Sophy F.

Sophy F.

Day 77

Richard F and I are on holiday in Hanoi, Vietnam for another 5 days.
I brought with me the resistance bands and the push up hand grips for the workouts.
Did yesterday's workout, just about. Could not do the exercises which involve 2 chairs as we only have sofa chairs. Also, doing the metronome on a double bed isn't quite the same.

I am being careful with what I eat but following the diet this week will be difficult.

Smashed it!!

Smashed yesterdays workout!! I have at last worked out how to do V sit ups, I can now lift my whole torso off the floor. Great feeling knowing that I have got the technique correct.

I have been trying to make the evening apple and yoghurt more interesting, calling it Apple Snow. Hand whisked egg white with yoghurt and lightly stewed apple with a hint of lemon and cinnamon. Yum !!

Day 49

In answer to today's question. I am not having any problems with the diet, but yesterday I did have problems with the workout. Totally lacked motivation, found it very hard, but still managed to complete the workout.
Felt very pleased with myself during the week. Went for a 9km run on Thursday. It felt great running a new route. My left knee did hurt later though unfortunately.

End of week 4

Feeling pleased with my progress. I can definitely see more definition in my waist and my face. I had a double chin starting, it now appears to have gone. My arms also looking more muscly. Only lost 1.5kg.
This weeks diet has been fine.
Just had a look at next weeks exercises. Ohhhh I think I will be aching a lot. Looking forward to it though.
As we have completed 4 weeks will be doing full Body fat % measurements tomorrow morning with weight and weekly photo.
Happy week 5 everyone !!!!!

Week 4

Started my day well with my morning walk then interval run . Had a fantastic breakfast then later completed Day 22 workout. Loving the extra reps in the exercises. Also, moved up to a higher resistance band for most of them. Cannot wait to start the new exercises this week, even if I end up looking like Skippy around the house!!My son likes the new exercises.
Had all our fruit and veg delivered today, so will be bust tomorrow steaming and blanching the veg.
My day was going so well until I was washing up and dropped a heavy metal frying pan on my left arm. I am typing this one handed as my left hand has an icepack on it. Hoping that it does not effect my exercises tomorrow.

Day 20

As it is Saturday and no school managed to have a lie in. Went for a interval run before breakfast, so cardio completed , will do the workout later.

Really enjoying the diet , large selection of fruit and veg. Just done our food order for the next week, cannot wait to prep it all.

Liking the new exercises, finding them more challenging but enjoying it. Looking forward to next week to see the new exercises.

Day 15

Hooray, back to morning workouts!!
Did my normal walk and then did an increased interval run. Cruised the Kenzai workout , loving the exercise routine.

Day 14

Week 2 completed, caught up with all the exercises. From reading most of the blogs and comments, I am in the same boat as most people. No weight loss and cannot really see much difference in body definition.
But saying that, I am able to wear clothing that I could not have done 3 weeks ago. Also my rings feel looser on my fingers.
Today's lesson. The thing that I found easiest was the routine of food preparation and exercise. The hardest thing s is eating that quantity of food and the slow progress.
I guess it is just the case of keep going and hope to see some change soon.

Day 13

Have not been sleeping well for the last couple of days, feeling low in energy and aching more this morning. Also, I normally do my workouts first thing in the morning, but have done them in evening for the last couple of days. Hard to get enthusiastic about exercising in the evening.
Will be missing today's workout but doing it tomorrow morning instead.

Day 11

I am finding that the exercises are getting slightly easier, getting used to them. At the beginning of the week I felt more in tone , I could see some definition. Today I feel quite sluggish and less energised, motivation is waning.
Need to feel that buzz again like at the beginning of the week!!!

We have just received a food delivery of plenty of fresh fruit, veg and good quality meat. Cannot wait to try some new recipes.
Have attached some of my meals for the day. Really loved my breakfast, can see this is going to be a regular dish!!

Day 9

Todays exercises were great. Really enjoying the workouts.
Still not convinced with the quantities of food.
Picture of sunrise from todays 6.8km walk.

Day 8

Exercises were great this morning. Beginning to notice those core muscles again, just need to remember how to use them.
Pleased to see a slight change with more definition around abdomen in the photographs.
Feeling really positive and energised.
Just trying to find the time to eat all this extra food.

Day 5

Managed to complete my 6.8km walk/interval run, then returned home to do the Kenzai workout.
Don't normally do food blog but really happy with our dinner, sous vide chicken breast with a home made Caesar dressing. Very simple to make and tasted delicious also low fat.

Day 4

Changed my morning walk a little this morning. I walked half of it then did interval running for the other half. Back home to do the Kenzai exercises. Exercises going well, enjoying the regular pattern. I am finding the '' Today's lesson '' very interesting and motivating.
Will be interested to see the diet plans next week.

Day 3

Unfortunately, this morning I was unable to do my morning walk due to the heavy rain. Today's workout went alright, still need practice with the skipping.
Enjoying the regular exercise pattern.

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