Simon B.

Simon B.

Day 95 - Finito 

Typing away with a beer here in a sixth senses resort in Vietnam and I feel pretty good. The project was awesome and way exceeded my expectations. The simplicity, the training messaging, the comraderie were very helpful and I learnt so much. I am a disappointed that I slipped a bit over the last 45 days of the project as the results could of been spectacular. Not having a couple of training buddy's and some in the face competition was probably what I needed as my self control waned but overall I am happy and excited about getting in better shape and maintaining it.
Many thanks to my brother Anthony B for introducing me to the PCP and to Patrick on such an awesome program.

DAY 85

Ithas been a difficult couple of weeks to stay in touch with work trips. I have organised 3 months off work so very excited about consolidating the PCP and getting stronger. Off to HK disneyland with the kids today so better head to the gym.

Day 75

My last indulgence was all done and then some on my recent work trip to HK and Singapore. Client events, airport lounges etc was all to much for me so lost some ground on the "critical diet" but managed to get the exercise done but pretty disappointed with the effort. Made it to the gym after flying overnight but absolutely exhausted so will try and post weekly photo tomorrow.

Day 66

Well another weekly photo posted and very much thinking about the finish. It seems like I am always a day ahead of where we really are on the project so I can feel a very very long long home straight with some hills beckoning.  The exercises are getting tougher and I like the fact I am getting very buggered by the end of the workout. The abs at the end is not pretty with the dreaded V sit ups now preferred to the bicycle, Kung Fu, plankathon etc.
I am up in HK and Sing for a few days early next week and looking forward to breaking up the cycle a bit. I have all the workouts planned etc so should stay on track. Will keep my eyes peeled in the gyms up there as it seems like HK is the PCP capital.
Loving the blogs team Gemini..keep them coming.

Day 60

Reading blogs over the last few days and today's timely training message I am feeling better about my battle through the valley over the last two weeks or so. The workouts have been fine but a lack of discipline on the diet and a couple of drinks here and there that have been disappointing and my results were dropping.
I knocked out 2000 skips pretty easily today and I distinctly remember someone telling me in the second week that you will have to do 2000 skips by the end of the project and I just didn't think I could do it or even want to do it. I ran into my old trainer at the gym this afternoon and she was genuinely impressed with my skipping and my body changes so I need to just keep going and enjoy the experience. 

Day 53

I would love a large glass of red wine right now but I will have to settle for the broccoli which is steaming away and maybe a glass of milk to wash it down. Hanging pretty tough at this stage with a couple of hiccups over the last week.  I am enjoying the extra intensity of the workouts and finding the diet a lot more manageable with the extra vegetables and yoghurt.

Day 45

Loved the message on belly fat today which helped me focus on the diet today. Still feeling okay and love the PCP early in the week when I have the set routine of work but once I get to Thursday the old habits die hard and I really miss a few grogs and a nice meal. I can get pretty grumpy but it beats  some of the hangovers I had in December so just have to push through. 

 Just posted the week 6 photo and feel happy with the progress. Looking through previous PCP group photo's I noticed the big body changes take place from week 6 onwards so pretty excited and I am starting to really trust this Patrick dude. I am cutting a few tiny corners on the diet but generally sticking with it. I am really enjoying the workouts its just the lack of booze and the diet that plays on my mind a bit more than I would like.

Noticing a lot of people on different diets and regimes around me and I feel very comfortable I am on the right track. One of my colleagues lost 7kgs last week on this special Chinese Herb diet which involves eating nothing but herbs (expensive ones I heard they cost $100 a day) and he is now on his second week and still hasn't eaten anything but the herbs. Normally I would be envious of this guys willpower and looking to hit the herbs but i actually feel sorry for him.  

These training messages are a great help and today's really hit the spot as my weight loss hasn't been what I expected but i feel like if I stay on track for another 52 days I will  know and  have my optimal weight.

I had my best lunch of the PCP today a Vietnamese Charcoal Pork Salad with noodles and chilli. 

Indulgent Indulgence

Took some fun clients to see Rod Stewart last night and we had a ball. I had a few beers and a few wines and definitely blew away the 200-400 calorie limit. I did a lot of bad dancing to try and burn it off but based on how I felt this morning I did a fair bit of damage. I had strong cravings with the "hangover" today and I felt a lot hungrier than normal and it illustrated what a vicious circle over drinking can create. The other strong craving was not to do my skipping and excercises today but once I made it I was fine and felt a lot better afterwards. The week 5 diet post lunch is wearing a bit thin! with just vegetables and fruit + one egg white over an 8+ hour period Im looking forward to see some more variety in week 6.

Day 28

Felt pretty flat and lacking energy today which is probably a function of a few full weeks back at work and the PCP giving my body a real jolt. I have just completed the 1300 skips and feel a lot better for it. The positives are hugely outweighing the negatives at this stage but I am starting to weaken mentally as predicted by Patrick so need to have a big week 5 and stay on track. I am taking some clients to see Rod Stewart on Wednesday night so keeping my indulgence in hand until then.

Day 22 - It's happening

Finally some good weather in Sydney today and we had a 90minute ride around the Olympic site which was great for the kids and myself who had an extra 20kgs in my 4 year old to tow around. The PCP has already made a big difference to my golf as I feel a lot stronger physically and mentally scoring shooting 4 over yesterday which was easily my best round in over 12months. 
The subtle body changes and yes even little gaps between muscles in my upeer arms are starting to come through. The lack of  weight loss which has been bugging me has also kicked in and I have dropped 2kgs.  I am enjoying the excercises apart from the skipping which can only get better so pretty happy to get into week 4 with a 545am start tomorrow morning at the gym.

Day 18

I am in the groove now and feeling pretty good about the diet and the excercises. My skipping skills aren't improving so Patrick's training message yesterday  was timely and I cut my rope back a lot but still comfortably above the nipples. I was pretty pumped about my prospects this morning but sadly I was tripping every 10skips or so and my muscle memory or me couldn't cope with the change so I am going to hit the rope tonight when I have more time. The other disappointment has been the lack of weight loss at this stage but I am feeling a lot better and the muscles seem to be coming on.

Day 14

Its late Saturday afternoon and usually I would be cracking a beer and having some nibbles but not today. I had a round of golf this morning, made and ate a compliant lunch and then punched out the 800 skips in good time. I skipped on the timber floorboards in our house and after 14 days of skipping I can say that timber floors are definitely a preferred surface. I am getting up early to head to the gym for the day 15 workout and then off for a ride with the family at Centennial Park in Sydney. 

Just completed a really good workout thanks to my best jumprope session. Patrick's tip to try not to bounce of my toes and more of my foot(see Q&A) made a big difference. I actually enjoyed my last 200 skips and found a great rhythm. 

Day 9 - Back on track

I am back home after 3 days in Melbourne at the Aussie Open tennis and with all the catch ups etc I lost my way a bit especially the diet on day 8. I just did the day 9 workout and am now up to speed on with the diet so looking forward to getting back to work and having some continuity. 

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