Shima M.

Shima M.

Day 73

the easiest part for me was diet, preparation made me save lots of time to think about what to eat and also money since I couldn't eat outside
the hardest part was workout and motivating myself for doing the moves

Day 66

made this lovely dish, celery, onion, dry mint, berberine, garlic, walnuts, lemon juice
tumuric and pepper
salt free
oil free

Day 63

hi everyone, just little shade of light, I can proudly announce that I have lost 5kg ish thought I can share my happiness with you guys. still very low and drain but will see the light soon

Day 59

very long hard week so far, wasn't really well and very depressed. very tired and sick of being tired.

Day 52

up till this week I had a very smooth sailing with my diet very satisfied with quantity and didn't have a problem with carving except that indulgence day.
but strangely this week I am constantly hungry and I am not feeling satisfy and I even started carving for junk food and sweets is there any reason for that?
why am I hungry all the time??

Day 51

the hardest day for me is mostly when i am invited to the friends house and trying to adjust my diet with the food they provide without telling them and trying to hide the fact that i am on a diet.
i found out whenever i tell people i am on a diet they try really hard to tell me i don't need a diet or giving me some nutritionist advise that if i follow them i will loss weight without suffering, so it is really easier to not talk about it but it is very difficult to be on diet and lie to my friends...

Day 48

I have to admit feeling sluggish and tired when I woke up, I think most probably is because of pizza I had and my body got shock after having it don't know but definitely feel the difference

Day 47

I end up having pizza for my cheat day and it was really good I know I should feel so guilty but I won't it felt so good. you know my favourite food is pizza so for now I am happy till next time obviously will let you know if I feel anything different after this kind of food.

Day 45

yohoo, tomorrow is my day off so I am gonna use my cheat day then
was thinking either burger or pizza...yum yum


does anyone know a good homemade vegan pizza recipe match with our program? I am carving so pizza so much please help

Day 44

would it be alright if I have my evening vegetables first and then my apple and milk? or it is essential to have them first and then my evening vegetables snack?

Day 43

I have to admit the 6 meals a day really helped me with not feeling hungry or carving for anything during the day.
I always had a constipation but I have noticed my bowl movement is much frequently and it goes by clock in the morning which i never had a such a privilege and also my nails looks really stronger and again i always had really soft bending nails but yesterday when i went to the nail salon to do my nails she told me i have such a strong nail which i didn't notice till yesterday and when i read today's lesson i can admit it is so true.

Day 42

yes I am tired, I am nagging and I've lost my motivation but I am not gonna quit because I wanna see the end of tunnel.
I didn't finish the last time and I felt like a loser so I don't wanna feel like that anymore

Day 41

does anyone feel cold feet or is it me??
I don't have the same excitement as the first one and I don't open my kenzai account as before. what is the reason and how can I get rid of it.
I figured out I am always like this going too fast at the beginning and get cold right in the middle please help!!!

Day 39

I think I've lost some weight, since my scale is broken I can't say it for sure but definitely lost a size because I can feel it with my clothes, very happy with myself right now

End of Week 9