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Silas L.

Kenzai Run | Day 45 (Member)
Kenzai Run
Day 45
Program progress:
12 days!

Until I get to marry Emily! We have been doing our best to stick with the training, but have definitely been busy between wedding prep and ultimate. It's been really nice to have runs and workouts to help us through the pre wedding stress.

I tweaked my hamstring a little bit last week, which had my Vastus Medialis twitching for a couple days. I took off two days of training so I could go into the tournament I played in this weekend confidently, and I am happy to report that my leg is no longer twitching!

We finished our regular season this weekend, and played some really challenging teams. My endurance is exactly where I hoped it would be, and I was really able to be a workhorse for my team. I still want more explosive power, but I'll have to wait until the off season for that.

Running is feeling good, an I am really looking forward to a 10k run with my lovely fiance the day before we wed 😊

hope everyone is running strong!

also, here is a picture along a running route from Martha's Vineyard!

Survived the long weekend with only missing one run! broke diet enough to appreciate it when I got back on it. Headed to Martha's Vineyard to do wedding stuff and run this weekend!

Hope everyone is enjoying their runs!

Run Faster

Well it's been pretty hot in Maine. I've been getting through the workouts and runs and even went to a tournament on Saturday!

Been doing most of the runs with Emily which has been really fun. Went out on my own today, and was proud of the pace I was able to maintain.

I've had a running mantra for a while: Run Faster. Its simple, but it keeps me going when my legs are feeling tired and my form is slouching. I often couple it with memories of opponents beating me to the disc and find that it really helps me kick back into gear.

off to my bachelor party, so hopefully I don't kill too many gains 😁

End of week 2

It was a hot weekend to end week 2 in Portland Maine. The workouts and diet have been nice, and I am starting to feel the benefits of the training in terms of stability. I am hoping to do a little more agility work, but some of the exercises we've been doing feel like the right direction.

Had a Ultimate Frisbee tournament Saturday/Sunday with a wedding Saturday night, so broke diet a little bit. The tournament went pretty well with our team going 6-1 though it was a little disappointing to loose in the finals. Between the heat, and loosing some players to injury, it's definitely a result I can live with, but it's given me some motivation to keep pushing myself with the workouts and diet. we'll play the team that beat us in a month, and I know I can have better endurance and agility by then!

looking forward to the workouts getting harder 😈

Time to run!

Just finished KB1 and don't want to loose momentum! I am in the middle of the Ultimate Frisbee club season so I figured running/strength training for running is the best thing I can do at this point to improve my performance.

Though I run a lot for ultimate, I have stopped running for pleasure, so I am looking forward to getting back to it! I did some track work last spring and improved my running form, so I am hoping to improve my form, endurance, and pace!


day 82!

Feeling weary. between Kenzai, ultimate, and soccer, I've been doing a lot! But it feels good to be stronger, and I'm proud of myself for making it this far.

After day 90, I plan to start doing some days of sprint workouts and agility. I'd like to keep up with strength training and jump roping, but I do think I'll give myself a little break. Looking forward to grinding through this last week!

I think for me the diet has been the easiest. I've really enjoyed eating clean. Its self good too know I've been fueling my body a nutrient rich diet, and I've gotten used to the routine of eating well.

It would probably be a cop out to say posting to the blog has been the hardest part, so I'd probably say it's been the impact on my social life. It's definitely helped me become more aware of how much consumption is involved in most social interaction (it's almost like it's a capitalist conspiracy to keep us lethargic, bloated, and consuming 😉) and is something I plan to monitor more in the future when I am out with my friends.

Already getting anxious about how I am going to keep making gains after KB1 is done, so I guess the program is paying off for me and Kenzai!


But had an awesome weekend with my ultimate team!

I think the biggest change I've made is that I now spend more time taking care of myself. Wether it's prepping food, exercising, stretching, or sleeping, I have made more time for my health. I also have gotten a lot better at getting up early to workout, which has been a life goal for a while!

My update is that I am feeling good! I am noticing positive changes, and feeling good on the ultimate field.

I have noticed some energy changes-- mainly in terms of feeling worn out, but they aren't negative changes. When I am tired, I know it's because I've been working hard. When I am sore I know it's because I am getting stronger. I've noticed that I am finding it easier to fall asleep before 11:00 which has been a goal of mine for a while.

I look forward to finishing up the program and getting stronger 💪

Fo me it is probably Saturday. I like to sleep in when I can, and sometimes get a little cramped for time betweenBreakfast and Lunch.

I've experimeted with having a brunch of both portions, but it's definitely too much (and ATM thinking) so I've just been eating the quota of protein/eggs/veggies and cutting some of the carbs.

I did engage in some indulging this Saturday! My friend was in town and we visited a couple breweries and went out to eat. Beer is definitely heavier than I remember it being, and I felt more full than buzzed. And while it was fun to see my buds, I realized that I only really like friend food because of all the salt and sauce you put on it!

I sort of regret not going for donuts as my indulgance but they'll still be there to give me a sugar buzz and a tummy ache later!!

1. No six pack yet😁
2. Solidarity with my fiancee
3. So I can be in better shape than my opponents in ultimate
4. I like the diet! (even though I still crave junk food)
5. I like the accomplishment of working out every day

Catching up

Two weeks with out a post, sorry!

I am really happy with what is going on with my body right now. The diet and exercise routine have made me push myself very hard. My life has gotten very busy in the past few weeks: working as a teacher, coaching HS Ultimate, playing/captaining club ultimate, and preparing for a wedding at the end of the summer! I am proud to have not missed a workout 💪 and even did one after hosting our club teams tryouts on Saturday.

It's been really nice to have my fiancee Emily for support! We've been doing a significant amount of meal prep on the weekends and it's made our weekdays a lot less stressful. We have also been crushing morning workouts together which has been a couple goal for a while!

I really enjoy the work I do, but it can definitely cause stress. The district recently gave employees access to a meditation app. I downloaded it and have been meditating as I fall asleep, and it's not only helped me relax mentally, but also helps me relax my sore muscles and joints!

questions of the week I missed:
What are you most fed up with?
umm, probably the blogging aspect tbh. I am going to start reading my lessons at night to remind myself.

How is your social life changing?
well it's shrinking. luckily I live with my fiancee who's my best friend, and my brother. ❤️❤️
I also have ultimate so that's nice too, but definitely seeing less of my friends so I can sleep 😴

Wow, can't believe that I am already 3 weeks in! I've definitely established some healthy routines, and it's exciting to know I have 9 more weeks to refine and reinforce them!

I work as a teacher and had the week off, visiting friends and family definitely provided some challenges, but I was able to stick to the diet throughout the whole week! It was also kind of fun to explain the diet to people, and use it as a way to encourage them to eat healthily.

I've been keeping up with the workouts and really enjoying the regiment. I've really been focusing on exhaling at the right time, and pushing myself until I feel the burn. My shoulders and arms are starting to feel stronger, which feels really good.

Other changes I've noticed include: pants being looser around the waist line, drinking less coffee, increased acceleration when running, and substantially better endurance.

PS I keep formating my posts into paragraphs, but the output is always one big blurb. I am using the mobile app on an Android phone.

Day 13 Update

Just finished my last workout of the week and I am feeling really good. The lessons about muscle growth, sleep, and stretching have really resonated with me and I am optimistic I will be able too keep up with the workouts and build some muscle!

I've really enjoyed the first week of the diet, especially the the increased vegetable intake. Using fruit to keep my energy up has been great, and I've found cooking clean meals to be much less complicated than what I typically cook.

Managed to get up early enough to do my workout before work every day this week and would 100% recommend it. The feeling of accomplishment it starts your day off with, coupled with being able to relax after work definitely reduced stress for me.

Looking forward to playing soccer tomorrow, and meal prepping for the week.

Keep up the hard work team!!