Shima M.

Shima M.

Kenzai Body | Day 20
Kenzai Body
Day 20
Program progress:
Day 17

sometimes I don't really know what I have to write here so just gonna tell you about my general feeling, so here it comes, since I had a bad day yesterday I couldn't prepared my lunch and breakfast for today and on top of that I had a job interview in the morning you can't imagine the stress leve I had.
tried to manage my stress and talking to myself that I will do my best and even I don't get it at least I tried and for fun I got the angels card to get the nice uplifting message, was worth it

my few days ago preparation came handy, made my breakfast and lunch quickly and by the time I went to the room for interview I became me again.
p.s I think I nailed the job wish me luck

Day 16

very long, stressful day, almost losing myself to the chocolate cake since I always thought I need my sweets to help me get calm but I controlled myself. one big well done to me

Day 15

I really like my diet game plan, don't know why I didn't think about this before but surely it is more convenient than keep checking my phone app, I have all of the right Infront of me 🤗🤗

Day 14

the easiest part for me was diet, I didn't think i can manage it but it was fun specially I realised not having sugar and salt wasn't that difficult, the hardest part so far was exercise, need to get to the habit of doing them in the morning but it's very difficult since I am always tired I need to stay in bed even for extra 20 mins.

Day 13

all prepared, weighted, packed for coming week.

Day 12

had a really though day yesterday, was out all day and tried not to eat anything outside since I thought I am going back home soon I had my breakfast and then went out. tried to keep myself out of any eating place or restaurants but by 5 pm I was so houngry so I had thin crepe with fresh spinach, mushroom, sundries tomato didn't have my fruits and protein since I am vegan and not sure about the weight of my veggies. I don't know how I could make it right and was my decision alright or not??

Day 11

getting lots of acne, wondering if I am detoxing???any idea???🤔🤔🤔

Day 10

what a great lesson, exactly what I needed. last night my partner ordered pizza and he asked me if I want or not so since I don't eat meat firstly I asked him to order the one with meat so he can eat all of them by himself and I don't even need to think about stopping myself , you know pizza is my favourite food
then when pizza came I was carving so much to the point that I could eat a slice even it had meat on it but instead I had a fruit and all those thoughts gone after.Now I don't feel guilty for having that extra fruit.

Day 9

had lunch meeting today and I tried to scale my vegan salad with my eyes, I think I had less than I supposed to eat but I am so proud of myself to not go over board at least , in the past I couldn't stick to my diet or even ruining it and saying it's ok for today or I can start all over tomorrow, specially see all those desserts Infront of me and not even carve for them 🤗🤗

Day 8

what inspired me to join Kenzai was seeing amazing result from those who did it and also learning to have self love and disipline.
I am not sure what is my great greatest strength but i am sure i will find out.
my greatest weakness is not having enough self discipline and get cold feet so soon but i decided to stick to the programme this time and I wanna see the finish line. I need all of you to help me and reach the line together

Day 7

relieased I am not paying attention to what I am eating and starting to have a conscious decision. feeling good to think before eating and enjoying this.
all ready for tomorrow. packed my breakfast and lunch. hope to keep it that way. 400 skipping was different with my new digi rope.

Day 6

had my last wine and take out, tried to look at the food as a medicine and remember why I decided to do kenzai and the answer was changing my life styles. I know I won't miss any of these at least for the next 84 days happy Sunday everyone

Day 5

Loved my skipping in the park

Still struggling to get the habit of routine work out but hopefully I will get hold of it soon enough.
Feeling pain in my thoughts and arms and I am out of breath too.

leaving quarter of my food seemed very simple but i realised i am eating my food so unconsciously every time i am eating by the time i remember i have to leave my food i almost at the end of the my food.
will try to be more conscious while eating..