Shaaz A.

Shaaz A.

Day 90 Final Post 

Final Post

PCP complete! Whoooooooaaaaaaaaa !
Congratulations to all PCP Helios members!
I am so happy feeling on top of the world . Health is happiness indeed!

Discipline and hard work pays off. This is a lesson in all of life. Yes I've learnt what to eat, when , why and how. But I've learnt in life you have to have a plan. Once you have a plan you have to execute it. Yes of course there will be trials and tribulations along the way, but as long as u have a goal in sight and work hard u will get there. I will use this thought throughout my life going forward. It's what makes the difference and sets us apart from the rest of the herd. I am happy to have learnt this now in my life. Yes, I wish I had known this earlier on but we must reflect, move on and always look forward.

Big thanks to all the wellness team! Big thanks to all fellow team mates! You guys have taught me all of the above and more! There were tough times down the road but when times got tough I would read others blogs and the training messages and get pumped! Don't let individuals or outsiders get you down, they don't know s**t! Make a goal and stick to it. You will get there !

Its been intense, emotional and enjoyable :) An absolute pleasure.

Muy contento ( very happy )

Signing out people, 
Much love.


Super pumped from super sets!
Let it burn


I can't believe we've all come this far. Its Day 81and we've nearly completed 3 months of intense training and food control.
Feeling pretty good and clean. I went out for my brothers bday last night there was quite a large crowd..... everyone was cheering and very happy. At first I felt the urge to indulge in everyway possible, but then remembered the secret trigger (drink a whole glass of sparkling water with lime) and then I was back into a PCP frame of mind.

Diet - sticking to it tight as possible.
Training - Enjoying it though tough! Pushing the concentration levels and burns. 5-7 sets are killers. Sometimes I reach failure in the latter sets but just keep continuing to failure with less reps. Its those last ones that count.
Its amazing what some good sleep can do for the mind and body.

And yes everyone is very busy until the winter holidays, I force myself to wake up early and exercise, feel much better otherwise can be very tired to train after a long day at the office.

Keep pushing it team!

Day 74

Its a steeper climb than ever! Very close yet still some way to go...
C'mon team we're almost there :)

Day 66

At a glance right now...

Jumprope -  I like with some great music. I still feel I skip better, longer and faster when I count the jumps.             

Workouts are great  - super high reps can be tedious though.  Pushes me closer to lifting heavier weights with lower reps in the gym.
I would like to finish within the hour but always push the hour + 15 mins mark.

Sticking to the diet as tight as possible.

Mood: Feeling alive and better than ever! 

Day 63

Glad its the end of the week... around this time I start feeling restless and need to gain some good sleep in order to get fired up for another week. Looking forward, I see up to 5 to 6 sets for some workouts... its a steep climb to the peak! let the light shine 

Day 60

Just got back from a long weekend trip… got all my daily fruits veg and protein pretty much in check… lots of ordering from seafood restaurants stressing the NO SALT injection into the foods!

30 days left. Its feels like the last chapter. Lets hit it hard!

Dragonfly20130312 2 1950g6k

A pinnacle moment within PCP... Indulgence day the only thing I have been craving is a cheese burger... a real wholesome one, not any indian food or pasta or pizzas.

It felt real good. I took a moment to pause, enjoy and reflect on the last 53 days and now I feel I can continue my goals and climb the peak ahead with excitement and confidence :)


The next 7 day workouts look intense! adequate rest is needed before the next round :) bring it!


Past the half way mark, I think I am climbing the peak now - a long way to go by there is light at the end


I'm relieved my dinner plate has moved away from 2 egg whites and an apple. I actually do enjoy the egg whites but dinner was beyond anti social. I was told to last week to come out the cave and join for a group dinner which i politely accepted.

An increase in the workout and time it takes to finish i feel is over an hour now.. which means harder more concentrated sets. No pain no gain!


Almost half way through the dark valley of PCP


1450 jumps in 12 mins today . Much faster than previous. I am happy about that


Following the workouts and overall enjoying it. I prefer morning exercise but need to keep consistency there ...My body aches almost everywhere as I sit at the office desk all day long. 
lunch is definitely the meal I most look forward to and dinner is monotonous.

Jump rope skills are coming along but I haven't been able to skip continuously without several or more breaks (each one lasting a few seconds). I feel it takes a total of 15-20mins at the moement.


Not much to say apart from veggies fruits and eggs all day everyday!

Final Photo

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