Steven R.

Steven R.


It wasn't perfect, but I'm glad to say that I made it through the 90 days. Given that the program included the AFL finals and spring carnival....I stayed on track pretty well and am happy with my results. Thanks to the trainers and the team....great results all round! Now to carry the momentum into the new year.

50 meals to go

A great lesson today....will do my best to navigate through the upcoming silly season events.

Summer is here

First decent beach day in Melbourne for a while.....headed down to Point Leo with the family. Glad I started my training 76 days ago....typically it would be a mad rush post spring racing.

Weekly travel question

Where would I like to go? That's a tough one....I've had 3 trips planned to New York, and had to cancel every time. I'd just love to see what it's all about and eat hot dogs and drink beer at a ball game. Not very kenzai friendly....but life's too short 😉

Purple patch

Typically this is the part of a 90 day program where I start to waiver....but I'm feeling surprisingly good and starting to see/feel the results. I haven't weighed myself since day 1, but the suit pants are seemingly under less pressure compared to 2 months ago 😉


What's my kryptonite? That's an easy one for me.....any type of buttery delicious baked goods. I make sure I go for an apricot danish to get my fruit intake 😉


Yoda wisdom.....


What's the toughest thing to give up? That's an easy one.....chocolate. Particularly double choc tim tams. I've had to ban them from the house as my willpower is not that strong 😉

Tough week

The whole family has been down with not my best week on the training front. That being said, everyone seems to be in the improve, so looking forward to a more consistent week 6!

Indulgence no 1

Perfect timing for the first indulgence, with the AFL grand final this weekend. I passed on the party food...and had a couple of would un- Australian not to. Go Tigers!

Rolling superman

Did anybody else with kids struggle to complete the rolling superman without being jumped on?

Week 2 update

Hi team, week 2 went pretty well. Diet has been on point, however I missed two sessions - that's the trouble with late night workouts...there's very little margin for error.

I managed to get through a weekend of craving chocolate with 2 small squares last night. Not ideal I know...but that's a win for a guy who would usually eat the entire block 🙂


I'm sure whoever told me this got it from someone else...but it resonates with me. I slacked off during KB2, so making KB3 a priority to keep fit and healthy so I can chase my kids around the park, and not have to buy a new wardrobe of big boy clothes 🙂

On diet

I can't believe it. It's Saturday night....and I'm watching football....cooked a steak (400gm).... ate half.....and put the rest in the fridge. That never happens.

Third time lucky

Hi team, looking forward to getting stuck into KB3. I nailed KB1, had a somewhat lacklustre KB2, so look forward to a consistent final (?) instalment of the program. 3 months to Summer in Aus....good timing 🙂

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