Stuart S.

Stuart S.


Monday’s hard anyway but it was a good workout. Have company in town visiting, guess they will be eating a lot of veggies😃

Need to book more time in the calendar for workouts, even without breaks the increased number of sets just takes longer.

Vacation has turned into a bigger challenge than I had imagined. Somehow a 1 day slip turned into 2 and so on. Also have limited access to WiFi, but that is no excuse. Have Been eating better but not as planned. Workouts have been sporadic. Headed home tomorrow. Need to push the reset button. Sadly😕

day 45 Hooray!

Third day is a charm. Turned on jump rope clock and stuck to it, no pausing. Felt great after 16 minutes! Today is a milestone. I’ve obviously lost weight but even better than that I am feeling good mentally and in my body. Still a long way to go. Next week our twin teenagers (13 yo boy girl) are on spring break. Going to Thailand. Their friends coming as well as friends from NY. I’ve been really good on the road with exercise, and try my best with diet ( not easy client lunches and dinners) and I hope to do the same even on vacation.

I found it more difficult than skipping to 1600. By my math today’s method was around 1600 but the clock got the best of me. The rest of the workout was good. Monday’s somehow seem tough no matter what.

another pool deck

This time Hong Kong! Much better setting than hotel room or hotel gym - weather permitting.
Knee feeling better, pain has traveled to ankle as I adjusted my jumping style. I Feel kinks will work out.
Still struggling to complete Ab exercises as prescribed, everything else ok.
1300 jumps this AM, oh my!!! Unhappy face reflects concentration!😃


I find hotel rooms and hotel gyms to small to jump rope due to
low ceilings, so I always look for the pool deck which is common in Asia.

1000 jumps!

Afraid I am experiencing patellar tendinitis, or jumpers knee pain. web says stretching is key. Is that right?
Otherwise feel good.

950 jumps

But felt better than 200 jumps did on day 1...

Was jumping next to a guy in my gym, he asked ‘ kenzai?’ He’s been at it for years! Gave me a few tips and some encouragement!

tough dinner out

Went to a Chinese restaurant with 7 guys from work, lazy Susan style. Even the veggies were swimming in thick non- descript goo. Everything fried. Opted for garnish and asmall rice with veggies. Not great. Made workout tougher today, feel bloated.🙁

Packing, working out with kenzai so easy. Hope food situations will work out but I’m prepared. Actually called ahead and pre ordered 2 meals once I saw the agenda and knew where we were going.

800 jumps!

Wow, done and done, but didn’t look so pretty!

day 17

I’ve come to really look forward to the end of workout stretches. I now realize just how much I was not adequately stretching before.

Thanks for the tip to keep pushing on the jump rope. The number of jumps I do at one time keeps increasing. Maybe one day 600 in one set, aspirational for sure!

day 15 done!

Had a good workout today. My friend is visiting Tokyo from NY, nice of her to come to the gym and do the workout with me. Made me realize having a training buddy is a good thing. 600 jump ropes, intimidating but a great sense of accomplishment in doing is still the main challenge. When not cooking at home, not so many clean options on the street...

day 9

9 out of 9 workouts done, feeling good. Had a bit of a crazy day so had to do some estimates with food weight ( not at home) but felt good throughout the day. Not everything falls neatly into the food categories, sometimes things mixed together like in soup. So far, so good...

Slightly sore but happy. Don’t remember when I last did 6 days of exercise in a row! Thinking next weeks diet will start to take it to a new level.




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