Simon R.

Simon R.

First Day of the Rest of My Life 

...was another Ironman 70.3 in Bahrain...and pleased to say I managed a personal best (that's over 24 races) of 4:55:59. It was a super fast course (winner set a new all time record over the distance) but you've still got to execute. Safe to say that without Kenzai body this would never have happened - so I am pretty chuffed with recommitting to doing this again and getting through it pretty much on point.

Thanks to everyone for encouraging comment and posts...and good luck to everyone for building at least some of the Kenzai way into normal life!

Wrapping it up

Almost done now! Really enjoyed Kenzai this time around and whilst it has been a bit hit and miss for me of late since my fall and injury, I've kept the weight off and am heading into my final Ironman 70.3 in Bahrain on Saturday really looking forward to it. I've just finished a big training weekend - Singapore Half Marathon on Saturday night and then a solid 95km TT bike on today has been a lovely day off all exercise...

I hope everyone else is enjoying coming to the end - the challenge is going to be keeping to the new lifestyle!

It's been a hell of a previously reported, last week was a big Kenzai fail given work commitments...and things got worse after my tumble...with the bruising getting worse with it now being a real problem (considering heading to the doc...but not sure how being told I've cracked a rib (or whatever) is going to help me).

So anyway - I had to ditch my Ironman 70.3 on Sunday as the pain was too significant - I can run up to a point, but biking is hard (standing up out of the saddle puts too much pressure on my chest) and swimming is just a disaster.

I've also put some weight back on (I think - I daren't get on the scales) but my new pic doesn't lie...:-( still - that's life and I'm trying hard to get back into Kenzai for the last two weeks - but the injury means I really can't do any real exercise! Ho hum. Teach me to be more careful next time I'm out running on the Sydney Coastal Track!

big bruise

Running the coastal track in Sydney and over I went. Some road rash and quite bad chest bruising which is all a bit tedious. Makes press-ups a nightmare...

Hopefully won’t be too sore during my Ironman 70.3 on Sunday....


In Aus.

Totally off the wagon but kept my tri training going and I love 8 min abs. Just hearing his ‘hey gang!’ Perks me up!!

Hope everyone going ok as we head into the final three weeks!

Final effort

Looking forward to this last effort. Now down by 13.2kgs since 9 September which I'm really chuffed about. Not sure there's a lot more left to get rid of but let's see.

One big week in Singapore and then a week for work down in Australia...which might derail things a bit...but at least down in Oz I can keep my calorie burning up: booked in for another half Ironman on 24 Nov, the Singapore Half Marathon the following Saturday and then the final race of the year on December 7 - the day after we finish!

Good luck to everyone for the next four weeks!!


Been in Japan for the Rugby World Cup Final. Not the result I wanted but it was an amazing experience with my fifteen year old son. Needless to say watch rugby with English mates is not conducive to staying with the Kenzai way but hey - these things don’t come around that often.

Anyway I’ve been keep my exercise going and one advantage of being in Japan is the amazing cycling. Monday was a holiday so I went for ride out into the mountains west of Tokyo. I think 182kms and 2100m of elevation gain creates a decent calorie deficit.

Back to Singapore tomorrow and back to the straight and narrow...!

Off the Wagon

Bad weekend. Champagne, Red Wine, White Wine....!!

But a very good mate's fortieth birthday party was preceded England thumping New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup semi final in Yokohama so wine and celebration was de rigeur!

The good thing is that this coming weekend will make last weekend's look like a trip to a monastery...I'm taking my fifteen year old son to Tokyo on Thursday night...and yes we have World Cup Final tickets!!

On that note, I'll be off to the gym shortly for a bit of a Kenzai session....:-)

Crystals. Easy...

Still droppin’

Perhaps one of the benefits of adding Ironman to Kenzai is that you do burn a lot of calories to exercise for five hours!

Nevertheless chuffed to have made it to double figures lost on the diet...down by 10.4kgs now. Thanks to everyone for all the support and messages - the social aspect of Kenzai really makes a difference!

I’m a bit concerned I might lose focus but going to stick at it to try and shed another bit of weight...but I know I’ve lost quite a bit of the easy kilos so it’ll be more of a struggle from here I expect...

Ironman 70.3 done!

Had a great race here in Chongming China yesterday. Clocked a 5:02 for my second fastest time including a PB 2:20 for the 90km bike leg. Struggled during last 5kms of the half marathon but I know exactly what I need to do for the next outing the day after Kenzai ends! Have to say the chest and shoulder exercises have helped my swimming a lot - and any way of improving my swimming that doesn’t actually involve swimming gets a massive thumbs up from me!!

This week I will be taking it a bit easier to recover although I’ll be knocking out my Kenzai exercises I hope and obviously will be back to my diet...but might let me hair down on the five hour flight back to Singapore - think I’ve earned it!


Have felt shot to bits today. So made a decision to take a day off from Kenzai workout - but did run 10kms this morning. Want to get some freshness back for my triathlon on Sunday and definitely feel this is the sensible option. Tomorrow will be full skipping, break from legs but do the rest of the workout. It’s about knowing your body and I need a break!

I'm happy

I've posted a couple of grumbly posts recently which isn't my thing usually...but with hindsight I've realised that with the extra training I've been doing for my triathlon this coming Sunday, I was fundamentally under-fuelling and was feeling pretty hangry!

Anyway - I've made some tweaks to my diet and feel like I'm on a better equilibrium...still losing weight (down to 98.4kgs now) but in a more controlled way.

What I have realised also is that Kenzai is brilliant (despite App issues!). The thing I love about it is that it's actually very accessible for anyone - and the community nature of the platform really helps keep everyone motivated. Now we're really into the meat and potatoes of the programme some of the food stuff is a bit bonkers - but by the end of November when we're all banging out 5,000 skips and back to eating pretty normally it will all seem worthwhile!

App woes continue

So I'm glad there has been an app update that's fixed the app crash as soon as you try and use the app to count rest between sets...but now on mine at least the very useful beeping sounds have gone away. Anyone else experiencing this? It means always having to peer at the screen on the phone rather than just listen out for the beeps...

Other than that I'm a bit frustrated with the diet not really being that thought through in my view. I'm having to make adjustments due to heavier training than just Kenzai as I'm off to Shanghai next weekend for an Ironman 70.3 and so when this morning was a very hot Singaporean 10km run plus full Kenzai work out, my current diet just doesn't cut it...especially with a 100km bike ride to come tomorrow...:-(

broken the ton

Pleased that I’ve dipped under 100kgs today - down 7.3 kgs to 99.3kgs. Pretty chuffed - but helped by 33kms of running this week and over 100kms of time trial bike...!




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