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Silvia D.

Kenzai Mind | Day 11 (Member)
Kenzai Mind
Day 11
Program progress:

Fridayyyy!!!...I don’t even know why am I getting so excited about Friday’s hubby says every day in my expat life is a Friday ...hmm...I’m not so sure about that 🤔😇


It’s been a long day. Was supporting a charity event this morning so had to do my workout afternoon AND THAT is not es easy on a Friday afternoon 🤟😀 know what I mean😁
BUT i did everything according to plan (unfortunately AGAIN I forgot to stretch in the morning lol...but I’m not giving up , not yet).

Today’s menu:

Rope 15min DONE
DAY5 mind DONE
DR workout DONE
Lesson DONE
Meditation 🧘‍♀️ 7min DONE

Needed proper stretching afterwords, my legs were dying ...couldn’t even jump through the 15min , had to stop like million times .
Feeling good now ...after the 7min meditation is good 😊
Of course had tons of thoughts BUT managed to get back to here and now and the 7min went by like nothing. Was surprised when the alarm went off.

Happy Friday everyone!


Very happy birthday my friend. Hope your next one will be filled with lots of happiness and laughter and tons of Kenzai sets and repeats 😀

Even though we’ve never met I feel like I’ve known you forever .
You are there for me when I need a “push” your kind words make me always feel much better about myself. You are my motivation and one of the reasons why I’m still with Kenzai.

Enjoy your day , have a beer or two and don’t forget I’m watching you closely .
SAT team could not function without you ...since I can’t work out right now and A gotta show the kids how it’s done .
Get ready and chisel ON got this darling.
Day 1....and counting ...

Love you


Unfortunately gotta give up the dream team dream :(
I’ll be watching you all closely though back before you know it!

#SATteamrocks ...T&A good luck with chisel! xo




...I’m 😩 stressed ...sitting at the airport (again)...finally checked in...trying to catch up with the blog ...
Diet was ok 80% in the past few days much better then the few days before ...missed two days of workout (can’t believe I’m writing this)...I just couldn’t do it , had zero time ...will try to catch up as soon as I get to California.
Ordered a new rope and a whole new set of bands’s all already waiting for me at the house no excuses ...hoping the jetleg will not be too bad...Also Have appointments from 7.30am tomorrow morning so when all that is done ...will catch up with the excuses.

Feeling legs are definitely stronger...will have to repeat this program to get more visual results :)...

Good luck everyone for the final week!
Go CYAN!...go go SAT! xS.


#letsdothiscyanteam 💪

@satteam ...Dont forget ...i got my eyes 👀 on you!!! 🤓🙄


#stillhungry ...below my breakfast pic 👍
#itsgettinghotinkz ...was 46’C in the sun today

Good luck everyone!
Let’s rock this week...wanna see the buts shrinking 😜 @satteam 🤟🤩


...I’ve signed up a few days ago but haven’t received any co formation yet neither can I see (on the app) what’s happening from tomorrow on ...anybody can help me with that?



OMG we made it!!! I can’t believe it ...sooo proud of all of us.

First of all Congratulations to the team ...we gave it all and here we are, strong and happy and healthy. So congratulations!
Big thank you to Ellissa and Adelyn. We could NOT have done it without you.

So thanks again to all of you who supported me through out the process. What a journey it has been. Woow...crazy times :)

My last weight check: 68kg 🤟🤟🤟🤣🤩
Still no abb muscle
Still double jumping
Still doing push up on my knees
Still hating double katanas and triceps workout
...BUT feeling good and happy to made it this far.
I’m ready for the 3 free days of everything and then I’m off for the next challenge.
Hope to see some of you on the blogs. Let’s keep in touch 🙃🙂.

P.S. I worked out on Friday before going to the airport but had to miss my last day of workout (the surprise workout) ...can’t believe I was too weak to take it to the finish line with no missing workouts😖...the jet-leg and three flights and busy schedule in Bangkok just killed me.


OMG I’m soooo jetleged that I can’t even think straight. I will post my final pic and blog tomorrow. I really wanna read first everything.

I’m in Bangkok and life is busier then ever.
Be back soon, gotta go for now.


“I got this feeling inside my bones
It goes electric, wavy when I turn it on
All through my city, all through my home
We're flying up, no ceiling, when we're in our zone....”

“Ooh, it's something magical
It's in the air, it's in my blood, it's rushing on
Don't need no reason, don't need control
I fly so high, no ceiling, when I'm in my zone...”
( of my favorite songs by JT)





4 days to go...


5 days to go...


...DAY 83

#EOPB (end of the program blues - just saw that in one of the blogs ) :)


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