Steven O.

Steven O.

Day 90 

Hi Everyone !!

Good morning or evening where you maybe !

Crossed the finish line on this extraordinary program .

What an experience . Game changer !!

At nearly 60 years of age who would believe I could get to look this good (body wise) and feel so full of energy even though at times it has been a challenge but I’m sure the rest of you understand where I’m coming from .

I have lost 7 kg and found a new path to follow in my goal to stay healthy in both body and mind. So I will be continuing on this road of rediscovery looking forward and up ward to new challenges and achievements and hope to continue to see you here in the Kenzai community.

I would like to say thanks to the team for your support and hope that you all found out something new about yourselves.

A big thank you to Kim and Heide for their support and encouragement. Your consistent responses on my blog helped to keep me going.

Finally I have to mention Patsy my better half who set me on this mission ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart ! You will probably get that 30 years out of me now!!

I wish you all well!!

Steve O

Day 85

Hi ,
Well this last week has been busy !
Unpacking boxes and then more boxes into storage ,so after two days of that who needs a workout to top it off!! Well all done and now I have a very happy lady who is just about settled into new hobbit home !!!
Todays 5 cycle workout was great ! Loved it! Killed me !!!
Anyway short and sweet this time as one has to go on night shift soon!!!
Keep up the pace guys !!! Finish line is in sight !!!

Day 21

Hi all ,
Well week 3 complete !
Being a tough week working nights but made it.
At one point I felt like what am I doing ! But I pushed on through .
Sleep is a big thing to remember and it certainly makes all the difference to the day and exercise.
Making progress which is encouraging .I feel like I have more energy and more alert .
I hope you are discovering new things about yourself.
I never thought at my age (59) I could do these things but hey you can !!!!!
Anyway, Team, I wish you a great Sunday where ever you are and keep on going .
Steve O

Day 14

Morning crew!
Where is everyone !
Well 600 skips completed after a fashion .
Diet is going well . Planning meal times at work is a bit tricky but getting there .
Brought a pair of 5 finger shoes and they seem to help with the workout a bit strange at first but like getting used to the program we are on .
Anyway have to dash .
Hope everyone is ok and your workouts are going well.

Day 11

Hi all !

Well what a difference a new skipping rope makes to a work out !
Thanks Patsy
Yesterday’s skipping was terrible but today was a world apart !!! Getting there !
Diet was a challenge yesterday !
Visiting my parents which is not a Kenzai compliant zone but after a bit of jugging we came somewhere near the mark!
Hope everyone is doing well !!

Day 3

Well 0415 up and exercises done just 12 hours at work to get through !

Day one

Hi all,
Day one of my first Kenzai 90 day program completed .Exercises were ok except for the push ups so had to go down on my knees ! All due to an existing shoulder injury from falling out of an aircraft , don’t ask!!!!
Anyway its all up hill from here on.
Steve O




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