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Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready | Day 1 (Member)
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Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready
Day 1
Program progress:
Trust and Timing

After a long summer of lost routines, no regular workouts, eating and drinking not as clean as I would have liked to, I am back at it for a blast, which I thought perfect to get me back on track. It was almost without thought that I signed up, instinctively knowing that it was time to jump back in.

Knowing that Kenzai programs work best when timed best, this all came together as routines are being reset and working out and eating clean again can now take a leading role.

I look forward to going through this with everyone and literally sweating my a@@ off in Hong Kong's heat and humidity!

A Shining Light 

Words often do not encapsulate an experience because they can be limiting and restrictive. I find this is the case when trying to describe how I feel and what I experience during meditation. It is a being that is very pure. It is a presence that feels extremely light and is often flooded with light. It is as if light or energy is radiating from myself traveling outward connecting me to everything and disconnecting me from my spinning thoughts. These feelings are what I try throughout my days to hold onto.

Mind to me was a beautiful consolidation of meditation information - reminders for posture, the neuroscience, the purpose, the types of ways to practice and much more. There is a lot of information out there on meditation and this was a neatly presented gift for someone who is not experience or someone who is.

Thank you to Ward for always being that uplifting voice whether on your videos or comments to us. And thanks to everyone who was part of this little Mind tribe. I look forward to seeing everyone in the Kenzai world again soon!

To end, this quote from Thich Nhat Hanh summarizes one of the main ways meditation has influenced my life.

“When we are mindful, deeply in touch with the present moment, our understanding of what is going on deepens, and we begin to be filled with acceptance, joy, peace and love.”

When reading on suffering and compassion my children were who I thought of first.

Being a parent constantly reminds me of the differing perspectives that we all have and the need for compassion and understanding. When you add in a child with anxiety, this perspective and taking the time to understand with compassion is magnified. When either of my children are upset, nervous, not wanting to try something that I find easy, I make sure as much as I can to put myself in their situation. It can never be exactly theirs of course, but I can certainly join with them in conversation to help them understand.

I often will talk with them about times when I suffer, am anxious or nervous to bring this into their language and understanding that it is something we all experience. Along with this showing them that giving yourself compassion and not being too hard on yourself is important to remember.


Hi all. So sorry to have been missing on the blogs. I have been in Mexico, where luckily I have had time to practice meditation, however I thought internet was going to be better. I am way behind in readings and out of the loop on supporting on the blogs and so I apologize for this . Last week strong as Ward wrote.

Meditations, although not all exactly what was asked for, have been great. A while ago there was a reading regarding the importance of posture and the differing postures that show how you are feeling. I have been super cognisant about this and readjusting and coming back to the proper posture.

As well, I have been incorporating breathing before each meditation as it feels that it gets me deeper into a meditation quicker.

Hope all is well and I'll get out on the blogs and see how everyone is doing.


I enjoyed this meditation and was glad o be brought back to it. I’ve only practiced this a few times before but found myself to be more in tune with this than before. The warmth was felt even for the more difficult person in my life. I’ve been writing in a daily gratitude journal and see some connections, especially of the feelings, with metta and that practice.

Making it Your Own

I have found that with meditation, as with anything, we are all very individualised and need to make this our own. We luckily are being given tools that we get to try out and see which work best for us. From the hand position, to the seating position, differing types of meditation techniques...I like this program for this. Putting a potpourri of known, tested for ages techniques together into one source to help us find our path. And more importantly having us commit to the time of doing it each day, which is really the key.

I read page from 365 Tao, Daily Meditations by Deng Ming-Dao which reminded me of our process:


You could labor ten years under a master
Trying to discern whether the teachings are true.
But all you might learn is this:
One must live one's own life.

When one starts out learning a spiritual system, there are many absolute assertions that the masters make. These must be accepted with a provisional faith: Each must be tested and proved to yourself before you can believe in them. You will be exposed to all types of esoteric knowledge, but you need only be concerned with whether or not you can make them work for yourself....."

I have found a common thread with some blogs that evening meditations are easier than morning ones. I agree! I am always surprised at how busy my thoughts are when I meditate first thing in the morning. Just waking and many thought chains are going on. Is this because of the coming day? Not usually as I am not making lists of things to do, etc... Or is it based on sleep brain activity that then gets transferred to our waking time? I'm not sure. Does anyone out there know why morning might be filled with more thought chains? Is there any data on this or it just my experience?

What it tells me is that my work is in the morning and that my meditations will be focused on this time. This work of meditation is where I find the benefits.

I’ve been meditating for a while now and at first had all the pitfalls of falling asleep, achy hips, thought chain after thought chain, etc.. I would have days where There was progress, coming out with a deep sense of centering, and days where I felt like I was back at the start again.

Although the gap between the great mediations and ones that are off are longer they of course still happen. I find that a guided meditation helps when I feel particularly off before starting. Being able to recognize when one is needed is now my focus so that I get the most out of all my meditations.

Hi fellow Kenzai Mind people...

I'm Sue and have completed Kenzai programs off and on for the past couple of years. I was introduced by a good friend Sam and have since not only completed some programs but was an assistant trainer on one of them. I love the community and the discipline that it offers. Looking into our mind, researching, trying different 'mind' methods for focus, health and transformation has been a big part of my life in the last few years and so I thought that this program would compliment perfectly.

I am in Hong Kong, but heading to San Diego for the summer so this program will be done from there. I own a jewelry company, Zoko Jewelry, and am the head designer. As well, I partly homeschool my son. I love getting outside and exercising - trails, paddle boarding, surfing, anything water related really!

This time spent learning from Kenzai about the Mind is what I can't wait to dig into, but more importantly to have people to interact with who are interested in our beautiful mind and how it works. I often find it difficult to have a community of people who are interested in this and so I look forward to all of our interactions and learnings together.

Continued Learnings 

Sculpt did two things for me:

1. Gave more definition, muscle and strength to my booty, posterior chain and overall legs...and it feels great tapping into muscles that I haven't completely focused on. From now on I am incorporating more leg focused exercises into my routines. I especially liked the Barre exercises as the small focused movements made huge results. It is the adage a little adds up to a lot over time. The burn and after burn felt by those was a bit addictive. I realized how much they worked when my daughter did the routine with me and had sore legs for 4 days! Made this ol' lady feel pretty strong!

2. It made me realize that although we don't want life to get into the way of our routines that it can and not to be too hard on yourself mentally when it does. Travel, Bali Belly, and then mentally off game made the eating a bit slack. Not bad, but not as tight as I would have liked. Kenzai though over the last 1 1/2 years has created such an imbedded routine I now naturally follow that a bit off is made up over the long run of my normal everyday routine. As I continue with what I have built in the programs I see my body continue to change, even when not on a program. It is slow and steady change. The kind where all of a sudden you notice a muscle or a strength that you used to not have. As I have said many times it is this routine that spreads to all aspects of my life. Meditation, journaling, reading, a morning routine are all now the norm thanks to the fire sparked from Kenzai!

Thanks Jess for motivating us on and joining in at the same time! Thanks to all who commented and did the program. Look forward to seeing you in the Kenzai world soon!

Full disclosure...a bit too much not on diet. Travel to Bali threw me off and although I've been pretty good I can tell not good enough to get the results I wanted. I'm cleaning it all up this next week and will be super strict and on grams and meals, but I know that I will want to do another program on the sooner side to clean it up even more. i love the feeling when in the eating groove and the food feels so energizing and you can almost feel you metabolism humming.

Workouts on the other hand have been on target, and I'm feeling it. My legs are tired going into the next days workout, but in the best tired way. Can still complete fully but can feel all of these muscles that I haven't targeted in years or ever.

Hope everyone else is doing ok. Nearing the we go!

Lost in Bali

The best kind of lost! Work and play, play and work. But the eating this last week went a bit askew at dinners. Workouts on par plus some added surfing. Bali belly aka bug in the tummy didn't help keeping up with eating but was certainly a cleanse! Now I look forward to being back on track eating, working out and other routine things that keep me sane! Hope everyone has had a great 4th week. On to the last two. Hoping to finish strong!

The Barre and controlling the intake of foods/wine that added on a layer feels great! My metabolism again is running fast where I now get hungry more often but eat tons of veggies and fruit. This is the best way to feel and I need to remind myself how much more energized I am. Plus there's the added bonus of eating more - just no bad snacking in between.

Still really liking the barre workouts and just thinking today how I will incorporate them after this round of Kenzai is over. I find a meditative burn that is really working.

Hope everyone else is doing great!

Base Protein

The new addition to the Base protein has made being a vegetarian on Kenzai so much easier. I now know how much and it allows a great variety to my protein intake with knowing the correct amounts. Anyone else out there a veg and finding this a great addition??

Barre sneaking up

Hi all and sorry been off the blogs. I need to get back into the writing routine. All else is going well though - diet, workouts.

I am really liking the Barre workouts as they target such hidden muscles that I guess I knew I had but never felt before. I remember this feeling when I started whitewater kayaking. The obvious muscles were in sore - back, shoulders, bi-ceps, core - but there were these little sneaky muscle in the legs that hurt the most. I think I woke them up from a long hibernation and this feels the same.

Another bonus from the Barre workouts is that I find them meditative. Or maybe I need to meditate to get through when the burn starts. Either way loving them!


Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready
Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready


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