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MIA - Full Disclosure

I have been somewhat MIA since last Thursday...seems like such a long time ago. So, full disclosure...Thursday after the Day #4 workout I left for a long weekend of friends, food, drink and golf. Knowing that diet was to be locked in on Day 8 I did take FULL advantage. Friday was a one day golf tournament with HIGH SCHOOL friends, 36 of us...this is an annual event and as you can see from the picture to the left I took home the Trophy, albeit the 2nd place Trophy!!! Damn! Missed it by THAT much. The 2nd place trophy is hideous for a's second place! Whatevah...I get to keep it for a year.

Happy belated Father's Day to all the Father's out there in the Kenzai Kommunity. I celebrated by installing a few (new) storm windows, hanging a new Bird House for the lovely Eileen (my Father's Day gift to her) and oh, yes...more golf! I walk 18 holes most often and did so yesterday...can that be my alternate cardio? Hmmmmmm, not sure really cuz it certainly is not that difficult. Don't think I mentioned I missed Friday AND Saturday workout cuz, well...ya's often that way when I get started on a new Program. I usually trip and fall right away and then go strong --- that's the Plan.

0:Dark:30 this morning for A-side of the album. 14 minutes per cycle, not too too bad I guess. Although this morning was not really that tough a workout honestly I still sweated out the weekend. I'm taking it easy on the Burpees...I am doing them but at a somewhat slow pace. Last year a bad burpee strained my lower back which put me down for a bit so I'm being more careful.

Anyway, as Koach Supahmum Sharmali said...let's lock it in! Abs are made in the kitchen! I'm hitting the reset on the NBoS!

And oh yeah...I'm on my way to New Jersey for 5 days...Sales Meeting...headwinds for sure but I have a Plan...

Just a Little Extra...

It's biking season here so I'm starting to get out and about now and then but I do need to get into a routine. I have a few fundraising rides on the calendar and they are fast approaching...mileage anywhere from 50 miles in a day to 192 over a weekend. Chizz Sizzle is an intentional part to my overall conditioning and desire to move a few more El-Bees (lbs aka pounds) off this old frame.

Never have I used Strava before but did finally download it onto my phone and took it for the first spin yesterday -- after the Chizz Day 1 workout. I want to do a little extra each day so yesterday was a quick 17 mile spin. Strava said I rode 1.2 miles at an average speed of! Perhaps I need to go back and read the directions. Anyway, I'll figure it out and then can share some island rides with everyone.

Today I had the entire gym to myself (picture below)...this is the dance studio room at my hometown gym. I am hitting the road on Thursday for the next 9 days so I'll be doing Kenzai on the road (KOTR - new acronym). My destination has a great gym but diet will be challenging...but I'll figure it out. I do travel a fair amount so this is nothing new.

Day 2 was another good workout...left a puddle of sweat behind. I have struggled in the past with HT and DHT due to wobbly shoulders but today I did pretty well, was happy with my output. Finished Cycle 2 in 16 minutes including stretches. But my damn toes are hurting from those HTs! Also, I pushed out 10 Chest Dips no problem...never before have I been able to push 10 in a row and today did it twice - FTW! I blame The Ranger work earlier this year for the Chest Dip endurance.

I let a few pounds creep back on over this past month and I'm looking forward to Chizz-sizzling dat sh!t off! As my good friend Peter Cetera once said, "only the beginning..."

No Booze Streak: 1 (hahahahahahaaaa)

Chizz-Sizzle and Swizzle!

Ready, Set, GO! This will be my 3rd attempt at Chizz-Sizzle. The first time I crashed and wasn't pretty. Last year I got sick in the middle and tried to power through dice...dat wasn't happenin! So, here I am again, third time's a charm.

I'm coming off a Kenzai tri-fecta (KB3 + Ranger + Beach Blast) so I am feeling good. I do think however that I began to suffer from a Kenzai hangover during the third and fourth weeks of da'Blast but managed to finish OK...a little wobbly on the diet --- and after Blast I figured I'd get ready for Chizz-Sizzle … but alas, instead I have been having a golf + eating + drinking party with anyone who will join me. When the weather turns to sunny and 75 degrees with a cool soft ocean breeze and I have this sunset (picture at left) to look discipline often goes right down the crappah!

Anyway...I had a great day yesterday golfing, lunching, drinking with friends on the hahbah and watching the Bruins tie up the Stanley Cup series...a great day to celebrate on all fronts but now it's time to lock in and lock down. The picture below is my last IPA for a few weeks...6 weeks to be more exact. I'm needing to run this one VERY tight so hang on! Here's to you...and here's to Team Bellona.

Day #1 done and dusted! Let's Chizz-Sizzle folks!

IRL: Portland and Blast Review 

Wait...what happened to the final workout...Blast is already gone from my dash! I took a Field Trip over the weekend planning to finish BLAST this morning (Monday) and poof...BLAST is no where to be seen! Ugh! Now what? Summer class to graduate?

Spent the weekend Bike Riding, hiking up Mount Major (New Hampshire/Lakes Region) and listening to one of my favorite local bands with friends. The first show on Friday night was in Portland Maine and I managed to have a Kenzai - IRL moment with Kenzai greats (see pic to left) Kaptain Ward and Thomas...what a treat! As you can see, I am showing evidence that yes, on Day 26 and IPA or two (or, more...gulp) passed through my lips, NO REGRETS! Next morning managed to crank out 24 miles and change on the bike PLUS Blast workout #27. Then, watched my friend's High School playoff game and following the game, on our way to Plymouth NH stopped off at the base of Mount Major for a quick hike to the summit. Then, up to Plymouth for show #2 at the Flying Monkey. It was an all day affair for me to get home on Sunday so no-Kenzai...the plan was always to finish Day#28 what?!!

Beach Baby Body BLAST was a BLAST...and tough, grueling at times...but oh so effective, and efficient. I was not as chatty on the blogs as usual so I do apologize to the Team for being a bit outa touch. I did miss a few workouts due to travel, that always happens to me. The lessons I thought were particularly insightful and interesting...the days just flew past...and suddenly another month was in the rear view. I loved the simple no bands-only body weight approach. Made it so you could do the workouts almost anywhere. BLAST is the new ReBoot. Having now done KB3+Ranger+BLAST I did suffer a bit from a K-hangover but interesting that also I found my body ...AND MIND … craving exercise.

So now, after this weekend, my bike riding/training is under way...very happy about that. Chisel is next. Injury and timing have prevented me from completing Chizz-Sizzle in the past so I am looking forward to this one.

Patrick, BLAST is a winnah!

Snap, Crackle and ...POP!

My shoulders, my elbows, my wrists, my neck and now and then my back! Holy Rice Krispies Batman! Doing today's Scoop Pushups my body sounded like a percussion section in a High School Band!

Just finished Day 23. Is it my imagination or was today's workout easier than any last week? Sooooooooo many pushups and push-up variations. The other night I woke up in the middle of the night and I was in my home gym in the pushup position! Yikes!

This Program for me has been great but unfortunately I have been inconsistent...not Rainman-worthy. I have been editing, modifying and too often missing grams and workouts. But...I gotta say, for the first time in a long time I can really feel that my fitness-mind is in the right place and after KB3 and Ranger, now BBBlast I have only gained back 2lbs of the 24lbs I have lost since Jan 1...that's a win.

We have 8 days between the end of Beach Body Blast and Chizz-Sizzle (I will be signing up for the Sizz) so I will be going back to Day 20 Blast to fill the gap. That will help me to make up for the workouts I have missed. Some who read this Blog know that I do travel a fair amount but over these past few weeks it has been significantly less so...and when I am home it's become clear I am distracted! I am better at Kenzai on the road than at home! So there is a part of me that is looking forward to being away on business travel 5 of the next 5 weeks...ugh.

Today's installment of the Martha's Vineyard Beach Tour is Menemsha Beach. Menemsha is a small fishing village in the Town of Chilmark. Menemsha Harbor is home to the Island's US Coast Guard and is also the location of Chief Brody's Police Station (JAWS) - in Amity... aka Menemsha. YOu can ride into Menemsha Harbah and take a short 6 minute ride across the channel landing on the other side in Aquinnah. The "Bike Ferry" is owned and operated by the Taylor in James and Livingston. Facing North and opening into Vineyard Sound, the surf is gentle and perfect for the Littles. Guests and Residents alike visit Menemsha regularly to picnic for dinner, share wine and some laughs and wait for the sun to is one of the most inspiring views on the Island.

The picture above is more swag from my daughter's gym...#sharetheswag

How Sweet It Is...

Take a look at the picture to the left, look closely...are you kidding me...see all of those incredible 5-star pastries, cakes, gourmet cookies? What do you think I purchased? ...and how many? ...ZERO! But wow, was I in amazement just looking. (

Martha's Vineyard is coming alive this Memorial Day weekend and Sweet Bites is a local favorite...of mine and of many others...BUT not while on Program! Last night the lovely Eileen and I went out to dinner - vegetable Spring Rolls and Spicy Chicken with Vegetables...LOTS-o-veggies! 80% Kompliant and NO wine for me. Following dinner, walking to the movie theater (see picture below) we were early so we stopped into Sweet Bites...I enjoyed an Americano but NO goodies!!

The customer I look after bought a new Company (Rockwell Collins) who are based in Cedar Rapids Iowa...last week I was out there meeting with the Executives and many others ... starting to establish our relationship and introducing them to how we will be helping them integrate into their new Parent. 3 days of Breakfast meetings, catered lunches and dinners out...oh boy. I managed to make good choices but the workouts suffered...just no time so they were abbreviated. This is unusual for me as my roadtrips are most often very Kenzai-friendly...not this time. Although I am away from home again this upcoming week it is more local and I anticipate all workouts will be on point.

Excluding my golf bonanza my diet has been OK...but I am overall knowing I can get better so I am doubling down this final week. Because of my missing most of week two I do plan to extend Beach Baby Body Ready one week past the finale to meet up with June Chizz-Sizzle.

I am feeling good overall. I am knocking out more pushups than I could have ever imagined. When did I start liking pushups? The BLAST is a blast...and exhausting.

I Had Good Intentions...

What's that saying..."the road to hell is paved with good intentions...?" Well, I did finally manage to get off that road but not after 5 days of the grid with great friends, belly laughs, no exercise (except golf), poor food choices, no reading of Kenzai Lessons. There was however alotta Tom Foolery, Hyjinx and Shenanigans. I'm back on the on-ramp to Kenzai Town and the Kommunity but re-entry was tricky. Upon checking into my hotel last night I stared down the Day 16, that was a killah!

I will catching up on the lessons but not the workouts. I will pick up where we all left off however I am in detox until the very end of this very short but awesome Program. Was up at 0:dark:30 (aka 4:15am) and am writing this from the airport on my way to Iowa...yes, I said Iowa? ...really?

In the series of Martha's Vineyard Beaches the pictures here are of Sengakatocket Pond which runs adjacent to Nantucket Sound. Lot's of paddle boarding, clam digging, scalloping and kite surfing. The pond also runs up the majority of Hole #8. A challenging Par 5. Immediately left is Hole #4...another golf hole on the Senge. Also home to some of the most beautiful sunsets from the beach.

OK, back to work...see ya tomorrow friends.

Headwinds on the Horizon

Workout done and dusted today...56 minutes. I am liking these workouts...A LOT! Just under an hour, efficient, tough, sweaty, heart pumping...and a good variety. The BLAST is "wicked". 2391 skips today, not too bad overall. I do my skips in blocks of 500...then take a walk around the gym...maybe 30 seconds or so rest/recovery. 2 of the blocks today were triptastic-free!

Tomorrow begins the 16th Annual Martha's Vineyard Farm Neck Groundhog Golf Invitational & Outing. It's a long story. 15 of my closest off-islan friends will be coming to my house for a five day visit, golf, food, wine, beer, scotch, described as an ole man bachelor party but no one is getting married. Some reading this might remember a similar trip in January --- that one is always in Florida. There's often a third during the year but not as long and not as many Floggers. Anyway, loads of fun and I'm thrilled to host this event every year.

I managed to not drink 1 drink, not one, during the last golf event, and I did my KB3 workout everyday and the diet was solid. I am struggling to decide if I will take the same approach starting tomorrow. I DO NOT want to derail my efforts to date...not just since the start of Beach Body Baby but my total "body" of work (see what I did there) since January 1. Honestly, I do anticipate having several liquid fruit snacks but if I do, it will be far fewer than has been the case in the past. The diet I can manage...I have a lot of crap food in the house but I have real food too. The workouts I am going to do in the early morning in the home gym. We will see how it all goes. you all will be the first to know, I'll blog daily results...

Keep BLASTING everyone.

PS - my Dad (pictured below) had always joined me and my friends for this golf event - he knew them all well and he enjoyed their company...the feeling was mutual. He won't be here this year as he passed away last October...all of the guys in this photo and more came to pay their was so appreciated and quite moving to my Mom and siblings. This year's event is dedicated to "Papa"...


Missed Saturday's workout but not really. I worked out plenty but it was in the yard and around the house. I cut the grass, cleaned out all the house gutters (up and down the ladder multiple times) and rebuilt the front area stone wall. Topped off the day with a Mother's Day Dinner-night out which included some off-diet liquids of the red wine variety. I am OK with was a great day and a better evening with the lovely Eileen...ran into a few friends as well.

Speaking of diet, mine does not look any different than previous K-diets, kinda curious as I was expecting a significant lockdown in week 2. Only a few less Gs for breakfast and the addition of the egg white paired with morning fruit snack...SOP in programs past...something's up!

Liking the intensity of the workouts, they are tough but rewarding and on the money. My skipping has a bit to be desired --- I seem to have lost a little of my previous skipping mojo...2251 this morning. Static exercises going well...missing my bands and bellz but just a little. The BLAST part of the workout is a killah! I'm not going the full minute on most of the exercises cuz I'm losing my form and frankly it's getting dangerous --- almost had a few wipe-outs this morning!

Next up in the Martha's Vineyard Beach series is Jetty Beach, also in Oak Bluffs. This is my home beach, not the prettiest but it is right outside my front door so it's the most convenient for sure. Jetty Beach is on the "warm" side of Vineyard Sound and usually has a very low surf ideal for young children (like my Grandchildren!). The beach is located on East Chop (my neighborhood) and is adjacent to the entrance of Oak Bluffs Harbor which is on the backside of the beach. From Jetty Beach we get great views of the sunrise and during the summer days there is alotta boat activity, including the Ferry Boats from the mainland of Massachusetts, fishing off the Jetty and kayaking in the harbor. Also in view from Jetty Beach is Cape Cod Massachusetts just across the Sound.

It was a little cloudy this morning...

PS - picture below is of the lovely Eileen and our G-son Maxx about a month ago walking down Jetty Beach.

Back when I first did PCP something had dawned on me and I remember just having to Blog about it --- here it is below, and it is still sooooo very true today! Happy Mother's Day to all the K-Moms out there...
Sunday, February 20, 2011
A Shout Out to all the Moms..

In reading through all the posts and the email introductions I couldn't help but think to, there are a lot of Moms doing the PCP. Some Moms with infants, some with young pre-school children, some with adolescents and still others with teen-agers. I read where Moms are doing their workouts while their kids take a nap, or are at school, or they are working out together...!!! Are you kidding me! It's hard enough for me to just take care of myself. But let's all remember, men are mono-taskers.

I am finding the PCP to be almost another job or at a minimum another major activity that takes time...precious time. All the measuring, preparing, cooking and exercising. All of my children are grown and gone! And my dog, while sometimes a bother during my workout, is truly a PCP friend. But kids...and young children? They are so demanding and of course are the first priority. They are not on PCP-time. And let's face it, I know us Dads do help but kids want their Mom.

So to all the Moms out there who are on the road to better health and peak condition while also taking care of their children (and teaching them about good health and nutrition) hats off to you. Adding PCP to your already crazy day is truly amazing and must be appreciated. My thanks to you as well for teaching the next generation there is a better way.

Nuff said.


It's almost 9pm Thursday night. I just finished Beach Baby Day 4 workout, took me 56 minutes.

Run in place - 15 min
28 Swithfoot Jump
16 1/2 Burpee
51 Showgirl
42 Lunge/Jump/Torture Twist
12 Push-up Balancer
50 Knee-Cappahs

This was done at home, in my bedroom...we have a fairly large includes my home office, the wonderful Eileen's morning coffee/reading/napping/seating area (where she talks while I try to work...hahaha...), and a workout space...oh, and a sleeping space. Bruins - Hurricanes in the background...still watching Boston playoffs. Oh did I mention, I did this workout shortly after eating 2 small pieces of Pizza and 1 glass of wine. Certainly not the most effective workout stgrategy but I do feel a "little" better and less guilty having at least slogged through the workout. I'll be adding that to my don't-do-that-again-list.

If you will so indulge...since we are in the midst of Beach Baby-Ready...aka Man-kini, aka Beach Blast, aka Beach-a-palooza...and since I am surrounded by Beach...let me take you on a tour of Martha's Vineyard Beaches...

The picture in my previous post is State Beach; it's bout 2 miles long and where State Beach ends, Bend-in-the-Road Beach begins. Between them is the Channel opening to Sengekontacket Pond - home to the "JAWS" Bridge (pictured below). State Beach is one of 5 Beaches that make up the Eastern shoreline of Martha's Vineyard...about 8 miles of beach in total. Here you will find at any given time runners, bikers, para-sailors, kite sailing, sea-doo-ing, sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, fishing, sun-tanning...and swimming...and bridge jumping. State Beach is free to everyone, most every beach here is...just pull up and park, walk, ride your bike...whatever. Some beaches are private, we will visit them later (ssshhhhhh). State Beach faces directly East looking over Nantucket Sound and is home to some of the most incredible sunrises (which I can see from my home office, bedroom, workout room window/balcony. It is this straight of water that is the gateway to the open Atlantic for the Menemsha, New Bedford (pictured below) and Fall River Fishing Fleets.

Update: Beach Baby Day 5 workout done this morning - Beach BOOM!


Who said these Beach BLAST workouts were tough? Oh yeah, EVERYBODY! Holy Blast-man Batman! I haven't poured a bucket of sweat like this since da-Bellz --- lovin' it! But I can already tell that this Program is gunna be all COMS everyday - Continuous and On-going Muscle Soreness!

1,595 skips in 15 minutes...lots of misses. I need a new rope. I have a small break in the plastic and the wire is peeking through. Side Planks today were a bit tricky on my wobbly shoulder but overall OK. The E/W push-up, squat-thing, whatever --- was interesting...

I am liking the workouts different exercise after another. You can move quickly from one to the next. Fast paced -- 50 minutes total this morning. The BLAST portion is a blast. When did one minute become 5 minutes? ...ugh...some of these exercises a minute is tough...I didn't always keep at it for the full minute...I'll get there.

I need to dig out my swimsuit to get my first picture up, stay tuned.


All Ranger Privates report to the track, immediately! I had wanted to run the 5-mile Rangering test outdoors. I have been dreadmilling most of the Challenge but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. I tried to wait it out but finally yesterday afternoon, before the Celtics game I dreadmillled 5 miles...45:35. Here are my overall Ranger results...Day 1 (Day 28, 29 or 30...whatever)

5 Mile Run - 51:55 (45:35)
Situps - 37 (50)
Pushups - 30 (39)
Pull-ups - 1 (3...4 if you are feeling generous)

Overall I improved in every category. I also failed in every category. Remember that question about half empty or half full? I'm a half full person, always and forever, so I'll take the improvement and be happy...but, not satisfied...I can do better and hope to have the privilege of joining the Ranger - ranks again next go'round with these fine men and woman of Company K!

Now on to Beach Body Blastastic! As with the start of KB3 I again started this new Program on Day 1 doing IPA Bicep Curls...2 sets during the Celtics game and another 2 sets watching the end of the Bruins game. I have a bet in the Vegas Venetian Sports Book that Boston will hold all 4 Professional Sports Championships at the same time...Red Sox and Patriots did not let me down...Bruins are 8 wins away...Celtics? ...ugh...half full half full!!

Anyway, I am already behind and with any 28 day Program EVERY day matters so it's time to show up! So here I am. Let's hit the Beach!

Glory Days

Alarm went off at 5:20am...SOP. I rolled over - hit the snooze - SOP. Grabbed my phone and checked out the workout - SOP. Having had 1 glass of wine, one Sam Adams and a handful of choco-covered almonds the night before I felt like sh!t. DOH! Choco-covered almonds are one of my kryptonite foods. The workout called for a 3km run...plugged in "3km equals how many miles" (I should know this by now!) … answer: 1.8

I laid in bed bloated...thinking...1.8 miles on the dreadmill, damn it! Knowing if I did not get my lazy, bloated, I-don't-wanna-get-my-ass-outa-bed body down to the gym I'd regret it all day. So, I dragged myself to the gym hoping I would not hurt myself. I had just finished Fartlekking only 9 hours ago...ugh!

I decided to run a test of sorts. The pic to the left is me, yes...42 years ago. I was a HS Soccer player, college too. But in HS our Coach, the distinguished Italo Agostino (played on the Italian Nat'l Team) would not allow us to practice with a ball until we ran 2 miles in under 15 minutes. I would run to the 1 mile marker as fast as possible, then, walk for a count of 60, and run my arse off to the finish line. I can still hear Coach Italo..."HOLMES! ...14 minutes 58 seconds..."

So I decided to see if I could run 1.8 miles in 15 minutes meaning I had to come outa the gate in a sprint! What a shock to the body, muscles and! Results? Didn't make it, 1.73 miles in 15 minutes.

No ball for me today.

(PS...did 3 pull-ups last night)


Woke up yesterday 0:dark:30 and pushed out some cardio plus pushups, situps and lat swings...some stretching, breakfast and then hit the road. Landed in City #2, found my new hotel, checked in, some work and thought...I'm body was hungry for more, off to the gym and did the day's K-Life (3 sets of each)...ahhhhhhhh...that hit the spot. Ranger Double Duty...

I like this new Hotel, rooms are fresh and big and the gym is clean and well equipped...I'll be back.

My left shoulder has been feeling a little wobbly lately so I'm a bit concerned about Sunday's Final Exam but we'll see. No worries really...just a fleeting thought.

Changed up my post Ranger plan...Chisel out, Beach Ready IN! Why not...heck...I live on a Beach! So we will have a 12 hour rest in between programs. Looking out across my May calendar however I will have a few serious roadblocks to navigate...can you say golf tournament? more on that later. Need to re-focus on NOW and start to tighten things up. I'm seeing some serious effort out there in the Kommunity --- inspiring!

Fartlek-king when I get home tonight! Can't wait! Over and out...Ranger-On!

May 31st, 2016





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