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Scott H.

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Waking up in Manhattan, New York City...pretty easy week really...FY20 Team Planning.

4am - wake up - in the gym by 4:20/4:30am
6:15am - breakfast and some email
8am - meeting begins (don't be late)
5pm - meeting ends
6pm - Team dinner (don't be late)
9pm - back to room, 8MA & YSBs, extra cardio
10pm/10:30pm - in bed

Lather, Rinse, Repeat x 3


A Long Day, Plan B

Long, long, lonnnnnnnnngggggggg travel day yesterday. ...and I came home to snow (see left... c/o Vineyard Colors...this house is just down the street)

0:dark:415am wake up call - taxi to Tucson Airport
6:30am flight to Dallas ... delayed 30 minutes (no big deal)
10:45 flight DFW to BOS...delayed almost 3 hours...this is a big deal
6:10pm arrival in Boston --- my Cape Air flight home left at 6pm ... rut row!
7:20pm - 2 hour Bus ride from Airport to Woods Hole Ferry (The B in Plan B stands for Bus)
9:45pm Ferry Boat to home
10:45pm - walk in the front door
10:46 - watch the Celtics finish off the Lakers
11:30pm in bed...oh, and it's daylight savings time...sweet!

This trip was 11 days, longer than most but that was mostly due to my being able to bookend the trip with visits to my oldest (Brad, see previous post)) and then my youngest (Taylor) and the grand-littles (pictures below). And while in San Diego managed to also squeeze in a Kenzai IRL sighting and rendezvous with Kenzai legend & superstar --- Watson...what a treat that was, lots of laughs and stories (also pictured below).

Travel this week really derailed my workouts. Thursday was a scrambled up travel day and a last minute client dinner nixed Day 60. Day 61 I intentionally scrapped the workout in favor of time with the grand-littles. During my 36 hour fly-over visit we built puzzles, played soccer, went to the park, enjoyed the Children's museum, rode bikes...and of course we trampolined. In fact we trampolined so much I think my L3 and L4 are now one-in-the-same....good decision on my part to skip the workout. And Day 62? Well, you just read about my Day 62. So the fallout is no workout 3 days in a row. Diet however was ultra right and tight. No breakfast or dinner carbs was not that bad by the way (breakfast carbs are back this week). Lots of Protein and veggies on board.

Now in days past, in programs past, missing a workout meant finding time to gett-er done and check the box. But interestingly enough not this time...I am at peace with it...what an odd feeling. I am not pouting for a change, no whining nor complaining nor feeling bad about it. I am in fact feeling very good about being able to put this behind me and move on, move forward, look ahead to what will be an epic week 10! (and beyond).

Tonight I will hit the bike for the 45 minute free cardio and then in the morning I am in my home town gym - home court advantage! ...yes! Although I will be away Tuesday-Friday night this week I will at least be in the Eastern US Timezone! ...and finally, I am also hitting the reset button on 8MA, extra cardio and +1 Challenge YSBs.

But saying it and DOING it are two very different things. 28 days of greatness lies ahead for all of us if we make that choice. As my good friend Ben Franklin said, "Well done is better than well said!"

No Booze - 68/69 since Jan 1 (Streak = 61)
Exercise daily - 62/69
8MA -
YSBs -



Without going into the details the last couple days have been a bit of a challenge. My travel schedule, plus late nights and early mornings have knocked me a little outa my rhythm. I "could have" stayed on track but that meant a 0:dark:30 wake up and frankly I have been in need of some sleep training...couldn't do it so now I am behind (missed Day 60). I will make it up on Sunday. But wait, I was gunna swim on Sunday!! Can I do both? ...and I have a massage at 11am! (yeah poor me huh?). Since I did not workout yesterday I did keep the diet extra right and tight. I missed my double down commitment and the +1 Challenge as well so I gotta squeeze those back in too.

I do think the Time Zone roulette I've been playing lately finally caught up with me. Feeling a bit run down so I'm going to be OK with some extra sleep and the resulting juggling around of workouts. I should be back on track in a few days just in time to close out KB3 with a mad sprint to the end.

I'm waking up this morning in Tucson AZ --- where I am visiting my daughter and grand-littles, Kaden and Kai --- how lucky am I. These little guys do remind me why I Kenzai. Interesting thing happened yesterday afternoon...the boyz and I were trampolining for about 45 minutes jumping, chasing, running, etc. When we finished I realized how "fresh" I was feeling. Then I remembered that 60 days ago in earlier January when I was here with them and we were trampolining how winded I was, huffing & puffing, and honestly feeling like I was going to fall over...and I was sweating and uncomfortable...not yesterday, easy-peasy! Thank you Kenzai!

QOTW - what food is my Kryptonite? I could answer any one of many things...Peanut M&Ms, Pizza, Wine & Cheese...these all come to mind quickly. But if I have to narrow it down the best answer would be chocolate covered almonds. I know they are BAD but sometimes the force is overwhelming!

No Booze streak - 60 days (66/67 days since Jan 1)
Daily exercise - 62 of 67 (since Jan 1)
* 8MA - 2/3
* +1 Challenge (SpideyUPYahoos) - 2/3

* Need a make up day strategy



Dateline: March 7; San Diego, CA...coming to you from the Hotel Lobby before heading off to the airport. Here's another throwback from 8 years ago...

Absent-minded PCP-er...

Ugh...there is a very PCP friendly deli on 52nd street in New York City which is in between my hotel and my office - in between 7th Avenue and the Avenue of the Americas.  Fresh hard boiled eggs, lots-o-fresh cut veggies and great homemade whole wheat bread.  Lots-o-fresh fruit too.  I stock up on my way to the's fabulous.  It is now a regular stop and will be for a long time.

Funny thing happened this morning on my way to the office...

As I exited the deli a dreadful thought overcame me...could I have?  Did I?  ...nah - I couldn't have...could I.  But where?  I don't remember where I put them.  I can't recall seeing them anywhere?  I don't remember carrying them upstairs...let me think...oh-no...ugh.....................I did.  I left my resistance bands and jumprope in the gym last night!  It was too late to go back.  I had a meeting to get to and I had people arriving at my office in 45 minutes...there was just no time to go back.  So tonight when I got back to my hotel I went right to the gym...bummer...nothing.  Went to the front desk ------- nothing.  Went to my room and slouched on the couch.  I felt like I had lost a best friend.  Boy, am I stupid.

Now I have left many things behind in my day...cell phones in a cab, laptops on a plane, books in the men's room, luggage in the overhead compartment, coats at The Capital Grille...even left my wedding band on the back of a jeep one day and drove off!  Well...I was in Hawaii and I was putting sun screen on and didn't want my hands to be all slippery - I didn't want my wedding ring to slip off my finger - you understand don't you?  All of these things (and there are more) are very important ----- but this?  This is my jumprope!  Ugh...

After 1/2 hour of pouting around the room I decided to go downstairs to the gym anyway.  I brought my iPod and jumped around pretending to skip rope...I jumped to 4 - 5 minute songs.  I mixed in some jumping jacks, some side steps, a few boxing punch sequences...I felt like I was back in dance aerobics - awesome!  Then I used weights instead of the bands.  Did the Ab stuff and wah-lah...Workout # 61...done!

Nothing can stop the absent-minded PCP-er...

Excuse me, can you tell me again what my room number is?

In Search of ABS...

Booooooooo-Yaaaaaaaaaaaa...Day 57 an AWESOME workout today...loved it, loved it, loved it. Just felt strong and much so that after saying no --- to myself --- regarding Robin's SpideyYahoo +1 Challenge...I did it anyway (after the stretches) for one! I'm gunna regret this Robin! Seriously, it was like Mission Impossible this morning...wake up, open up my laptop and..."...this challenge, should you wish to accept it" ...ugh! Why not?! It's on like Donkey Kong!

I was planning on adding some extras on my own anyway...and still will. I have mentioned "double down" a few posts ago and beginning now, this final third of the Program, it's time to walk the talk...I am naming this part of KB3, "In Search of ABS!" Why? ...why not?!!'s how it will go...

Morning = Dynamic Stretches from REACH, then the daily workout plus Robin's +1 SpideyUpYahoo Challenge
Evening = 30 Minute extra cardio, 8MA and 20 min of REACH stretching
Diet - get it right and tight!

All of this begins TODAY! 3 Days earlier than planned btw cuz of this GD SpideyYahooThingy...geesh! That's OK...I need to move some mass this back 9 --- spare tire, hip grips and MBs...BE GONE!

Pics are from the Denver Stair Climb yesterday...1098 steps, 56 floors...14 minutes/34 seconds, $600 raised for the American Lung Association.

PSA from Chad Kroeger -- songwriters often say it best...
"Against the grain should be a way of life
What's worth the price is always worth the fight
Every second counts 'cause there's no second try
So live like you're never living twice
Don't take the free ride in your own life"

No Booze - 61/62 since Jan 1
No Booze Streak - 56 Days
Daily Exercise - 59/63
SpideyUpYahoo - 1/1


PS...It was 0 degreesF in Denver yesterday...what is that in C? wowzah! Woke up in Phoenix...much nicer ... 75 degreesF!!


Many of you know I spend a fair amount of time away from home --- mostly work related. You might also have read in a past blog or two that the lovely Eileen and I have four kids that live in different parts of the country (US)-- (Colorado, Arizona, New York and North Carolina) so when I travel for business I can usually find a way to fit in a kid-visit now and then. This week (and next) is one such time...

I am coming to you today from Denver CO, been here since Wednesday. I am here for a little work but mostly family. This weekend is the American Lung Association Fight For Air Stairclimb (in Denver's Republic Plaza building) and we are here to support our daughter-in-law...Brooke. No hotel gym here so I will be having to improvise. There is a dreadmill in the basement, a couple of yoga mats and some hand weights of various shapes, sizes and colors and of course I have my rope and bands. I will make it work. One thing I will miss is sharing a few local IPAs with my son Brad...there are some fab brewhouses here in the Denver area (they live in Morrison).

Sunday night I will be flying to Phoenix for business on Monday/Tuesday and then onto to San Diego for a few meetings on Wednesday/Thursday...two new hotels, two new hotel gyms. I had planned to zip up to SFO to maybe meet up with the Kenzai Krew but unfortunately can't make it happen...damn, so close but I'll be back.

Friday/Saturday I will be visiting my daughter and her family in Tucson. My daughter Taylor and her husband own a gym (actually two) --- yup, Health & Wellness/Life Coaching too so I will likely just work out in their gym on Friday. Taylor says she has a surprise for me so we'll see...I will report back Looking very forward to seeing the grand-littles.

So, I'm in the beginnings of an 11 day trip...I return home March 9...when I get back to my own bed I think there will be less than 30 KB3 days to go. Really need to stay focused as my travels will continue to be fairly heavy throughout the month of March. Week of Mar 11 - NYC. Week of Mar 18 - Team Meeting at Foxwoods Casino in CT (3 days). Week of March 25 - Cedar Rapids Iowa. Week of April 1 - TBD (home is the plan). Week of April 8 - West Palm Beach (work and to visit Mum) plus MASTERS Golf. Whoa, I'm exhausted.

I gotta say this KB3 journey has been good all around and all made possible by Team Buffalo and the Program Kommunity in general. What a great group...passionate, supportive, funny, creative and Kommited to the goal ahead. Thank you. I can see the final pole on the horizon and that means the home stretch is just ahead...

35 days remain and I am looking forward to each one meaning I want more progress.  I feel like I broke through the slump and am on to the next K-challenge --- so bring it on Patrick...gimme all you got.

No booze since Jan 8 - 54 days booze 60 of 61 days since Jan 1
Daily exercise - 57 of 61
Lessons read - all of them (and it is spooky that they are often so timely)

The biggest room in the world is room for improvement.  March on my friends...march on! son lives 2300' above Denver so 7500' above sea level in total...burpees today were no joke! whoa!



from PCP 8 years ago...a good reminder.

Remember When...

We are near the end of our journey.  Doesn't it seem like we just started?  Or maybe instead it seems like a very long time ago.  It certainly has been a long and winding road but one thing is certain - I got out of PCP exactly what I was asking education in nutrition, my body and exercise.  I'm sure we are all focused mostly on looking ahead...what will life be like post PCP?  But what I have been thinking most about frankly is what life was like for me pre-PCP...

Remember when...

- push up 22, 23 and 24 were "failure"
- what's a resistance band?  And did you know they come in different colors?
- vegetables for breakfast...huh?
- eggs were not good for you.
- a pistol was a small gun
- coffee HAD TO HAVE cream and sweetener
- davinci was a painter
- a banana and egg white was something in a jar with a "Gerber" label
- exercise was only done in a gym.
- jumping rope was for kids at the bus-stop
- ABS was a braking system (and you couldn't see that either)
- preparing food was something you did just before you ate it...not the week before
- you had fish only once in a while
- 6 sets of 50 jump ropes took 20 minutes?
- the cupboards were full of cereal, canned soup, cookies and other "colorful" stuff
- V-sits were...ahhhhhh, actually don't remember anything called a v-sit
- a chair was for sitting, now it's a piece of exercise equipment
- your clothes fit (or did they?)

So many things.

One thing I don't remember.................where is the gym?

As we near the end of this journey I am reminded of this quote..."You have to know you can win, you have to think you can win, you have to feel you can win."  -- Ray Leonard




My humblest apologies Team Buffalo as I have been a bit MIA on my Blog this week. I think I’ve been fair at visiting into others blog and commenting but my own blog is gathering some dust…so I gotta little catch up to do…so please bear with me.

First…Only on the road two nights this past week…a simple trip to CT for a couple nights…it’s nice to be home but that won’t last long. Next week I leave on Wednesday for 11 days. Boston  Denver  Phoenix  San Diego  San Francisco (possible meet up with Watson and a few Kenzai royalty)  Tucson AZ (quick visit to see my daughter and grand-littles Kaden and Kai)  then home on Saturday March 9.

Second…Week 7 was my first “clean” week. My diet has always been pretty much on point but the exercise has been a bit wobbly, meaning, I have missed a workout each week having to make it up on Sunday. That means then my Sunday workout gets short-changed when I do the make-up sometime mid-week on the elliptical or something. This week however I hit all the workouts on schedule. I am still subbing out a few of the exercises that tweak my back a bit but overall things are good. By the way, I don’t like negatives…it’s not the degree of difficulty but the time involved…and not that it’s a loooooooong time, frankly…I just get bored! I have already extended my 5-10 stretch count to 15-20…what more do you want from me Kenzai! What more??!!

Third…just after proclaiming to the Team NO VALLEY I found myself struggling a bit…mostly not wanting to go to the gym or jump rope. I haven’t been as smooth with the rope lately, kinda pisses me off. Anyway, two days in a row decided to work out at home which means no rope but instead I ride my bike (see pic) peddling to some tunes (30 minute session). indoor MINI-Triathlon today...20 minute stationary bike, 20-minute dreadmill and then a 20-minute swim for X-training day.

Fourth…Over-indulgence picture below…a healthy serving (healthy as in SIZE) of Red Velvet Cake. This was a shared desert after a non-Kompliant dinner featuring a classic cheese and tomato flatbread. I usually enjoy a dessert like this with a “coffee & stuff” (Coffee + Kahlua + Bailey’s + Gran Marnier) but alas, to keep the current no booze streak alive it was black coffee. Immediately following this dessert I felt like someone had dropped a bomb in my belly. After an hour or so however all was well. Woke up in the morning, no sugar hangover and was ready to go! I was really looking forward to this Indulgence and enjoyed it thoroughly. What I liked even better was waking up wanting to get to the gym and get on with business as usual!

Fifth…QOTW(1) - What's a saying or motto that you live your life by? Jeez…a few come immediately to mind…
As a past Sales Leader I would often look to people whom I thought were inspiring people and read their books and re-Quote their Quotes in my presentations and Team meetings... and one such person is John Wooden. Several of Coach Wooden’s quotes ring in my head regularly…

“Do not mistake activity for achievement.”
“Don’t let making a living prevent you from making a life.”
…and “the best thing a Father can do for his children is to love their Mother”
But perhaps the one I think of most is from the American Writer Frederick Douglas who said, “if there is no struggle there is no progress.” I like this one because I think it can be applied to almost everything we do. …and, it’s just as simple as it gets while driving home the point that nothing comes easy.

QOTW (2) – Procrastination (from Week 2 I think) – what I think most about is … ahhhhhhhhh, forget it, maybe tomorrow.

It's Week 8... 'nuff said, we all know the drill. Let's all just get after it and crush it OK? Simple enough? ...yup!

48 days no booze streak (54 of 55 since January 1)
Daily Exercise - 51 of 55.


It's HUMP Day!

It's Wednesday!
It's Day 45 of 90 for all KB3 warriors!
It's Day 50 of my no-booze cruise 100 day challenge!

So, what are the STATS so far!

41/45 workouts done.
49/50 no booze!
Down 17 pounds since Jan 1

Been in 14 cities since Jan 1.
29 nights away from home

Folks, as Patrick said today...there is NO VALLEY --- not for us KB3/Kenzai veterans! We know and understand the drill. We know how to manage Grok the food monstah! Our Will Power shields are unbreakable! We are on a mission...on the path to better health, wellness and overall fitness. We have made a commitment to Kenzai, to each other but most importantly to ourselves!

Kenzai - the NEW drug!


QOTW: Beer

...specifically, IPA.

Sacrifice defined: The surrender of something for the sake of something else, something given up or lost.

I share Silvia's point of view on this one...I don't feel like I am making a real sacrifice here. To expand on the definition above I think of a sacrifice as something one might give up but it causes real heartburn, pain or anxiety. I WANT to do Kenzai. I CHOSE to do KB3 knowing everything going in...what were the rules, guidelines and expectations...and I can choose to follow them or not. But in the spriri of the QOTW my answer is simple...Beer, specifically IPA. ...especially in the Wintah!

I rarely, if evah, drink cocktails. I am beer, wine and whiskey. ..and each I enjoy in specific environments. Thinking about this QOTW my mind immediately went to Happy Hour at the Offshore Ale Company ( in my home town of Oak's an easy 5 minute walk from home just around the other side of the harbor. It's not a "formal" Ale House Happy Hour but instead the informal gathering of friends on a Friday afternoon. And if you missed Friday, we do it again on Saturday --- just because we can. About 15-20 or so guys, and ladies gather around the bah at the Ale House and share some laughs, stories of the week, politics, local sports, professional and otherwise...whatever. Many of these folks are the island growers of the hops and other ingredients for the local brews. The Offshore has a wonderful selection of homebrew and my personal favorite is the Lazy Frog IPA. ...and with a 7.0 ABV it's a good thing I am walking.

I haven't been there since the new year and won't be until we are done KB3.

Everybody is looking good and sounding good - stay strong and stay the course. I thought I might be feeling the K-Valley of Doom by now but alas... I am attacking every day with more energy than I can remember in a long time and I'm feeling a lot happier with where I am and where I am going.

"...if you have a purpose in which you can believe, there's no end to the amount of things you can accomplish." - Marian Anderson

Picture 1 above - The Lazy Frog (and free peanuts at the Ale House)
Picture 2 below - some of the Happy Hour gang...
Picture 3 also below - well, a little out of context with this Post but this is a picture of 14 bottles of wine that arrived at the house yesterday. It came along with a backpack that is designed to carry a picnic onto the beach, yes, including a bottle of wine, maybe two (we walk to the beach too)... It was a gift from our is our 29th wedding anniversary.


Time to Double Down...

Wow...well, if there was EVER a time I REALLY wanted to have a beer, an IPA, it is NOW...RIGHT NOW. My day has been the following:

3:30am Wake up call in London
4:30am Shuttle to Healthrow Terminal 2
6am Flight to Lisbon, Portugal - 2 hour layover - shitty airport food choices, had coffee and yogurt, fruit
11am departure to Boston - 7Hr30Min flight
Land Boston at 1:30pm local time - Turkey sandwich, more fruit
3:20pm Peter Pan Bus to Woods Hole Ferry Boat
6:15pm Ferry Boat ... I am on the Ferry now, as I write this...and there is BEER upstairs!

Don't cry for me Argentina...I had a great trip, very productive, back held up, made good food choices, and NO booze cruise. Managed again to navigate the Brit Pub Club. I'm an honorary membah! I did however miss Thursday AND Friday workouts due to scheduling. I did ride a stationary bike on Thursday morning but that's all the time I could squeeze in. Had dinner with a fiend on Thursday night and he was not feeling well so was not, zero temptation!

We are approaching the 1/2-way point and for me that's double down time! The downhill sprint to Day 90 is a momentous rush of hard work and results and frankly I cannot wait! Bring it on Kim...B.R.I.N.G. I.T. O.N!

I am wearing a pair of jeans that are TOO BIG...much too big...that was not the case 40 days ago. I am not buying anything new until AFTER Day 90...staying motivated, getting lean, feeling strong!

Got Kenzai? I LOVE IT...Turn it up!!!

On the Move...

So, when you are traveling and can't sleep...or wake up at double-0:dark:30 what do you do? You go to the gym!

Woke up at 3:30am...still rolling around at 4:30am...decided to get up, get dressed and head off down the hall to the 24-hour gym...BIG WIN. The silence was music, no people, no distractions! Workout done and dusted by 6am...FTW!

This trip has been tricky on the diet. Have been eating only Kompliant food but just not enough food. Missing fruit snacks but keeping a good schedule. Workouts on track. Could not face my jumprope (again) yesterday and I did not feel like slogging it down to the gym so I did the workout in my hotel room --- that's why I LOVE Kenzai --- it's so portable!

Been managing/navigating through a few Client lunches and PUB visits. Water still tastes like water even when poured in a genuine Guinness Pint Glass (see left). Picture below...from the Series, "Another City, Another Gym" FWIW...these Euro Hotel gyms are hands down awesome compared to the US.

Team Buffalo and all of KB3 ... Let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...we're on the MOVE to better Health & Fitness!!

Since Jan 1:
No Alcohol - 43/44
Daily Exercise - 41/44

Paris here I come!

PS...ok so I need to add: Sitting in the Hotel Restaurant eating my 1 poached egg, veg, brown bread and yogurt + an Americano coffee. Next two me are two guys with their plates loaded with beans, sausage, ham and scrambled eggs with a gravy of some kind + white toast (2) smothered in buttah. Whoa!


Dateline Glasgow, Scotland, February 11: waking up in Europe this morning. Flew overnight on Saturday landing in Glasgow on Sunday morning. That gave me the opportunity to "acclimate" a bit before my short but very busy tour of the EU. Glasgow today. London tomorrow/Wednesday and Paris on Thursday.

Food is always an interesting adventure when we travel and Europe is no different and for some (like me) very K-challenging. While I enjoy the little-known jewels of what B&Bs can bring to travel, while on Kenzai staying in the Americano chain hotels (like my good friends at Marriott) is easier on the tummy. Black Pudding, Bangers and hard-as-a-rock toast are options of course but there are other more US kinda choices as well. Sorry to all my Euro-friends but the fruit is a bit tricky as well...I try not to be high maintenance.

The gym facility here absolutely kick-ass! ...a big reason why I stay here. Funny that we choose our hotels based on the gym set up but so important. Also, I am able to get some Stair Climb Training in as well...I'm on the 14th of 15 floors...(see picture).

QOTW - without getting into too many details I guess I'd have to say that a breakthrough for me was the day I met my biological Father. I was 28. He had left me and my Mum when I was 3 months old. My Mother had stayed in touch with him and often would ask me if I wanted to meet him and I always said no. In my later 20's I found myself heading in a bad direction, then a wrong direction...I caught myself before I went off the rails and sought counseling. That resulted in my willingness to finally want to meet my I did. Turned out he lived less than 10 minutes away. We talked for about 4 was like looking in a mirror, so strange. We had a fabulous filled in a lotta blanks. I have not seen him since...


Sometimes I suffer in silence. Other times I make some noise but if no one cares to notice, whatever...if it's important I'll find a way. There are times however when you just need to stand up, climb on the table, wave your hands ... stomp your feet and yell out..."I am as mad as hell and I'm not gunna take it anymore!"

Over time I have asked several trainers, a couple of ATs and even once I wrote a note directly to Patrick...nothing! Not a note of acknowledgment. Not a "we will get back to you" ... Nothing, nada...crickets. So I'm going public and need your support...


Remember when "Membership" was announced? Remember when Patrick was writing all the new Members on the chalkboard and posting those pics? Well, in one of those pics I remember he had on a Kenzai baseball style cap with the cool is that I thought. So I went right to the K-store to buy one and ... nothing! hat, what? really? I went back now and then and still ... nothing. There is still no hat. Then, just recently in another video I spotted a 3/4 zip navy blue pullover with the Kenzai logo on the left chest...AWESOME...I want one! I go to the store...aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh! NOTHING!

C'mon Kenzai Korporate...share the SWAG! We want to advertise for you all over the W.O.R.L.D.

Who's with me! Share the Swag! Share the Swag! Share the Swag.....................

(PS - I will be in 3 Airports this weekend and all I have is this stupid Nike Hat! (see below) ... and for what it's worth I could be wearing a sporty navy blue 3/4 zip pullover instead of this silly no-nothing grey one!)

Random Thoughts...

Another Hotel...another gym (pictured left) - variety is the spice of life?

I'm waking up before the alarm clock...that hasn't happened for a while.

I'm going home today!!!

I'm eating Kompliant, but not always eating all of my grams...need to do better.

My back is feeling good...very good, but still feels a bit unstable now and then. Still being mindful...

This morning I just could not look at my jump rope...elliptical instead (20 minutes)

There is fast food EVERYWHERE

Clothes are fitting better, energy is on the rise, my attitude is more positive and my productivity is up

Sleeping through the night

KB3 is just what the doctor ordered...right place, right time.

I'm seeing changes in my body and face

I'm (&^%(O^(P 'ing sore!

I guess it's working!

I have more work to do, I have more goals to work towards and achieve.

(Pics below show my ride home today. Cessna 402, 9-seater (including the Pilot). A short 37 minute flight at 2500 feet. Boston ---> Martha's Vineyard...can't wait!

May 31st, 2016





Kenzai Body
Kenzai Body

Kenzai Body 2
Kenzai Body 2


Kenzai Body 3
Kenzai Body 3

Kenzai Run 10k
Kenzai Run 10k

Kenzai Reach
Kenzai Reach

Kenzai Kettlebell
Kenzai Kettlebell

Kenzai Kettlebell 2
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Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready
Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready

Kenzai Chisel
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Kenzai Iron
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