeks, beginning tomorrow, we will have many houseguests coming and going, including our children and grand-children staying with us for the next 4 weeks. To get back in the Kenzai swing and start prepping my body for 90 days of IRON I will be:

- cleaning up my diet slowly over time
- add 2 workouts the week of Aug 11
- do 3 workouts the week of Aug 18
- 4 workouts the week of Aug 25
- ...and 5 workouts the week of Sept 1

Plus 1-2 bike rides per week (100 mile charity bike ride coming up Sept 21) and 1-2 rounds of golf/week and Matt B...maybe even a run here and there. Also, some kayaking, beaching and porch drinking (rut row). I love having a plan and looking forward to getting back to fitness business.

Summah-on everyone!


This past weekend me and 22 of my (Bike) Teammates joined forces with 6500 other riders to participate in the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC). The PMC ( is a 192 mile two-day bike ride from Sturbridge Massachusetts out to the tip of Cape Cod in Provincetown, MA. The PMC benefits Boston's Dana Farber Cancer Research Center and the Jimmy Fund (Boston Red Sox) and in it's 40 year history the PMC has raised over $700M … yes … $700M! I am a founding member of my bike team and I am very proud to say that this year we will top $1M raised as a team over our 14 year Team history...and 100% of every rider raised dollar goes directly to the Dana Farber.

The PMC has a long and storied history here in Massachusetts and being a part of this most incredible event is emotional and inspiration with lots of tears, laughs, hugs and high fives. It's a weekend that brings the human spirit to life right in front of your eyes as 6500 riders, 4000 volunteers and hundreds of sponsors and thousands of spectators all join together for 2 days to support a single eradicate cancer.

Some who might be reading this post were kind enough to support the PMC, my ride and my Team ---THANK YOU!

I also want to thank Kenzai, the Kenzai Trainers and my trainee friends and teammates. This year beginning in January I did KB3 + Ranger + Blast + some Chisel (audited the class) and because of this effort with Kenzai as my North Star I rode lighter, faster, with less effort required, more comfortable and overall significantly better overall fitness than in any previous year. And ohhhhhh what a difference. A difference during the ride and certainly a difference in recovery. This sh!t just works...again, thank you Kenzai.

So I am still on my Kenzai Summertime schedule and most of August I will be beaching, biking, golfing, grand-fathering and enjoying family and friends visiting. We will have overnight guests almost the entire month of August into Labor Day. I'll be back in FULL Kenzai spirit starting September 9th. Below are a few pictures from Pan Mass weekend.

1) Opening Ceremonies with PMC Founder Billy Starr
2) Friday night Bike Staging in Sturbridge MA
3) Saturday morning 5AM at the start line
4) Team photo at the Pedal Partner Tent - photo in the middle is Max, our Pedal Partner Buddy
5) Crowd at Opening Ceremony
6) Another Team photo on Sunday visiting my Mum
7) Photo at Mass Maritime Academy (Bourne MA) - "Living Proof" (cancer survivors who rode the PMC)
8) Sunday morning 5:30AM looking down the Cape Cod Canal
9) Map of the PMC 192 mile route (through 47 towns) to Provincetown Cape Cod
10) Mighty Max with Julian Edelman (NE Patriots)
11) PMC Finish Line
12) Party Boat heading back to Boston via Massachusetts Bay

Graduation Ghost 

Well...………….…………………………...since I audited this course I did not expect to write a Graduation Post so not sure what the Kenzai Krowd at HQ has in mind. But I am happy to jump on the blog and say again...thanks to Team Bellona! A few of us had some challenges and many stayed the course...well done! Chisel is not for the has beaten me now THREE times...holy sh!t...I will be back!

Since my departure I took a week to get my head and body back on track and have been riding my bike, mixing in a few workouts a week, 8MA and yes...even a few runs (on the beach). Also been benchpressing the visiting grand-littles. The pic to the right is my make shift chest dip set up at home! Whatever it takes, right?

Thank you again to the TEAM...again my apologies for being the dunce of the class and having to drop out. Thank you also to Trainer Sharmali...aka...Supahmum. Thanks for showing me the correct form for those Scoop Push-ups!

Hope to see you'all again!

May 31st, 2016



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