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I’ve totally failed the last month of kenzai. French food, wine, friend catchups and holiday vibes got in the way. My husband has stuck to it and had great results which makes my guilt even worse! But I’m back to reality in a week and will regroup and restart - luckily I signed up for the year....


Flying across the world with 3 kids to a crazy schedule for two weeks has hampered my kenzai progress. But feeling my jeans starting to tighten up again has motivated me to get back on it and see this through - and beyond.

On holiday in Europe for the next few weeks so will be out of routine. Need to kick the commitment up a notch and resist the baguettes and vin rose, but looking forward to packing my skipping rope, shame I need to bring the 3 kids too. Trying to stay positive. The last time I did kenzai I had lost so so much more weight by now and my husband has lost lots, but hoping more kilos to shed are around the corner

To keep motivated this week my mission tomorrow is to spend some time on my playlist. I keep stopping to change the songs when actually I’m just using song selection as an excuse. So tomorrow that’s my mission - along with eating more yogurt and veg. I’m struggling to eat the yogurt and veg in the evening! Any skipping song choice suggestions welcome... AC/DC Shook me All night long is the only one of mine I’m not going to bin...

workout time

Still enjoying the exercises and know that I prefer to get that covered off before the day and work starts. Energy levels waning when I’ve done them in the evening.

1/3 done

1/3 months done. Enjoying being back exercising and hoping to start shedding some pounds soon. Nice to see some friends on here doing Kenzai too.

hanging in there

I was in New York last week for work so not having my own space and kitchen was tricky to stay on programme but generally managed to hang in there and get most work outs and diet covered - thank god for avocado on toast for brekkie. I did have a few glasses of wine (to be sociable) but much less than I would usually have had so that was a - sort of - win for my will power :)


Week two done. enjoying the exercise and making the effort to have a variety of veg in my diet. Spinach is the current favourite. I’m on a work trip to New York this week so keeping 100% compliant will be tough but I will do my best - the first thing I packed was my skipping rope.. - not something that used to come with me. Fingers crossed.

back to kenzai

I did kenzai 4 years ago. Really loved it and had great results. Fell off the wagon - spectacularly - for the last couple of years with 3 kids and a full-on job. So, lots of work to be done but feeling on track and realising that so far, it is manageable.

Fallen off the wagon

I hurt my knee a couple of weeks ago, still not great and needing physio. I think I had been running all wrong. So I am behind on the programme, but have everything printed out and will just be finishing a bit late! I've struggled to make time for workouts and diet hasn't been totally wrong, I have managed some workout, changing cardio to a cross trainer and some skipping which weirdly doesn't hurt my knee so much. I'm still a big Kenzai fan, but will just have to finish this programme in my own time rather than to schedule.

Keep on running...

Really struggling with my running playlist and using not liking a song as far too good an excuse for a quick pause. Would love to hear any song or Spotify playlist suggestions.

Other than that I'm keeping on the workouts and pretty well on the duet although not hitting the dairy targets. The scales aren't looking massively different but I'm feeling better so that's a plus!

Run/Skip Combo

Hitting the work out targets, although my last couple of K could do with some speeding up. I am still struggling to mentally keep going. I need to get off the treadmill and out onto the roads/trails. Although watching movies while running has helped, I have yet to experience the "running really clears my head and I love it" epiphany! Where I haven't finished a run, I make up the time with skipping. I predict that's what I will do long term once this programme is over. Diet has taken a few hits, but generally good all round. I am trying to plan better this week as I felt on the back foot all of last week so a few non Kenzai enough meals/snacks. But generally feeling good and enjoying taking this time to get fit.

Grrr and Brrr

I'm cross with myself that I have missed not 1 but 2 days of workouts (grrr). On Saturday I just didn't find the time and then yesterday, it was seriously sub zero in HK (brrrrr) and I just couldn't tear myself away from my blankets. But I did it today (indoors) and I'm going to man up and keep going tomorrow. The diet is pretty much on track so it's just about keeping motivated now. My 6 year old daughter is taking my progress shots and she is badgering me about the next one, so I will stay focused so we can actually see a change for the next one.

Back on it

Just as I was sitting down to blog the reminder that I hadn't popped up!

I've stuck wholeheartedly to the workouts and I am actually happy to be back exercising daily. For two reasons 1) it feels good for me and 2) my kids are noticing and wanting to exercise too.

The diet isn't too bad. I'm noticing how little veg and water were in my diet before. Aside from a few glasses of wine last week at a birthday, I'm sticking to it and the scales are noticing.

I'm miles from feeling comfortable running 5k in 30 mins but I'm on the right track.

Oops I did it again 

My reboot went completely out of the window. I'm now going to try for a full on programme after Christmas. Kenzai really suited me and I think I need to go the whole way next time around to get back into shape. Let myself down again. New me and all that!

End of Week 3





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