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Srimoyi B.

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Thank you 😊

I am so grateful for the past 3 months and Kenzai has frankly been a lifestyle changing experience for me. I had never been able to stick to any program let alone going to a gym and I felt this was the most adapted program I could invest in.
On the workout front, I had never ever worked out like this in my life. I would say I managed 70% and I am very proud of that. On the diet front, I would fare myself a 90% and I managed despite my travels to follow through most of it. What that means, is that this was simple yet effective enough for me to follow and then see results. Physically, I lost 5KGS which was my (secret ;) objective and I feel so much better- I lost weight, am more toned, and I am told I have a new glow:) I have also gained clarity of mind, sounder sleep and just feel I manage stress better.
I can’t thank you guys enough, my wonderful group for being incredibly motivating and supportive through this whole time, I had my moments of struggle and guilt and not feeling judged truly helped. Kim and Talya, thank you ever so much for accompanying every step of this journey, generously imparting knowledge and compassion. Determined to keep working on my definition (abs are yet to happen;) and maintaining a balanced lifestyle! You guys are amazing and I wish each of you the best!

New Feelings!

As we get into the last week, I am so thrilled to notice a bunch of new feelings- I was reading today’s lesson and it made sense, I have been noticing that I am not afraid of being in pain anymore during workouts, and I am pushing my thresholds. I notice that I naturally control my food intake without necessarily having to weigh because my stomach has naturally shrunk (I think ;). And I am just feeling calmer, more positive ... and soaking in all the compliments !! I don’t eat because I crave but am more mindful of what’s good for me ... I keep going back to social drinking which I now realise is very nice once in a while, but generally unrequired if I don’t feel like it. So, in a nutshell, that lifestyle re-programming I was speaking of is happening:) Have a great final countdown everyone!! Each of you have been so helpful and inspiring.

Day 80!

Wow, it’s truly the final countdown and I am now only thinking about how I maintain, continue (to some extent ;) and reinforce what I have learnt in the past few months. I am still divided about joining a gym and thankful that Kenzai offers the solutions adapted to my lifestyle. I definitely need to keep working on my belly, tough one to crack ;) Hope everyone’s doing well? Been up and down, but have learnt to accept and taking everything I am learning for definitive changes.

So I think I haven’t been this off balance till date but a friend’s birthday (long) weekend completely took over discipline and my will power. I was travelling with family and friends and didn’t make time to workout although I had packed my gear. While I didn’t weigh my food, I think I kind of managed the diet, but sadly not in the evenings. As Cheri mentioned, I definitely feel my stomach has shrunk or my appetite has changed as my quantity of food intake was very different from a few months ago. I am thinking I will compensate by continuing post April 7 for another 5 days but I know “ATM thinking” is not the solution. Worked out today and will try my best to keep up the last few weeks!

As Talya says, it’s about making those shifts and gaining knowledge. Now that we are hitting the last month, I think we are all taking stock in our ways. I am perhaps the least fit in this amazing and inspiring group, but it has been such a huge eye-opener for me to follow this program. This week, I was at home and I had control on my diet and workout- I would say, I managed to follow 90% of the diet and 70% if the workout. Aren’t the daily lessons always so timely in the learnings! A few months ago, I would have craved that glass of wine or that heavy meal at night, I was out a few times and didn’t feel like either. The workouts have been exhausting even at 70% but I am so proud of myself for following through as I feel a slight change in my body. The compliments are helping of course ;) and now my husband who is so fit wants to do this! Determined to stay with this lifestyle change, my own way :) Have a great week everyone !!

I was unable to workout the last 4 days as I was unwell while traveling. Tried to stick to diet as much as possible but this trip has been hard. Can’t wait to get back home and sort all of this out!

That I am yet to master! I was looking at my posts and my patterns in the past few weeks. I am basically “whining” because I have realised that I haven’t been able to have a single week where I have fully completed my workout or followed the diet in its entirety.
I have never exercised this much in my whole life or stuck to a single diet and while I took on this program because I wanted to lose weight (inching towards minus 2 kgs), I have gained so much knowledge about my body and mind. I don’t feel tired, feel better about my body, sleeping better, clearer in my head...Just amazing progress for me.
The Kenzai lessons sound like they constantly read my mind;) Because i oscillate between “grim enthusiasm” and “ATM Thinking” even though I try my best. My friends and family have been so encouraging but my constant travels and work commitments make it a challenge. Public settings are difficult not only because of perception but just availability of what I need. I am rambling but determined to pull through. Have a great week!


Dear Kim,
What does AMAYW mean in the diet? Thank you

Hi everyone,
Ready to start a new week !!
Just got back from a lovely trip and realised a few things:
- hotels over feed you ;) I had to keep reviewing my portions. But I managed overall to be mindful on the portion front...
- ..Until we had the tasting menus across a few days :( I kept thinking about my intake of food and alcohol but I couldn’t really control it. I don’t feel good about “cheating” but I also made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t slip further.
- (I felt so guilty that) I exercised every day and that’s the good thing about holidays, it’s easy to make time. Frankly for the first time, I have begun to enjoy it :)
- Travel is a part of my work and life (packing again to leave for a week!) and while I managed the workout, I need to figure the diet. (Noticing irrational food behavior at airport and flight)
So much of overthinking, self-debate, self-talk...I wish I kept it simple in my head.
Have a great week, so fortunate to be helping each other through the highs and lows!

I finally took my indulgence day today at a friend’s wedding - I thought I’d feel great about drinking a little champagne but half a glass was enough and didn’t feel like more (I mean, is this even me ?;) I was careful with my food intake but dinner was the treat. Next week is going to be a challenge as my husband and I take a holiday for our anniversary, we have some nice dinners booked in Thailand and I really do want to enjoy them.. How do I compensate or can I?
So, do you all feel this way? The brain is beginning to accept the new lifestyle but the lifestyle is yet to change ;) Thank you Kenzai team for today’s lesson on emergency workout, will help during the travel days!

Dear All,
How was this week for you? I read that the workout is going to get harder and I am nervous about always being behind ;) BUT I had few wins this week. My work season is full swing and we have many events where I am usually seen with a glass of wine (or two..), despite the temptation, I stuck to plan (and that mulled wine felt much sweeter than before so a sip was enough to put me off!). Managed to get through most days of exercise (beside the skipping where I am inching around a poor 300).
On the diet front, I am doing okay till dinner which I follow but somewhat grumpily ;) it’s a full change of program for me: I used to have light meals for breakfast and lunch and then would make my dinner heavy. This diet is reprogramming my brain to think of my meals differently- I still feel really incomplete without carbs and somewhat hungry at night. So I end up having a yogurt to fill myself- bad idea? Got to work on it this week! Have a great one everyone!!

Hi everyone, I have been following everyone for motivation and so I forgot to post ;) Actually, wasn’t feeling too good about the last few days: I felt very sluggish on Sunday and literally managed to skip even the cardio and then was unwell the past 2 days. While I am still controlling portions, I lost a little mindfulness of what I am eating. It’s not only the “whiny inner voice” but it’s also the body just craving to do nothing (like I did for most years). Pushing myself today and getting back on track!

Much as I wanted to (carried sneakers, etc), I couldn’t manage to work out for the past 3 days of travel and work - coming back to the hotel exhausted every night. Don’t feel great and this feels like a setback even on the first visible signs of change.
And then I thought I would be able to measure the food kind of mentally (was feeling a little conscious in a public forum), I tried my best. But tonight, I can sense I overate and I feel like my stomach has re-programmed quantity but my brain hasn’t?
Need to get back on track tomorrow when I get back but big lesson on this travel, I have to sort out time for myself. And not slip. Hope all of you are working through your moments :)


It’s been a challenging week on the workout front, couldn’t do it every day owing to travels and a crazy work schedule. I did fairly okay on the diet front and just experienced my first craving (chocolate!) under stress. But it’s so motivating to hear people say my skin looks better or just words of encouragement. I find myself chatting about my exercises, something I would have never imagined a few week ago! Next week will be tough as well but I am soldiering on. Hope all of you had a good week!

Wow, so much to master and I sometimes feel that my past lack of exercise and poor experience in nutrition are a true setback while I am determined to make the changes. I feel like I am re-programming my brain to look at food and fitness differently. I am desperately trying every day to keep up with the workout and I think I am doing about 70% of it frankly (skipping not there). Doing well on the food part as the portions are great :) But it’s such an eye-opener to spend so much time on one’s well-being. If nothing else for now, my skin is looking better, feeling lighter (for now in the head ;) and building clarity of mind. These little changes are giving me the strength and motivation to keep up. I hope each one of you have yours and I love reading all the posts, so encouraging:)




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