Shen L.

Shen L.

Made it through the PCP program 

Overall: great program... 

To think that just 90 days ago I was stuff myself w junk foods and wondering why I was not improving fitness and feeling tired.  Looking through diet diary, I adhered to the diet ~75% days (been hard to stay 'on the wagon' on wkends and workouts ~1/2 the time while running/ biking the other times (we will not recount my poor blog statics here)... So I'm going into my training season leaner and stronger than in years past, and most importantly, I'm really enjoying the veg heavy diets - I'm very interest to see you tips on sustaining when not motivated by 90 day  program ... 

Many thanks guys 


still going in 10th wk

fell off the wagon with 7s this week- mainly on beers.  hoping to add an additional wk of pcp at the end... nontheless, still exercising and diet still on track... 

back from few long work trips (china and nz) but was never far from the PCP program.  though i did have a big bday dinner and all this past wkend, replete with steaks, bacon and booze... have been on the straight and narrow besides that.  

excited about the stretch run and want to finish up strong...  

I'm back hardcore on strict program after 5 day period of "unsanctioned" activities, mainly boozing with few buddies in town... though I have been quite strict about going through the exercise program and even throwing in some extra workout in order to offset the misbehavior.  

Have a bit of travel (4 days) coming up to Beijing - any suggestions to stay with diet (kinda hard to get fresh salad veggies on the road...)? thanks. 

back on blog

back from busy few weeks and a biz trip

i have been in a groove on the diet and exercise last couple week with a few exceptions on biz trip in japan...  it is tough to stay on plan with all of the awesome food around... but generally have been staying with the diet regiment - i never thought i would be eating 6 eggs / day as part of this program...

big challenge coming up this weekend as a few university friends are in town... 

week 3

so catching up after long 3rd wk... i'm pretty encouraged by the progress even though it does not show it on my photo! 

i'm getting pretty accustomed to amount and constituency of my diet - my body has stopped begging me for crisps and bacon every meal, which is helpful.  eating the full breakfast is helpful.  on those days, i occasionally even feel good after eating my carbs, protein and vegs together during lunch.

big sports week last wk -  pcp workouts for 5 days, 45k bike ride sat and paced my friend for half marathon sunday... i allowed myself hearty and delightful portions of mexican food sat. and after the race :-)  i was pleasantly surprised that the half felt good, despite "under-carbing" for last few weeks and have done a long bike ride day before... i suspect the squats and lunges are boosting the power in my legs even though fitness was not quite there (have not run consistently since late Nov...)

overall, on the right path i think, though it would be a nice bonus to drop some body fat.  anyways, feeling strong overall. 

Week 2

Back on the blog. Lets see: week 2 was tough week but was general pretty disciplined (over ate on veg / fruit couple times...mea culpa) 

Regular work outs and veg/ fruit heavy diet is tough: i've been eating banana/apple/grapefruit and drinkin water each time food craving hits but really want something savory - any suggestions? Crisps are obviously out...

For workouts, I did not have a jump rope and resistance cord for two days so ended up doing 5k's instead of skips and doing weights with same reps - that's ok I presume? 

Finally, I'm lactose intolerant - what should I be consuming in lieu of milk?

Thanks! Look forward to next week

Day 6

6 days down. 84 to go.  very excited about the program!  

Final Photo





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