Stuart G.

Stuart G.

The last post 

but not the end of the road. Has been a fantastic experience, a lot of hard work but well worth it.

Is just a start for me, I ended up losing about 15kgs which is a great start for where I want to end up and now I feel like I have the tools and knowledge, and motivation to continue.

When I first started I was pretty apprehensive, I know a lot of people who had done the PCP program and they all said it was hard work but worth it, but the last 90 days has given me a huge appreciation for what can be done in that sort of timeframe and I never thought I would have the motivation to exercise that I continue to have even after the 90 days.

Thks to all for the support and help, has been fantastic.

The last week

Had a big night out on Saturday in Brisbane for the lions test so not exactly pcp compliant but what in the past may have really led to a week of doing nothing and falling off any diet/exercise program, all I wanted to do was get back on track which I am taking as a really good sign for when the program finishes.

So bak on track for the last week.

12 days to go

Can't believe it is nearly over. The last week has been tough for me, bit sick, very busy with work, study and kids so I have to admit haven't been as PCP compliant as possible. Missed a couple of exercise days, diet still been pretty good though.

Has been a great 3 mths, big 12 days coming up and then a lot more work to do.

Long weekend here

Long weekend here and taking next couple of days off as well. Always find it a bit harder to stay on track when am at home with family, still much better when I am at work. But with only a few weeks left keen to make sure am working hard.

Food has been ok and workouts have been good. Feel like I plateaud a little over the last 2 weeks in terms of fitness and weight loss so keen to make it as good as possible going into day 90.

Off to do some more skipping

A good week

Been a strong week PCP wise, all exercises done and diet pretty spot on. Felt pretty tired today though and legs are really sore so took the easier option of just the cardio today instead of normal break day on Sunday.

Still find the skipping is tough, am doing the full time but generally in sets of 1min before a break instead of 4mins. Still improving though.

Can't believe more than 2/3 rd of way through! Loving the exercises every day, have really turned the corner in terms of enjoying the gym, find am anxious to get there everyday now instead of dreading it.

Weekends are tough

Finding the weekends the hardest to stay on track by far. During the week seems no problem to get to the gym, be good with the food and generally be on track, but the weekends I am finding very tough. Have no motivation to do the exercise, and even the diet has been a bit off track. Nothing too bad, am not going out and smashing burgers or anything, but just find myself having a sandwich or something for dinner instead of the yoghurt fruit and egg whites. Then when weekend is over I am right back on track for the week.

So the focus for the rest of he time for me has to be sorting the weekends out to be as good as during the week.

Busy week

Sorry haven't blogged in a bit, was a pretty busy week last week. All good with the program until yesterday where had a bit of a blowout.

Was my daughter's Christening and I had always pencilled this day in from the start of the program as a day when I wasn't going to worry too much about the diet and just enjoy a few drinks etc. Turned out that way, drank and ate too much, but managed to avoid the desserts after a nice BBQ. Back on track today.

Halfway mark was a good day, was down just under 10kgs and feeling good.

Tough week

Pretty tough week in terms of work, but managed to get the exercise in, although struggled to do it on the weekend, motivation was low. Yesterday was ok but today was pretty minimal training I have to admit. Back into full program tomorrow morning before work.

Diet has been good except still struggling to eat the veggies as evening snack.

Week 6

Started well, took me 30mins to get through the 1200 skips today but got there. Finding the weekends hard, not so much in terms of diet, that seems to be ok, but motivation for exercise seems to be limited, much better during the week. Got to admit didn't do a lot on Saturday but did the full program on Sunday.

Had 2 compliments from people at the gym I go to about the change they can see and how hard I am working, great to get these, you feel so motivated after random people say stuff like that (although I can't see any changes in the weekly photos I am uploading I certainly feel better and scales are telling me it's working!)

Struggling to eat the snack before dinner of veggies, just not hungry after dinner. Still trying but am definitely missing a few days here.

Can't believe we are nearly halfway, has actually gone much quicker than I thought. good on everyone for how far they have come, not really that far to go!

A month down

Can't believe we are actually more than 1/3rd through the program. On the scales for the first time today, down 6.8kgs. On track for the 20kgs I wanted to lose at the start of the program.

Feeling good and motivated after seeing that number now!

Weekend done!

Got through a wedding with no booze or dessert, got to be a first ever!

Felt good doing all the exercises this weekend but notice it really steps up from this week.

Plan to get on the scales on day 30 for the first time.

Weekend I found harder than expected. Had very little motivation to do any exercise and got to admit only managed a cardio session on Sunday, nothing on Saturday. However diet was spot on, no lapses.

After that weekend definitely needed to fire up today and don't know how, but managed to get in all 800 skips. Took about 25mins at 40-50 skips at a time but managed it. Feeling good now, bring on the rest of the week.


Feeling good today, all week has been good with the training and food. HAd bit of sore knee for last couple of days so substitituted the elliptical trainer for the skipping to give the knees a break and has worked well. Not sure 25 mins on the x-trainer is as good as 600 skips but has certainly helped. Back into the skipping tomorrow.

Looking forward to the weekend, nothing planned except training which is great.

Skipping struggles

Struggling with the skipping for the last 2 days, just can't get to 600. Can manage 400 and then 10mins on the elliptical machine to make up for it before doing the rest of the exercises.

Enjoying the getting up and doing it early though, 5am is my new best friend.

Weekend was a bit tough, no problem with the exercise and food, but have to admit I did have a few vodka/sodas at the bucks party on the sat night. That is it for me though, I think I can try and do the rest of the program with no alcohol at all.

Morning exercise

Just finished my fifth straight day of exercising before work. Don't think that's ever been done before in my life! And got to say it feels good.

Skipping definitely getting better, started off only being able to do about 20 skips before having to stop, was up to about 50 at a time today so definitely improving.

Looking forward to the weekend and a few soda waters at the bucks party I am going to.

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