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Simon T.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 41 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 41
Program progress:
cold :-(

Bad week for training, early part of the week had to travel and it was hard to maintain diet, then got a cold and exercise has struggled. Man, I hate getting sick, such a pain!

Last week was good, got over the food poisoning quickly and back into exercise and healthy diet.

This week I need to visit family in China for a week and sticking to egg whites for dinner is going to be extremely tough when it will all be family dinners and entertaining!

Any chance I can stick to healthy diet as much as possible but hold off on egg white only until next week?

Happy new year everyone

struggling this week

Travelling off the beaten track a bit this week - on the Tajikistan/Pakistan/China border today at 3200m. Each day is mammoth journey (yesterday was 7am to 9pm!) so there’s not a lot of time to workout and the diet is a struggle as you can imagine!

Seeing some beautiful sites but don’t think I’ll be able to get back on track for a few more days :-(


So my KB3 has been a bit of a disappointment! Getting sick wasn’t a great start but a cold in any 90 period isn’t outrageous, even if it is annoying. You miss some workouts, stick to the diet and suck it up.
Unfortunately now I’ve hit a bit of a bigger roadblock. (see the picture). Basically my kids and I were messing about, my 4 year old climbed onto the side of my head and all his weight went onto pushing my head to the side. My neck didn’t like that and the ligaments got a nice extreme stretch. It’s been several days now and the swelling is still impacting on the nerve and causing pain and difficulty sleeping. Getting Physio, meds, etc but workouts not really on the cards.
I’ve been delaying writing this as I hoped it would be over quickly but it’s not and I’m a bit stuck. I don’t really see any other option than to hold off on KB3 for now and sign up again when I’m 100% :-(

another week done

Diet is still on point. All very boring :-)

Exercise not great, recovered from being sick but just got crazy busy and have been missing workouts :-(.
Let’s see if this week I can get back to close to 100%!