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Shilpi M.

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Sugar is bad!

I know for a fact that sugar is bad but still indulged in Indian sweets and went too far. Ended up with hot flashes and discomfort in the stomach, surprised how one fall causes total imbalance.

All this while I stayed honest with the diet during holidays. No salt but couldn’t eat much during dinners, mostly fruits. The protein intake was surely Low but now back on track with diet. Exercises couldn’t be followed much, I walked as much as possible but not the Kenzai workout. Back on it from tomorrow.

Flu down

Having flu, it kept me sleeping the entire day yesterday. Couldn’t eat anything, just water. Was wondering if herbal chicken soup will help or if it’s compliant. Looks like the exercise and food would be missed today as well. Not in a great shape and I have a travel tonight. Any suggestions on how I can keep up ?? Though there is no way I can eat the Kenzai portions as my taste buds are totally off and the Meds give me a very unsettling feeling in the gut. Don’t like the feeling ....

Kenzai good!

Blogging missed, but not diet and exercise. The inching forward is truly rewarding. I have a travel planned this weekend from 31st May to 7th June. Will have to be extra careful in keeping myself away from temptations. That may actually be not very difficult, going saltless would be. Will try to use my brother’s kitchen to keep myself with diet.

Halfway Mark!

To many road blockages, too many hurdles. Things were a little turbulent on home front so gotta rocky week.

I missed out a few exercises but not the diet. Wasn’t too happy with myself, wasn’t able to catch up on sleep at nights ergo very Low energy levels. I am hoping for a better week. Even though the exercises weren’t to the full satisfaction last week, my scale showed a down arrow by 2 kilos, happy for that.

We are half way and hoping that I get back fully this week and achieve what I came to Kenzai for.

35 days down!

It’s a good ride and good feeling. This week was actually pretty good, no cheats, no misses on exercise. I did add an hour of yoga twice a week replacing it with MT. And yesterday and today I went for a Long work(10km) replacing it with jump rope. I needed to spend time with hubby and this way we could chat and yet exercise. Feels really refreshing. Even though there aren’t any exercises on the chat for today but will still do some before I sleep. Bye bye ... happy Kenzai ng! I love the motivated me ; )

About diet ?

I have severe IBS so I can’t take apples and I am lactose intolerant so I take lactose free milk that too only in the mornings. My gut doesn’t agree with milk consumed in the evenings. What should I do?

Mid way!

So far so good! With ups and downs and temptations I have reached a happy place where I can say no to tempting food. I carry my box and have been good most of the times.

Time for a weekly confession, I did dig into that muffin that I baked, two whole bites of that...!!!!! Bad bad bad I know. Only home baked or cooked food does this to me. We went out yesterday to treat our kids and I had my proud box of Kenzai food! No temptation, no cheat! I felt like a winner who deserved a pat, which I gave to myself.

Attending another family gathering today but the hostess is a Kenzai mate so you know not carrying my box.

Exercise has been Super, with Muay Thai added to it, my body hursts, as I am still in the learning phase where my kicks aren’t that clean, especially when it come to my right side. I am a lefty so soft is more cleaner, but going slow and just learning at my pace. With morning Maury Thai and evening Kenzai exercises, I do get tired a lot and I find myself napping when ever I get a chance, the nights are welcomed with open arms, movies and late nights are out as sleep is my favourite. Wine does temp me at times but the thought of after effect and groggy feeling dreads me, so over all in good space.

Haven’t seen a drop in my weight but I am not bothered at the moment, I am just enjoying the healthy and more right on track me!! I know weight loss is the byproduct and if all done correctly I will surely see it somewhere! Just enjoying the whole journey!!


I loved the lesson today, I have placed my pic for my own inspiration. I want to be the fitter version of myself . Till 2015 a little workout could bring in excellent results, I could workout the whole day without getting tired, lost my baby weight both the times within 6 months, but cancer slowed down the entire process. I lost my muscles, my energy, I had hot flashes all the time, I was where I don’t Want to ever be. Kenzai showed me a whole new dimension to getting fitter which was not just being thin but being healthy and that’s my new mantra. I may not be of the same weight as earlier but I have much more strength than before, I can workout with pretty much same pre cancer energy. I am turning 40 in August and I want to be the healthiest version of myself. Thank you Kenzai for keeping me true to my goal! Posting a pic of me just before my diagnosis of Cancer. I want to reach there and I am sure will do so. I will continue to move forward!

sailing through!

I am guilty of taking two spoons of mango pudding this week, the Indian mango season has arrived and battling the craving isn’t easy. Just bought a carton but satiating by just smelling 😉. Hard though! Exercise has been great and feeling much energetic lately. Here’s posting a pic of what I achieved.

Adding Muay Thai!

I have recently added Muay Thai to my fitness activities. I did it twice this week(90 min), it felt great but was sore. On those two day I was easy on my Kenzai exercises. I skipped the jump rope, hope that’s ok. About the diet, I stay flat tummied even in the evening, this is the best part of Kenzai program... !! Love this kinda tummy. Being very honest to my diet, but had to eat one non compliant snack which I was very guilty for. I know that’s not gonna happen again. Being committed is the only thing on my mind. How about to team mates?

Busy week!

The week was crazy. Work, home, kids and Kenzai. There were days when I missed the exercise, the food was mindful with no indulgence. Last week helped me psyche into the real Kenzai beginning. More geared up for this week!!

Good Begining!

Just finished my day one exercise. Feels positive and good about the transformation that I have been waiting for 😉

Wonderful Experience!  

I am Super late in updating my experience but it’s never too late, I Guess ! Kenzai is a journey in which you learn to understand yourself better , learn to listen to your body and discover the new self. Though it was my second time with Kenzai but each day brought in new challenges and left with a new lessons. There were days when I couldn’t exercise and there were days when I sneaked on chocolates, but Kenzai still held me within the broad brackets and maintained in me the spirit to get up again and walk the journey. I rewarded myself with a beach holiday towards the end of my Kenzai journey and the pics speak of themselves, posting one from my holiday here. I am so looking forward to yet another journey with Kenzai.

Family holiday !

In Thailand for last few days, wifi was difficult ergo delay in uploading. Diet wise it’s not to great but not bad either. Thai food is pretty good when it comes to soupis especially when prepared at home kitchens. My lunches are primarily seafood and veggies but can’t do no salt. It’s a bit difficult to explain the chef as most of the people don’t understand English. But again not very disappointed with myself. With ocean and me in it, expertises isn’t the same but quite a bit.

Looking forward !!

The week wasn’t bad, but slow. I did expect me doing bettee than earlier, but had a severe back ache. It restricted me from activities and workout on 4 days. Food wise it was ok, I did taste mutton curry my Friend cooked and ate a few sausages, not the greatest options I know. I feel much energetic today though and what a way to start my week, at a Swimming competition of my kids. Certainly the adrenaline is high, will keep it this way.... hopefully !! I want to, hope my body helps too.




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