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Sophia B.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 65 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 65
Program progress:

Had 3 days off from exercise due to nausea, picked up some sort of bug. Back into it today although still not 100s. Happy Saturday in our house the Rugby World Cup win for South Africa 🇿🇦!!

So today I wore high heels in the heat and have awful blisters. Lesson on point. I really could have just put my feet up but plastered them up and soldiered on through the work out, waking away from the open door and squeezing through the crack in the mountain. Happy it’s done 😅. On the other hand, I had the dessert at a work lunch that had two courses. Didn’t win that battle and yes it’s a slippery slope if the treats sneak in. Gotta keep focussed

Catching up

Hi guys,
Been MIA with some intenseness at work, been keeping diet focussed and largely good on the exercise. Been subbing out cycling and keeping feet very flat when skipping and it’s helping the otherwise sore feet.
Had a couple of gin and tonics as an indulgence last night and it took a long walk and some coffee this morning to shake off the hangover. Stomach lining has certainly thinned!
Hope everyone going well


Yes I can do push through those stomach muscles with this song going...
Dance monkey

Week 6...

Alcohol has crept into the diet this weekend and food not as strong as I would have liked. Time to tighten it up again.
Finding feet sore from all the jumping and this morning substituted out jumping with cycling
Will say hello on the blogs later today. Hope everyone doing well Soph x


Been a busy couple of weeks with kids on school holidays and folks visiting. Dad not in the best of health and left me feeling very grateful we prioritise our health and also reflective that some things aren’t in our control.
Diet been pretty good, hitting the grams and good food choices.
Had two nights where we shared cocktails which has become a favourite indulgence go to. I love the egg white cocktails like a whiskey sour so some protein intake 🤣
We had our wedding anniversary this week and a kid free night so was fun sharing a couple of great drinks.
Week 5 looks like a step up so head down and on we go!

Hungry bear...

I feel like a bear that has woken up from hibernation and is constantly hungry grrrrrr
Today’s breakfast

Pants...still tight

Ok so I was kind of expecting my work pants to start getting loser but not yet! Diet a bit lumpy this week with meals crammed in after 11am breakfasts due to some family commitments. Rework required this week around timing. Let’s go team! Week 4!

Kicking along

Doing the workouts, watching the food choices and just getting on with it. So far so good. Fear the wall that I know will come but not thinking beyond tomorrow which seems to be doing the trick

New diet...

No carbs for dinner and fruit and yoghurt for hubby. What?!!!! Are our bods in that bad shape...

ok turns out that was our last diet from Beach but I see our carb portions are light for dinner. Finding myself hungry as the daily exercise finds a rhythm

Intro KB2

Hey everyone,

Looking forward to these next 90 days, 8 days in! Sorry for the slow start on the blogs

I am based in Brisbane, Australia. Winters are mild and summers hot and humid. Enjoying the cool weather of spring, 26 degrees C today.

I am a mum of two and recently added a cat to our family. I am training with my husband Fabio B on KB2. Love this as we get to share the food prep, hold each other to account and work-out together regularly.

I am between jobs so goal is to use the time to get fit again. I value the structure of Kenzai and this great community.


Kicking off KB2...

Feeling enthusiastic and ready for the next 90 days. Know that this commitment will pay off and love the feeling of a good training cycle. Let’s go!

Beach Body final blog - delayed!  

This program was fun and intense. Remembered again just how important the exercise is to me. Had gotten caught up in life, work, kids...Was pleased with the beach body and tips on swim suit choice. Will also be enrolling for Kenzai 2 in early September :)

Beach body wrap up

Ok so I realised I have a lot more work to do than can be accomplished in a month. Program is intense in my opinion and requires a high level of fitness before commencing. Having said this, I have been happy with the results and my effort. Key takeaway, need a good 90 program to really get the result I want! Thank you to the team and trainers, been an easy going and supportive group and thanks to my husband Fabio, always good training together. On the beach in 10 days - yipee!

5 days to go...

Find body a bit worse for wear and have split skip / alternative cardio from the other exercises and also cut down to minimum times. Was finding I couldn’t keep up otherwise. Feeling fitter and happy about the clean diet. Not long to go team! Yah yah... we are doing 10 rounds of blast exercises. My burpies are much improved but I’m not a fan of switchfoot jump!

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