Steven O.

Steven O.

Kenzai Body | Day 70
Kenzai Body
Day 70
Program progress:
Day 21

Hi all ,
Well week 3 complete !
Being a tough week working nights but made it.
At one point I felt like what am I doing ! But I pushed on through .
Sleep is a big thing to remember and it certainly makes all the difference to the day and exercise.
Making progress which is encouraging .I feel like I have more energy and more alert .
I hope you are discovering new things about yourself.
I never thought at my age (59) I could do these things but hey you can !!!!!
Anyway, Team, I wish you a great Sunday where ever you are and keep on going .
Steve O

Day 14

Morning crew!
Where is everyone !
Well 600 skips completed after a fashion .
Diet is going well . Planning meal times at work is a bit tricky but getting there .
Brought a pair of 5 finger shoes and they seem to help with the workout a bit strange at first but like getting used to the program we are on .
Anyway have to dash .
Hope everyone is ok and your workouts are going well.

Day 11

Hi all !

Well what a difference a new skipping rope makes to a work out !
Thanks Patsy
Yesterday’s skipping was terrible but today was a world apart !!! Getting there !
Diet was a challenge yesterday !
Visiting my parents which is not a Kenzai compliant zone but after a bit of jugging we came somewhere near the mark!
Hope everyone is doing well !!

Day 3

Well 0415 up and exercises done just 12 hours at work to get through !

Day one

Hi all,
Day one of my first Kenzai 90 day program completed .Exercises were ok except for the push ups so had to go down on my knees ! All due to an existing shoulder injury from falling out of an aircraft , don’t ask!!!!
Anyway its all up hill from here on.
Steve O