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I’ve been listening to a Tim Ferris pod cast with Greg McKeown author of Essentialism. An inspiring principle to ponder at the start of the year and aligns perfectly with the goal that is to attain a good KB2 program.

Essentially the principle is about pursuing less by focusing more on what matters. If you’ve not read it listen to the podcast!

This week’s training was a good 7/7. Yay.

Cheers to Chisel!  

I loved chisel - it was so refreshing to be pushed in a new way. I also definitely got results...I feel stronger and just more physically capable to take on a new challenge.

Unfortunately my last two days were not a strong finish as I’ve now started a crazy work travel stint - goodbye early nights and early mornings, and lack of choice at lunch. But I’m doing my best given the circumstances to keep it up.

Loved the 6 week time frame! So much more motivating than 3 months !

Thanks Kenzai!

one more week to go!

Making this happen! The gains on this program have been real. So last push!

Still going !

Good week altho the diet not so good. I had a friend staying from out of town. I won’t say it was terrible, it was just not perfect. Managed 5 out of the 7 workouts - again not a disaster just not perfect.

One more week for the win! Hope y’all are good and ready for the final countdown.

So far so good!

This week has been epic so far and it’s great. The workouts are tough, my knees are feeling a little ragged and I’m tired but I’m feeling motivated. I didn’t start this program to lose weight - I just want to get strong and I’m feeling it! Hoping the last two weeks are as good as this one.

A little dip

Hands up Sunday to Tuesday did not go well for many reasons. I’ve had 3 units of alcohol (I know, I know) and I missed 2 days of working out.

It’s Wednesday and I am back in the game but wanted to just admit I messed it but am coming back strong.

Make two quarters work

Well the first 30 days were wishy washy. I was on a plane for most part of it.
And then I quit ... but it didn't feel right.

An email from Thomas said it's not about perfect all the time. So I am recommitting for the last stretch. I've done the last 5 workouts and thank goodness I am fit enough to keep up! Counting my lucky stars, looking forward!

Let's go!

So I'm in LA and managed to rock the workout this morning besides being a bit behind. Okay, a lot behind.
I have a week here for work, which means no excuses because there are no kids to feed in the morning so I have all the time.
Going to use this week to focus. The only issue is there will be no measuring of meals. Just eyeballing.

I'm here!

Hey guys I am here! Just laying low as I'm a bit slammed at the moment work wise and leave for LA tomorrow.
Hope you guys are getting into KB2!

Here we go!

I'm back for a second round of KB2. Goal is simple: make the time for me to make this happen.

Let's go!

Seoul Searching

Been in Seoul for a week of work - hence the limited posts. It was good to have Reach available as a release! Back in it today.

Here's a flow tip.

Thomas suggested writing it down. What's worked for me is recording my voice talking thro the sun salutation flow and when to inhale and exhale... and then playing it back.
Works for me, might work for you ;)

Holiday break

Took a little trip to Phuket with the fam. Kept up with the morning streching but a bit tricksy to do the rest with the kids around.....
Back on it today.

Openness and beyond

To answer last week's question on openness - I wish I was more open to personal failure. But instead I think I hold myself back because I'm too concerned about dropping the ball. So I'm never quite where I want to be.
I'm doing small things to challenge myself to be open to failure - like taking a 'risk' in a meeting by saying what I think.
Small things ... baby steps.

This program has been helpful in bringing in a bit of perspective and giving me time to clear my mind. Loving it !

Beliefs and values

I love the idea of emotional strength that comes with reach. And a question like this starts to move the dial as you dig deep to find the answers.

In a nutshell I value opportunities and the possibilities that these bring - I'll always start with a 'YES'! I embrace change and the lessons that come with this - both good and tough. And I love a challenge - this is about personally being my better self in all facets of life.

I think Kenzai aligns very neatly with all three - an opportunity to learn and try something new, a change to embrace that comes with highs and lows, and a challenge to be better.

End of Week 9





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