Shona M.

Shona M.

Kenzai Body | Day 46
Kenzai Body
Day 46
Program progress:

I was not good with the exercise plan this week, but definitely got more exercise in than I usually do, just not the exact daily amounts. The articles have been interesting to read daily. I like the insights into building muscles and the general advice to stick to the plan. My hubby and I were drowning in meal prep all week -- cutting veggies and going through so many of them. We vowed to get it together more this week with more of a meal plan. He's great at measuring and I haven't been doing the exact gram measuring as much, but feel a difference already by just eating clean and not snacking on cheese and crackers, nothing processed, etc. It feels good to see a small difference in just two weeks.

I need to review the veggie protein info. again, as I've been basically eating quinoa as both a grain and protein, throwing in a few almonds and sunflower seeds to the bowls that I make with veggies. I do eat some chicken, but I usually don't eat that much, so I know I'll need to figure out different meals with enough protein for a little more variety. There's a lot of roasting and steaming veggies going on.

On to week 3!

Day 5

Traveled today for a work conference this weekend, but still got my workout in today. The jump rope was hard, but easier, if that makes sense. It's definitely high intensity cardio bang for your buck.

I didn't pass up on the hotel cookie at check-in 🍪, but I did okay dietwise the rest of the day. I'm intrigued to get the detailed diet plan next week.