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Full on programme for a 4 weeker!! Still a great quick one if you need a boost. I would definitely do this again... I was not 100% for diet which is who’s fault, ah yes mine. First two weeks I was great and loved the feeling. I need to channel that again ... thanks Kenzai for trying! I am going to attempt another something before summer ...

Another week nearly

Where does the time go. Lots of exercise, diet never 100..what can I say!!! Rose in the hamtons was too hard to eating habits generally are slightly better than 3 weeks ago and I know when I stick with it I get a result...whats so hard you ask. Not sure how long I can use the moving continents card but I am totally using it still, and trying to find a groove.

I am sure rest of you gang are going great guns.

As much as this has been up and down I am going to see it through and I will robably do another short round of something before summer starts just to hel try and kee me in the right head sace.

BTW..if anyone can notice the letter P.... is not working on my bloody keyboard!

Oh and my icture I can totally see Ive breathed in...not ideal. I like a real icture where everyone actually breathes and doesn't stick their ribs out a mile...feel like its a cheat!! So I am clearly cheating and owning it at least. Back to breathing out and the real deal next week....


Has it been over 7 days since I last wrote!!
Time flies, yikes. Exercise has been good, mix of blast and classes, wow the blast is insane and getting super super long, so having to do the least on a lot of the exercises. I dont have 90 mins to do a home workout anymore unfortunately.
Diet has been better but not 100 !
Going to the hamptons for memorial Weekend...wish me luck not enjoying a rose at the beach ; )
I hope your all good I will go nose around later on when the kids are doing homework!

...may have accidentally hoovered up a bar of mint choc...yes the whole bar 😮. Started with a bit...and we know the rest.

On another note, workout yesterday was great, and bloody exhausting, didnt manage the cardio but the strength was enough. Class was about 75mins in the end. I can feel the burn today massively. Did a soulcycle at 8.30 and I am done for the day! Now about to do a walk as the sun is finally shining so dog child and I will go get some vit c I hope.

Tomorrow the strength class again.....

Today....try and be good ... zip it.

workout partner

Never alone when doing a home workout !!

20 mins skips actually flew today no idea why... I even managed a couple of 5 min blocks no trip... after 7 years I still trip so much !! So that was a revelation.

Feeling the burn uuugh that was hard.

Monday started off right... now to continue for the next 6 days!!

Happy MOM's day

Its actually Mum, but ya know, when in Rome...or America.

This week has been great on exercise, diet has been better but needs to be so much tighter. Having my mum in town means out and about and showing her some sights and fave places to eat. This week no one so back to boring.

Lots of classes booked in this week and will mix in with these epic kenzai workouts that literally are killing me!!!

Good luck this week team Bondi!

Ps , my enormous win this week is not one drop of alcohol and tbh this is unheard of lately...I cannot remember the last week where I didn't have one.


Feeling the positives, only day 3 mind 😂

Went to this class this morning, had never heard of the guy before, Justin Gelband, he basically trains all the VS models and celebs...yep watch out folks, vs body coming 😝not! Anyway, he wasn't there but one of his colleagues did the class, wow, burn in all the right places. It was great and will definitely go back.

Got home and did a 15 min skip, all I could muster as after class and food shop and that its now 1.30 and I was about to pass out from lack of food!!!

I look forward to seeing the diet...or lack of shall we say.

Holy Hell

I am so pleased I do not seem to be the only one that struggled with day one exercises...I can feel nearly every muscle in my body aching today and I have not felt that in a while jeeeeze! I definitely had to amend a couple of those so I could manage to finish them!

Today I have a class and tomorrow a soul cycle, but I will try and fit in my skipping later afterwards as todays class is all about strengthening and small movements using weights and strapped on your ankles...never done it before and going with a new friend.

I literally cant move so god knows how im gonna mange the class!!!!

So pleased this group looks like a goodie!! Will get round to all the blogs later xx

Blast off .....

Well there’s a start, I thought it started tomorrow !!!! Un prepped, me never!

I could not be heavier or wobblier it’s dire straits after the move and being here 4 months with booze booze and exploring nyc restaurants. But it has to stop as I cannot go home to Uk like this! I am without doubt heaviest I’ve ever been unless preggers argh!

I wanted this 4 weeks to get me in a better place so I can think about doing another session before summer. Reality is I need 3 months!! But I do not have the mindset for that... reading the lesson today this sounds good although hard but there is no better time than cut time for me right now.

Hoping to see familiar faces!! I will do a pic tomorrow but oh god it’s awful 🤦🏼‍♀️

Chat soon gang...

Sorry peeps I have been slacker than slack and admitting defeat, I can't do this now Im so sorry. I will be back soon I just need to get everything in line here with me the kids and the house and our routines before I can commit to this hard to manage it all right now.

Good luck everyone you look like your doing really well!



Not sure what gives it away in this weeks
Pic that our shipment came 🤷🏼‍♀️

Needless to say I am
Busy and not enough time to
Blog sorry! Trying to be good and am getting some workouts done!

Kung hei Fat Choi

Got a bollocking, how did two weeks go by and no post?!!! Put up my pic,blurgh! Had visitors in town so that never helps the diet, all good fun though. Getting some exercise done which always makes me feel better. Hanging in there and wondering if ill manage to get to March with this argh.

Shipment arrives end of this week I think so that will be a workout in itself.

Weather has been mental here it was -14 at the weekend and today its 17 degs! Good old Global warming for you!

CNY today and kids were off school so off we went for a walk around china town as you do...getting our HK fix.

I hope your all doing well I need to read some blogs.... Chat soon!


Hi guys, hows it going? Weve had a busy weekend and luckily for my son his 10th bday landed on Martin Luther King day yesterday so a day off school and surprise tickets to the basketball for him!

Food and exercise last week was OK...not perfect. Weekend slight, right off and a lot of wine, hence the bloat in this weeks pic!! SORRY..MUST TRY HARDER

Weekend erased and fresh by great soul class to start the week. Food all good....we carry on to tomorrow! My weights arrived from amazon so that is good as im missing a weight work out so will do my kenzai exercise tomorrow and the skips. Soul again Thursday or Friday....and maybe a hiit workout of some kind in between.

Not only was it all of our first time to Madison Square Garden for husband also caught one of the tee shirt toss's ! ! Where they fire tees out of cannons into the crowd...was very funny.

Have a good week peeps!!

ps, it was also -14 Degs....we dont do this kinda cold...bring back HK temps...

I feel pretty...

Been trying soul cycle as it seems to be so popular here and you can see why. Had a great class this morning with a fab teacher....did a couple last week and the first one was insane, considering I hadn't done a workout since we moved so a good 3 or 4 weeks wow i nearly died! It was a rave on a bike full speed! Will remember not to book that teacher until I feel fitter again! This morning was all very uplifting and motivating and set my day in a great way. Now to make sure diet fits to my great workout!

Week 1 done

Hi Guys, I am here just getting along with life and new schedule and trying to get in the gym and get some exercise done!! Problem is everything we own is on a ship in the middle of the ocean so not a lot of equipment so improvising! I do have a rope at least! Did a trx/pilates class this am, wow could I feel the burn. Food been good today and nice to see the grams up! Need to do this weeks pic although Im sure its just as bad/worse than alst weeks!! Time to start really reeling it in this week and make a difference...... best self etc.

Look forward to reading blogs!

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