Stew F.

Stew F.

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sun24/5 - 38mins erg/92mins bike ride. 950-616z
mon23/5-24mins erg 11/636
sun31/5 -28kmride 10.50-728
mon1/6 -20min erg d1sklupt.. 1025-616
tues2/6 -21m erg1045-746
thurs4/6 stretttttttttttttch.11.15-728
sun7/6 20km ride, baseball training 1145-728
tues 9/6 45min ride 930-630
wed 10/6 22m erg

Fusion 1 tests:

Flying crane eyes open 30 seconds ish right , 20 ish left
closed 5
tree easy as u like right bit less left.
closed 5-10 right ,5ish left

not done the others yet . not in good enough shape for it, maybe this week.

Ahhh caught some hideous lergy , it will curtail my start.
right now im zero pa... of getting on the startimg roster.
hoping 2or.3 days tops.


sorry butt i have no interest in the new pain in the ass thing , is this still availaable to use and access everytjing?
im totally lost why tjere was a need to change it theres absolutely wrong.with this at all ???
whats the big thing about an app anyway someone pls explain why we all do apps rther than here
i dont get it what so ever


wudnt you know it..bloody gym was shut!
so we decided if /when a tree fell it wud ok to split early. none did.

my earnest rugby mates.took to he road a wee bit before the heavens TRUELY opened unlike moi!

5sets in exerpark for the first time. in 18months.

grade 5typhoon here we come. workout done.



Scots v Ireland....

I nearly forgot , how much they like a drink, esp when the Irish win ,

yee GADS what a day...

need a break , back to it today.


what a day.
started at aust vs fiji in the fanzone in the outside party area near the ground.
avoided beer.. no idea how!

then onto france v argentina at the game. one of the best games ive ever seen. cudda been the final! amazing .
shared 1/2 a beer with the missus. then
back home to watch recorded nz v saffrica. by9pm.
long long day for a game of.ruggers!!

we cudnt help it shoved the kids off to bed then we had a glass or two of chards.
no shiit food at the game we brought our own which btw is banned inside along water ... unn fkkn believable!!!!
they banned water .serious complaint launched.
to nill the day had a swim pre match for. an hour at the club.

pretty darm impressed by that resolve to be honest.

think i can do better at the rugers than i thought i was going to !

kb2-7, 7/7

Not so much a chore (yet) ,just getting the sets done and move into stretching.
7/7 which is a good start.
The upper body can already feel the daily workouts , that workout feeling of a constant dull throb/tingle is with me already.
diet still l abit oose but better than 2weeks ago so thats moving in the right direction
So, there is one small gold obstakkkkle ill be hard pressed to overcome for the first 6weeks THIS tuned up at the kids footy this am . and yes im probably the closest that any australian will get to it for at least four more years.

yup,shes the real mccoy.

Not missed amorn or a day but only 3eveings so far.
Not bad.
Pelvis tip HUGE info... forgot,about that one. Do it right can really feel adifference to the hammies.
Left hip groin thigh ass cheek not playing ball at all.
Lest i know i have done something to it rather than its simply withering away.
Im looking at you golf and riding!,,,,,
Chance of me stoppin g those..

Play with pain everyone does.
good points,can already feel afew old nonused parts start to loosen up.
Warrior 1 esp brings on a fresh stretch.
Happy baby is virtually impossible right now.
Bridge on the left is madness.

Spening the entire lunch session 45/60mins on the mats trying my utmost to get this inflamaiton down, it was going ok .... then i played golf and fkd it all up again

One major point to bring up, im seeing a chiroprator twice A week amd ill say it works.
Hurts like hell when im on the board deep tissue massage but by the end im really quite pain free.

Its a process i know is fkkn frustrating like nothing else but its mangeable and im not broken so its simply time ineed. Play with pain is life.

Deal with it while it heals

Loving reaching...


Yess...back on board.

Mother always said, if you want to hunt rhinos son , make sure to take a bloody rhino gun!
so i did.,2of them.
what a weekend.
I'm all turned out.
2 morings of cat riding is enough to seal the heart with memories to last a lifetime.
Enough gloating of days gone by tho, body report time.........

legs were 1000%. happy
back was excellent.. happier.
neck .fine ,bit sore but as expected.. yea all good
glutes ....performed perfectly well but still annoyingly twitering away back there, they are not painfull simply irritatingly uncomfortable esp at nigjt although not enough to stop 7.30/4pm & 8.00/3.30pm over 2 days.
tomorrows a tester to see how they held up once the adrennalin has abated and reality of chair sitting for 10hrs hath returned.
pretty happy tho,i rode the best i had and it was grand

now... what program is next!

You have to grow from something at sometime and stop being "A trainee" , seriously .
If i dont know my bod by now im an idiot.
Have not missed a days rehab work so far this week and its been....uncomfortable and frustrating, insanly frustrating actually. A mix of cardio machines a few kettlebells, some ropes stretching aides and plentyy of mat time, the Pains have not really subsided they are pulsing all over the place and at times its been worse, esp when sleeping so alas im at home having just gotten home from a late sat evening session at the gym instead of riding somewhere really soft...this LONG weekend!!!!!!!!!
One cud not possibly imagine the frsutration im gojng thru being here instead of anywhere where theres powpow like da fish andpretty much everyome else i know !!
I nealy threw the ipad across the room seeing fish snapshot.
Alas, instead of sitting idle in front of the telly all arvo (like now) i hit the gym for 2hours .

I have one week to get this freeeeking thing to a level i can cope with for next week is a weekeknd in the snow cat and the only way im missing that is if my legs are cut off!

Kb rehab week one complete.


A combo of not being able to decide on mind, kb3 or kb2,a late return from the powder fields AND another fereeeeekeeeeen back/hip/groin snowboarding niggling injury lead me to make the decision to go it alone( +1 ) for a spell rather than risk pulling out of a course .

That wud REALLY psssssssssss me off so early In the year .

Focus is purely on cardio/ mat rehab TILL this muderrchuddder of a thing abates.!!!!!

Not in too bad a state fitness wise at this juncture, more than a few days/nights on snow doesn't do the worst for you as long as you don't come a-cropper!!
Have the usual winter layer of......................sake to whittle down but that's ok with me at this stage.
Back to the salads for lunch instead of ramen and toast for breaky, Dinners will always present a challenge but already dialing it in a bit.

This first stage of the year will prob take me towards march when I look for another program to do properly.

Till then its knuckle down, do the rehab, suck it in a bit and get back to a routine I enjoy.

Ill no doubt keep an eye on the programs going on now!

Great New Years all!!!


+down 7cms board length.
+not a single pain in lower legs at all.
-quads are burning like the devils tongue.
+was THE best opening 2day gambit on record alas 3weeks late ,(thanks el nino )..tropical -6c no wind at all and LESS peops .seriosuly.. oh...and 50cms plus of non wind blown packed snow on most runs that are groomies IF they were open!!!!
+my season cud end today and id not give a.toss.

I hate to say it again but gently holding the barre has ifs merrits further than looking like a mincer at the gym.

Chaps pls..get skulpt 2 or a hybrid off the bloks kenzanauts its winnet winnrr chucken dinner!!

WALL SIT ........3m11s

sculpt works

I vote for bring on schkulpt 2 , or swan lake!!

I Plieyed ,arrabesqued, shoulderblade lifted , , camp hand placmemt slightly bent , arm circles , yup u name it i did it infull view yesterday ......
At the rugby.

No one blinked thats the good thing about being an alien , the non aliens expect all manner of non coventionality from thier semi tolerated house guests. So iwas free to camp out without any kind of weird looks.

Even managed one pliee with the arms and bent hands in full tutu Mode,

what a sight that musta been really.

No one blinked an eye lid, not a one.

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