Shaun W.

Shaun W.

90 Days done, 100% on workouts not on diet 

So went into this knowing that I wasn't going to do my diet 100%

This program became one of mental exercise for me really. To never let there be an excuse to not do a workout.

I had one workout where I had a couple of drinks in me...not fun but done.

I had way more than one late night workout where I would close my eyes during the workouts just to get some rest...

There was a point where when I was moving I didn't get much sleep over a period of a couple of days and I couldn't tell if the ground was shaking from an earthquake or it was all just in my head... it was all just in my head.

Physically this wasn't the healthiest option always. But mentally, it was good... I committed to not missing a workout. When I put up the bet with the guys, I said sure I will take that... and I won't miss a workout during it...

Man, I'm tired though... that is for sure not a way to always do a program. One time is good...more than that, I don't recommend it. Life needs a balance, but it also needs to be pushed. You decide when the time is right to push and not push. I think its more of a choice to go yep, this is going to suck, but I need the suck from time to time. I need to grow. I can do this, I can commit to something and then do it. Its good to get that hard perseverance under your belt from time to time.

Health wise, I did pretty ok... I didn't cut much fat, I have done better on that. But I did gain! I put on a bout 3-4 kg and dropped my body fat by a % or so.... maybe more. One thing with that, its mentally weird. Usually I have the massive weight drop with a program, and this time I had the gain. And even though I can feel it in my clothes. I have a t-shirt that I can put on that I know when I am over what I should be and it fits just fine. But still..I can understand the..but my weight hasn't gone down statement.

Well... 90 days done, 90 workouts done and 80% diet done. I am happy, it was a grind and that last workout pretty much sums up the whole feeling of the KB3 experience....its just damn hard but you can do it. I mean 1000 reps! wow...

To top this is a good pic of the wife and kid, she has had weight gain herself (new one on the way). I think this program was hardest on the family of all of them maybe. But at the same time, they are the reason I push myself to grow. Even though it was hard for us, I do most of what I do for them, even if its hard for now it helps for the future.

KB3 out!

4 more workouts to go

4 more to go...I was pretty sure I was ahead in this bet last night, and according to the bet I get two misses w/ no punishment... funny thought to think that...was so tired. It's Kenzai from wake up to sundown..sunrise sometimes right now. I test Kenzai..iOS, Android & Web... I plan Kenzai iOS, Android & Web then I do Kenzai Body 3... while I love Kenzai... Its a lot some days... ha! Poor me... anyways... I laughed at myself and went and did the workout. I am behind on my body images... but I'm ok w/ that...I will get my final up.

Did my diet much different this time, this program wasn't about cutting... and being hardcore on the diet. Its interesting to see, I have gained weight...but I am leaner..I am much bigger now! Surprised myself...I want to check again in the morning but I'm coming in at an all time high for the end of a program.

Ok...well... that workout is done and dusted... going to finish out this week... bam 4 more to go... Todd I will be looking for you next week!

How old do I feel..

Ha.. what a question.

Mentally 58 and feels like I have to live till I will be 200. This with my 4th kid on the way just starting to feel mentally old.

Physically ... some days 19, some my age. So lets just say I feel about 28 I would say.

This program by far has been the hardest. Its just a grind. I will make it and pretty sure I am going to hit my target of no workouts missed but man, it has been a grind.

Got 12 more days to grind through.

Here is a smile to help keep me going... later everyone

30 more days....

Man, that feels like forever right now.... but also has that...its the last month push to it.

Tired from moving... got to keep going.


Blogging seems to be the hardest part of this program. So far I have done every workout... try to keep it going!

Summer heat in Japan is amazing... I am so sweaty after the workout and I think I am responsible for feeding 100's of baby mosquitoes....

Life is going, work is going, everything is pressing on....


One of the most important things I do is write down my goals. I try and do this year to year, but sometimes I go more than a year. But it is one of the most important things I think anyone can do.

I was trying to think of what I have been putting off the most..and it was hard to nail something down that was really holding me back that I need to do. It wasn't until on my favorite podcast this amazing guest, Justin Wren. He is an MMA fighter that also leads an organization called fight for the forgotten which is really amazing and inspiring. Everyone should check it out.

Anyways he talks about setting your goals and how there was this study at Harvard where 3% of the people of their business grad school wrote down their goals and that 3% made 10X as much as the other 97% combined.

You can watch the video of him talking about this here: You can watch this part here:

Now sure, these are elite people, but it is something that mentors, and key authors have always said. Write your goals down. I have been doing it for years, it is something I have always pushed myself to do every year but I slack at times.

For people who have never done this type of thing, the best way I have found is to use a mind map tool called MindMeister . People who know me know that I live by this tool..I love it so much.

Set your foundation goals

When building the goal map, I like to think about my foundation of my whole life. This is simple now, it always comes down to health. My health effects everything else in my goal map. If I am sick or have poor health, I am less productive, less loving and less mentally focused. This will kill all my goals. So I set my health goals. This is pretty simple for me, but that is now. I will say before I started Kenzai, I had this part of my goal map, and it was actually pretty big, as I had some major issues. Now, I have a feeling its going to be pretty slim and simple.

Who you love

This is me and maybe not you but what the hell is life about if its not about the people in it. So I map the people who I love and care about. This will be family to friends, the people I work with. I am pretty passionate about this part. I know others would not do this..but for me this is important. When I was young it was more about others than myself, but you have to include yourself in the health foundation part of things. Because strong mental health is built upon loving yourself as well as others.

Branch from there

The rest is simple... every goal from there should connect back to your base or to the ones you love. I would share it with people but its becomes super intimate and also that kills my next point.

Don't share

Studies have shown that when you share a goal or something that you need to do, often that makes it harder to do. Because something about our brains equates that to having complete it. Also, you are writing these goals for yourself, not for your ego... after the year is done, and you accomplished it, then its good to share, but if you have not accomplished it, don't share it. Do the work first and then enjoy the reward. So... no share for you!

So this post is to say that I need to do it, and I will do it this week actually. Its a great thing to do actually..and I always enjoy it. Its a reflective moment, as I start by looking at my latest goal map. It's emotional and introspective, but its always good.

To finish this off... I had my indulgence. I picked a maple bacon doughnut. I usually go for pancakes but that would just kill me right now as I have been off every type of sugar for a long time, and when I eat it, its a train wreck and so I decided to have a small wreck, which it was. But it was really good.


For me the perfect thing is something to tweak that is hardware and software. I used to do a lot with cars...loved it but moved to Japan it became much harder to do so, so I got into computers and linux..that is fun, I love linux for the reason that its never easy, you have to tweak it to make it work on your hardware.

Now! I have a drone! My friend started me out on a kit..and the parts are so cheap and its so much fun! There is a main computer that controls it called the FC and then there is a power distribution, and a speed controller that you can program on each motor.. and more..its fun! I love it. When I want to relax I just work on my drone now, and time vanishes.

So that type of thing puts me in my flow state!


So to answer the question of what one thing would you change on your body. My lats and everything that makes it easier for me to do pull-ups, except making my legs smaller... I want to be able to do more pull-ups, this is something I can work on...just would love to be able to go over and hammer out a bunch of pull-ups, but not sure I love it enough to spend the time to actually do it..b/c I am pretty sure I could get there.... But lets see.


So best advice I have ever received was a recommendation from a friend to watch the movie The Edge. The advice that is given is, "What one man can do, another man can do". This seems to have its origins from the author Nikolai Chukovski.

The way I see it, if you want something bad enough, you can do it especially if someone else has done it... now starting points are different and that might limit you ..but for me, I believe this.


Oh.. yeah, Kenzai Body 3! 3 times the action, 3 times the lessons! 3 times the blog posts...wait... probably not... ha

Looking forward to getting this done, have my goals set..going to post them at the end of the program.

Picked a book to create the theme of the program..saving that for another blog post.

Looking for anyone who wants to create team challenges as long as its not about running. So if anyone wants to go for timed rope sessions or something, hit me up.

This will be my leanest start to any program, so interested to see where we go from here.

We have an office wager going on here in Tokyo..if you miss more than 2 workouts you have to put 5,000 yen in the pot, about 50 USD. I plan to walk away with the pot thats for sure! I'm pretty sure I can hit all the workouts... I have taken a long break and really happy to actually be on the program.....

Looking forward to rocking with this!


We just got the android app out to support most programs, not all..coming soon.

Really pushes you hard, you can't skip on the time at all! Its nice, really like having someone train you.

Its not perfect yet, but it definitely adds value to all the life users, iOS version is coming soon as well!

Check it out!

Time to stop being lazy

Been on a break since run, time to get back at it, starting to feel the need. Double up on the bells for a bit.

Tip of the hat and good bye!  

I respect the run program, it has pushed me to do something I don't like to a point that I don't like, and I like that funny enough. I like the challenge, I like to do something that naturally I wouldn't do.

Running is a challenge, it does have a nice effect after for the brain (runners high), but for me past 5K I would say that I am done. Its hard with my knees, and I would guess the numb toe thing is connected to my back issue.

The program for sure is nicely done, I have my feedback that I will pass but its really good!

Just like I don't like Cheese cake or Ramen, I also don't like running. I can do it, just like I can eat them, but I don't like it much.

Now for my final run, I started out pretty conservative, I have never run this far and I didn't want to fail, with the new diet and such, I just wanted to be smart and make sure I could hammer down on the last 3K. My plan was to get to that point and be able to run 5 something a min per KM on the last 3. This was my plan, but nature had other plans. For real a damn tree root came up out of no where and threw me to my face...I hit the ground pretty hard but did my best to get up and keep going as fast as I could...but man, that took the wind out of the sails... I rounded the lake, but it was enough to get me to my kid mind state and put me in that movie point where the hero falls to the ground and the crowd goes oh no! but then he gets up and people start cheering and he pushes forward... yeah, stupid but fun, I managed to leverage that and music to pump the wind back in the sails and push forward and get to my 5 min mark for the last 2K.

All and all it was a good run, my knees started to hurt at the 10K mark, and the next day walking was pretty hard... today they are feeling ok.

So a tip of the hat and with all respect I say good bye to running anything over a 3K

Thanks and good bye!


For the next 24 hours, I love running... I love it I love it I love it!

I want to finish strong, and I am going to change my mental state as much as I can to do this last 13K run strong... see you guys at the finish line.... I love running!

Genetics lesson

One thing on my mind since I read the genetics lesson...

"The size of the calf is exceedingly important. Due to the physics of lever forces, weight near the bottom of the leg affects running dramatically. Researchers have found that adding 1.8 kg of weight to the ankles caused a 24% increase in energy expenditure while running. If you're a naturally large-calved, thick ankled person, each stride costs you much more energy than your slimmer-limbed counterparts."

So yeah, if you have seen my legs... well to hell with becoming a distance runner thats for sure!

I put up a picture that I really like that shows my calves, I don't think it really shows...but they are big, its always been a thing I have had. Anyways.. it is what it is.

End of Week 10





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