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Shilpi M.

Kenzai Body | Day 20 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 20
Program progress:

I have recently added Muay Thai to my fitness activities. I did it twice this week(90 min), it felt great but was sore. On those two day I was easy on my Kenzai exercises. I skipped the jump rope, hope that’s ok. About the diet, I stay flat tummied even in the evening, this is the best part of Kenzai program... !! Love this kinda tummy. Being very honest to my diet, but had to eat one non compliant snack which I was very guilty for. I know that’s not gonna happen again. Being committed is the only thing on my mind. How about to team mates?

Busy week!

The week was crazy. Work, home, kids and Kenzai. There were days when I missed the exercise, the food was mindful with no indulgence. Last week helped me psyche into the real Kenzai beginning. More geared up for this week!!

Good Begining!

Just finished my day one exercise. Feels positive and good about the transformation that I have been waiting for 😉

Wonderful Experience!  

I am Super late in updating my experience but it’s never too late, I Guess ! Kenzai is a journey in which you learn to understand yourself better , learn to listen to your body and discover the new self. Though it was my second time with Kenzai but each day brought in new challenges and left with a new lessons. There were days when I couldn’t exercise and there were days when I sneaked on chocolates, but Kenzai still held me within the broad brackets and maintained in me the spirit to get up again and walk the journey. I rewarded myself with a beach holiday towards the end of my Kenzai journey and the pics speak of themselves, posting one from my holiday here. I am so looking forward to yet another journey with Kenzai.

Family holiday !

In Thailand for last few days, wifi was difficult ergo delay in uploading. Diet wise it’s not to great but not bad either. Thai food is pretty good when it comes to soupis especially when prepared at home kitchens. My lunches are primarily seafood and veggies but can’t do no salt. It’s a bit difficult to explain the chef as most of the people don’t understand English. But again not very disappointed with myself. With ocean and me in it, expertises isn’t the same but quite a bit.


The week wasn’t bad, but slow. I did expect me doing bettee than earlier, but had a severe back ache. It restricted me from activities and workout on 4 days. Food wise it was ok, I did taste mutton curry my Friend cooked and ate a few sausages, not the greatest options I know. I feel much energetic today though and what a way to start my week, at a Swimming competition of my kids. Certainly the adrenaline is high, will keep it this way.... hopefully !! I want to, hope my body helps too.

Bad week!

Diwali had me big time, was on diet 4/10 which was bad. Despite all the invites and parties I managed to stay on no sugar, no carbs but couldn’t weigh my food neither could I have adequate amount of protein. In between for three day I fell sick and slept out those days. Today was the last hosting of Diwali gathering and will be back on wagon from tomorrow. I feel terrible but as I look at the number of days left, I still see hope.

The week was good. I had to observe a fast with no food and water for 15 hours, but I decided to have water. The workout wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. But next day was a bit difficult as I felt energy less so I decided to take a break from exercise and slept almost the entire day. However, I am all recouped and back in action. Talking of challenge, this weekend I want to inch forward in my weight loss which has been pretty stagnant. Taking up a 5 km run 5 days a week along with our regular regime. Hopefully it will help. I see the magic number that I have in my head all the time. I’ve heard law of attraction works!!

Good week!

Been awe fully late in my post. It was a week filled with events, the pinkathon which was major and then 14 kilometres jog. It was to mark 14 years of our marriage, my Husband and I decided to jog 14 km, One KM each for the lovely years that we’ve spent together. It felt really sore though, foot massage was pretty rewarding. Had a few let downs esp when my Son broke his left leg while playing Soccer, but did not stop me from going all Kenzai. About the indulgence, it was ok as I decided to go light on it. It was a dinner date and I chose lemon pie, delish I must say but did feel heavy for a Long time. A bite or a two would’ve been ok, but the whole pie was an over kill and it did kill me that night. Bathroom visit next was wasn’t happy either. Looking forward to this week and i’m all geared up for whatever is left from here.


Recently learnt that celebrations can be without fat rich food, my nutrient rich food helps me to fit in the outfits that I’ve wanting to squeeze in for a while. Back to back prayers and dinners but what remains constant is my “Dabba”, tiffin. Here is a pic of one of our celebrations. I am running pinkathon this Sunday morning and want to have that feel good stomach ergo indulgence can wait till Sunday.

The weighing scale complimented me yesterday, 2.4 kg down from where I started. Yipeee!! It really feels good. Just keep Swimming :D

Didn’t cave in yesterday and intent not to going forward. Gatherings, dinners all in full swing , but trying my best to keep clean. Wouldn’t be easy I know but will stay on it.

Today’ Lesson

Well explained lesson! Loved reading it. I’m gaining my health back and managed to do some cardio in the balmy ocean Breeze.

I am guilty on not blogging again. Have been sick and very weak. I managed to do my exercises and diet till Sunday but last two days have take me down completely. No workout and bad diet and I am constantly craving for munching on something. I am hoping to get up tomorrow and do some exercises at least.

Today was an outdoor adventure. Morning 5:30, jogged 8kms. Vitamin D and some sore muscles, but feels good.