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Stefan R.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 7 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 7
Program progress:
days 23-25, 30-32!

OK, a bit of a hiatus on the posting, as well as on the workouts. The family has shifted to Taipei for this month and the lead up to this and settling into Taipei was hectic.

I’ve now found a very well equipped gym in Taipei that isn’t nearly as crowded as Pure Gym in HK, and it’s located about 200 meters from my front door, making the early morning routine very doable (and making excuses much more difficult).

Ouch. Those east-west squat jumps really hurt. They hurt last week, and were still painful today.

The lesson on not cheating on the interval rest periods has been well noted, and made the last few days of workout more intensive (I had been cheating by often adding another 20 secs to the intervals - makes a big difference).

The abs are still the most painful part of the routine and the part where my form still falls apart. I feel like it’s my “most improved” area since starting with KB1, but still more work required.

Hope everyone has been well... will take some time to check out your recent posts now!

day 9.

Ouch, those otter kicks really burn! Wonder if / when they’ll become easier..

Energy levels have been good, though the diet is also keeping me feeling pretty full all day long..

So far I’m enjoying the workouts and it’s been helpful to read about the experiences of my fellow partners here - thanks!

Any alternative to doing the chair / triceps exercise? This particular exercise aggravated the top of my left shoulder a little bit...