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Shifali S.

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So after all those mails from the Kenzai team about blogging and after today's lesson, the introvert in me stepped out hesitantly ready to mingle. Offlate, the only thing that gives me a high is a complete Kenzai workout. Though by the end of the drill, I'm shaky and drained, it all seems just fine when you press the Workout Complete button. Lifts up my spirits, alright.

I'm also dreading a lot of travel that's coming my way. It gets me totally off track with my KB routine.

Btw who else is taking more than an hour to complete the workout? 🤔

KB2- Day IV

And just when I thought I'm sorted, the rope gives way. It's become a sort of tradition now. While on the KB1 program I broke the rope within a week of starting off and now this. :)

KB2- Day III

So between juggling continuous 14 work hours, meetings, cooking and tantrum- throwing kids, I did somehow manage to complete the workouts.
Wondering if its just me who's sloppy around the skipping rope. Surprises me to see how unfit I am, considering the fact that it took me an hour to complete a half an hour workout. Nonetheless, am taking it one day at a time, as slow as it takes.
P.S: S, you can take all the credit you want, for getting me onboard KB2. Doing this together is so much more motivating. Feels good to know that we are gonna make this happen together. :))Cheers to that!!

Kickstart KB2- Day 1

Workout - Check
Veggies on the Platter - Check
"Raised by Wolves" playing on loop - Check
Wobbly feet post workout - Check
Day 2 - Bring it On!!

Much excited about joining the KB Reboot program. Would have jumped into the Oct Reboot but loads of travelling this month as well. So November 6 th it is!! A shout out to my KB 1 team mates- where art thee??

Its already Graduation Day .. 

And when Day 90 fell upon us, I did not welcome it the way I should have. I was supposed to be super excited about crossing the finishing line. But i was overcome by this sinking feeling that im losing my Kenzai family( my super enthusiastic team mates, my trainers who handheld us all through- especially when the going went tough).

I had never shared this earlier with anyone but my friend S (who introduced me to the Kenzai concept and made sure i signed up for it), but I had no support from home in those 90 days. They didn't want me to sign up and said such things simply don't work. I don't blame them because there were so many diets and concepts of exercise floating around online and offline ,and one didn't know which ones to believe. The support i got from my lovely teammates and my trainers is what kept me going. My friend S made sure I stuck to the regime and was stricter than Nate and Adelyn. He would say- Either you do it or you don't. There 's no "in between"and "try".

I never knew I had so much self control, so much energy in me to keep going, so much potential ,until Kenzai showed me the way to do things. So many misconceptions done away with. Kenzai has changed the way i think. Now before reaching out for that slice of extra cheese pizza I think twice. "Is it worth it? I would need to work so hard to get those calories off me." I was never a veggie or fruit eater. Everything's changed now. Its more of a Lifestyle change and I intend sticking to it to the best of my ability.
Being an introvert, it takes me all I've got to open up this way and communicate about the above and you would've noticed by now that i kept my blogs very brief.
I admit the journey has not been easy for me. Too much travel, falling sick very often and a lot of missed workouts. I know I could've done a lot more better than this.
I intend joining back one of the Kenzai programs, even though i know i would be facing resistance from everybody at home. But trust me, I know it would be worth it.
I want to thank Patrick, Nate, Adelyn and my lovely team mates. I am so lucky to have been in this group. Also a shout out to my mentor and emotional anchor S. Without you all, I wouldn't have got to see this new Me.
Big hugs to each one of you. See you around on the next Kenzai program soon.

Loads of love all the way from India,

Day 90.

I didn't want Day 90 to come so soon. I just want this to go on forever. :(

KB Day 82!!

Another day of a 3/4th workout. Its taking me more than an hour and a half to get through that much. Looks like im going way too slow. Love to sweat it out , but my energy levels deplete after a while and Im pushing myself to extremes. Anyone else in the same boat? :O


Could not complete the workout and could get half way through yesterday.Though I made up for it by walking for an hour in the evening. The after workout feeling is unbeatable. It's a different feeling before the workout though. I have to drag myself to show up. :(


Could complete just three fourth of the workout today. Maybe I'll just make up this evening by walking for an hour or so.
It upsets me no end if people disturb me between my workout. Completely lose my rhythm and pace. 🙄

drifting away

Looks like I'm drifting away. Too much travel and now down with a flu. And the medications are making drowsy and weaker.

missed workouts

So I've missed eight days of workouts since on tour. And dreading starting it again. Hope I'm able to start with the same momentum. Feeling terrible already watching the weight I had lost come back :( .

Tour time again!

Off to Shanghai and crossing my fingers hoping not to miss the workouts. It's so difficult to juggle while on a group tour. But my skipping rope and the works are safely tucked in my suitcase :)

KB Addiction..

Getting addicted to the KB workouts now. (love sweating it out). Despite being down with low grade fever and on a high dose of antibiotics, I simply had to work out. (had to skip them yday since i was doing the doc rounds and had to get some tests done all day long). Its getting to be a part of my life now. Is this what they call a lifestyle change? Mindful eating, loads of water and exercise. And then my motivating teammates and trainers. What an awesome combination. Thanks for being there guys!! Hugs to each one of you :)

Getting through the timed jumprope with a 200, in two minutes but needing more break time. So instead of a 15 minute cardio, it takes me 25 minutes to complete the 1400 routine. Anyone else facing these issues?




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