Stewart M.

Stewart M.

Kenzai Body | Day 21
Kenzai Body
Day 21
Program progress:

Hello, what a week, a lot of cravings but I persevered, a lot of encouragement from my family and friends which made the week easier.
The body is showing signs of change, makes me feel even more focused.
Workout is working out, not going to lie, I hate jump ropes lol
Diet is going well, wife and friends were amazed how focused I was with Kenzai that I had my scale at the dining table
Bring on Week 3, we got this

Started the week ok but now feeling unease with the diet as I usually skip breakfast, it's ALOT more than I like to consume especially before a workout. I know it's about training the mind, it's just tough.
Hope the team are all doing well, persevere is my word for the week to you all, GO TEAM!

Bring it

Hey y'all, first week done and dusted, as I have previously said jump rope is certainly my weakness but each day of it it feels a lot better.
As I left my workout for day 7 very late (7pm) being its Mothers Day, some of you have said to do it early and you're not wrong.
Now Week 2 is basically about to start soon I'm super pumped and ready
So I'm Samoan (little island in the south pacific called Samoa), born and raised in New Zealand, thanks to my wife we have been living abroad from Vietnam, South Korea, England, Baltimore Maryland and now in Tiburon California. Again thanks to my wife I'm able to be a stay at home dad to our 2 beautiful kids (just want to say to the mothers in our group, WOW!, what a job you guys do to not only give birth but raise them, no other job in the world can be this hard and rewarding at the same, so mums you're AMAZING)
My quality is being supportive/ a friend
Well funny enough a father who I met at my son's school mention what he does for a living ( Patrick CEO), now this happened a few months ago but recently we got talking again and mentioned a program was about to start (May 6), was skeptical but he was convincing so here I am.
I'm excited for the coming weeks as it will test me for sure about my commitment, to my team around the world, y'all got this!!!!!


Hey y'all, again jump rope is a challenge but pushed through, food challenge under control......for now, stay strong team

Day 3 and 4

Hey y'all, it is going well so far, these jump ropes are challenging but feels good at the same, does that make sense?? the food challenge is good even though I hate wasting food. I'm feeling good, I want to always feel good, I'm going to all good. Bring It! and to the Team, we got this!

Hello Team, made it through the day, workout felt good besides the jump ropes because my knees and achilles tendon injuries, I know it will get better. Food intake was a little better today, managed to stop myself from finishing off my plate, looking forward to day 3, BRING IT!


I'm scared (have sports injuries) and excited at the same time, let the journey begin