Silvia D.

Silvia D.

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January 8th...

...can’t let go. Totally lost in the new kenzaiverse ...not sure if I will get use to it.
Don’t like the fifty shades of grey color scheme everything is so small...nothing really stands out ...trying to click through and find the right button ...but that’s not easy at all.
Anyway...missing the old version of the universe ...i guess I just don’t like changes .

Signed up for iron just to see if something happens or someone reaches out ...OR I get to fill out the usual informations about food preferences , fitness situation etc. ...BUT nothing. Nobody wants to know anything neither have I received a confirmation or something ...not sure if or what to do next.

Frustrated with the shoulder situation ...looks like I’m not gonna come around a surgery...I’d really like to speak with somebody (Scott?) I can join iron and just do abs and lower body. I have to/WANT to be part of a team.
@jim ...I know u would love to see me run 🏃‍♀️ ...but I really am not ready for it. I WANT squats :)) ...a lots of them lol
@janet ...I loved sculpt but after iron everything else would feel like doing nothing :)...I wanna see and try if I can still move my lower body without using my arms ...wanna come up with some adjustments at the gym to carry weight (somehow) and do squats but not using arms :)
Let’s see if that’s even possible.
It has to be.

So now I’m waiting for Mr.Scott to get back to me.
Is he even still alive ?:)

Wishing you all a great week and for some of you already a super start with the new program.

Cgx019gzm1nvs5k4r4cu madness continues ...
Zero dark thirty ...not so much my hour to wake up and function ...
Back at the airport ...freakn’ still in Vienna ...finding out that the flight is delayed for an hour BUT smart me rebooked to an early flight so that we have enough time to catch the one only connection to “paradise”...
Watching the news ...plane crash in KZ in Almaty ...just thinking wtf is going on ...I just wanna get out of here finally BUT now not so sure if I wanna get on any plane ever again...
At some point finally boarded and an hour later landed in Frankfurt ...safely “phew” 🙏

Now sitting here and hoping to leave on time...gotta pack and repack and get on two more flights tomorrow towards the real paradise.

@janet ...thx , please keep praying ...not that I’m religious but at this point I’ll take any good energy that I can get just to make it across the world and back safely. So thx again for all of it 😘

@fish ...da Konfusion sounds like a plan ...wish I could join ...let’s see ...still hoping for a miracle that I will be all good until end of January #fingerscrossed


Friday 13th ...

...miss you all, miss my gym and everything that comes with it.
Situation with my shoulder is NOT GOOD. MRI and X-ray DONE...
...literally could cry just by thinking about it.

Will post some more this weekend ...will catch up with all of your blogs ...flying to Austria alps tomorrow...will have plenty of time to hang out around here since I will NOT be able to ski or have some fun in the snow...not sure if any fun at all...I’m on meds , my right arm is attached to my body and I’m more disabled than I could ever imagine to be. HATE IT!

Keeping diet healthy BUT need my daily dose of bourbon to forget about the pain I’m in right now.

Have an awesome Friday everyone !



...Friday is here and I don’t know what to do first...
So here I am on my phone to get done what’s my first priority ...kenzai life it is ...
Workout DONE
Lesson READ
Blog almost DONE :)

For some reason I can see and read everything here on the app just can’t comment anymore will have to do it on my computer when I get to it. But thx to all of you from the other app for showing up and thx to da fish of course from oversees ...hope u haven’t reached food coma yet just like I almost did last night lol.
So diet has been good , survived the dinner with no booze and dessert ...but I definitely overdosed on the rest of it and it was sooo worth it :).
Took the dessert home and just now after lunch tried a few bites from three different pieces ...quickly dumped it into the trash so I won’t finish it :)) ...but I had to at least try :) ...just thought better today in the early hour than last night before bedtime .
Felt ok this morning ...hungry as always I’m hoping the damage is not too bad.

Workout went ok...triceps is definitely one of those that hurts my shoulder the most. Had to sub a few movements but finished everything as strong as I could.
Was able to try out my limits on the deadlift ...
Did 20,40,50kg 8reps
Then 60kg 6 reps
Then 70kg 3 reps
And finally 80kg 1 rep =176lbs (just sayin’)
...calling it the total WIN and THAT will get me through the last few days ...because I’m super happy and motivated ...because I know I can do this. 🤟💪

Happy weekend everyone !...


...yea @fish...that IS a new one ...I never look forward to go back to KZ but this time I just need that bubble to focus on the training ...don’t need all these distractions of the civilization right now ...
I don’t even know how you all do it in the real world with EVERYTHING available and still stick to the “plan”. That requires so much strength that I don’t have (or ...not always have)...I need to learn how to live kenzai compliant in the real world because in about 2 years that will be my reality (fingers crossed it will be in 2y)🤞....and I definitely do NOT wanna go back to what I was before kenzai.

So ...I touched down at 8pm last night ...drove to Bratislava/Slovakia , dropped off suitcases , put on my gym clothes and 9.45pm I was standing with some other monkeys in front of the mirror at the gym 🤟😅.
YES I did it, I doubled up , finished 2 days of workout just didn’t jump the rope because of the timing ...but I finished everything else and felt sooooo good.

This was very important step for me to get up , bail on the party I was invited to and go to the gym first. Now I know there’s no excuses , I can always do it.
Came to the party in my gym clothes (the bar is close to the gym where I go to in BA)...said hi, had one Pellegrino and because it was around midnight I just went home, felt tired (in a good way)...what can I say...I call it a WIN 😊

Gotta run some errands now ...will hit the gym later good everyone ! #kenzaiforlife #noexcuses

(Btw. The gym watch shows the time I left the gym)

still DAY39...

...sitting at the Geneva airport reading your blogs but for some reason the app won’t let me write any comments...wt...
So I apology again for not showing up/writing anything BUT please note I’m somewhat up to date now and did read as much as I could until we took off 😅.
Glad I finally sat down ...I’m sooo tired ...walked about 20.000 steps every day ...that’s actually the worse for me and my hips BUT I had to go with the flow and just walk (hate it as much as I hate running).
Officially missed two workouts BUT will double up tomorrow and on Saturday before we take off to KZ. Then I should be good again.
Diet is what it is ...I know I’ll be back on track as soon as I hit the ground in the bubble again.

Ok ...enough ...gotta keep reading ...see you on the other side !

Wr94zdtlxtwvaud8qbpr I go again...
Reboot it is...have never done this 4 days in I’m thinking “interesting”...let’s see what the next 3 weeks will be like 😳🤔

Started off missing the first day due to travel across the globe. Made it safely to Seyschelles but didn’t have the energy to do the work out after we landed.
Did both workouts on day 2 and felt really good. Rope is a bit of a struggle BUT I love my baby buff and I know we will manage to sinc again.
Day 3 and 4 ...let’s just say “still waiting for the storm to come” 😉
Added some more rope minutes each day , some extra abs exercises ...seems like I’m getting back into my beast mode ...slowly but surely feeling it again 😊💪
(I know I sound like I haven’t worked out in ages , truth is I haven’t stopped in almost 2 years until maybe the last 2 weeks before reboot).
Looking forward to iron in September ...I REALLY want to push some real iron again🙃💪🤟

Diet has been alright ...timing is a bit off and I’m missing on some fruit snacks BUT I’m staying clean booze since last week (gotta check the calendar but I’m thinking 8-9 days)

Hotel gym is small and kinda crowded but it has a nice view and enough equipment for me to play with 😄.

Seems like I can only upload one picture (when using my phone to blog) the rest will have to wait.

...back to day 87...

...have read some of your blogs ...loved it
Just keep going guys ...I need you around so please don’t ever stop.

3 more days to go ...and I think I made up my mind ...I will continue with kettlebell (if they let me join that program).
Why?...bc I really want to get stronger in my upper body , I need to finally be able to do a proper push or pull up.



...still sitting on the beach, watching the sunset.
Did the workout this morning right after breakfast so don’t need to hustle now and can actually chill 😱 ...workout felt really good.
Loving my new baby Zeuss...did 15min clean and then 5min. Everything else done according to plan ...century exercise broke down to 50/30/20 and 3 sets of 1min speed rope finished clean 🤟💪 (first I thought I couldn’t do it but I can😅).

Tried 2 egg white omelet this morning for breakfast with some veggies ...actually not bad ...but first I had to fight the cook not to add a liter of oil on the pan ...really unbelievable...I told him I’d go to wash the dishes if necessary (he complained it’s gonna stick to the pan).
Still had a waffle though 🙃
Lunch was pretty good...and dinner will be in an hour.
So far so good. Day4 in paradise I think I have pretty good routine going on now the time it’s perfect I’ll be leaving lol.

Have a great week everyone!


It’s been a crazy busy year...started of with KB2, got sculpted right after, joined the never ending yoga class :) and after I recovered from surgery end of August I joined the Strick club.
Now finishing the year with repeating KB2 on my own.

I’ve been jumping every day for 20min
still repeating KB2 workouts as planned...kinda proud of myself .

Spend some time in Slovakia , then went skiing in Austria , then back to Slovakia for Xmas, flew to Amsterdam for a few days (went to see a “life of Buddha” exhibition where I did a short meditation...see pic). Now in Czech Republic to celebrate New Year with some friends.

Diet is mostly OFF but that’s ok...enjoying the holidays to the fullest and “swapping” the unhealthy for healthy as much as I can :)

7 days till KB3

Happy new year !!!



Fridayyyy!!!...I don’t even know why am I getting so excited about Friday’s hubby says every day in my expat life is a Friday ...hmm...I’m not so sure about that 🤔😇


It’s been a long day. Was supporting a charity event this morning so had to do my workout afternoon AND THAT is not es easy on a Friday afternoon 🤟😀 know what I mean😁
BUT i did everything according to plan (unfortunately AGAIN I forgot to stretch in the morning lol...but I’m not giving up , not yet).

Today’s menu:

Rope 15min DONE
DAY5 mind DONE
DR workout DONE
Lesson DONE
Meditation 🧘‍♀️ 7min DONE

Needed proper stretching afterwords, my legs were dying ...couldn’t even jump through the 15min , had to stop like million times .
Feeling good now ...after the 7min meditation is good 😊
Of course had tons of thoughts BUT managed to get back to here and now and the 7min went by like nothing. Was surprised when the alarm went off.

Happy Friday everyone!


Very happy birthday my friend. Hope your next one will be filled with lots of happiness and laughter and tons of Kenzai sets and repeats 😀

Even though we’ve never met I feel like I’ve known you forever .
You are there for me when I need a “push” your kind words make me always feel much better about myself. You are my motivation and one of the reasons why I’m still with Kenzai.

Enjoy your day , have a beer or two and don’t forget I’m watching you closely .
SAT team could not function without you ...since I can’t work out right now and A gotta show the kids how it’s done .
Get ready and chisel ON got this darling.
Day 1....and counting ...

Love you


Unfortunately gotta give up the dream team dream :(
I’ll be watching you all closely though back before you know it!

#SATteamrocks ...T&A good luck with chisel! xo




...I’m 😩 stressed ...sitting at the airport (again)...finally checked in...trying to catch up with the blog ...
Diet was ok 80% in the past few days much better then the few days before ...missed two days of workout (can’t believe I’m writing this)...I just couldn’t do it , had zero time ...will try to catch up as soon as I get to California.
Ordered a new rope and a whole new set of bands’s all already waiting for me at the house no excuses ...hoping the jetleg will not be too bad...Also Have appointments from 7.30am tomorrow morning so when all that is done ...will catch up with the excuses.

Feeling legs are definitely stronger...will have to repeat this program to get more visual results :)...

Good luck everyone for the final week!
Go CYAN!...go go SAT! xS.




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