Shelley C.

Shelley C.

Kenzai Silver | Day 42
Kenzai Silver
Day 42
Program progress:

What to do? I’m heading for a 2 week trip to Asia with family. Questions and concerns are: 1) one leg of the trip is a 14 hour flight. So I can see 2 days of not being able to exercise. Not to mention the same situation on the return trip. 2) will try to follow diet, but not sure about whether things like yogurt available.
I don’t want to go backwards, but feel that these next 2 weeks are critical for success.


Today I felt a twinge in my right knee, then later another twinge in my right shoulder. I pulled back on the intensity of the exercise.

Absolutely love the lesson on negativity. I’m old enough to identify and stay away from negative people, thoughts, and events! Go to the light and always look for the positivity in people, events, and situations 😍

I truly do like the closing stretches. My body feels so much better after that. Maybe it’s also the relief that I got through the workout!!!🤪

Today’s lesson was about feeling the burn. While I agree with 95% of it, my doctor has cautioned me about my ailments: 1) osteoporosis in my hip, especially the right side 2) neck arthritis 3) compression on lumbar 7 & 8 resulting in tingling in my left leg. When I do leg lifts, and some other exercise, I need to back off a bit to not escalate these physical problems. I feel I can push myself until I feel pain or distress in these areas, then scale back just a bit. Any word from the powers that be about this or anyone else???

what to do?

I’ve had a house guest for the past week. No problem, until she wanted to take us out to dinner. Very difficult to stay on the diet. What to do?

too much food

I truly cannot eat the amount of food recommended no matter how important it is. My stomach has shrunk over the past 2 months. When I tried to eat the amount of food, I nearly threw up. So I’m going forward with the recommended types of food, but cannot do the portions.

My Kenzai objective is increased strength and exercise. Not so much weight control.

Day 2

I now know that I have to do this in the morning. If I wait until the p.m. like I did today, I can come up with a thousand obstacles to the workout. I’m becoming more familiar with the site and navigating my way through.