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Half Empty or Half Full

Yesterday was a 7km run...or, 4.3 miles here in US. It was an ugly day outside so I went to the gym and jumped on the dreadmill. One positive of the dreadmill is that you are forced to keep a steady pace. So, I thought let's not just run, let's RUN! I set the pace at 9:13 / mile to start which is 6.5...I've never jumped out of the start at that pace. I wanted to see if I could keep up for the full 4.3 miles. Regardless my goal was to finish in under 40 minutes...see picture below.

So bottom line I did improve overall (Net/net over a 1 minute/mile improvement) ... and I was happy to feel that I still had some gas in the tank meaning I feel I could have kept that pace for the full 5 miles...we'll know soon enough.

Feeling pretty good about the run I decided to do the pushup and situps as well (no pullups) to take a measure of any improvement...answer - no improvement! In fact, I slid a little backwards! 37 change. only 24 pushups...6 fewer.

So, glass half empty or half full?


Visiting Grand-littles have seriously cut into my workout time...a few updates...

- been mixing up Ranger days to fit the schedule
- been mixing up the days so much, I'm all mixed up
- ran 3 miles yesterday, opened todays email and told to run 3 miles...doh!
- 1500 skips today and a full body KB3 whatever was a good one

back on the road again tomorrow after a 10 day we go again.

No booze streak -- huh?

Let's RANGER everyone! Oh, did TWO pullups today...ahahhhh … 100% improvement!


3.7 mile run today...fortunately, a beautiful day so no dreadmill. I usually run in silence, no music...I workout in silence too. Today however I thought hey lemme try this running with music idea. So I grabbed my BT headphones (I use them when biking indoors on my trainer), phone in hand (that felt odd) and off I went. Anything to make the plod of running better.

The wind unfortunately was howling!! I knew it would be as I could hear the wind through my home office window. I started my run with a smile (picture left) and The Outlaws ripping Green Grass & High Tides (see what I did there). GG&HT is a 9:45 song and I was running to my 1 mile marker to beat the end of the song...that would be a decent pace. But not 1/2 mile into my slog I ran squarely into a hurricane west wind. Head down I kept this sucks! Earphones kept getting blown outa my head...seriously! Had to stop a few times to make adjustments and such, screamed out a few obscenities here and there but overall I'll say it was OK...just OK. Had a little Kenzine (aka Kz on the Periodic table) tailwind to help me bring it home...

Need to step up my Ranger-ing!

So, I just signed up for the May 13 Chiz-Sizzle which takes my to end of June. ...and here's the balance of my 2019 K- schedule...

- July I will take off to focus on riding in preparation for the PMC ride in August
- IRON...starting in September through Dec 7
- Holiday Season = rest
- January 1, 2020 start a new KB Program and another 100 day no booze streak!!!


So last Friday afternoon at approximately 4pm I had my first IPA, first taste of alcohol in 100 days. That's no booze since New Years Day. I had to go one extra day due to a bottle of wine jumping in my path back on January7th. Played golf on Friday and Sunday this past weekend, post KB3 ... rainout on Saturday. Masters weekend at the local Club, Farm Neck. $75 entry fee, took home $85...won my money back at least, good start to the season!

My son, his wife Kim and their 2 boyz have been in town. Between golf, the Grand-littles and my re-entry into a world of IPA and Cabernet I have had to mix up the Ranger-cises. I've kept moving but have been mixing up the days depending on where I am and time available. Things should be back on track starting tomorrow/Wednesday.

I do not want to lose my KB3 gains so will be watching my food choices closely for the balance of this challenge and resume a low alcohol intake as well.

Picture is my buddy Max sporting his new Kevin hat!


Is today Wednesday? Did I miss Day 3? Woke up this morning and saw the Day 4 workout...dazed and confused I double-timed it to the hotel gym and pushed out 20 minutes of the elliptical with Bruno pounding in my THAT's a wake up call! I don't listen to music when I work out except when on the elliptical or dreadmill. Strength training this morning...Standard K-workout.

The dreadmill was my destiny last night for the 3km run...1.8 miles for us ugly americanos. When I run it's like my head and my legs are having a heavyweight fight...keep going, stop! keep going, stop! NO...keep going! Hey, this sucks...STOP! But when I finally do manage to get to about 1 mile or so my body AND mind kinda switch into "go faster" mode...crazy (cuz I usually start out pretty slow and comfortable) and increase the level of difficulty over the run. Instead of my usual buildup last night I threw all caution to the wind and ran with wild abandon right from the start to see if I could keep pace for all 1.8 miles. The 18 minute run to nowhere. I can go faster (but I'm not looking forward to it)…

Today is April 10, Day 100 of 2019. At midnight tonight my no alcohol challenge ends. I am booze-free for the past 94 days. On January 7th I had several glasses of wine with friends so I will not drink tomorrow either so I can say I was booze free for 100 days out of 101! 100 is just a better number than 99. Or maybe I just let it be at 99...and then next year do 100...

I'll be doing the Fartlek later tonight...


That's the Fact Jack!

First, my most humble appreciation to the Kenzai Ranger Challenge Application Committee for granting my attendance to this elite group of Kenz-athletes. Kenzai folklore says that only the "Beast Barracks" at the beginning of ones time at West Point --- affectionately known as The Beast -- is more demanding.

Coming off of KB3 I have laid a good foundation...however in the spirit of full disclosure I am NOT a runner. The last time I ran 5 miles --- meaning in a row, 1 mile immediately followed by another … times 5 --- was Kenzai Run. The time before that? ...1982...seriously, my last year of College when I was a D2 Soccer Player. Oh, put a ball out in front of me and that's a whole different story...but run just to run? ...blah! ...and pull-ups? The last time I did a pullup was in grade school. Yes, I said grade school! And my Ranger Test shows this to be VERY evident. Whatevah! wouldn't be called a "challenge" otherwise, right?

5 Mile Run - 51:55
Situps (the real kind) - 37
Pushups (no bars) - 30 (just did 30 without stopping, then collapsed)
Pull-ups - ONE! (barely)

So, lots of room for improvement lots! Gunna put my big boy Plebe pants on and do this.

Got SWAG-(ger) 

Saturday was a travel day (AZ to FL) and then time spent with Mum Sat night and Sunday (today) so I was unable to “finish” with the rest of the class. Earlier today (Sunday, April 7) I drove from my Mum’s place on the West Coast of Florida to the East Coast (West Palm Beach)…I checked in to the hotel and immediately proceeded to change into my workout gear and head downstairs to the gym…I couldn’t wait…it was like me as a child bounding downstairs the morning of Christmas. OK, maybe not…but let’s just say I was excited to hit the “I Did It” button. So I just did, holy century batman! Ouch!…but now it’s time to write…

First order of business as it is every K-Program is to thank my friend Andy C. I have not seen nor have I talked to Andy in years but it was he who introduced me to PCP in October 2010…thank you. And of course thank you to Patrick and the Kenzai-HQ-Krew who make this all possible. Kenzai works for me and I am forever grateful. Thank you to Koach Kim and AT Angela. Kim, you led me down the KB2 journey almost 4 years ago. I remember celebrating my 55th birthday on your Program by doing 5 sets of every exercise to a rep count of 11 each (excluding jumprope which I skipped 2500 skips 5x500) – that was the last time I was in real physical shape. And now you have lead me down the KB3 road, my second effort. Your commitment and passion towards your trainees is refreshing and remarkable and so appreciated by so many…and a supermum to boot! And finally of course the Kommunity, the secret sauce, the energy of teamwork and the spirit of all working towards a common goal is the fuel that keeps us on task, focused and wanting to be more healthy. This was an extraordinary group, one of the best I have experienced if not THE best frankly. Very engaged, disciplined and inspiring. Shoutouts to Janet for her wisdom and perspective, John too – the K-Power Kouple. Lissi, Kate and Silvia for the openness, honestly and integrity and also to RK for his leadership, inspiration and example of how to kick KB3-ass...and Fish also for looking in on me and also leading from the front with his K-prowess. Everyone was terrific and I appreciate those who kept an eye on me and kept me honest.

Let’s look at the numbers – These numbers below only reflect the measurements from the InBody Scan taken on Jan. 17 and then again on April 5…both in AZ, both at Taylor’s gym, both on the same machine.
Weight: 184.3 lbs to 168.1 lbs
Total Body Water: 101.9 lbs to 97.7 lbs
Dry Lean Mass: 36.8 lbs to 35.3 lbs
Body Fat Mass: 45.6 lbs to 35.2 lbs

Body Mass Index: 28 down to 25.6 (optimum = 18.5 to 25)
Percent Body Fat: 24.7 down to 21 (optimum = 15 to 20)

Lean Body Mass: 138.7 lbs to 132.9 lbs
Basal Metabolic Rate: 1729 calories to 1671

Pants size (waist): 35-inch jeans were ahhhhhh, a bit tight back in January. Now I am fitting easily into my 32’s and also the 31s (but they are a wee bit too tight for and disco dips). I have bought a few new tailor fit shirts (no, not pink) and need to visit the tailor to tidy up a few of my sports jackets…or better yet, buy a few new ones.

I have not done a 90-Day Program in quite some time, since my last KB3 experience… and this has been just what the Doctor ordered. It was a wonderful reminder of what can be. To be honest for all of the shorter Programs I have run them foot loose and fancy-free, wanting to better “simulate” real life…my results were mixed and as you know from the start of this KB3 I had allowed myself to get old and sloppy…again! I came into KB3 with the mindset that this was my Kuster’s Last Stand…I was going to get “back” to where I should be and then GD-it, stay there!!! I’m close. Overall I am very pleased with the results however I do still most definitely have some mass to move and shed still…another 5-6 lbs minimum and I want to get all the numbers in the “zone”. I’ll be doing the Ranger Challenge next which I expect will tighten up this ole bag-o-bones another notch or two, then I have my eye on Sizzle Chiz. Both the Chiz and Ranger’in came off the calendar last year due to injury so I’m amped up to giv’em both a go.

The final photo shown here is purposely taken in the same place as my starting photo…at Taylor’s house – I’m pleased with the before/after (side-by-side pic below)...and so is my health and wellness driven daughter Taylor. We all do this of course for ourselves but honestly I also do it cuz I want to play with my grand-littles forever! I think every other weekly photo was in my hotel room bathroom mirror.

Oy vey, the travel schedule during this round of Kenzai was particularly busy…I knew it would be. I was on a plane 11 of 13 weeks with 2-3 cities per week usually – I got a little haggard these past couple of finishing weeks. I missed a dozen of the workouts, most due to travel and I intentionally chose this time NOT to make them up…just move on with the Program…I learned that I prefer that approach. I read all the lessons --- I always do. The education we get is priceless. Diet was a B...maybe a B+ (added + for effort). Being on the road as I was I didn't gram very well and timing was often difficult. Dinner was the biggest miss but like I said I made good food choices at least. …and other than my Day 1 head first plunge into a glass of wine or three I have been booze free since January 1 and will continue to be so until April 11, day 101.

Despite all of this goodness I am especially pleased to have had the feeling that maybe, just maybe this time, I might be on a path and a true mindset to sustain, maintain and even improve on this new baseline of mind, body and spirit I have managed to deliver in this KB3 experience. I am feeling like I have crossed the chasm. Hmmmmm, only took 8+ years!! Over my Kenzai lifetime being on Program is the easy part…it’s being off that is the most difficult…at least for me. Whatever Patrick and Co dish out I will do and do it with passion and enthusiasm but when left on my own --- I fail to keep the rigor and discipline needed and slowly watch my investment in health and wellness sink into the red. Something about this time feels a little different…

By the way, FINALLY managed to get some SWAG (see photo), albeit from a different gym, The Foundry (Taylor and Keegan Harris-Holmes; Proprietors) Foundry - 1 … Kenzai - 0

Thank you to all! OK Ranger Sir…BRING. IT. ON.


So here we go again...the end of another Program...well, that too but I mean another airplane, another city, another timezone. This time however it is a combination of work (in Phoenix) and family (in Tucson). The lovely Eileen is here with me. Currently sitting in my daughter's kitchen working, everyone is still asleep. The place will be jumping with grand-littles in about an hour or two...Taylor should be up shortly. I love these trips, I miss my kids. For those reading this who have children still living at home, cherish EVERY moment and give them an extra hug today...

Thanks to all for indulging my #TBT's been an interesting trip down memory lane and has reminded me why I do this Kenzai-thing in the first place. It has taken quite a while for this all to sink in frankly but I think after 8 years I may have just started to understand how to make this a lifestyle. Lots of promises made to myself and broken over these years (healthwise) … that has to change. Health and wellness are too important.

The post below from 8 years ago is about the PMC (Pan Mass Challenge) --- our Team still rides in it every year. This year (August 3-4) will be my 14th consecutive ride. I plan to keep riding the PMC until my body says I no longer can.

The Team picture below is from one of our rides in New Hampshire/Maine...
Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Now the Training Begins...PCP to PMC!

I can't wait for Saturday. It will be my first outdoor ride of the season. I'll be meeting up with a dozen or so of my friends and we'll spin out 25 miles or so. Can't wait. Why? I am 29 lbs lighter! What is it going to feel like to ride being so much lighter?

Saturday begins training for me to again ride the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC). From PCP to PMC. The PMC is a 2-day 192 mile bike ride to benefit cancer research. It is the biggest athletic oriented fund raiser in the world! Last year the PMC donated $33M to the Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute in Boston - one of the world's best. Over the 31 year history of the PMC the riders have raised and contributed over $300M!!! 100% of all rider-raised money goes directly to the Dana Farber. I am also riding a charity event for MS (150 miles) and a few others but the Pan Mass is the grand-daddy of them all and my personal favorite. Our team is looking to raise $1,000,000. over 10 years and we are a little over halfway in 5 years time. The event is extraordinary and very inspirational. Take a look ---

Footnote; last year the PMC presented a check to the Dana Farber for $56M...the total over the life of the PMC has topped $650M!!!



Some reading this blog "may" remember the late, great Johnny Carson and his character Carnac The Magnificent (see picture below). Was Johnny channeling our own Kenzai Grand Pubah, Patrick? Is Patrick actually Carnac? Should we all start referring to the Founder of Kenzai as Patrick The Magnificent...ok...did I go too far? But seriously, remember the skit? Carnac would hold up an envelope, touch it to his head and then announce the ANSWER. Then, he would open the envelope, remove the sheet of paper inside where the Question was written!

How is it that when we read the Daily Lessons it's VERY likely that it is something we have just experienced, or we were just thinking about, or, we recently witnessed or something we have been feeling! You all know what I am talking about! It's scary! How does Carnac...I mean Patrick do it?

It happened to me again today! After reading all of the trends and stats about obesity, being overweight, bad food choices, etc I find out that THIS (see picture above) has been installed in our office! Really? Where is the apple dispensing machine?

Day 86 DnD. Haven't been jumping rope lately...subbing out different cardio choices instead. Today I went for a 2-mile RUN to warm up for the workout. Yes...I said run --- outdoors. Sunny but only 40 degrees...brrrrrrrr. I am not much of a runner but need to get in the running mindset for the upcoming Ranger Challenge. ...and I do the Tire Run instead of the speed rope as a sub for the skipping. Good workout today overall, feeling good as we sprint down the home stretch. C'mon folks...let's run through the tape.

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land amongst the stars" -- Les Brown


Home Stretch & QOTW

I just finished a grrrrrreat workout – was feeling very strong throughout…I think because I had taken two days off. I had an off week at Kenzai…I was outa sync with my non-routine routine. Everything was just a little off. It was a new hotel for me…I had never stayed there before and although my preferred chain, the property was old and dated, the rooms dark and the furniture a bit ragged. The menu was just OK for breakfast, I made due but the dinner menu was terrible with very little Kompliant anything…fruit was about it. And the gym…OMG…ugh, what a freakin’ disaster…just awful. I did all the workouts in my room which while not ideal worked out OK.
I knew since Friday was a travel day I would not get the workout done. I did not do the workout on Saturday either. Frankly my body has been feeling a bit beat up. KB3 + YSBs + extra cardio + 8MA I think was a bit too aggressive a schedule and I had to back off. I don’t like doing that but I think it was the right thing to do. I was starting to feel a little bit like ELMO. No, not the furry red muppett! ELMO = Enough Let’s Move On! …and my attitude about the whole thing was starting to sway towards the valley of doom…so I took an extra day to collect my energy and Kenthusiasm. Today I woke up feeling very refreshed and hungry for some exercise. I walked 18 holes (Pre-season) in a howling wind carrying my bag and then came home and did the Saturday workout…already packed for Monday morning at the home court gym!

I have a wonderful 2 weeks ahead of me. I’ll be traveling this week to AZ – leaving on Wednesday. I will be combining some work in PHX with visiting my daughter and grand-littles in Tucson. What’s cool is I will do my Thursday and Friday workouts in my daughter’s new gym (that they just opened)…and I will be taking my 3rd InBody Scan on Friday --- so I’ll be posting new and final numbers over the weekend. I will leave on Saturday for Tampa where I will visit my Mum…then I’ll head over to the Florida East Coast late on Sunday – West Palm Beach – for 3 days of work. I fly home on Thursday April 11th and it’s Opening Day (Golf) on Friday April 12th. I’ll be taking Friday off and including the weekend I will play 3 days of golf. I will also on April 12th have my first drink since I fell off the KB3 no-alcohol rule. Fortunately, if you recall, it was on DAY ONE (January 7th) so it was a very short fall.

QOTW – To wake up as a master of something would be dependent on my age…meaning, if I were to have answered this Question 10 years ago it would be very different than it is today. And even moreso 20 years ago…my answers would have ranged from a professional Golfer, professional Soccer Player, a professional musician, a Psychiatrist specializing in kids issues and maybe a few more. But since I am answering this question TODAY I will say to be a master of the saxophone. In my musical history I have played the piano, the guitar, the saxophone and my best instrument was the Trumpet. None of them do I play anymore and have not done so for years and years. I was never very good at the saxophone but it was in fact my grandmother’s favorite instrument. I had once made a promise to her that I would play happy birthday (can’t get much easier) for her…she passed away before I could fulfil that promise so I always thought I would re-learn the Sax and go to the cemetery on her birthday --- I should do that.

No Booze streak – 83 days (since Jan 1st, no booze for 89 days)…Day 100 will be April 11th
8MA – FAIL. Gave up on EVERY day so doing every other day…need to get back on track
YSBs – FAIL. I stopped 7 days ago (Day 15) after feeling a little “twanggggggg” in my lower back. Recall it was the burpee that almost knocked me outa KB3 many weeks ago I thought maybe this was not such a good idea…not right now. But I like the YSBs so I'll be doing them now and then...
Extra cardio – most every day…but not every day. But I do like doing extra cardio at night.

So, what’s next? Ranger Challenge. It starts up almost immediately following the end of KB3 so that’s perfecto-mundo!

"A fit, healthy body-- that is the best fashion statement." --JC Scott



The Finish Line is in sight…we have been on this journey for 80 days…10 days to go. 10 more workouts, 10 more lessons, 10 more days of eating clean. But is this the end? Or instead…is it really just the beginning? I guess that is up to each of us. I’d like to think I believe it is the beginning…a new beginning --- it’s actually something I have been thinking about for some time now and will be the subject of my graduation post (yes, I do plan to graduate).

This has been a difficult week so far, my ability to gett’r all done has been hindered by early mornings and later nights than usual. This is a new hotel to me and while I looked at the gym pictures on line the place frankly is a dump so I have been doing the exercises in my room, running in place v skipping rope. Last night was very late when I returned from dinner and after waiting an hour for my food to digest (kinda) I managed to finally talk myself into doing the workout. I was wiped out and only managed to finish half the assignment. After the Century Floss I skipped ahead to Abs and then went to bed. So half the workout done. Overall food OK. I have not been eating the right grams, no pre/post workout food as prescribed, poor timing...but no bad food choices...real life.

I’ll be doing Day 81 tonight, hopefully not as late. It won’t matter…I gotta get it done. Tomorrow is a long travel day and looking ahead I’m likely if not certain to miss the workout. My thinking is to get up early, get in some cardio, YSBs, 8MA and some stretching…then head off to the airport for a marathon return home...

Below was 8 years ago as we closed in on the finish line of KB1...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Al Pacino (Lt. Colonel Frank Slade) - Scent of a Woman! This is a common cry of achievement and satisfaction often spoken mostly by those in our beloved and forever strong US Marine Corp. It's also what I yelled out last night after an awesome workout. In fact what was funny was that I had the tunes blasting in my head for an hour grunting and groaning and once in a while I caught the eyes of by-standers looking over in my direction probably thinking, "what gives with that's only a rubber band."

Actually, alot of good things PCP-wise have been happening lately...

1) 3 outstanding and great feeling workouts in a row. How do I know? Because when I wake up I am *&^&^%*( sore as hell! And I LOVE IT!
2) Jump roping to music is fantastico. Find the right songs and just skip into never-never land
3) Not doing all the sets but am doing as many as I can till failure...feels good.
4) I recommend NOT doing squats till will not finish the workout until next Tuesday.
5) I found a little deli around the corner from my NYC hotel tucked away in a corner that prepares and sells fresh cut, raw veggies in the morning! ...and they hard boil eggs too! So, a pile of veggies, 1 egg, 1/2 whole grain bagel dry and yogurt. My new favorite breakfast joint.

Let's keep charging strong to the finish line "gang" (my 8MA imitation). We MUST run full steam through the tape.

"The only way of finding the limits of the things we believe to be possible is by going beyond them into what we once believed to be impossible." - Arthur Clark

Picture - meeting yesterday... doing email? IM? FB? taking notes? Sleeping?



When will this end? No, not KB-3…this insane travel schedule I am on …and have been since the new year. Of the 59 business nights since Jan 1 I have slept in a hotel 40 of them. Then, add several weekends during KB3 where I have been visiting my kids and grand-littles it’s obvious that being at home has been rare. But that said, I am VERY fortunate to be able to combine some family with work during my travels so no complaints allowed! I will say that business travel does keep me focused. I found myself thinking --- dare I say that traveling helps keep me more Kompliant versus less so. At least when it is work-related.

So why stop now? For these final 2 weeks of KB3 I will be on the road…surprise! Today the lovely Eileen and I are heading off-island to go watch another Boston Celtics game (v San Antonio)…we are staying overnight in town and then I’m heading off to Cedar Rapids Iowa on Monday morning for a 3-day workshop with my customer…another 3 day-er locked in a conference room…awesome. This meeting however is in front of and with my customer so at least it's not the Internal Meeting BS like last week (oh, and the week before!) I’ll be coming home next Friday but then off again on April 3 heading to Arizona, then PHX…to Tampa FL then West Palm Beach FL…returning home again on April 11. So for the next 19 days I will be away from home for 13 of them. I’ll be finishing KB3 in Florida.

The pictures below are of my home town gym. It is without a doubt a home court advantage for me because most often, probably 90% of the time I go there is NO ONE there. When I go in the mornings I am the one usually turning the lights on in the Men’s Locker Room. 3 workout spaces downstairs (pictured here - cardio room, free weights and stretching space) and a cardio room upstairs, spinning room and a pool. It’s a fabulous space(s). Picture to the left is me yesterday. I have always felt that your body sweats first where the fat is! So obviously I still need to relocate/lose some fat deposits.. Hip grips, MBs and a little more waistline need to go…it’s a long game strategy.

QOTW: I’ll say 45. (I’ll be 59 this year) That’s the number (the age) that first came into my head…but honestly that’s just a number. I might be being a little aggressive but when I am on top of my diet and staying true to regular exercise I feel soooooooooooooooooooooooo much better overall. Better sleep, more energy, positive attitude, more attentive to everything, feel stronger and more alert --- dare I say unstoppable! …we all know these are K-byproducts.

Well, gotta go! It’s time to pack!


#TBT - I am a PCP'er

Spent the last 2.5 days in a Conference Room (see pic) that was fun! Worse...the meeting was at a Hotel/Casino...(see other photo below). Headwinds? ...not really. Avoided the gambling, the excess drinking, the bowling...the casual at-the-bah gathering. Spent my off time in my room or in the gym (went twice per day). Yup, booorrrrrrring! Food was off a little cuz being unfamiliar with the hotel it was not clear where to find Kompliant meals...I ate the right food for the most part, just not at the right time or the correct amounts. The snacks for the meeting were garbage … chips, cookies, brownies...the normal corporate meeting BS. I found fruit.

Had to extend my trip this week by a day due to a meeting on Friday morning...I had planned to be home...bummah. Just finished my workout (it's almost 9pm) and holy leg-day Batman, seriously? Two-thirds of the way through the workout my legs felt like a new born fawn --- barely able to walk without all dat wobbly sh!t. Can't believe I gotta get up in 7 hours and do it again!

Sunday, March 27, 2011
I am a PCP-er

I am a PCP-er and here are my tools;
Jump rope, resistance bands and vegetables for fuel.
No sugar, no salt, only black coffee or tea;
No processed food or red meat...are you kidding me?

I'm eating vegtables and fruit, foul and fish;
Nothing artificial, just REAL FOOD on my dish.
No beer, no wine, not even desert;
No social life, no restaurants, only exercises that hurt!

Sit-ups, pullups, V-sits and Davinci;
I thought he was a painter...silly me.
Pistols, presses, planks and creeps;
No pain, no gain then off to sleep.

So what's the result of all this to date;
Down 24 pounds and in a better mental state.
4 inches off my waist, feeling stronger, sleeping better
My energy is at its highest level ever!

So many things I feel that have changed,
My priorities clearly have been re-arranged.
Exercise is now more important to me;
And a good, healthy diet is clearly the key.

And I have made some new friends along the way;
I hope to actually "see" them someday.
I'm amazed when I think about how simple this has been;
A little commitment plus common sense and simple disci-pline.

My life has been touched in such a positive way;
I wake up looking forward to every day.
Do not be fooled however and think this will end;
It's really the beginning of a new life, Amen.

I am a PCP-er...

We are soon to be rounding the corner boys and girls. Now is the time to crank it up.

No Booze: 79 out of 80 days since Jan 1 (streak = 73 days)
YSBs - 11 / 11 days (broke'em up into 2 groups today 5 then 6)
8MA - I've decided to do 8MA every other Abs have been screaming for a break
Extra Cardio - I'm doing extra cardio when I can fit it in (4-5 days/week)


PS...0:Dark:30 … w/o DnD!

By The Numbers...

Week 10 was a good week...probably as good as it gets. Good workweek and #Kenzaistrong. All workouts done, all sets, all reps, all exercises. And the midweek workouts were in NYC 0:dark:30 style, empty gym...gett'er done! Diet was good. Did not eat all the right grams, at all the right times, but always the right food. Kept fruit close by at all times and with "meeting meals" always went for the salad with various proteins. Nothing fancy, kept it simple. Came home to an indulgence meal on the road with the lovely Eileen. I did not unfortunately get a picture but we split a Rice Pudding and also a small Tiramisu. ...I would usually have had a booze indulgence by now but nope, not this time 'round. I continued the indulgence with some popcorn at the Saturday afternoon Celtics game...ugh, too much salt of course. Overall, feeling good, feeling strong...ready for the KB3 finish. Team Buffalo (Trace)!

My daughter Taylor and her husband own a Fitness Company - The Foundry. They both hold a number of personal trainer certifications, Taylor is focused on health and nutrition , both are life coaches and both do also lead small groups of trainees both in their brick and mortar building(s) as well as outdoors "on location" (Bootcamps in a Park). In their gym the have an "InBody Scan" machine and early in this Program (Jan 17) I stood on the machine and got the readout. They have a second machine at a second gym location and on March 8th I did it again to compare. (not sure if the 2 machines are calibrated the same but close enough...kinda like measuring K-diet-grams) … and, I will be back in early April and will do this again on April 5 (Day 89 I think) so I will get a final readout to make the the feedback!

Featured Picture today (to the left) are my Body Composition Progress Numbers. I have more work to do in these last few weeks (and beyond) but overall I am making good progress.

Some highlights...
- down 20lbs. according to Home Scale
- Total Body Water: down almost 6 lbs
- Body Fat Percentage: down 2.2%
- Lean Body Mass: up 12 lbs
- Basal Metabolic Rate: down 329 kcals

Other pics below include: Taylor and Keegan at their gym...

Workouts are long but rewarding. My back is feeling 99% most every day. I am continuing weekly massage therapy and hot baths + stretching. I have extended post workout stretches to 20's magical (thank you Koach Kim)

No Booze streak - 70 days (75/76 since Jan 1)
KB3 Daily Exercise - 63/70
8MA - 6 of 7 days done since reset. I needed to give my Abs a break on Day does Watson keep doing it!
+1 Challenge - 7/7 YSBs since reset (had to do a make-up yesterday...days 6 and 7)

Where's Waldo?

Week 11 - Connecticut (only 2 nights...woooooo-whoooooo)
Week 12 - Cedar Rapids Iowa (4 nights)
Week 13 - Phoenix AZ (and of course...Tucson) - (3 nights plus the weekend and then to FLA through April 11)

This seems to me a very appropriate Kenzai Kwote..."It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop" -- Confucius



Day 2 in NYC all Day Planning Meetings. Day 2 --- 4am wake up call...happy I don't do this EVERY day. ...but it is nice to hit the "I Did It" button and 5:45am.

Below is this week's #TBT from Day 63 eight years ago during PCP. Hang in till the end for a Lesson from our fearless leader Patrick...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Photos, New Scott, New Life...

How have I changed?   Let me count the ways...

1.  I have lost 22lbs.
2.  No more headaches (at least not for the past 63 days)3.  So much more energy.
4.  Staying up later at night, not feeling tired...AT ALL.
5.  Improved attitude
6.  Pre-PCP I was noticing a feeling of increased irritability...that's GONE!
7.  I am stronger, I can jump higher and feel "quicker".
8.  Have lost 3+ inches off of my waist.  NONE of my pants fit anymore.
9.  I am noticing a lot of people eating really bad food.
10.I am waking up looking forward to the day with a renewed enthusiasm and enjoyment...
11.I feel as though I have taken back control of my eating habits and drinking.
12.I am ENJOYING food and really notice the difference

But perhaps the most incredible PCP related feeling I have had recently was during a conversation with friends that included my wife Eileen.  After being asked 3 times (wink) I started to describe some high level aspects of the PCP to my friends.  They asked many questions.  At one point Eileen chimed in...she explained to them how at first she was skeptical.  She was actually a little angry at Patrick for not supplying diet information before we started the program because she was unable to prepare.  I think she thought we were going to be eating nuts, berries and twigs.  Anyway, Eileen started describing the resistance bands, the diet, the discipline.  She said she was very proud of me and also said that she feels like she has her husband back!  We talk more and laugh more...She described how we were enjoying each other more than ever in many ways.  Not that things were bad, or, a problem...just that she has seen a welcomed improvement in BOTH our lives and she felt PCP was playing a key!

PCP has restored some very healthy work/life balance.  This continues to be life changing.

Then, a few days later in this Blog Patrick commented, "It's great to catalogue these changes every few weeks, because you'll soon take your newfound energy and strength for granted." --- damn, he is right again. Just like the Daily Lesson that shows up and the perfect time (kinda freaky odd isn't it?). I did not think it then, but he was right...I did (over a period of time) take it for granted. Yet another valuable lesson a-la Kenzai.

Happy Thursday everyone. Let's kick ass today!

Picture is NYC Gym (24/7 FTW!)

May 31st, 2016





Kenzai Body
Kenzai Body

Kenzai Body 2
Kenzai Body 2


Kenzai Body 3
Kenzai Body 3

Kenzai Run 10k
Kenzai Run 10k

Kenzai Reach
Kenzai Reach

Kenzai Kettlebell
Kenzai Kettlebell

Kenzai Kettlebell 2
Kenzai Kettlebell 2

Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready
Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready

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Kenzai Chisel

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Kenzai Iron