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Kenzai Iron | Day 15 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 15
Program progress:

I'm in Barcelona for a few days and although the hotel I am working at was fab for a swim and was great for skipping, its gym was typically crap for us Kenzai Iron types.

Luckily, Anytime Fitness has many gyms in Barcelona so I was able to get in a proper workout tonight.

There was also a nice Sushi bar just around the corner - although I REALLY MUST remember to ask for no dressing on salads - mine tonight was in a swimming pool of the nasty stuff. 😬

Hi Team Mercury

Hi everyone, I'm looking forward to 12 weeks of hitting the weights with you.

I've just finished Chisel and am following Burnsie's well trodden path of Chisel, Iron, Chisel, repeat.

At the end of last week I was thinking Chisel had done me rather than me doing Chisel - but I'm over my funk and feeling fit and strong and 100% on it for 13 weeks of farming muscles. 💪💪💪

Drowned rat

For my Sunday cardio I ran a wet, hilly circuit through the Scottish Highlands - lovely!

5 weeks in to Chisel, my legs took our climbing a Munro (Scottish Hill above 3,000 ft) yesterday totally within their stride. All that HIIT certainly makes a difference.


Doubling down to do the last 2 weeks well and get the results I'm here for. Thanks everyone for your blogs - they really do help me dig deeper - both the positives and the challengers.

A run in Hyde Park for Sunday cardio - which was lovely... particularly this time of year. Naps Saturday and Sunday and 9 hours sleep last night, so starting week 5 well-rested.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going...


I just couldn't convince myself to do the 3rd set today. Whether it is my usual end-of-week-exhaustion, missing a bit too much sleep this week, being a bit too tight on my carb grams, hitting the strength days too hard with this machine at the gym (which is a great elastic band replacement... and unfortunately the most popular machine at the gym) instead of resistance bands - or my resolve simply being weak... I simply just didn't have the energy for it. :-(

Good and bad days I guess... Tomorrow is another day.

On other news, tonight I'm at a black-tie dinner at Guildhall so I'll have to be doubly vigilent with what I eat.

Cycle workout heart rates

Yesterday I was end-of-week-exhausted, didn't push it super hard and was only peaking around 140. Most HIIT cycles I've been peaking at 150 or 160. I use a Garmin watch which seems to be accurate - although when I measure my heart rate traditionally in the minute between HIIT cycles its obvious that the rate drops quickly so I'm not sure what period of time Garmin uses for peaks.

Anyone else measuring their heart rates on the HIIT days? I know we are all different but it would be fun to compare.


Funny that yesterday's lesson was on headphones. I have always run without but was passing through Singapore yesterday and, before seeing the lesson, decided to get some running headphones to try listening to podcasts for a change.

Hi fellow runners

I'm looking forward to the 10k program with you

Three down, one to go

Another good week. Spot on with my diet despite the usual travel, meals out with friends, guests over for drinks, etc. I did miss 2 days exercises because of 20 hour work days. I was tempted to still do them at the end of the day but decided sleep was more important. Final week is looking much less challenging on work, travel and social fronts and I'm doubled down to finish strongly.

Another good week

100% on exercise and 98% on diet, nothing sweet and no alcohol over the first two weeks despite 2 weekends away, international business travel, numerous meals out and a cocktail party. The only thing I wasn't as good at this last week was sleep. Not getting enough sleep at the end of this week made exercise harder than it should have been.

Good to be back

I had a great week one. Lots of sleep. Nailed exercise and diet. My digestive system really appreciates running on clean fuel. Kenzai exercise makes my body feel great. Weekend away in Cardiff, meals out, watching rugby international at Millennium Stadium with friends - all only minor challenges when my eyes are on the prize of getting the most out of the programme.

Reboot Present

Feels good to be back on program. I treated myself to a little start of program present that is very appropriate for my Kenzai journeys - a set of new tupperware containers. ;-)

This Australian study is good for all of us!

Work getting in the way

I'm just back from a 3-day working weekend broadcasting a motorsports event.

Biggest positive was I took my own fridge, microwave, toaster and kettle (and a van to put them all in) and did a shop enroute so I didn't have to eat any of the crap that is inflicted on television production teams. My diet was on point.

Not so positive was that it was three 18-hour days with no time for exercise and not enough sleep. Exercises done the rest of the week - but sleep has been a challenge.

The next 3 weeks are similarly busy so I'll be doing my best to keep moving forward.

The guru Taylor

I'm loving the fact that today's lesson draws upon the wisdom of Swifty.

Shake It Off is a classic track for so many reasons... and whatever you think of TS, as well as being the creator of a useful little rule for modern life, she is an incredibly successful entrepreneur, innovator and CEO.

She is someone I'd quite like at my fantasy dinner party.

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