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80% of the mental game.

I for one have been guilty at times for not planning ahead, like the early Kenzai lessons tell us.

I also realise that the later in the day I leave the work out for , the greater the chances of my missing a workout. (The lesson about all of us having only a finite amount of will power).

So the first few days is all out setting the routine and discipline around gym time. Surprisingly all else settles into place. The world doesn’t stop.

Having a good Kettle Bells program. Hope all of you have a good finish too...

Why do I ever stop my Kenzai programs.
- I feel great after the workouts
- Energy levels are picking up
- Sleeping really well
- Clothes feeling better

Hope everyone is having a good program .

Hi team,
Good start to the program. Regret the delayed blog. Have a good program everyone !


I had a good start to Kenzai Run. Previously I had injured my knee, or so I felt - during Kenzai Run and had dropped out.

This time around I’ve discovered that I can still run. On the distance run I’ve managed to run upto 45-50mins.

But the last 10days were not great as I just couldn’t make it to the gym. First due to work and then due to excuses I made.

Will start again today and try and give this a good finish.

All is well

Yes, I'm still running. Regards to all.

Finally ! Finally !!

While the scale refuses to budge (after a token 2-3kg drop) and i continue relentlessly and despite of the un accommodating scale... i received 2 compliments today. One from a gym trainer who has noticed me puffing and panting the last 3 months.... quite cool.

The fun begins now!

Still not quite sure whether like like the cycle workouts or the standard routine exercise better.

Work outs have been good (missed two) due to a weeks work related travel but otherwise completed all the other work outs in the neighbourhood gym.

Diet is 80-90%!on track and even when I need to eat while socially entertaining a client - I’m eating quite well.

Mysteriously, I’d only lost 2kgs before I left on my travel (put that back on - should mostly be water). The mystery is that I haven’t dropped any gimme weight so far. Kenzai Reboot in Jan’18 followed with kettlebells a few days afterwords.

Keep telling myself that I’m adding muscle - which I think I am.

Lastly, the Kenzai mojo is back. Even if I don’t lose a pound, the mojo returning is reward enough. Hahahahha


My scale gives some metrics on my body fat, muscle mass etc. Currently my body fat is at 27%. Need to shave 10 points off that number as a start.

I’m now in/ about to reach the 6th week of Kenzai (Reboot in Jan followed by a few days break and then Kettlebell in Feb).

During KB 1, it took me a full 6 week before any results were visible. History seems to be repeating itself and that may just be how my body reacts in Kenzai. If that’s indeed true for me, the next few weeks should be fab.

On the exercise and nutrition front - everything is on track so far.

Hello Kettlebells !


This would be my first time working out with Kettlebells. Have seen them around in the gym. Let’s see what’s in store.

The promise is inspiring. Feeling stronger from reboot a few days ago. Need to let go of the processed food/ sodium sources snacking that has majorily come back into my diet. Working on it.

Plus need to eleminate alcohol for the next 6 weeks.

Note to Future Self ! This WORKS ! 


If I am reading this in the future, it may be entirely possible that I have fallen off the bandwagon and am searching for inspiration. Here's what I learnt from the Reboot program:

- This works! Kenzai Works!
- There is a LOT of FOOD to EAT! On the program, I was eating roughly 1.5 to 2 times of what I was eating prior to starting Reboot. Its fascinating.
- Don't doubt the process or the magic. Focus on your nutrition and grams and on your workouts... you WILL get the RESULTS. You KNOW what you are not supposed to eat, so DONT EAT IT.
- You can feel the Burst in Energy all day long, just into the 2nd to 4th day on the program. Its intoxicating.
- Keep Blogging and interacting with the other participants, it keeps the program alive in your mind, especially during the Valley. You do it for yourself, not for your trainer/other participants. Just go out there and fire up the blogs.

To all my co participants and the trainers, thank you. I know I was not the ideal trainee and had many fails - i never failed to see the bright side in every fail. I've signed up for Kettle bell starting Feb 12th. See you there or on another program.

Keep the Faith!

Sodium !

As a reminder for time immemorial, I am posting a pic for my end of week 2 photo - that is frightful at first --- and then quite motivational.

This pic is from the morning after after an indulgent dinner laced with MSG.

Not only did I put on 1kg overnight the bloat took about 3-4 days to go.

And to think I had been eating such lovely food regularly, like every week, just a few weeks ago. Amazing.

Well, the end of week 2 had 3 continous days of socialising in the evenings. 4-5 glasses of wine every night. On the first night socialising I came back home 'craving' Maggi noodles (which would have been my Challenge 2 pic). Had two packets and luckily stopped at that.

As an experienced trainee , i should have (and did) known this would happen. But then , I was still amazed that I managed to make 'better' food choices even while socialising on the other nights. So thats a bit of a bright spot.

I am snacking a wee bit everyday (nothing seriously processed or anything like that) - but am mindful that I am and trying to reduce it little by little.

Otherwise I nailed down all my workouts (except a missed one on day 16 - which i left to too late in the day (should have known better)). Otherwise the diet has been on plan. I am surprised by the amount of energy I have all day.

I can feel my body responding to the training. I am standing straighter, the clothes are fitting better but no gimme weight to report.


That's me in the gym. The Marina Bay Sands and the Arts and Science Museum in the background.

Reboot : Checking In!

Hi Everyone, checking into Reboot with a lot of expectations.

After a successful KB1 & 2, I gradually fell back to my old ways. Tried to fight back with signing up for KB3, which I dropped out of, regrettably (plus there was an aborted Kenzai Run somewhere in there). It was all downhill from there.

Back for anothet Jan now - because We all know that 'This Works'.

I just finished my Day 4 work out and am so pleasantly reminded off the consistently high energy levels that Kenzai nutrition gives you. It's incredible that one would ever let this feeling go.

Moreover, also pleasantly reminded how much one needs to eat! Difficult to keep up! Happy Happy!

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the delayed post on these issues. No excuses. Sorry.

Best Advice : Landmark Forum and Kenzai. Both these programs have changed my life. The best learning I could ever receive (to qualify, please allow me to add that I'm a banker and have done more than my fair share of self development programs (as part of my job and personally) etc etc... but nothing compares to these two). I often think why no one told me about either of these programs earlier in my life. Would have saved so much time and anguish. Hence I spread the word. Don't Overthink. Join.

Body Part: Belly (rich food, processed food and alcohol).

1. Used to have a lot of Overthinking and Procrastination before I did the Landmark Forum. Its significantly reduced, but as you can tell from this delayed blog - I'm working on it.
2. I'm procrastinating - leaving my cellphone alone and being 'present' when I'm with the important people in my life. The damn phone has a hold on me - not for long.

End of Week 2





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