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Vijay P.

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Kenzai Reach
Day 39
Program progress:
Day 21

I am regularly doing my stretches. The evening stretches are tough. My hamstrings are very stiff and my groin muscles too. My quads are a bit better....just a bit.

Last few days I have a dull pain running from my lower right back to the back and outside of my thigh. Hopefully continued stretching will get it better.

My trend towards better fitness is heading in the right direction.

Day 47

Our dog, Angel, fell very ill on Day 45 evening. We rushed her to the Vet hospital and she had to be admitted there. Slept at say 2pm.... didn’t sleep much. As she was getting a big surgery yesterday we had to leave early for the hospital. I only did the cardio.....NO workout. Ate less than normal as we didn’t have too many healthy options outside. Today have done the whole cardio plus workout. Fingers crossed Angel recovers well from the surgery.

Day 43

The reason I am not quitting is that I want/need to get back into a modicum of fitness and feel lighter. In today’s world when most people are living longer..... I want to be able to move and do most things physical with relative ease till the end. Stillness for me should be a choice.

Day 36

I am fed up with not looking forward to my morning workouts. Food is fine, we handle the social scene we’ll (in terms of what we eat and drink) and I have lost around 4-5 kgs since I started the program. So I will myself to do this as at some point in time, or so I believe, my body and mind will WANT the workout routine. Not complaining at all..... all this will be even better when I start enjoying the workouts more. Should I be taking any supplements at all?

day 27

Yesterday I had a Samosa filled with potatoes (fried pastry with potato filling) and two cubes of cheese as my cheat food option. The occasion was a party for my Son and his school friends. There was hot pizza also there..... I almost talked myself into eating a slice of pizza as I had already had a samosa. It was a strong urge......when one is only eating healthy its easier than having a cheat dish once in a while...... at least for me at this stage. I didn’t have any desire to have cake..... so salty and/or fried food is more important than sugary stuff for me.