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So back from travel to HK on Sunday - been good with the eating while there but some slip ups yesterday as so jet lagged. Only managed to keep up with the cardio piece of the exercise while away so will have to get into the rest now. Today ran 4.5 miles with my running group in the morning and just looked at the rest of the lesson - man , its got so tough in the last week - I need to go out for a show in the evening so going to see if I can fit something in right now - might help with the jet lag.

Also one question - I am allowed carbs at lunch but switched it around today as needed the energy to run so had carbs for breakfast instead - is that ok?

feeling stressed

Diet back on track but now the workouts going to take a hit as traveling for three days and dont know how to fit them in . Hate those one minute blasts


Ok read the first lesson, understood the principles and saw that we have three days to clean up the diet before the official diet is given in.
Did the cardio portion (ran 5 miles) of the exercise and the squats/core but did not get to do the blast part -exercises are little bit more complicated than the usual and will probably need to print them out - I just lost patience as the run had taken longer than I expected (I run with a group).
Just putting it out there - have my birthday dinner celebration with 9 women on the 4th day (actual birthday on the 12th but celebrating on the 9th and cant change that now) so since I know that , I have just started eating cleaner from day 1 - the usual kenzai way with lots of veggies, salad, some protein and restricting carbs to only lunch and a minimum amount. On the 9th, I will avoid alcohol but its an Indian place so it will be heavy sauces but will try to pick the protein etc . From the 10th (5th day), will be on course.


Four weeks - I have not been as good on the eating front as I would have liked to have been but I did at least start being serious in the last 2 weeks so I am going to continue for another 2 weeks despite being graduated and then it will be soon time for my half marathon in March. Will come back to kenzai looking for the post half marathon program ... kettle bells perhaps as need a change of things or sculpt? or perhaps could start Reach right away as that should complement my running?

The end is near

10k race tomorrow . And almost end of this program . Did not do my best on the eating front but it did get me back on track to healthier meals

Chugging along

Diet slipped up quite a bit on weekends . Exercise going well. Dont know why my photos I upload from my phone have not gone up. The runs were pretty long all week - 8 miles on monday, 6 on wednesday and 5.5 miles on friday. Mixed it up with some yoga, pilates and kenzai stuff but needed a massage yesterday as shins were so tight and sore and apparently so was the neck and back. Sleep still an issue though I slept well last night


Running further and further and not eating as much but I feel my energy is down and not sleeping well.

End of week 1

Joined on the 4th day so started with the eating which is going well 80% of the time but have already had one cheat meal that was not allowed. And some chocolate late at night twice ! Self control - please kick in

Exercises going fine (no pull ups though) and probably doing more than whats recommended in this program as I need to run three times a week with my group to prepare for the half marathon - This week ran 7.5 miles on Monday and 3 miles on Wednesday and had some tennis yesterday plus yoga twice a week to counter the effects of the running. I cant bring this down as I am in training so will just have to concentrate on controlling the food

Also which might explain why I am feeling extra hungry but I am holding off portion size as want the program to make a difference


Ok guys - will give in my intro again

I am Shakha and I currently live in London. I have two boys aged 15 and 12. I did Kenzai Body 3 years ago while I was living in HK and it was tough but did the job and helped me loose weight but more importantly change eating habits. Just before the end of the program, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had surgery and then other stuff happened and moved to London in 2017. Hubby is doing the travel thing from HK to London once or twice a month so alone with the kids at the moment. I joined a beginners running group last year and finished my first ever half marathon last March (from having never run before) and I am now training for another this March with my group. I still dont like running though but I love running with the group if that makes any sense.

Goals: I want to lose weight I put on since last March. Also I want to re-learn how to eat well. I think I dont sleep well too.
I actually wanted to join a half marathon course but there is none till March 18th and my run is on March 24th so I decided to do the reboot.

Obstacles: My will to complete the program and my eating habits. I tend to eat good meals but snack on unhealthy stuff which brings all my efforts to nought. The exercise is not a problem at all. I started the KB Body again this October but totally failed it and gave up in the festive season (its Diwali then and lots of going out, meeting people and eating and then it becomes pre Christmas and so on). Chocolate is another one of my obstacles :) love it too much. Also since I only get to spend time with hubby off and on (ten days a month), when he comes he wants to eat out at Indian restaurants and so we end up eating out a lot. I tried not to go but it makes us both miserable so I am trying to pick healthier things to eat when we go outside but you know, its still outside food. I am struggling to reconcile all of this

Managed two Kenzai compliant meals for 2 days but I do realise its not Kenzai till I embrace the whole day ... anyway not focusing on the fails but rather the wins ... here is working towards doing this for a week before adding in more. Sorry team, I am not much good to you guys this time as looks like I am on my own schedule - hope you are all out there supporting each other well because this is a great program - I know from past experience but you do have to commit to it. I am just trying to salvage what I can but I understand I will not get the full benefit.

Ran 8.5 km today and Wednesday is a longer run for Halloween. Need to get in some strength exercises and will look at that by the end of the week on how to fit that in with everything else.

One small step

Gosh, thank you for the messages . I was ready to leave the program
And restart when I feel more committed to it . I really don’t feel I am doing justice to it or supporting anyone else who is on this .
But you guys are making me reconsider . I hate doing things so half heartedly . I need to think of some small achievable goals that I can stick to . I think I will start with a food goal.
It’s going to be tough
Parents in town and have a lunch at home tomorrow and the day after for about ten people each time . And Halloween next week and Diwali ( our Indian new year ) the week after.
Anyway excuses excuses .,.
So the goal is to make at least 2 meals in a day Kenzai compliant for next week .

Not going too well

Ok , not sure if I should still be on the program because not being able to do it properly . Was on holiday last week and basically did not follow anything except perhaps choose better food than a usual holiday . Now my parents come in tomorrow for a month and want to show them around and take them to some of my fav food haunts . Feel I am not committed enough . Exercise wise still running 2-3 times a week, Tennis twice and yoga once or twice except for the last week


I am 45 years old with 2 kids aged 14 and 12 and a forever travelling hubby. I currently live in London for the past year but I moved from Hong Kong where I have spent a total of 14 years over two chunks of time . This is my second go at Kenzai body, the first time round was about 2.5 years ago and the last two weeks of the program were stressful (though I had lost 5 kg so the program itself was great plus had learned that my body did not need that much food to stay energetic) as I had been diagnosed with breast cancer . Anyway, came out of all that (surgery, treatments...) and then we moved countries. Last year, to get myself out more and meet new people, I joined a beginner running group and they taught us how to run from nothing to a half marathon which I completed in March 2019. However this summer, with no exercise and just eating, I have put on so much weight so I was keen to do this program again.

Its been hard to restart though as I still run two -three times a week so unable to do all the skipping in addition plus I have joined a doubles tennis squad which I love which is twice a week 2 hrs each. Also had my 20th wedding anniversary this week so ate out and was not kenzai friendly though I did try to choose fish and veggies but there was dessert !!!

Hello everyone, back here and excited to start - need to lose at least the 5 kg I put on in the last 6 months. Eating the right food and sticking to portion sizes has been the main problem. Two years ago Kenzai showed me that I could do this so here I go again. Was MIA most of this week as was on a country walk for a couple of days and then had to get back to reality and to my kids. Anyway will catch up

Ready for the half Marathon on 18th March 

Last long run completed yesterday 11 miles (17.6 km) with the group to Kew Gardens in 2 hours and 20 mins. Mentally I feel I will be able to finish the half though I struggled with the last 3 km on this last run mainly because I needed water and it was difficult to get the water out of my belt until I stopped and walked and I kept putting it off AND I had no music (tried the ear plugs a few times at home but they keep falling out or irritating my ear). After an hour, everyone is into their music and no one is chatting anymore. Plan to try a few different types and try on the short runs this last week. I think thats the last bit left for me to be really mentally ready. I am going to look at it as a regular long run with my group and try not to stress.

So the Kenzai Run program finished just in time for me to go for the half marathon. The writeups and comments by Ed and Matt have given me a few great tips. I have not been the best at writing and updating photos and comments this time around but that is because the running was taking up a lot of my time and being alone with the kids in a new country, the rest of the time was trying to do everything else to run the house. Not followed the diet so lots of improvements necessary for next round.

I have binge read most of the life notes and gleaned some interesting insights. The few things that I will change after my race will be incorporating some speed and hill training of which I have done none. Look forward to joining the Kenzai half marathon after a while

Wish me luck for next sunday !!

End of Week 10





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