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Stewart M.

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tough 1st week

Have visitors in town plus power cut, unable to keep with the workouts but managed to get in some HIT classes, for the diet, again could not keep to it due to the power cut but there's light at the end of the tunnel as power has been restored in Marin county, bring on week 2

beach blast ready

Hey y'all, guess who's back??? Haha time to cut some serious fat.
Happy 1st day!!!!


Thank you thank you thank you
WOW! Another one done and dusted, as I mentioned before it has been a little difficult with most of the exercises but I kept going cod you all did as well
No negatives all positives!
What next? KB?
To my team and trainer, thank you for always being there, I will see you all soon

last week

Still a tough workout but I'm pushing through
Last week and it feels too short
Reading everyone's journey motivates me even more
To my team, you're all amazing, my trainer, thank you

back to attack

Hey y'all, this workout has been really tough, exercises are way above my comfort zone but I persevere (with a little break in between lol) and with each day I get in more reps.
surgery has been done and dusted, now it's ATTACK! Have a great 2nd week team, oh and Kim, I'm all good

Hi y'all, program is a challenge, for me it is haha
Looks like the team have things in control, GO TEAM!!!
I will take 2 days off to rest as I have a scheduled operation today, minor but my doctor has advised no intensity workout activity.
Will be back to attack with y'all

Right, vacation is over, time to get back to work
So far workouts are a little difficult meaning I had to work harder, love it, what's that saying NO PAIN NO GAIN, let's go team

Thank you 

To the Kenzai team, thank you for everything, you have shown me the light at the end of the tunnel, the journey started off shakey but with your guidance I found my feet, what were small steps back in May are now giant leaps.
To Patrick, mate, thank you too, the guy that not pushed me to do it but made me think what I wanted and what he offered changed my life, again thank you.
To my trainer and team around the world, thank you for the huge support, great motivators, keep up the good work
I will start another program this month but for now it's holiday mode! Stay safe!


What I thought I knew about dieting and a good workout is out the door cos KENZAI has shown me a new route to life, being healthy and SMART
BODY AND MIND are now in check so life is good


Sorry y'all for not blogging, I have a few visitors in town then my kids I have to organize for the week
I'm finding it a lot easier to say NO to things that are not good to eat, knowing you don't have to finish what's on your plate or I hate jump ropes when we first started this program but now I love it, I can go on and on.
The hardest??? Well there are none (at the moment) because like I said in the beginning it just got easier as the weeks passed by.
Can't wait till the end results so I can boast about myself and this amazing program

shut down

Started my day with a HIIT CLASS at 4.45am, it was a good sweat, returned home and showered up then BOOM! my body shuts down meaning no energy to the point I crashed in bed after dropping my kids to summer camp. No Kenzai workout done! Sorry


What can I say, I love it, Kenzai has given me hope beyond what I expected, I have had a lot of failures with different programs and finally found one that suits me to a tee.
So cheers Kenzai and to my team for their support also, not long now then I'm off with the family to Hawaii for a well deserved drink or 2


Huh ignition? What's this guy on about? Well it's like that with my workout, I look forward to starting my day with my workout, always aiming higher again and again and again (counting my jump ropes)
My weaknesses are getting stronger, my doubts I have overcome, learning to say NO is a lot easier
Energy wise has increased especially at Orangetheory
To all of you, Ive read your journey till this point, it too is my pushing power so thank you.
Not long now team, I see the light at the end of the tunnel, looks so close but yet still far away, we are getting closer, GO TEAM!!!!


Hi y'all, well I had an evening off from my diet, my apologies, I made the decision to waive Saturday evening due to taking my mother in law and my wife's godmother away for the weekend, they are visiting from home (New Zealand) and leave this coming Tuesday. Not sure when we will see each other again especially my wife's godmother, 85 years old
Also had missed my workout on Sunday due to driving back home for 4 hours so made up for it and added the jump ropes to today's workout, WOW!
I'm back on track and ready to roll


There's no way, I'm seeing signs of my old self meaning youthfulness (I know wishful thinking) ok lighter on my feet, joints not as creaky, achilles lasting a lot longer and stronger so NO!!!! quitting is not an option




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