Soraya W.

Soraya W.


My last week of the program wasn’t go smoothly 😔 it’s my daughter, husband & my own birthday just few days apart. So we went out for dinner & lunch a lot. And yesterday was my actual birthday 46 years old! Kenzo change my life and how I treat my body & choose the food I should eat or I shouldn’t. I will try to keep eat a lot of veggies & fruits for sure. Till we meet at KB 2 I hope. Have a wonderful Christmas & Safe holiday everyone 🎉🎄🎊🛍 😍

Week 12- Day 86

Wow its getting closer to the end , another few days
And we will graduate. To be honest I didn’t do very well from last week and just get back on track today after all my friends flew back last night . I did the exercises but ate out almost every day for lunch and dinner 😩 I must watch my grams for the next few days before my birthday party do on Dec 6!
Hope everyone have a good week ahead.

Day 66

I have been resting since last Thursday as my Physiotherapist told me to do so. But can’t stand to not do cardio. I called him yesterday and checked if I can start exercise today and he said I can do a bit and I did it! 3 set for 5 minutes (keep resting every minute). It’s my back alignment so I don’t want to force things by doing plank, sit up etc. I will see him tomorrow so see what he says.

Day 53 😱

QOTW : The tough time is weekend & the day I travel ☹️

I was on an early flight last Friday at 9am to Da Nang and I could not sleep well the night before. I tried to made an excuse to skip my exercise & diet when I got to the hotel. We only got to hotel at 2pm so straight to lunch and after that my daughter want to cycle around with her buddy so I decided to unpack my stuff and saw my Kenzai bag. I am glad I did my exercise. I tried to eat a lot of seafood & veggies but I still had a spoon of my daughter ice cream or dessert😄! Busy schedule for sightseeing and dining out so I woke up early did my exercise before breakfast.

Back home now and try to go back to my routines and diet! Wow, we already in week 8 time is flying!

Keep it up A team!

Day 48

7.39 Second Day in this beautiful tropical island 😍 start my exercise. Have a good day all.

Singapore has F1 night race now and this is the 12th year in Singapore. I always go to Invitation with free flow booze & I am so proud to not attend any invitation this year. I am just happy to have my good sleep and wake up fresh to do my exercise. Unfortunately, Yesterday afternoon I twisted my shoulder carrying some bags and it was very painful. ( still can’t move my arms) I woke up few time last night. Skipping was tough today and I may struggle with push up and other exercise this week ☹️. Will see how it is tomorrow but I may need some alternative exercises.




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