Sumayah A.

Sumayah A.


Any ideas how to adjust the flavor of egg whites? I tried it las week and it was hard to commit to. Now its 3 times. With dinner alI mix it with avocado so that works well. But when alone its hard to accept

feeling different

Today was hard. I am feeling hungry, craving food. I also have a new pain in my feet from the top front of my ankle to the toes. Jumping was very hard.

Progress feels at a freezing point this week. Not sure how traveling in a busy schedule if I can manage an hour for my workout. If I don’t fit them in the morning it gets much harder to do later in a busy day. Just wanted to share this.

Travel and Kenzai

Next week I am traveling for work and will be taking a long flight, Plus I will be in a conference for 2 days and will spend 2 days with friends and family. I am not sure how can I sustain the food and make the right choices. Any advice?

I feel my commitment to the program is growing, and I see progress on the scale and my measurements. I no longer have a discussion in my head to postpone the the training. How ever at times my day schedule is shifted and I cant do the workout in the morning. It takes about 1 hour. The hardest is the plank, I could not last 20 seconds.

In terms of food my struggle is still with the evening fruit, I have dinner between 8 and 9:30 and do not have time to take the fruit. The fruit during the day I am a only able to take 150g max. The after training is usually Activa light yogurt 125 grams. I cant push myself to eat more.
The craving is less frequent and only when the food is right in front of me do I feel the temptation. Considering trying drops of truffle oil tomorrow to add new flavors to the food,


I was looking at the diet for next week and the carbs are back? They were off last week for dinner. Just wanted to understand. Thanks

I was excited and I was out for dinner for a big event with so much food. I allowed myself to eat what I wanted with no guilt. However after eating I felt heavy and uncontrollable. I had forgotten that feeling since starting Kenzai. Lesson being on Kenzai makes me feel better than my old habits. Looking forward to go back to clean eating!

Today was really had to complete my 800 jumps. My back was stiff and difficult to engage. I also feel pain in the front of my legs. In the beginning the challenge was the cardio capacity, now its the pain the front leg and stiffness of the back. Any advice?

Drinking Water

Since its winter the feeling of thirst is less frequent. I was wondering if there is any recommendation on how much water to drink

I have always had an issue with sciatic nerve leg pain. At time to goes away but now it’s frequent and strong. It impacts my movement. Any advice?

The lesson on this part of the program and how the commitment drops was so true. Also the personalities. When I skipped the exercise in the morning it makes it so hard to find time during the day. At the start I was focused on the program over the weekend I slowed down and mixed my food with chocolate.
I have made progress it shows but sustaining the commitment was hard. Today I got back on track. My only struggle is I cant fit the final fruit snack. Its due to my timing schedule.

Dinner is between 8-9 pm.

Exercise is challenging but enough to push me to do it.

I tried to avoid eating out since I started the program. But sometimes I have to go. And that resulted in slipping on the control :( I participated in the desert. How do I make up for this?

protein bars

Is it ok to eat protein bars or balls every once in a while? Replacing a fruit? Whats the calorie limit?

What can I do as an alternative for negative pull up? I don’t have anything at home to do it and when I tried in the gym it was impossible. Thanks


Hi, whats the guidelines for soup?

A big test today

Today I made time to do the workout and felt good afterwards. I am starting to enjoy it! My skills with jump rope are improving and I think so is my tolerance. I feel light with the food.
Tonight I am heading for a wedding l, our wedding parties are from 8:00 to 1:00. They will be surveying so much chocolate l, juices and treats, and thats all before dinner. Dinner will be a huge buffet for 500 people with huge variety. I am hoping to stay away from from this and select whats on the approved list, but I have to confess it will be tempting and hard.




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