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Stephen C.

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Done and blasted  

Went outside for the last session, sweating it out in the heat.

Great program and got the results. Only missed two session. Still a layer to go but trimmed down a lot of the belly fat I was hoping for. Now down to a good fat ratio as Pre-Season training is about to start.

Thanks to everyone on the program and especially Kim. See you all next time!

Counting down

Almost there. Am feeling tired but just taking it step by step.

Starting to think about how to keep the flab off post program.

Was feeling exhausted yesterday so decided to take the second rest day. One week left to go and the results all already showing.

As per today’s lesson, definitely getting ‘easier’ to get through the blast sections. Feeling strong and lighter in terms of body fat too. Seeing results.

Heart rate is getting up nice and high to max of 150 in the burn sections which is higher than the cardio section.

One rest day used

Was a hectic week last week. Thought I might be dipping into the rest days a couple of times and ended up only needing one.

Had annual health check on Friday then flew to shanghai. Had a large dinner and drinks on Saturday night and Sunday ended up being a non workout day. Although I missed one day thought it might have been more but was determined not to let it be so.

Really noticed the bloating on Sunday after Saturday night!

Week one done

Got every workout done. Tougher than I expected but body is starting to get used to the movement again. Getting the 50 push ups out is hard, while the squats have been easily doable.

Most of my workouts have been outside in the Hong Kong heat. Takes a few hours to cool down but should be helping with the body fat shred.

First Workout

Doing this program to blast the belly fat that has slowly crept up. Hopped on the scales recently and I had hit 89kg which is a record. I usually hover around the 80-82kg mark. Even with all the training for rugby, my eating and drinking habits have caught up with me. With junk season here its time to burn it off.

First workout was longer and tougher than expected. Struggled through some of the reps and core work toward the end. I suppose that's a good start. Looking forward to seeing what can be done over the next four weeks.


I'm used to closing my eyes to meditate so trying to do it with the eyes open has been interesting. I find it more comfortable with eye closed and can get to a point where the time flies which to be is a sign of a meditative mind.

We've had renovations done at work which means there are now almost no quiet and privates spaces left so getting the sessions done before or after work.

Done and sculptured 

A disruptive last week due to travel but finally got the last workout done. It’s been a good program and I really noticed it at rugby on the last weekend. Felt fit and strong in the legs and had a great game thanks to the confidence being physically fit brings. Thanks to all the fellow travellers and our trainer! See you all at the next program.

Lessons so far

One of the key lessons coming out of this program and the 10k Run program is that the full weekly sessions are exhausting me. Being reasonably fit, I feel like the intense programs are unnecessary and I need something cut down further i.e. 3-4 days a week with which I would still be able to maintain and build form over a more sustainable period. Balancing the workout and food prep in between work, refereeing and having a social life is challenging.

Starting to really notice the physical changes now in the legs and butt area. Not long to go now, the end is in sight!

Missed three workouts in the end last week. Flu hit me and had to rest up before rugby on Saturday. Took it easy and now feeling much better. Back into it this morning. Time to get these last two weeks done right!

Second exhaustion

Woke up this morning and knew I had to press the snooze for an extra hour, so will hit the barre workout tonight. Had a double whammy on Tuesday with referee training in the evening, which at one point consisted of 6 minutes worth of non-stop lunges. Needless to say Wednesday's strength session was a battle and I'm still feeling it today. More rest was required this morning - especially combined with either hay-fever or a head cold, not quite sure yet.

Soldier on.

Was in Tokyo for the weekend to watch the rugby - warm up for the world cup next year. Was a hectic schedule so missed the two workouts - hotel room was way to small. Back into it this morning. The reps have definitely picked up and those lunges took a while to get out.

Legs were feeling stronger after the two days of rest which is a good sign.

Woke up this morning exhausted. In part due to staying up late trying to finish a good book! Also didn't drink enough last night so was a little dehydrated. Nonetheless, got up and got the workout done and breakfast cooked. Set up the day!

End of Week 3





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